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Recap written by Christine

At the main house, Victor looked over Newman/Locke’s offer to buy Newman Media. Nikki walked in and he said he had a question about it. She noted that he’d told Victoria not to lowball him, and she didn’t. He agreed. He said that no matter what he did, one of his kids would be unhappy. Nikki knew that buying Newman Media and putting Adam in charge helped Adam’s relationship with Victor. So, she understood why he’d be concerned about Adam’s reaction if the company was sold. Victor predicted his son wouldn’t react well. Nikki said that Victoria would be disappointed if Victor didn’t sell, but she’d understand. Victor wondered why Nikki, as Victoria’s COO, wasn’t pushing him harder to sell. Chuckling, Nikki said she knew no one could sell Victor on anything and that he’d make his decision based on what he thought was right for the family, like he always had. He said she was right. He’d made a decision.

Billy and Lily were in her office. She ended a call, and he lavished her with praise, saying she was so smart and sexy it was distracting him from his work. They flirted, then she put a stop to it and said they had to get back to work.

Adam paced around his office and thought about calling Victor, but he ultimately decided not to. He left. He ran into Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick thought Adam looked like hell, and he asked what was wrong. Adam said it was just work stuff. Adam asked about the kids. Nick said they were fine. He was going to meet with Noah. Adam though it was great Nick would be working with his son and that it was nice that Nick didn’t alienate Noah like Victor had alienated Nick at times. Nick said Victor would be fine – he had Victoria and Adam working in the family business, and he didn’t need Nick. Adam thought Victor had made it abundantly clear he didn’t need anyone, but Adam and Victoria kept jumping through hoops to win Victor’s approval. Adam didn’t even know why he was doing it anymore, but he figured it was too late to jump off the merry go round now. Nick said it was never too late; he told Adam to jump off or stay on, but not to act like it wasn’t his choice. Noah arrived, and Nick went to the patio.

Billy bumped into Adam and boasted about how well his life was going – his future was bright, his kids were loving their school, Lily was crushing it at Chancellor, and he got to help her succeed. Adam asked if Billy was satisfied with that. Billy was very pleased, and he thought he should’ve taken the job a long time ago. Adam said good for Billy, and he started to leave. Billy thought Adam would be fine – he had a good kid, he was living rent-free at the ranch, where his daddy and Rey could keep an eye on him, and he worked at his daddy’s company, at least for now. Billy smirked about Victoria going after Newman Media, and he said Victoria was her father’s daughter, and she knew how to get what she wanted.

Nick and Noah were on the patio, and Noah was staring off into space instead of listening to Nick. Nick got his attention. Noah said he was just tired after last night. Nick heard from Sharon that Noah went out with friends. Nick said New Hope would be teaming up with city council on a new housing development, and he wanted Noah to be at the meeting. Noah found this work fascinating, and he wanted to know more, but Nick didn’t want to burn Noah out, since he was a man, not a machine. Noah said he’d been a little too human last night, and it wasn’t pretty.

Billy went back to work and brought a potential deal to Lily’s attention. She thought they should table it for now, but he said that if they didn’t jump on it, their competitors would. She changed her mind and said they’d go for it. She smiled and said she knew they could do this together. He said she’d kick ass with or without him, but he was grateful to be on this ride with her. He said if he weren’t working with her, he might be chasing Adam around, trying to get revenge. He was sure Adam would self destruct sooner than later. Lily was sure that was especially true if Adam ended up working for Victoria.

