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Gabi makes Mexican wedding cookies at home with her daughter Arianna. Li comes in dressed as Santa Claus but Arianna says he is not Santa.

Stefan finishes a call at the DiMera Mansion as Wendy shows up at the front door. Stefan asks what she is doing here.

Kristen walks through the town square with Rachel and runs in to Chloe. Kristen mentions meeting Brady for lunch. Chloe says she’s going to finish Christmas shopping and remarks that her budget is so much bigger this year after her huge promotion when Kristen got fired. Rachel questions if Chloe got her a present, but then says she doesn’t want anything from her. Chloe wishes Rachel a Merry Christmas anyway. Rachel remarks that she won’t have to see Chloe because she’ll be with her real family.

Brady questions Eric saying that they need to kidnap his daughter. Brady says what he is suggesting is insane. Eric responds that what’s insane is Kristen having Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s lives in her hands. Brady says he wants to end the blackmail as much as he does. Eric repeats that they need to hit Kristen where she lives and says Rachel is key. Eric points out that Kristen has two weaknesses; Brady and Rachel, so they have to beat her at her own game. Brady argues that it’s not a game since Kristen has the serum to save Marlena, Kayla, and Kate, as well as the orchid to make it and it’s the only one that exists on the planet. Eric questions what if Kristen won’t up the ante and ask him to sleep with her or even marry her. Brady says after they get the next dose, he will be free. Eric doesn’t believe it and guarantees that Kristen will say the women need more shots for the rest of their lives. Eric declares that Kristen has too much power and needs to be stopped. Eric argues that they have to do something now.

Kristen tells Rachel that wasn’t nice and that she needs to be nice to everyone, especially on Christmas, even those who tried to steal what belongs to them. Rachel apologizes to Chloe. Kristen remarks that she, Rachel, and Brady are a family again. Rachel says that’s what she wanted most for Christmas. Kristen tells her that wishes do come true. Rachel asks when she will get her whole wish. Kristen tries to tell her they will talk about it later but Rachel points out in front of Chloe that Brady and Kristen aren’t married and don’t even sleep in the same room

Wendy tells Stefan that she came to see Johnny as she heard what happened at his grandmother’s memorial service, so she wanted to see if he was okay. Stefan responds that Johnny hasn’t come down from his room, so he’s assuming that he’s still asleep. Wendy guesses he must be exhausted after everything he’s been through. Wendy asks Stefan to just tell Johnny that she stopped by. Stefan stops her and informs her that he has left her several messages but hasn’t heard back from her. Stefan questions if she’s avoiding him. Wendy claims she’s just been super busy. Stefan asks if she has time to talk now about her little jaunt to Jakarta.

Li tells Arianna that she’s right, he’s not Santa, he’s his helper. Arianna acknowledges him as Li and calls him lame. Arianna tells Gabi that she’s been through this before with her boyfriends putting on a show to try to get her to like them, listing off Chad, Stefan, and Jake. Gabi tells her that she’s being very rude. Arianna informs Li that she’s too old to believe in Santa. Li says he’s a lot older than her and he’s still a believer, but if she’s not, then he guesses he should send all her presents back to the North Pole which causes a look of concern from Arianna.

Roman finds Kate at a table at the Brady Pub and asks her what’s wrong. Kate claims she’s fine but Roman tells her to talk to him. Kate reminds him that it’s the time of year when they had to send her son Philip away. Kate thought he would’ve progressed and released soon but when she called the hospital, they wouldn’t even let her talk to him because he had a major setback. Kate adds that the prison had a viral outbreak so Lucas can’t have any visitors. Kate says it’s bad enough that her kids aren’t with her on Christmas, but being cut off from the ones that need her the most is intolerable. Roman asks what he can do. Kate thanks him but says what matters most on Christmas is being with family. Kate guesses when Will called to say he was staying in California, it was a sign of things to come. Roman encourages that Allie is here so he offers to invite her and Henry over. Kate says she’s busy with Chanel and Paulina. Roman assures that she’d love to see her but Kate says not to do all that and that she just misses her family. Roman and Kate’s son Rex then arrives and surprises Kate, who excitedly greets him with a hug. Kate says this is so great and a surprise as she thought he had to stay in Chicago. Rex explains that he convinced his supervisor that he had more important work to do here as the FDA asked him to provide follow up data on the experimental drug they gave Kate a few months ago, to know that it’s safe. Kate points out that it saved her life. Roman asks what kind of data they are looking for. Rex says it’s just simple blood work. Roman asks if they have to worry about Kate’s health. Rex says it’s just a formality and that he has everything in his bag, so they could just knock it out right now. Kate asks what if she refuses.

