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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sonny brings Chad a smoothie as a hangover cure and warns him about not drinking like that again. Chad responds that his headache is warning enough. Chad thanks Sonny for letting him stay the night and apologizes for being an ass. Sonny relates to when he thought Will was gone and how worked helped him. Chad points out that he doesn’t have a job. Sonny then tells Chad that there’s an open VP position that is his if he wants it, but Alex walks in and says that it’s not.

Allie delivers flowers to Chanel at the Bakery and guesses that she has a secret admirer.

Johnny exits the shower and goes to what used to be Chad’s room to ask Chad if he can borrow some shampoo, but instead he finds Ava dancing with her headphones on and her back turned. Ava drops her robe and then turns around naked, shocked to see Johnny.

Gwen goes to the apartment above the garage looking for Ava but instead Kristen answers the door. Gwen is surprised and questions what the hell she’s doing there.

Xander goes to the prison, dressed as a priest. The warden asks if she can help him. Xander introduces himself as Father Callum O’Brien and says he was hoping he could help her. He claims his Parrish is interested in helping with her literacy program. The warden gets a call and says she’ll be right there. She then tells Xander that there’s an emergency so he can have a seat until she gets back as she then rushes out. Sarah then comes in and tells Xander that the Warden is on her way to a non-existent prison altercation so they have 10 minutes to download everything they need. Sarah jokes about breaking into prison records while noting that it could all be a wild goose chase, asking who is stupid enough to keep records of when they happened to lose track of a prisoner.

Kristen informs Gwen that Jake and Ava let her crash when she was released. Kristen calls it bittersweet as she was looking forward to knowing Jake better. Gwen says she’s sorry for her loss. Kristen bringing up Gwen and Jake being together. Gwen says that Jake stomped all over her heart. Gwen asks where Ava is. Kristen reveals that Ava doesn’t live her anymore and went to the DiMera Mansion which she calls trading up.

Ava puts her robe back on and complains about Johnny not knocking. Johnny points out that he did but she had her headphones on. Johnny apologizes for barging in but questions what she is doing in Chad’s bedroom. Ava asks if no one in this family talks to each other as she informs Johnny that EJ invited her to move in. Johnny asks why. Ava informs him that she married his uncle, so Johnny assumes she means Chad.

Sonny introduces Alex to Chad. Alex apologizes and says he can be very direct when it comes to business. Chad can’t believe they’ve never met as he’s heard about him forever. Alex tells Chad that he’s very sorry to hear about his wife. Alex apologizes for barging in but he’s surprised Sonny didn’t know that the job is no longer available because Victor gave it to him.

Sarah and Xander search the prison records on the Warden’s computer. Sarah begins downloading Gwen’s files and says they can get out of here in three minutes. Xander complains about having to wear the priest collar but Sarah encourages that it’s sexy and makes her want him. Xander and Sarah start kissing until the Warden comes back and questions what is going on here.

Sonny questions when Victor gave Alex the job. Alex says it was last night. Sonny argues that he’s the CEO, so Victor can’t hand him a job without talking to him first. Alex apologizes but says he said he was interested in the position and Sonny didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Sonny complains that he doesn’t have a problem but it’s his call to make and he doesn’t like Alex sneaking around his back like that. Alex argues that he wasn’t sneaking around his back since Victor summoned him. Alex apologizes to Chad as he didn’t know he was interested in that job and to Sonny since he told Victor that he should be in on the meeting. Chad says he wasn’t interested anyway and Sonny says it’s fine. Sonny decides they can talk about it later as Chad doesn’t want to watch them hash this out. Alex says he was on his way to HR as there’s apparently a mountain of paper work to fill out, so he will see him at the office. Alex tells Chad that it was nice to meet him as he then exits the mansion. Chad comments that Alex reminds him of someone but he can’t think of who while Sonny says he’s drawing a blank.

The Warden questions who Sarah is. Xander tries to explain things to the Warden while Sarah sneaks the flash drive from the computer. The Warden says that Xander looks familiar. Xander claims he gets that a lot and then he and Sarah rush out, leaving the Warden confused.

Gwen tells Kristen that she knew Ava and Jake were living together but didn’t realize they were thinking about getting married. Kristen says she didn’t either and asks what Gwen wanted to talk to Ava about. Gwen claims she just wanted to say she’s sorry about Jake. Kristen mocks Gwen saying she needed to talk to Ava and how it was important, so she seemed particularly urgent. Kristen then asks Gwen for the real reason she’s here.