Mariah and Tessa were at Society after their adoption seminar. They both felt overwhelmed by all the information. Mariah had chosen to go here, away from the prying eyes of her family at Crimson Lights. Mariah went to the restroom, and Tessa flashed back to yesterday’s conversation with Noah. She’d asked if he was okay. “Why wouldn’t I be okay? When you love someone, you want them to be happy. And I love my sister,” he’d said. The flashback ended, and Tessa looked troubled by it. Mariah returned. Originally, Mariah had pictured adopting a baby, but the stories about older children finding homes moved her. Mariah said her sister, Cassie came to Genoa City to reunite with her birth mom, and Nick adopted her, and the Newmans accepted her as their own. Tessa added that Devon was a teen when the Winters adopted him. They agreed that older kids weren’t off the table, but neither were babies. Mariah said they were no closer to a decision than they were before they started talking about this. Tessa was sure they’d find the right little person to love, or maybe a set of triplets. She said the kids would bring them joy, and they’d build a loving stable home. “Just imagine. Grandma Sharon, Grandpa Nick, Auntie Faith, Uncle Noah,” Mariah said. Tessa’s smile faded when Mariah brought up Noah.

Nick left Crimson Lights, and Noah saw Tessa come in. He apologized about last night. She said he didn’t have to, but he thought it was clear that he did. He could see how uncomfortable she was with him, and he’d never wanted that to happen. He’d had too much to drink, and he’d said too much. He was sincerely happy for Tessa and Mariah. He promised he’d never put her on the spot again. Tessa offered to give Noah some space. He thought it’d be best if they just forgot about it and moved on. “Okay, but I would hope that you,” she began to say. He cut her off and said they were good. He went out the door, and stole one last glance at her before he left.

Victoria was at her office. Ashland came in. He was on a high after a video chat with his son. He’d also had a productive meeting with Riley in marketing and provided him with some branding ideas for the new digital sports media division. Victoria was caught off guard because Ashland hadn’t even discussed that division with her yet. He knew she didn’t care about sports, so he’d decided to handle it on his own. He was just glad he had the energy to take something off her plate. She said that if the deal wen through, the media sports division would be Adam’s department, and in the beginning, she wanted all things directed at Adam to come through her. She said her brother was a manipulative schemer, and she didn’t want him thinking he could play her against Ashland. Ashland countered that, since he was on the board at Newman Media, Adam was used to getting input from him. Ashland didn’t want to undercut Victoria, but it sounded like she wanted him to have less influence in Newman Media once they owned it again. That wasn’t what she meant – she just wanted to present a united front, especially where Adam was concerned. He asked if she wasn’t concerned he was encroaching on her turf. She said he knew her better than that. She loved seeing him energized about work. It reminded her of when they first met, and she made an offer for his company, and he flirted with her. He smiled and said he did no such thing. She noted that he asked her to dinner. He said he did it to close the deal, but it didn’t matter, since she shot him down. She said she did the right thing, since they barely knew each other. She told him that if he flirted with her now, he might get a different reaction. She pressed the button on the desk that made the office door close.

Later, Ashland and Victoria got dressed, and he said he didn’t realize he’d married such a vixen. He couldn’t wait to see what she came up with next. Victor texted Victoria – he wanted to discuss the offer. Victoria didn’t think Ashland should accompany her, and he reminded her that she’d just said they were a team. She said she knew her father, and he tended to let his guard down around her. He understood that she was taking advantage of her father’s soft spot for her, Victor’s pride and joy. She left, and his smile faded.

Victoria met with her parents at their place. Victor was impressed with the offer Victoria put together, and he was considering taking it, but he didn’t see Adam’s name listed anywhere in the deal. Victoria said she didn’t include Adam in the deal, because they weren’t sure if he would want to stay on. Victor had more terms. “Your father will continue in his advisory role to Adam, as I have done with you,” he said. Nikki assumed Victoria would need to take time to consider this, but Victoria took the deal, and she and Victor shook on it.

