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Anna is at home wondering what is taking so long when Tony then returns home. Anna rushes up and hugs him. Anna asks if he’s alright as she had been so worried. Tony responds that he’s fine, Kristen got away, but he and Chad were able to bring Abigail, Steve, and Kayla safely home. Anna admits she had a queasy feeling when she heard where he was headed. Tony acknowledges the island does have history. Anna brings up his romantic trip with Renee DuMonde. Tony says that was a lifetime ago. Anna states that it was silly to bring up since they know Renee is long dead. Tony then informs her that Renee was there.

Steve and Kayla have Sarah in the hospital. Sarah questions why she’s being held in this hospital against her will. Kayla says they are just running tests. Sarah reminds them that they weren’t poisoned and demands that they stop calling her Sarah.

Ava sits in the interrogation room, remarking that the three losers who framed Rafe better not have ratted her out. Chad enters the room and greets her. Ava asks what he’s doing here. Chad responds that he’s here to find out why she kidnapped his wife and who helped her do it.

Gwen has a nightmare about Abigail showing up at her and Xander’s door with the truth about what happened to Sarah.

Anna doesn’t understand since they know Renee DuMonde died years ago. Tony clarifies that he meant “Renee” because that’s what she calls herself and actually believes that she is Renee. Anna asks who she really is. Tony reveals that it’s Sarah Horton.

Kayla tells Sarah that she is Sarah and only thinks she isn’t because of the drug she was injected with last year. Sarah questions how a drug can make her think that she’s someone else. Steve says they aren’t sure yet. Kayla says that’s why they need to do an MRI and CT scan to check brain damage. Sarah wants to get home to Tony and Chad.

Ava claims to have no idea what Chad is talking about and that she doesn’t even know Abigail. Chad says the police believe otherwise. Ava questions what the police think she did with Abigail. Chad says locked her away on a deserted island where he just found her. Ava asks if he thinks she brought her there. Chad says maybe not personally, but she was masquerading as Sarah at the airfield when Abigail was knocked out. Ava says she didn’t lay a hand on her. Chad says someone knocked Abigail unconscious and Ava was there, so he asks who was helping her. Ava thinks back to Gwen knocking Abigail out at the airfield. Chad tells Ava that she can act innocent, but he’s not leaving until she identifies her accomplice.

Gwen wakes up from her nightmare about Abigail telling Xander about Sarah in a panic. Xander asks her what’s going on and if she’s alright.

Jack and Jennifer anxiously wait at home for Abigail to return. Abigail comes in and they rush up to embrace her, check on her, and tell her how glad they are that she’s home. Abigail assures that she’s fine. Jennifer asks where Chad is. Abigail reveals that he went to go confront her kidnapper.

Ava tells Chad that the mask was just a harmless prank. Chad argues that she still stood there and did nothing while someone knocked out his wife and dragged her onto the plane. Chad asks who it was. Ava claims she can’t answer that question. Chad argues that she can but doesn’t want to. Chad brings up he and Tony talking to Ned Grainger and he was the one who told them where Abigail was. Chad adds that Kristen was there at the island so she didn’t knock Abigail out. Ava repeats that she can’t answer his question. Chad tells her that she will just have to answer to the police. Ava argues that she hasn’t committed a crime. Chad calls her an accessory to kidnapping. Ava claims to have nothing to do with it. Chad knows all about her past and says the crimes may seem meaningless to her but this is about his wife and the mother of his children, so he’s going to make damn sure that someone pays for what they did to her. Chad adds that Ava could walk out with a slap on the wrist if she just turns on her partner.

Gwen tells Xander that it was just a bad dream. Xander asks if she remembers what it was about this time since it’s been happening a lot recently. Xander asks if it would help to talk about it. Gwen claims it was about Dr. Snyder. Xander says he hasn’t thought about him for a minute and says no wonder she’s so rattled. Gwen calls it terrifying and claims that he had come back from the dead in her dream and that he told her Xander was just using her to get over Sarah. Xander hopes her subconscious didn’t come up with this dream because she doubts his feelings for her. Gwen doesn’t know why she had the dream but says it scared her half to death. Xander informs her that he dreamed last night that they were married with four kids. Xander admits he didn’t dream about it but he daydreams of it all the time. Xander reminds Gwen that they are getting married soon and that wouldn’t be happening if he didn’t adore her and want to spend the rest of his life with her. Gwen knows that his feelings for her are genuine and that he loves her. Gwen can’t wait to be his wife. Xander comments on her bad dreams and asks if she’s nervous about Abigail coming home. Gwen asks why she would be nervous about that. Xander tells Gwen to tell him.

