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Recap written by Christine

I don’t want Victoria to get hurt any more than you do,” Nick told Victor, “but what Ashland has done is unforgivable and he needs to be dealt with now.” Adam agreed with Nick, but he also agreed with Victor’s point that they couldn’t afford to be reckless. Nick didn’t think there was a way to handle Ashland without this blowing up in Victoria’s face. Victor intended to deal with Ashland one on one. Nick wondered why Victor brought called this meeting if he wasn’t going to share his plan. Victor didn’t know what else Ashland had up his sleeve.

At Newman Locke, Nikki wanted to know why Victoria hadn’t met with Victor yet. Victoria didn’t think she needed to go this instant, but Nikki thought Victor needed to know ASAP. Ashland returned and stopped short when he saw that Nikki was still in the office. Nikki stated that she was having a conversation with her daughter. Ashland said he’d come back later, but Victoria assured him he wasn’t interrupting. She told Nikki that he didn’t keep things from her husband – they were partners in every way. Victoria said Nikki was apparently concerned about how Victor would take the news of Ashland’s new title. Ashland hoped he’d be supportive. Nikki said that the company was Victor’s legacy, and it meant a great deal to him that it was being run by his oldest child. Ashland said changing his title wouldn’t diminish Victoria’s position. Victoria said she didn’t need Victor’s permission, but she did agree with Nikki that they should let him know soon. Ashland concurred, but he pointed out that they had a marketing meeting coming up. Nikki said she’d cover the meeting. Ashland said he’d go see Victor with Victoria, so they could present a united front. Victoria called Victor to set up the meeting. He told her to come to Newman Media. Victor then texted Ashland that they needed to speak in private without Victoria’s knowledge. Nikki saw the look on Ashland’s face and asked if something was wrong. Ashland said nothing was wrong; he just needed to meet with a former employee of Locke Communication Group.

Back at Newman Media, Nick left after finding out Victoria and Ashland were on their way. Before leaving, he told Victor to call when he needed Nick. Victor asked if Adam would support his plan. When Victoria got to Newman Media, she was surprised to see Adam waiting for her, and not Victor. She asked where their dad was, and Adam claimed he didn’t know. Victoria didn’t understand why Victor would just leave when he knew she was coming to discuss something important with him. Adam suggested Victoria bounce her ideas off him. She declined. He said they worked with each other now. She clarified that he worked for her. He agreed, and he said they both wanted the company to succeed. She said this was too high level, and she turned to leave. He stalled her by saying he wanted to talk about some potential ideas for Newman Media.

Victoria sat and listened to Adam, but she soon grew fed up, because she thought the things he was saying were over-ambitious and unfocused. She suggested he run this by his brilliant new COO, unless Sally was too busy designing a business suit, so she could look the part. Adam said Sally was more than capable of designing a wardrobe, but right now she was too busy working on a budget. “Can’t wait to crunch those numbers,” Victoria sarcastically said. Adam asked if Victoria could tone down the condescension. He knew she met with Sally, and Sally had some impressive ideas that not even Victoria could shoot down. Victoria asked if that was how Sally characterized their run in. Victoria assumed Sally was so confident in herself because she was sleeping with the boss. Adam thought that was a low blow even for Victoria. He reminded her that she shared sheets with a chief advisor. She said she and Ashland were married, and he was more than a chief advisor, as Adam would soon find out. She said he needed to respect Ashland, and she wouldn’t tolerate him running to Daddy every time he got his feelings hurt. She wasn’t sure if he had some delusion that he was going to run the company again, but he had to get rid of that pipe dream, because she and Ashland were running the show. He noted that she seemed very confident. She said she was, because what she and Ashland had was special. “That’s one word for it,” he replied. She asked why he looked so smug, and he said it was his resting face.

Adam was curious what it was about Victoria’s relationship with Ashland that worked so well. He asked her to share her wisdom. Victoria had better things to do, and she was going back to work. Adam tried stalling again by pointing out that they’d have to work together on a regular basis in their current positions. She said they’d see if he succeeded or failed. He said he’d succeed. Sally called, and Adam ignored it, saying it could wait. Victoria told him not to blow off his invaluable second in command on Victoria’s account. She headed to the door. He told her they weren’t finished, but she left anyway.

