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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Jack told Allie that she could start working at the internship tomorrow. She was excited and grateful. He admitted his motives weren’t fully benevolent – he thought that the happier she was here, the more likely she would be to stay, possibly for good. She hugged him, and he smiled. She said he made her feel welcome from the moment she arrived. He said that was easy because he loved having her here. She got a text from Noah that made her laugh, and Jack commented that they were getting close. She said she and Noah weren’t close-close. She decided not to say more, since this didn’t seem like a conversation she should have with her grandfather.

Jack assured Allie that he was just a regular guy and it was okay to talk to him. She said she and Noah were just hanging out, but after tomorrow, she was going to focus strictly on work. Jack didn’t want Allie to be locked in a lab all day. He had fun at her age, and he wanted her to have fun too. He thought Noah was a good guy. Jack knew what Allie had been through and it made him happy to see her smile. Jack had a meeting, and he reiterated that Allie should have fun. Allie started texting Noah, and she accepted his invitation to meet at Crimson Lights. Jack glanced back and smiled, then he left.

Diane ran into Phyllis at the park. Diane wondered what the odds were that they’d keep bumping into each other. Phyllis replied that they were pretty high, since Diane had come to her hotel today. Diane intended to use the spa more often now that she knew she was welcome. Phyllis said there was no need to thank her for having an area that provided a friendly face. Phyllis was sure Diane was still getting a chilly reception from the people of Genoa City. Diane said that even if the rest of the town never came around, that was fine because she was connecting with her son, her grandson and the Abbotts, especially Jack, who was accepting that she would be part of the family.

Diane was amazed at how things had changed since she returned, and she was happy with how things were going. Phyllis was going to say something, but she decided against it. Diane continued that she and Michael were friends again, Kyle had opened his heart, and Summer couldn’t be more supportive. Phyllis said that her daughter was gracious. Diane gushed about the deep mature level that she and Jack were connecting on. Phyllis couldn’t take it anymore. She snapped that Diane was delusional if she thought she would ever be romantically linked with Jack again. “Who said anything about romance? Your mind went straight there because you expected Jack to forgive and forget and take you back like he’s done too many times before. And now you’re terrified because he finally wants nothing to do with you, and you have no one to blame but yourself. It must be making you insane,” Diane said, with a smile. Phyllis refused to let Diane bait her. Diane said she wasn’t baiting Phyllis; she was simply stating the truth. Phyllis said she didn’t believe Diane, then Phyllis started to leave. “Well it’s not just me,” Diane called out, which caused Phyllis to stop. “Everyone in your life can see what’s going on. Even your own daughter can see who you really are,” Diane said.

Phyllis ordered Diane to keep Summer out of this. Diane said she was just being honest. She overheard Summer say that Jack deserved more than Phyllis had to offer. Phyllis asked if Diane was spying on her. Diane said no – she came back to the lobby and caught part of the conversation. Phyllis didn’t buy it. Diane hoped Phyllis accepted the reality that Jack would never love or trust her again and that he’d never think of her as anything but conniving and duplicitous. Phyllis said that was Diane, not her. “I’m the one who’s winning and you, once again, are out in the cold,” Diane stated, before flouncing off.

Jack came up and caught Phyllis yelling after Diane. “I will never lose. Ever!,” Phyllis bellowed. Phyllis was glad Jack came. She hoped he saw that Diane was the aggressor. Jack did notice that Diane seemed to be pushing Phyllis’ buttons, and he wished Diane hadn’t done that. However, since Jack didn’t see the whole exchange, he wasn’t sure what Phyllis may have done to provoke Diane. Phyllis was angry Jack would think that she provoked Diane. He said it would be the first time. “Miss ‘I came back from the dead gets a free pass, but I don’t get the benefit of the doubt? Seriously?,” she yelled. She didn’t understand him – they’d had something amazing and it could’ve been great. He thought she know why it couldn’t. She continued to scream in his face throughout the exchange. She said she knew why it couldn’t work because she’d taken responsibility for everything, while that bitch didn’t take responsibility for anything she’d done to Phyllis. Phyllis said that everything went to hell when Diane came to town and Jack didn’t see it. Phyllis predicted that one day Jack would realize he made a mistake, and he’d want her back, but it would be too late. She walked off.

Summer and Kyle met at Society, where Jack and Diane would be joining them later. She said her mom told her what happened between her and Jack. He said he got the story out of his dad too. Summer was disappointed by Phyllis using her relationship with Jack to irritate Diane. Kyle said Phyllis had a special talent for shooting herself in the foot and inadvertently taking other people down with her. Summer said Kyle wasn’t wrong, but Phyllis cared about Jack, and Summer thought Jack felt the same way. Summer hoped Jack could forgive Phyllis. Kyle sighed, and Summer asked if he didn’t think her mom deserved another chance.