Kayla knows it’s a lot to process as she tells Sarah that Chad is not her brother and she’s not a DiMera. Kayla says that her name is Sarah Horton and she can prove it. Sarah asks to be let out of the hospital. Kayla says she can’t because a lot of friends and family love and miss her. Kayla asks her to let them do these tests as she’s confident in a treatment plan for her. Kayla mentions that Abigail recovered from a very similar condition, so she can too. Steve says they want to help her any way they can. Sarah then decides that whatever is going on, she wants to know the truth about her life, so she tells Kayla to run the tests. Kayla thinks she’s making a wise decision and will go set them up. Steve decides to let Sarah rest and tells her to hang in there. Sarah thanks them as Kayla says she’ll be back. Kayla and Steve then exit the room.

Abigail reveals to Jack and Jennifer that Ava was under the Sarah mask. Jennifer questions why she would do that. Abigail says Ava claimed it was a prank but she knew it was more and then someone came up behind her and knocked her out. Abigail adds that Chad is with Ava now and he’s determined to find out who it was.

Ava questions Chad thinking she would just get to walk after giving him a name. Chad says the district attorney will want the big fish. Chad adds that his wife was the victim and his name has a lot of pull in town so he could convince Melinda to cut Ava a deal. Ava argues that he has no way of knowing that Melinda would say yes. Chad asks what her alternative is and why she would want to go down for someone else’s crime.

Steve finishes a call at the hospital, updating Brady on everyone being safe. Steve tells Kayla that he was waiting until Sarah’s test results to call Maggie, hoping that they can give her good news. Kayla says the tests are ready so she’s going to bring Sarah in.

Xander understands Gwen is still not on the best of terms with Abigail and that she was very upset when Abigail accused her of being Sarah. Gwen calls that quite hurtful. Xander assures that Abigail, Jack, and everyone else now knows it couldn’t have been Gwen since she was in the town square with Abigail and “Sarah”. Xander says it all worked out for the best since “Sarah” coming back gave him the closure that he needed and it reminded him that he’s finished with her. Xander tells Gwen that they belong together and there is nothing that will get in the way of them getting married as they kiss.

Steve and Kayla go to get Sarah but find that she is gone from her hospital room.

Anna questions Tony about Sarah being convinced that she is Renee. Tony says that she is acting like they are madly in love and she wants to pick up where they left off years ago. Tony adds that he tried to set her straight but she is stuck in this emotional delusion. Tony says Steve and Kayla took her to the hospital for tests, so hopefully they have gotten through to her by now. Tony declares that Sarah will just have to accept that Anna is the one and only love of his life. Tony and Anna kiss until Sarah walks in and tells Anna to get her hands off of her Tony.

Ava tells Chad that he makes a compelling pitch but she will take her chances because if the cops had anything on her, they’d already have arrested her. Ava says they will have to let her go soon but Chad says he wouldn’t count on that since she’s a witness and person of interest in a kidnapping. Ava remarks that she’s always a person of interest so she’s used to that. Chad tells her to enjoy her quiet time then but if she decides she doesn’t want to go to prison, she can give him a call. Chad then exits the room.

Gwen asks Xander why he goes by Cook and not Kiriakis. Xander blames his complicated family history. Gwen likes Cook. Xander says she doesn’t have to take his name but Gwen says it sounds perfect to her. They kiss until Gwen gets a text from Ava, telling her to answer her phone. Ava then calls her. Xander questions who is calling at this hour. Gwen claims that she can’t imagine and answers the phone. Ava tells Gwen that she needs to see her right now and orders her down to the police station.