Kristen sends Rachel to join her friend at the hot chocolate stand. Chloe questions Kristen about her and Brady being back together but not sleeping in the same room. Kristen claims they are just taking things slow, but getting more intimate each day. Chloe says that’s not the impression she got from Rachel. Kristen informs Chloe that Rachel wasn’t there when Brady planted a kiss on Sister Mary Moira because he thought she was her. Chloe asks if she’s saying that a nun got more action than she ever will. Kristen says that Brady is letting his guard down and it’s clear that he wants her. Kristen adds that she asked Brady what would happen next if it was her that he kissed. Kristen says the heat was off the charts and that they would’ve made love right then on the couch if John hadn’t walked in and ruined everything. Kristen assures that there will be another moment soon as she plans to ring in the New Year in Brady’s bed.

Brady tells Eric that everything he’s saying makes perfect sense except the part where he kidnaps his own daughter. Brady refuses to put Rachel through that kind of trauma. Eric argues that she’ll never know as they will let her believe that he’s going on a fun vacation with Uncle Eric. Eric says Rachel will have fun, Kristen will lose her mind, and then Rachel wil be home and they will have saved lives.

Wendy tells Stefan that they already talked about Jakarta the other day. Stefan feels they need to have their own separate conversation since she works for DiMera. Stefan understands it was Johnny’s idea but states that Wendy agreeing to it was egregiously irresponsible of her. Wendy responds that she knows what she did was wrong and she feels terrible about it. Stefan questions if she thought Li signing off on the expenses would lead to him not finding out how deceptive she had been. Stefan says being young and in love is great but he can’t understand putting her career and professional standing at risk, unless there’s another reason that she was in Jakarta.

Li gives Arianna a luck bracelet and talks about how lucky he will be to marry Gabi and also have Arianna in his life. Arianna acknowledges that she will have three dads and says that is special. Gabi declares that she’s the luckiest person in the world. Arianna hugs Li and thanks him for her gift. Gabi proclaims that this is going to be the best Christmas ever. Arianna plans to wear her bracelet to the wedding and says if it will bring her luck, she will wear it every day. Li brings up that New Year’s weddings are considered lucky in China. Arianna asks if Gabi will change her last name when they get married since Will and Sonny did not. Gabi is not sure and says she needs to think about it. Gabi mentions that Sonny will be there soon to pick her up and asks if she’s packed. Arianna says that she just needs to make sure her new bracelet matches all her outfits and goes to pack. Li tells Gabi that he doesn’t expect her to take his last name. Gabi talks about becoming a DiMera when she married Stefan and staying one when she thought he was dead, but now they are divorced and hate each other’s guts, so she can’t wait to feel like her own person again. Gabi asks how Gabriela Hernandez-Shin sounds. Li calls it perfect as they kiss.

Wendy asks Stefan what else she would have been doing in Jakarta. Johnny then comes downstairs and in to the living room. Johnny asks Wendy what she’s doing there. Wendy tells him that she was worried about him after the explosion. Johnny assures that he’s fine and apologizes for not calling her. Johnny says he’s also sorry that Stefan is giving her the third degree about their trip to Jakarta. Johnny tells Stefan that he was being impulsive and wanted to impress Wendy. Stefan asks if it did impress her. Wendy assures that it did and asks who wouldn’t be impressed. Johnny says now that his stellar first impression has been made, he can promise it won’t happen again. Stefan warns him to see that it doesn’t as he then exits the room.

Rex questions Kate not wanting him to draw her blood. Kate points out that she hasn’t had any setbacks, side effects, or any issues. Rex says that’s why he needs her blood to prove the drug is safe and it will also get the FDA off his back and allow him to keep his medical license. Kate then gives in and agrees to do it.

Chloe tells Kristen that it sounds like a lot of wishful thinking to her. Chloe knows that when it comes to Brady, she is completely deluded. Kristen questions why she cares so much since Chloe moved on from Brady in two seconds. Kristen says she hears things are getting serious with Chloe and Stefan, mentioning that they are jetting off to Miami for the New Year. Chloe questions who told her that. Kristen says it doesn’t matter but if all goes well, maybe this time next year she’ll be her sister in law and they’ll all be at the holiday table. Chloe bets that this time next year, Kristen will be back in prison for her countless felonies. Kristen argues that Brady knows she’s changed and that she makes him incredibly happy. Chloe asks why Brady stood her up for lunch then. Kristen claims he’s just running late. Chloe says she can tell herself that and advises Kristen to keep an eye on her daughter because she’s wandering off. Chloe remarks that given who her mother is, she can’t blame her. Kristen says she takes back what she said to Rachel about being nice on Christmas. Chloe states that she’d rather die than be across the holiday table from her. Kristen says that’s duly noted and walks away.