Kyle would never say Phyllis didn’t deserve another chance. He noted that he was giving his own mother another chance. He knew his dad still had feelings for Phyllis, but she’d hurt him badly. Kyle said that it took a lot for Jack to put himself out there again, after his history with Phyllis. Jack was very wounded, and Kyle didn’t see a way for Jack and Phyllis to get back together. Summer knew Kyle had a point, but she felt terrible for her mom. She wondered how this would affect everyone going forward, especially with Diane working at Marchetti. Both Summer and Kyle didn’t think the conflict between tehir mothers was over.

Diane met Kyle and Summer at Society. Summer said she loved the ambiance at Society, but she’d be glad when they could have meetings in their own office space. Diane asked if they’d found a location for the new Marchetti office. Kyle said they were going to work out of the Jabot building once the space had been reorganized. “Well that will be convenient, being under the same roof as Jack – and – and – and the Jabot headquarters,” Diane replied. She was humbled by the opportunity and she felt like things were finally starting to settle down for her here.

Jack went to Society and apologized for being late. Diane said they wondered what kept him. Jack said he’d gotten caught up talking to Allie. He was ready to start the meeting. Kyle said they set up a press conference to announce the purchase of Marchetti and that Kyle would be taking over the role of CEO. Jack wanted it to be splashy. Diane had an idea to leak the news and get some buzz going before the press conference. Summer, Kyle and Jack all thought was a good idea. Kyle said that this job already seemed like a good fit for Diane. She said she was willing to do what it took to do a good job and make Kyle proud.

Allie went to Crimson Lights to meet Noah and ran into Phyllis. Phyllis invited Allie to wait with her for Noah to arrive. Allie was surprised she hadn’t seen Phyllis in awhile. She’d thought they’d run into each other into the Abbott house. Phyllis said she’d been out of town, and she’d been busy since she got back. Phyllis asked how things were going. Allie said it had been a whirlwind, and her life had gone in a different direction than she ever expected. Phyllis said Allie deserved happiness. Phyllis wanted to hear everything about Allie’s life at the Abbott house and how she was getting along with Jack and the others.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam asked what Victoria accomplished with Ashland. “I righted every wrong,” she replied. He asked her to elaborate. Victor walked in and hugged Victoria. She said she cut Ashland out of her life and made him pay dearly, and now she was safe and home for good. Victoria told her parents and brothers that she had to end the nightmare Ashland put her through on her own terms. In order to pull that off, she had to make sure Ashland believed she was willing to turn her back on the family and the company. Victor wished Victoria had told them in advance and saved them all that heartache. She was sorry she put them through that, but she couldn’t risk Ashland finding out she was lying to him. Nikki asked if that meant Victoria never believed Ashland’s claims that her love changed him. Victoria believed Ashland loved her as much as a man like him was capable of love, and she believed he was remorseful, but that wasn’t enough to see past his massive betrayal. She said whether or not Ashland loved her didn’t matter – he built his empire on lies and he wasn’t ever going to change. She said he didn’t deserve forgiveness or the generous payout Victor gave him in hopes he’d disappear, which he didn’t do until she agreed to go with him. She wished the family let her handle this on her own, but she’d rectified everything. She thanked all of them. “I don’t think my plan would have been successful without those of you who truly love me,” she said. Adam looked like he wanted to say something, but Victor waved him off and shook his head no.

Victoria explained that she told Nick that she and Ashland were meeting with potential investors for a business venture, hoping that Nick would share that information with Victor. “I was counting on you to do the right thing, and you came through for me,” she told her brother. Victoria had expected Victor to try and track down the investors and squash any possible deals. Nikki said she’d been worried Victoria would be furious with Victor. “You do know your father,” Nikki admitted. Victoria said she and Victor thought the same way. She knew he would want to stop her from making what he would consider a foolish decision. Victor said Victoria was right. Victoria said that once Victor killed the potential funding, she convinced Ashland that they should use their own money. She opened a corporate bank account, and she deposited 250 million dollars of her money into the account, and Ashland took the bait and transferred in the 250 million that Victor gave him. She then moved his money into her private bank account and closed the corporate account. She said she’d give Victor back his money. Victor was proud. He winked at Victoria.

Nick couldn’t imagine Ashland took the news very well. Victoria said she told Ashland what she’d done and how she truly felt. It was painful and cathartic. She was still hurt, but in that moment, getting revenge was a moment of triumph. She said it was a crushing and devastating final blow for Ashland, and he’d never looked so devastated. Victor admired Victoria for turning Ashland’s devious plan back on him. “You’re my daughter alright. You not only did that for yourself. You did that for all of us, and I love that,” Victor said. Everyone except Adam looked pleased.