Abigail says there’s no news from Chad yet. Jennifer says what’s important is that Abigail is safe and not hurt and everyone is fine. Jack is sure it was terrifying. Abigail is grateful to be back and thanks them for staying around to take care of her kids. They talk about how much they missed her. Abigail says now that she’s home, she guesses they can go back to Boston. Jack knows the Spectator is in good hands with her and they are proud of what a good writer and journalist she has become. Abigail says she has them to thank for being her role models and inspiring her. Abigail guesses she has her next big story; The Kidnapping of Sarah Horton. Abigail reveals to Jack and Jennifer that Sarah was there as Kristen had been holding her captive since her wedding last year which shocks Jack and Jennifer. Jack realizes Xander was right that Sarah was in trouble. Abigail says she accidentally stumbled onto the fact that it was Kristen masquerading as Sarah, who broke it off with Xander, not Sarah. Abigail calls it terribly sad since Sarah ended up being Kristen’s prisoner for months and didn’t even know where she was. Jack calls Kristen a sadistic maniac. Abigail adds that Kristen won’t pay for this crime like all the others because she got away. Jack asks about Sarah being alive and well. Abigail confirms that she’s alive but not so well.

Steve tells Kayla that he should’ve known that Sarah was playing them and never should’ve left her alone. Kayla says she had them both fooled. Steve feels she couldn’t have gotten too far. Kayla gets a call from the head of security, who says they caught Sarah on the security cameras, leaving the hospital. Steve guesses he knows where she went.

Sarah tells Anna again to step away from her Tony. Anna says she’s sorry but this is her Tony. Anna understands she is confused but they love each other. Sarah argues that Tony would have never looked at Anna if he knew she was alive. Sarah calls their marriage a sham. Anna asks what to do about this person. Tony tells her to try to keep her calm while he calls Kayla. Sarah tells him that he is not calling Kayla and she is not going to be calm. Sarah calls Anna a tramp and tells her to get the hell out of her family home. Anna says she’s trying to be patient because she understands Sarah is ill, but she’s not going anywhere as this is her home. Sarah points out that Stefano is not Anna’s father. Anna argues that he’s not her father either. Sarah speaks to the portrait of Stefano and orders Tony to tell Anna to hit the bricks. Anna says that’s enough and if anyone is going anywhere, it’s Sarah. Sarah says over her dead body. Anna warns that could be arranged as she goes after Sarah.

Gwen tells Ava that it’s a bit early. Ava says it’s not her fault that the cops hauled her down before she even had her morning coffee. Ava asks if Gwen is alone. Gwen says she’s not and asks what’s up. Ava says she’s being held for questioning in connection with the abduction of Abigail DiMera. Ava adds that Chad was just there grilling her about who she saw hit his wife over the head. Ava warns Gwen that if she’s not down there in ten minutes, her name is coming up in conversation as in “Gwen hit Abigail over the head”. Gwen tells Ava that she will be there as soon as she can and hangs up. Xander asks Gwen who that was. Gwen claims it was a wedding planner that she reached out to. Xander feels it’s a bit early for a call. Gwen says that’s the best thing about her and she will go see her because there was a cancellation. Xander offers to go with her but Gwen says she will just take the meeting and see how it goes. Gwen then gets out of bed, leaving Xander confused.

Abigail explains to Jack and Jennifer how Sarah is not in her right mind. Abigail calls it heart breaking and says she can relate. Abigail adds that it’s also really difficult for Tony because Sarah believes that she is Tony’s old flame, Renee DuMonde. Jack calls that strange. Abigail calls it complicated, especially because Sarah as Renee is madly in love with Tony.

Tony separates Anna and Sarah. Sarah tells Tony to keep Anna away from her. Anna asks if the world has gone mad. Tony says they need to work this out like adults. Sarah apologizes to Tony and agrees to calm down for his sake. Steve and Kayla arrive to find Sarah. Anna tells them that Sarah crashed in and attacked her. Anna asks them to take her back to the hospital where she belongs. Kayla offers to take Sarah back to the hospital but Sarah refuses. Anna asks if Kayla can do something about this. Kayla says she can’t force her because it’s a free country and she’s no longer in danger. Anna argues that Sarah almost attacked her before they got there. Sarah says that Anna attacked her, so she should be taken to the hospital. Sarah then leaves the room to go freshen up. Tony questions if there is nothing else they can do. Kayla says they could try to get a court order. Tony asks what to do until then. Kayla tells him to just keep Sarah safe. Steve says that’s until they figure something out. Kayla adds that they will also know where she is. Kayla tells them to call if they need anything. Anna argues that they didn’t do anything. Tony says he’ll be in touch. Steve and Kayla exit as Sarah comes back in to the room. Anna questions Tony letting Sarah stay here. Sarah argues that it’s her family home. Tony agrees to let her stay for now. Anna declares that she’s not going anywhere either because she and Tony are husband and wife. Sarah argues that they were but she will hire Tony the best lawyer in town to get him out of this nightmare of a marriage. Anna assures they are very happily married. Sarah warns that if Anna doesn’t leave, she will have her forcibly removed but Tony says no. Sarah tells Tony that Renee is going to take care of everything as she kisses him on the cheek. Sarah declares that it’s good to be home as she walks out of the room.