Brady tells Eric that he’s sorry but he’s not kidnapping his daughter on Christmas. Eric suggests doing it after then but Brady says it’s not happening ever. Eric questions letting Kristen torture him while Marlena, Kayla, and Kate relapse and possibly die. Brady reminds Eric that Kristen said she would supply the additional doses. Eric asks what if she doesn’t. Eric questions how long he’s going to rely on psycho to do the right thing or if he’s finally going to take control of his own life again for all of them. Brady questions who knew Eric could be so ruthless. Eric says he’s gotten nowhere in years, so he’s tired of being the victim and a doormat. Eric brings up Kristen raping and drugging him, so he has no obligation to show any mercy to her and they need to play hard ball. Eric asks if Brady is in or out.

Gabi thanks Li for being amazing with Arianna. Li says his father is not exactly the warm and fuzzy type, so he promised to be different with his children. Gabi mentions that they hadn’t really discussed if he wants kids of his own since she can’t have any more. Li tells her that she, Will, and Sonny are raising an amazing child, so being Arianna’s stepdad is all he needs. Arianna comes back in and asks about the cookies. Li points out that Gabi made some and he made some, so Arianna asks to test them to see which she likes better. Arianna declares that Li’s is the winner.

Johnny asks Wendy if she thinks Stefan is suspicious about why they went to Jakarta. Wendy responds that he’s definitely not happy that they went. Wendy admits she could hardly focus on a word he was saying because she felt so guilty about keeping this secret from him. Johnny says he’s right there with her. Wendy says she wanted to just blurt out that Dr. Rolf brainwashed Stefan in to hating Gabi, but he loves her. Wendy adds that telling Stefan that could change his whole life. Johnny points out that it would ruin EJ and Li’s lives. Wendy brings up that Li is marrying Gabi next week and part of her is excited because Li is so excited, but she can’t stop thinking about how none of this would be happening if Stefan knew how he really felt about Gabi.

Stefan joins Chloe in the town square. Chloe mentions running in to Kristen but says she doesn’t want to waste another minute talking about her.

Eric tells Brady that Kristen plays God with people’s lives and it’s wrong. Brady questions if kidnapping isn’t. Eric says he would only do it if Brady signed off on it. Kristen then comes home with Rachel and asks if they are interrupting.

Rex takes Kate’s blood and says she did great. Rex is grateful she’s doing so well and says he will run the samples to the hospital. Rex tells Kate and Roman that he loves them and exits. Kate asks Roman if he knew Rex was coming home. Roman admits he had no idea. Kate says she couldn’t be more happy. Roman mentions that Caroline always said family love is warmer at Christmas. Kate knows she said she was missing family, but says they have the family they are born in to and the family they chose. Kate is happy that they chose to be together again after all these years. Roman talks about never giving up on Kate and getting married when she was on her deathbed while now they are in it for the long haul as they kiss.

After Arianna leaves, Gabi tells Li that she can get started on wrapping presents. Li wants his reward for winning the cookie tasting contest, so they start kissing until Gabi gets a call from the seamstress about Arianna’s dress for the wedding. Gabi questions her and hangs up, then gets upset about it and storms out.

Stefan gives Chloe her Christmas present since she will be in New York tomorrow. Chloe thought they would wait until they were in Miami. Stefan explains that this one is time sensitive so Chloe opens it and it’s center stage opera tickets to Amahl and the Night Visitors. Chloe questions how he got these when it’s been sold out for months. Stefan calls it Christmas magic. Chloe calls it a wonderful and thoughtful gift, but notes that there are five tickets. Stefan explains that it’s for Chloe, Nancy, Parker, and Joy while the fifth could be for Mike if Nancy wants to take a date or Craig, or if they have plans then Chloe can take him. Chloe questions Stefan not having plans in Salem. Stefan jokes about the dysfunctional DiMeras. Stefan thought they could spend Christmas in New York with her family and then fly down to Miami. Chloe points out that this is his first Christmas since coming back from the dead. Stefan responds that being in the DiMera Mansion after everything that happened at Susan’s memorial service might be a little too much. Stefan adds that if Chloe doesn’t want him tagging along, she can just say the word.