Adam wanted to talk about how things would work at the company. While Victor understood Adam’s concern, he felt that this was the time to celebrate the extraordinary thing Victoria did. Nick thought celebrating was premature, since Ashland was going to be looking for a fight. He asked what was to stop Ashland from coming back to get the money he lost or his part of the company. Victoria said she told Ashland that she’d expose his cancer fraud if he did, which would ruin his name. Nick admired what Victoria did, but he said Ashland had nothing to lose, so what was topping him from going after revenge?

Victor loved the idea of Ashland coming after the Newmans. Victor said they’d never been more united as a family. Adam looked annoyed. Victoria agreed with Victor. She said it would be stupid for Ashland to come after them. Nikki said they should keep their eyes open and realize that this wasn’t a battle they should take on. Nikki said together, they were unstoppable. Adam said he had more important things to do than celebrate the family’s reunification and Ashland’s downfall. He left. Victor said he’d deal with Adam later. Nikki knew that when Victoria spoke to Nick earlier, she said there would be changes. Nikki wanted to know what that meant.

Victoria said it had been important to find balance between who she was and who she was as a Newman. She knew she’d pushed them away from time to time because she felt like she had to fight to maintain her sense of self, especially while she was running the family company. After everything that happened with Ashland she realized she didn’t have to fight to get thing she already had. She knew they wanted her happiness and success as much as she wanted it. She felt whole and complete because of her family. She said their guidance and advice kept her strong. She realized Nick had her back no matter what, and he was the best brother and friend she could ever ask for. She was so thankful for their help and support through this difficult period. She wanted them to come together as a team to run Newman. She wanted Victor as her consigliere, the wisest and most amazing of all advisors, Nikki as her partner and collaborator, and she thought it was time that Nick consider coming back into the fold.

Sally called Chloe, who was at Crimson Lights, and apologized for having to cut their talk short earlier. Sally wanted to talk again, and Chloe did too. Chloe accepted Sally’s invitation to meet her at Newman Media. Sally promised it would be worth her while. Chloe arrived at Sally’s office and commented that she looked right behind that desk. Sally asked how Chloe was doing, since she was so upset before, and rightfully so. Chloe had felt like she was on the verge of a mental breakdown. She said she and Chelsea were constantly bickering and fighting lately. Normally, they were in sync, but now it felt like they were speaking two different languages. Chloe loved Chelsea with all her heart, and they’d been through so much together. Sally knew a true best friend was hard to come by and she wasn’t going to dissect Chloe’s friendship. Sally just wanted to know if Chloe actually wanted out of her professional partnership with Chelsea, or if she’d just said that in the heat of the moment. Chloe admitted she was curious what Sally meant earlier when she said there was a possible alternative.

Chloe asked if Sally heard about an opening at another fashion label. Sally had something better in mind – she wanted Chloe to come work here with her. Sally wanted to create her own team at Newman Media, and Chloe checked all the boxes – smart, scrappy and savvy. Sally said they really connected when they worked together before. Chloe asked what she’d be doing. Sally revealed that she wanted Chloe to be her COO. Chloe was stunned. She asked what Adam thought about this. Sally said that Adam supported this because he trusted her judgment, and he wanted Newman Media to succeed, so if Sally thought this was best, he’d go along with it. Sally said Chloe would be reporting to her, so any personal things going on between Chloe and Adam wouldn’t be an issue. Chloe was flattered, but overwhelmed by the offer. Sally had an internal debate about taking this job, but in the end, she went with her gut, and she was doing that now with Chloe. Sally had a lot to prove, and she figured Chloe probably did too, but she knew they could accomplish great things together. Chloe didn’t know how Sally could be so confident when Chloe wasn’t. Sally said to look how far they took Newman Fashion – it was on the verge of greatness before Victoria shut it down. Sally also said selling fashion was similar to selling content – they were both creative endeavors aimed at enticing the public. Sally felt Chloe was brilliant at branding, always on top of current trends, and she wasn’t afraid to color outside the lines. Chloe was used to working with a handful of employees, and this would entail overseeing a ton of people and a huge budget. Sally thought Chloe was capable of more than she realized and that she wouldn’t see it unless she challenged herself.

Chloe was humbled by Sally’s faith in her, especially when Chelsea and Chloe moved on without Sally after Newman Fashion shut down. Sally called it water under the bridge. She knew Chloe was caught in an awkward situation, and she understood why Chloe made the choice she did. Sally said she belonged at Newman Media and so did Chloe. Chloe was grateful for the opportunity. Before she could say more, Adam burst in. Chloe decided to leave. She said she’d take some time to think it over and to see if she could fix things with her current job. Sally understood. Chloe left. Adam was upset because his family had fallen all over each other talking about family love and loyalty and complimenting each other and acting like he wasn’t even in the room. “Victoria’s back and they pulled the rug out from under me. Again. But if they think that I am going to sit down and take it – they are in for a rude awakening,” he stated.

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