Chad goes to the Horton house where Jack greets him with a hug and says Abigail is waiting to hear from him. Jack tells Chad that they appreciate everything he and Tony did to bring Abigail home. Chad is just happy that she’s ok. Jack talks about what happened to Sarah and says he was just about to call Sarah to let him know what happened and that Sarah didn’t leave him voluntarily. Chad is sure that Xander will be happy to hear that. Jack is sure he will, but mentions that Xander is getting married. Chad is surprised and questions Xander getting married to Gwen.

Gwen goes to see Ava in the interrogation room. Gwen can’t believe that Ava made her come down here. Ava asks if she just wanted her to sit here and rot. Gwen reminds Ava that she’s not supposed to be seen with her. Ava says that is the least of her problems.

Xander gets a call from Jack, who informs him that Abigail just got back. Xander calls that wonderful news. Jack then reveals that Sarah was there too on the island with Abigail. Xander doesn’t understand. Jack reminds Xander of when he got a call from Susan Banks on his wedding day about how she saw Sarah going upstairs with Rex. Jack informs Xander that “Susan” was actually Kristen but she didn’t only impersonate Susan, she also impersonated Sarah. Xander is shocked as Jack reveals to Xander that the woman he saw in bed with Rex and the woman that broke up with him was Kristen in a Sarah mask. Jack says he’s sorry to tell him like this. Xander asks about when Sarah came back to Salem to visit Maggie and asks if that was Kristen too. Jack reveals that was actually Ava. Xander can’t believe it and calls it too insane to be true. Jack says he’s afraid it is, as Abigail confirmed it. Xander asks where Sarah is now. Jack informs him that they are taking her to the hospital. Xander declares that he has to go find her and see her. Jack says there is one more thing he needs to know but Xander hangs up and races out of his room.

Jennifer hugs Chad and says he is their hero for bringing Abigail home. Chad talks about how much the kids missed her too. Abigail thanks Jennifer for her and Jack being there again. Jennifer goes to check on Jack. Chad asks Abigail how she’s feeling and what he can do for her. Abigail says she’s too wound up to be tired and asks how it went with Ava. Chad says she stonewalled him, but he can tell she was panicked. Chad adds that they know Ava didn’t assault her, but given her track record, Melinda shouldn’t have a problem getting the charges to stick. They agree that the only way Ava can save herself is to name her accomplice.

Gwen questions if Ava is going to rat her out. Ava says despite her fair share of crimes, she’s managed to stay out of prison for most of her life, so she’s not getting locked up for this. Ava warns that if she does get arrested, the only way out may be to give them a name. Ava asks Gwen why she shouldn’t sacrifice her to save herself.

Jennifer asks Jack how Xander took the news. Jack says he was stunned but he will be even more stunned when he hears the whole story since he hung up before he could tell him. Jack adds that Xander wanted to go find her so he’s off to the hospital. Jack confirms that Xander doesn’t know the real Sarah didn’t reject him, but he doesn’t know that the real Sarah considers herself to be Renee DuMonde.

Tony tells Anna that he’s sorry that she has to go through this. Anna argues that Tony was playing along with Sarah’s delusions. Tony asks Anna to have a little compassion since Sarah is mentally ill and needs some kindness. Anna asks what if that drives his wife crazy.

Sarah walks through the town square and sits at the bench, looking at the Tom and Alice plaque. Sarah brings up that people keep saying she is their granddaughter Sarah, but she is not. She’s Renee DuMonde and she’s here to take her life back and finally be with the man she loves. Xander then comes out from the Salem Inn and is shocked to see Sarah.

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