Brady says he and Eric were just discussing their holiday plans. Rachel runs up and hugs Eric, asking him about what he got her for Christmas. Kristen reminds Brady that he was supposed to meet them for lunch. Brady says he got to talking to Eric and lost track of time, but that she could’ve texted him. Kristen informs him that they had an unpleasant interaction with Chloe, so they decided to come home. Kristen tells Brady about Chloe and Stefan going off to Miami for New Year’s. Brady turns and exchanges looks with Eric.

Wendy tells Johnny that they can try to rationalize it but deep down, they know what is happening is wrong. Johnny argues that they agreed to keep quiet because they don’t want to hurt EJ and Li. Wendy is still sick over what they did in brainwashing Stefan. Johnny knows it’s a big secret to keep. Wendy points out that now they are lying by saying they went to Jakarta because they are romantically involved. Wendy says EJ and Li know the truth, but everyone else thinks they are dating. Johnny guesses there’s no reason to pretend any longer and suggests they could fake break up.

Chloe questions Stefan not minding dealing with her crazy family. Stefan says it will be a blast, so Chloe says she would love for him to come to New York with her. Stefan thanks her and says he’s excited to see Parker again. Stefan mentions getting him a gift too which Chloe calls very thoughtful of him. Chloe thanks him and they start kissing right as Gabi and Li walk up and see them.

Kate tells Roman that she had sent all of Rex’s Christmas presents to Chicago. Roman says seeing her healthy is the only gift he needs. Kate insists that everyone needs presents on Christmas and that some special people get to open some on Christmas Eve as she gives Roman an envelope. Kate notes that he has others but this is the big one. Roman opens the envelope which is a trip to Zurich to see Austin, Carrie, and Noah. Kate thought he would be happy. Roman reveals that he loves it, so much that he got her the exact same thing.

Rachel shows Eric the mistletoe that she made at school for Brady and Kristen. Rachel says if they stand under it, they have to kiss. Eric points out that’s only if it’s a real mistletoe. Rachel says nobody told her that, so now she has to go find a real mistletoe and leaves the room. Eric remarks that Kristen sure trained her well. Kristen argues that it’s only natural for a child to want their parents together and claims she hasn’t done anything to encourage it. Eric doesn’t believe that for a second. Kristen asks if Eric doesn’t have enough to deal with in his own love life to be butting in to their love life. Brady clarifies that they do not have a love life. Kristen argues that they are getting closer every day and becoming a family again. Kristen knows family means everything to Brady and he’d never want to do anything to let them down…

Wendy questions Johnny suggesting they fake break up and asks if he means pretending they don’t like each other anymore. Johnny says they’ll have to stage a couple fights to make it believable in front of Allie, Chanel, Stefan, and Gabi. Wendy responds that she doesn’t want to do that and thinks it would be easier to just keep doing what they are doing now. Johnny agrees and then gets Wendy a Christmas present. Wendy feels bad as she didn’t get anything for him. Johnny explains that he was just walking by the other day, saw this, and it reminded her of him. Johnny says most of what he told Stefan was not true, but he is a little impulsive at times and maybe he did want to impress her a little bit. Wendy opens it and it’s a wrap shawl which Johnny helps her put on as they get close.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing until noticing Gabi and Li walk up. Gabi says they have a wedding attire emergency to attend to. Chloe points out that next time they see them, they will be husband and wife. Li notes that the wedding isn’t until next week. Stefan explains that they are flying to New York tonight and then to Miami. Gabi remarks that it’s too bad they won’t be there to see them become man and wife, but she’s sure there will be plenty of pictures online so they can see what they missed. Chloe congratulates them and says they wish them the best. Gabi and Li then walk off.

Kate tells Roman that great minds think alike and at least their gifts didn’t cancel each other out and shows how much they love each other. Kate decides they will just take two trips to Zurich, Roman likes the idea as they kiss until Rex returns to the Pub. Kate asks Rex if she has a clean bill of health. Rex points out that it’s the holidays so they won’t have the results for a few days. Kate guesses if she has to worry all through Christmas. Rex assures that everything is fine. Roman then calls for egg nog and declares that they have a lot to celebrate so they are starting now.

Brady tells Kristen that she knows he would never let his family down. Kristen remarks that his loyalty is more critically important than they will ever know. Kristen then goes to check on Rachel. Eric asks Brady if he still wants to tell him that Kristen won’t put the screws to him before turning over the orchid and that’s if she does. Eric warns that Kristen is going to have them under her thumb until they do something about it. Brady then hates to admit it but Rachel is the best leverage he’s got, so he has to use it. Eric promises that Rachel will be safe the entire time and assures this will be the best thing for her too. Brady then agrees to do it.

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