Johnny accuses Ava of marrying Chad until she explains that she didn’t. Johnny questions why she’s in his room and where Chad is. Ava clarifies that she married his uncle Jake. Johnny apologizes as Jake isn’t the first uncle to come to his mind. Johnny takes it that it wasn’t a big wedding since he never even heard about it. Ava tells him that no one was invited. Johnny doesn’t blame Jake not wanting a bunch of DiMeras there. Johnny says he was never close to Jake but he is sorry for her loss. Ava is glad someone cared enough to let Johnny know that Jake was dead. Johnny admits he hasn’t been around much lately but asks about EJ inviting Ava to live here. Ava calls it very compassionate and generous but notes that it was as soon as he found out that she had inherited Jake’s estate. Johnny welcomes her to the family. Johnny goes to grab the shampoo he came for but his towel drops. Johnny says he’s sorry about that but Ava says she’s not. Johnny guesses they are even then.

Allie complains about Johnny but Chanel opens the card with the flowers and reveals they are from her mother. Allie asks what the occasion is. Chanel claims it’s nothing and that she doesn’t need a reason to send her flowers. Chanel says it must have been spur of the moment but Allie asks why it says she’s sorry then. Allie questions what she’s not telling her. Chanel makes her promise not to get mad and then reveals that Allie was kind of right about Johnny as he hasn’t accepted her decision to be with her, so he wanted to get her back and for a second, Paulina thought about helping him. Allie questions not getting mad about Paulina would rather her be with Johnny and was going to help him. Chanel argues that Paulina was just worried about her but then realized that she didn’t need to be. Allie questions what Paulina was going to help Johnny with. Chanel says she didn’t want to come between her and Johnny. Chanel asks her to drop it but Allie declares that if Chanel won’t tell her what she did, she will go get it straight from his mouth. Allie storms off while Chanel worries that it’s not going to go great.

Sonny complains about Victor making him so mad by going behind his back like that. Sonny argues that it’s his company and asks why Victor would go to Alex of all people. Sonny brings up that Chad warned him about working with his brothers. Chad regrets that as he was just angry with EJ. Chad acknowledges that Alex seems like a good guy…

Alex walks through the town square and runs in to Chanel at the Bakery. Alex jokes about the Sweet Bits name of the Bakery. Chanel explains that it’s her place. Alex is intrigued and asks what she has going on. Chanel gives Alex a free sample to entice him to enter the shop. Alex jokes that she won’t entice anyone to go inside while she is outside. Chanel comments on him being a smooth talking city boy that her mom warned her about. Alex says he was actually born in Salem and is moving back to be closer to the family. Alex introduces himself to Chanel.

Allie goes to the DiMera Mansion and confronts Johnny, saying she just heard from Chanel that he tried to get Paulina to break them up. Johnny points out that she turned her down. Allie argues that Johnny said he was going to accept and respect Chanel’s decision. Allie declares that she won, so Johnny has to deal with the fact that her and Chanel are together. Ava then walks in and remarks that it didn’t take long.

Gwen claims to Kristen that paying condolences is important. Kristen questions Gwen even being friends with Ava since Ava sent her to prison until she got her out. Gwen assures she’s grateful for that. Kristen tells Gwen to prove it by telling her what she’s hiding. Kristen asks what the deal is between her and Ava.

Sarah and Xander go back to their room at the Salem Inn. Sarah prays that they got everything downloaded from the Warden’s computer. Xander is just glad they got out of there before the Warden realized he used to be in prison. They go through the records. Sarah finds that Abigail was killed on June 10 and Gwen went missing on June 10 for several hours which means no one knew where Gwen was when Abigail was killed. Sarah asks if this is enough to bring to the cops. Xander feels it’s not enough evidence as they can’t prove that Gwen left the prison that night. Sarah points out that they do know that Lucas swore he saw her at the mansion that night and she can prove that wasn’t her, so they could tell the cops that they found the mask in Gwen’s suitcase, that she took off with it to try to get rid of it, and that she went off the radar that night. Xander reminds her that they don’t have the mask and can’t prove that Gwen left the prison that night. Xander adds that Jada isn’t exactly open to hearing what they have to say. Sarah says they know that Gwen did it, so they just have to figure out how. Xander suggests she could’ve bribed a guard but Sarah points out it wouldn’t get reported then and wonders if she had help from the outside. Xander suggests checking the visitor logs. Sarah finds out that Abigail visited Gwen that day. Xander calls that very interesting but notes that he doesn’t see Abigail helping Gwen get out. Sarah finds that the only other person to visit Gwen that day was herself as she enjoyed rubbing salt in her wounds that they were back together. Xander then sees that the next day, Leo and Ava visited her. Sarah says Ava visiting Gwen is strange. Xander adds that Ava sold Gwen down the river to get immunity, so he questions why she would visit her.