Victoria returned and brought Ashland up to speed on what Victor asked for. He advised her not to schedule any more meetings at the ranch, where Victor had the home court advantage. Victoria didn’t anticipate any more meetings. She said they made the deal, and it was done. Now Ashland was caught off guard because Victoria finalized the deal without even discussing it with him. She didn’t realize he wanted to go over the deal again. He said it was one thing not to be invited to the meeting – he didn’t love it, but he understood the rationale. He’d assumed he’d at least have the chance to weigh in before she closed the deal. She pointed out that he did weigh in – they’d drafted the offer together with their legal team. She said Victor didn’t add any stipulations, aside from the thing about Adam. Ashland had wanted to add in some stipulations to keep Adam in line. Victoria asked if that was needed. Ashland thought they should make the limits to Adam’s authority clear. Victoria said that would’ve antagonized Victor into pulling out of the deal. Ashland said the point of negotiations were to press someone to find out where their real goals and red lines were. He asked what if Victor planned to pit Adam and Victoria against each other. She didn’t think that was where it was headed, but even if it were, she thought she and Ashland could handle Adam on their own. Ashland thought that Victoria might be putting herself in an untenable situation. She reminded him that he’d recently called her brilliant. He said that was before he knew she closed the deal. He was trying to protect her. Nikki showed up and was surprised they were here instead of out celebrating. Victoria filled Nikki in. Nikki asked if she should tell Victor that Victoria needed more time. Victoria looked to Ashland, who deferred to her. Victoria said she’d given Victor her word, and she thought they could handle Adam. She left.

Adam was on his office phone handling a business call. He ignored a call from Victor on his personal phone. Victoria entered. “I thought it was it was time for me to see what I’m getting for my money,” she said. Adam was speechless, and Victoria told him Victor accepted Newman/Locke’s offer. They locked eyes.

Phyllis was at the hotel on the phone with Summer, finalizing her visit to Milan. Michael came in, and he thought she was moving. She was just doing an exploratory trip. He said her home, friends and base were here. She scoffed at the suggestion that her friends were here. “What does Genoa City have to offer me anymore?,” she asked, just as Jack walked in. She casually greeted him and asked how his trip went. He and Kyle accomplished their goal for Jabot’s European division. He asked if he was interrupting something. Michael said Phyllis had news she’d love to share. Phyllis took Jack up to her room for a private talk.

Phyllis wondered why Jack didn’t respond to her messages and texts. He’d thought about it, but he believed they should have this conversation in person. She knew she hurt him when she didn’t go to his house on Christmas Eve. He said it was a mistake. He never meant to make her feel pressured. She’d told herself that she didn’t want to contend with his sisters’ protectiveness. He knew that wasn’t the real reason she bailed. She said she was scared of everything that was happening. She let him down so many times, and her friendship meant the world to her. He recalled he’d told her more than once that she could take all the time she needed and that they’d still be friends. She wasn’t sure he’d been honest with her about that. When he didn’t respond to her messages, she came up with her own reasons why he left. She didn’t want to let him down. He said he really was called away on a business trip to NY, then Paris, then Milan. She knew that now, but she didn’t then. “And then when Summer called and offered me the job at Marchetti,” she said. Shocked, he asked if she was moving to Milan.

Jack could think of a million reasons for Phyllis to stay in Genoa City. She said there was nothing for her here – she and Nick were over. “And obviously you’ve decided to walk away from any potential between us,” Jack said. Phyllis was scared of the dynamic between them. She wasn’t sure what they wanted from a relationship, and she said they kept missing a mark. He thought she should follow her instincts. He said they’d see each other as long as Kyle, Summer and Harrison were still in Milan. He asked when she’d be leaving, and she said she was going in a couple days to check things out. Jack wanted to have dinner with Phyllis. He wanted to make sure there was no underlying upset over them missing the mark. She said she couldn’t now, but they could meet after she returned from her trip. He was disappointed she couldn’t make time for him sooner, but he accepted it. He asked about the hotel. She said she’d sell it or find someone to run it. If she kept it, it’d be her one connection to Genoa City. He hoped there was more than one connection. She said all her relatives left this town, so what did that say about her? He said she had bright interesting kids who were living wonderful lives, and he thought that said wonderful things about her. She told him he always knew the right thing to say to her. “That’s because nobody knows you better, Red” he said.

Phyllis and Jack went back downstairs, and he left. Michael was still there. Phyllis was even more confused about her feelings. She’d hoped Jack would stop her from leaving, but he didn’t. “Ah, it’s too late. I’m leaving,” she said.

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