Victor met Ashland in Victoria’s office. “Ashland. I’m done playing games with you, okay? It ends now.” Victor locked the door, and Ashland thought that was a little dramatic. Victor confronted Ashland about pretending to have cancer. Ashland said his doctors would say the cancer was real. “The doctors you paid off or the ones that you supplied with falsified medical records?,” Victor asked. Ashland asked why he’d do such a thing. Victor thought Ashland dreamed of combining Locke and Newman and presiding over the behemoth. Ashland pointed out that Victoria was running the company. Victor said Ashalnd put the idea for the merger in Victoria’s head, and she felt sorry for him because she thought he only had a few months to live. “You played that game masterfully, but now it’s over,” Victor said.

Ashland accused Victor of being irrational. He said he’d been humiliated when his illness hit the press. Victor figured Ashland probably leaked the story. Ashland asked if he’d really walk away from his son and trick him into thinking his father was dying. Victor stated that Harrison wasn’t Ashland’s son. Ashland said Victor crossed a line. He recalled Victoria saying Victor could be cold and cruel. Victor calmly confirmed that he could be very cold and very cruel. He told Ashland to stop the bull. Victor had evidence Ashland paid off the doctors in Peru to falsify his records. Victor had people gathering information about Ashland’s shenanigans. Ashland said that he had enemies all over. “Doesn’t this feel like a set up?,” he asked. Victor was furious about what Ashland had done to Victor’s company, daughter, wife, and his grandchildren. “No one uses my family as a pawn in their dreadful game!,” Victor bellowed. “Under no circumstances will you let my daughter, Victoria feel that she was subject and victim of a hoax,” Victor snapped. Victor would rather have Victoria’s heart broken than her spirit broken by Ashland.

Victor demanded that Ashland take the following steps: Announce his cancer had returned, travel to Peru alone and wait for Victor to deem the time was right. Once Victor gave the signal, Ashland was to ask Victoria for a quick divorce and give her control of Newman Locke in the settlement. Finally, Victor wanted Ashland to disappear from Victoria’s life forever. Ashland sighed, and slowly asked why he’d ever walk away from the woman he loved.

Victor said not to insult his intelligence. He didn’t think there was any love in that relationship. “You have used my daughter as a pawn. As a means to an end,” Victor said. Ashland contended that he loved Victoria more than he’d ever loved anyone in his entire life, and she loved him too. Ashland asked what Victor thought Victoria would do if he suddenly flew to Peru and filed for divorce out of nowhere. “What do you think the powerful, strong willed daughter you raised would do? Do you think she would just sit back and accept it? That’s not going to happen,” Ashland said. Victoria showed up and found herself locked out of her office. She called out to Ashland.

Sharon and Rey were at Crimson Lights. She had a stack of bridal magazines, and he knew she was just waiting to pounce on Mariah and Tessa with them. She thought pounce was a strong word, but the wedding date was fast approaching, and there were a lot of decisions Mariah and Tessa hadn’t made yet. Sharon was afraid that if Mariah and Tessa didn’t make up their minds soon, the wedding might not happen. Rey said the wedding would come together, because it was meant to be. He reminded her that there was always a little magic involved in these things. She agreed. She was trying not to check in every second, but she wanted to help Mariah and Tessa if she could. He loved that she was so pumped about this, but he also loved that she understood that Mariah and Tessa could choose whatever they wanted, no matter how quirky or off-beat it was.

Rey looked forward to this wedding, but nothing would surpass his wedding to Sharon. He remembered staring into those big beautiful blue eyes. Sharon thought she kind of faded away during the ceremony, but she enjoyed the reception. Nick came in, and Rey called him the best man. Nick asked what, and Rey explained they were discussing weddings. Sharon asked Nick what was wrong. He didn’t want to talk about it. Rey stepped onto the patio to check in at work. Sharon repeated her question and assured him he could trust her. Nick said Ashland had done something despicable, and it could destroy Victoria, and Nick didn’t know how to help her.

Nick told Sharon how Victor learned that Ashland had been making donations to the clinic in Peru. Sharon didn’t think that was a big deal. Nick knew Sharon always wanted to see the best in everyone, but he said this time, Victor’s instincts were right. He explained that a couple of doctors went on record saying Ashland bribed them to say that he had cancer, but in reality, he was never sick. Sharon couldn’t even wrap her head around that. Nick said Ashland used Victoria to get his hands on the company. Nick swore Sharon to secrecy. He came to her because he needed someone to talk to about it. She promised she wouldn’t say anything, but she thought that Victoria needed to know as soon as possible. Nick said Victor claimed to have some plan that would cause Victoria the least amount of pain. Sharon thought that was risky. Nick said the last time he went to Victoria and told her what Ashland did, she was okay with it, so why would this time be different? Sharon didn’t think Nick gave Victoria enough credit. Sharon said that what Ashland did was unforgivable, it would destroy every ounce of trust Victoria had in him. As a cancer survivor, Sharon was appalled.