Allie asks what Ava is doing at the DiMera Mansion. Ava reveals that she lives here now and calls it a long story. Allie calls this a private conversation. Ava brings up that just a month ago, Allie told her son Tripp that she loved him but she was wrestling with her sexual identity. Ava accuses Allie of stringing Tripp along and giving him mixed signals until she drove him out of town. Allie responds that she’s sincerely sorry for hurting Tripp. Ava argues that she broke his heart as Tripp literally died for her and then she dumped him. Allie doesn’t want this to sound like a threat and says it’s just the truth that they need to be very careful with each other for Henry’s sake because she wants her to be in his life, but that’s not going to happen if she speaks to her like this. Ava understands and agrees. Allie questions Ava being Team Johnny as she didn’t even know that Ava knew him. Johnny mutters that she knows him intimately and then tells Allie that she needs to relax. Allie says she won’t if he keeps trying to come between her and Chanel. Johnny then promises that he’s over her. Allie remarks that she knows how much a DiMera promise means and warns him to back off or else she’ll have to go full Brady on him. Allie then walks out of the mansion.

Gwen doesn’t see how her relationship with Ava is any of Kristen’s business. Kristen argues that she’s been frozen out of her family’s business while Ava has inherited Jake’s stock and since EJ needs to claw his way back to the top of the company, he has moved Ava into the DiMera Mansion. Gwen guesses Kristen is looking for something to use against Ava. Kristen says maybe. Gwen says she’s sorry but she can’t help her. Kristen declares that Gwen and Ava can have their little secrets, but reminds her of what she did for her. Kristen warns that she may be asking for something in return one day.

Sonny tells Chad about growing up, his brothers Joe and Vic could be jerks that enjoyed making his life hell but then Alex would make them reconsider. Sonny admits he used to think Alex walked on water but complains that Alex seems to think he gets to watch over him and is always going to be in charge. Chad asks if that’s what happened in Phoenix. Sonny thinks that was just different opinions on the chain of command. Chad mocks being surprised about conflict in a family business. Sonny says he doesn’t have a problem working with Alex, but he doesn’t want to fight with him. Sonny adds that he was going to give Alex a job at Titan, just not this one, but he guesses he has no choice now.

Alex continues to praise the Bakery to Chanel and says it’s amazing how much Salem has changed. Alex suggests she could help him get reoriented. Chanel tells him that there’s an app for that. Alex suggests a night on the town with dinner, drinks, and dancing. Chanel responds that she can’t. Alex says he should’ve known she had a boyfriend. Chanel responds that she did but they broke up. Alex asks if he’s blind, an idiot, or both then. Alex questions what the problem is if they’re both single. Chanel clarifies that she didn’t say that and reveals that now she’s with her girlfriend as Allie then walks up.

Ava apologizes to Johnny for shooting her mouth off. Johnny assures that Allie really does feel bad about Tripp. Ava guesses she’ll just have to get used to it. Ava asks if Johnny meant what he said about being over Chanel. Johnny says he doesn’t a choice as pining over someone isn’t really his style and he doesn’t like fighting with his sister. Johnny adds that he’s just not very good at letting things go which Ava relates to. Johnny thanks Ava for having his back, especially since they just met. Ava jokes that it’s like he said, they are now intimately acquainted. Johnny apologizes again about that. Ava jokes that it’s all mostly forgotten.

Gwen tells Kristen to let her know when she’s ready to call in that favor. Kristen says she will and tells her to give Ava her regards. Gwen questions Ava being in the DiMera Mansion while Kristen is stuck living in this dump above a garage. Kristen says EJ offered to let her move in, but he wanted certain concessions that she wasn’t willing to make. Gwen assures that the DiMera Mansion is not all that and swears that it’s haunted. Kristen responds that she will be redecorating it one day.

Sarah tells Xander that in addition to Abigail, Gwen made two phone calls on the day of the murder, one before she went to see her and one after with the first being to Leo and the second being to Ava.

Chanel asks Allie how it went. Allie responds that she’ll be happy to know there was no bloodshed. Chanel then introduces Allie to Alex, who she acknowledges as Sonny’s brother. Chanel is surprised Alex didn’t start off with the fact that he was a Kiriakis and informs Allie that he was just hitting on her. Alex explains that was until he found out that they were gay. Allie clarifies that she is bi. Alex calls them a very sexy couple. Chanel mocks him just thinking like a typical guy that two girls together is hot. Alex says that it is. Alex tells Allie that he just got rejected by Chanel, so he thought maybe he could take both of them out. Allie questions why he would do that. Alex responds that the only people he knows in town are his relatives, so he thinks it would be amazing to have two beautiful women showing him around town. Alex says it’d be his treat. Allie is unsure but Chanel comments that her mom always told her to never turn down a five star meal. Alex questions it being five star. Chanel says they deserve the best and he looks like he can afford it. Allie then agrees to it.

Sarah goes over to Xander that she went to see Gwen and got her all riled up, then Gwen calls Ava and somehow gets out of prison, Abigail is killed, and then Ava comes back to see Gwen the next day. Xander asks what about Leo since he visited Gwen before and after Abigail’s murder too. Sarah says Leo is Gwen’s friend so he had a reason to visit while Ava didn’t. Xander adds that Ava had mob connections so she probably had the pull to get Gwen out of prison. Sarah suggests they need to go have a talk with Ava.

Johnny tells Ava to let him know if she needs anything since they are one big happy family here. As Johnny goes to leave, Gwen arrives. Gwen mentions that Harold let her in. Johnny sarcastically remarks that it’s good to see her and tells her to feel free to stop by anytime as he exits the room. Gwen comments on that not being a warm welcome but admits she doesn’t expect anything. Gwen tells Ava that she needs to talk to her. Ava asks how she knew she was there. Gwen explains that she went to her old flat and Kristen told her. Gwen then sees that Ava is wearing her old ring and questions her. Ava explains that Jake got it for her and she didn’t want to hurt her feelings as she was afraid it was going to bring bad luck. Gwen says she was right about that. Gwen adds that she never thought Ava and Jake would get married. Ava responds that she did but can’t imagine that’s why she came all the way over. Gwen informs Ava that they brought Sarah in but now she has an alibi so the police are going to be looking for someone else. Gwen tells Ava to swear that she will not tell anybody that she helped her get out of prison on the day that Abigail was killed. Ava asks if that’s because she’s the one that killed her.

Sonny tells Chad that when he thought he lost Will, he was so overwhelmed by grief that he thought he would never get out of it so he started talking to a counselor. Sonny says that didn’t bring Will back but it made him feel a lot better. Chad responds that the only person he has to talk to right now is his son Thomas, so he’s going to go home and see if he can make things right with him. Sonny hugs Chad and says he knows he will. Chad wishes he was as sure as he is and thanks him. Chad then exits the mansion. Sonny tells himself that while Chad talks to Thomas, he will talk to Alex.

Alex tells Chanel that he would give her his business card but it’s still being printed. Chanel says she’ll be in touch. Alex jokes that he knows where to find her if she’s not and then walks away. Chanel calls Alex cute. Allie asks if she should be jealous. Chanel asks if she didn’t think he was cute. Allie admits that he’s smoking hot and she’s excited to see where he takes them. Chanel then asks Allie how it went with Johnny. Allie responds that she went over there, expecting to serve him his head on a platter, but instead she got hers handed to her since Tripp’s mom was there. Chanel asks what she was doing there. Allie responds that she really doesn’t know.

Johnny goes back to Ava’s room and picks up her robe from the floor as he then thinks back to walking in on her naked, with a smile.

Gwen tells Ava that she did not kill Abigail but she had motive so it won’t look good for either of them if the cops find out she had opportunity. Ava questions if Gwen is threatening her after she went out of her way to do her a favor. Gwen points out that it would be in their mutual interest for both of them to keep their mouths shut. Ava assures that her secret is safe with her.

Xander tells Sarah that it sounds like Ava could be the key. Sarah says she has to be because if they could figure out how Ava got Gwen out of prison, then they can prove that Gwen is the one that killed Abigail.

Kristen calls Dr. Rolf and asks if there’s any change on Stefan. Kristen warns that she’s not a very patient person and she needs this done. Kristen declares that Stefan DiMera is not staying on ice forever.

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