Nick was just as appalled. The conversation ended because Noah came in looking like he’d just rolled out of bed, as Sharon said. She said she heard Noah come home just after dawn. She was glad she knew he’d started staying at her place again, after that stint at his dad’s or she would’ve thought there was a prowler. Noah was sorry. He was trying to be quiet. Sharon said he was until he knocked over a lamp. Noah understood what Sharon was getting at and said he wasn’t drinking, he was just clumsy. He’d been with a girl he knew from high school. Sharon grinned and asked if it was romantic. Nick told Noah he didn’t have to answer that, because it said that was none of his parents’ business. Noah said the girl was just a friend, and they stayed out all night talking.

Nick said Noah was an adult, so he could stay out as long as he wanted, but Nick preferred a well-rested employee. Noah noted that this was the problem with working for your dad and living with your mom. Nick clarified that he wasn’t saying there was an issue. Sharon loved Noah living with her. Noah promised to get his work done and to get a good night’s sleep. He asked them to stop worrying about him. They said they’d try, but as parents, it was nearly impossible. Noah wondered why Sharon and Nick looked so intense when he walked in. Nick said he’d just vented to Sharon about the complications of being a Newman.

Upstairs, Mariah finished up a shocking phone call. Alarmed, Tessa asked what was wrong. Mariah said, apparently things were fine now, but Dominic needed a bone marrow transplant from Devon. Tessa said first Devon took on an expanded role in Dom’s life, and now he was helping Dom heal. She knew it was just biology, but it also seemed like a sign to her. Tessa thought Mariah didn’t seem happy. Mariah was happy Dom would be okay, but she didn’t understand why Abby and Devon didn’t tell her about her godson’s illness until after the fact. Tessa assumed they had their reasons. Mariah said Abby stated that she didn’t even tell the family, because she didn’t want to worry people unnecessarily. Tessa understood that, and she thought the most important thing was that things worked out. Mariah was thrilled Dominic was okay, and she said that Abby and Devon did spare her from panicking. Tessa said they’d visit Dom as soon as they could. Tessa shifted gears and said she took Noah’s suggestion to heart, and she thought they should combine their ideas to make the perfect wedding.

Mariah wasn’t sure what combining their top three ideas would even look like. Tessa pictured it including art, music and possibly costumes. Mariah asked where they’d get married. Tessa said they’d keep it local, surround themselves with art they loved from Chicago museums, and they’d get one of their favorite bands to play. Mariah asked about the murder mystery. Tessa thought that theme seemed too dark for a celebration. Mariah asked how they’d set this apart from other weddings, because every wedding had music and decorations. Tessa suggested they choose a time period based on their favorite art and dress according to that style – like a Mod influenced wedding featuring outfits worn in 1960s London. Tessa sensed Mariah hated it. Mariah didn’t hate it, but she didn’t think this was quite the right plan for them. She knew things would eventually come together, and they’d have the best wedding.

Mariah thought it might be good if everyone had a role in their wedding, maybe that would make them appreciate the day more. Tessa gently suggested that Mariah should stop talking. Mariah realized Tessa thought she was over-complicating things. “Only in a way that makes me love you more,” Tessa replied. Mariah said they had to trust that whatever they did would be spectacular. Tessa was sure it would be. Tessa thought about all the false starts, and all the times they got in their own way, which she took most of the blame for. Mariah said she was responsible for some of their breakups too. Tessa said they found their way back to each other, because they were destined to be together. They were beyond lucky, and as much as she wanted the wedding day to honor their guests, she wanted it to be about how much she and Mariah loved each other. Mariah agreed 100%, and she also thought Tessa just accidentally wrote a song that needed to be titled “Beyond Lucky.”

Rey walked into Crimson Lights, explaining that he’d just come back from the station. Nick wasn’t there anymore. Mariah and Tessa came downstairs and said they had an announcement. Mariah said they realized the specific ways they loved each other and how they wanted to express it. Tessa stated that this was an announcement that an announcement about their wedding was impending. Mariah said they needed their wisdom and expertise. Sharon, Rey and Noah all said supportive things.

Nick went back to Newman Media and told Adam that he’d changed his mind about not wanting to be involved. Adam didn’t have any news. He’d kept Victoria busy while Victor confronted Ashland, but she’d gotten fed up and insulted him. It had been hard for Adam to bite his tongue instead of throwing Ashland’s lies in Victoria’s face. Nick noted that Adam respected Victor’s wishes instead of doing that.

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