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Marlena goes to her office and finds candy and flowers. She then gets a call from John, wishing her a Happy Valentine’s Day. John asks if she got his surprise and says there’s not enough candy or flowers to show how much he loves her. Marlena tells him to check between the cushions of the sofa where he finds a certificate for a spa day for two. They tell each other I love you.

Nicole visits Rafe in the interrogation room and brings him coffee. Rafe says she didn’t have to come. Nicole says it’s the first day of his trial, so she did. Rafe thanks her. Rafe talks about his future being on the line. Nicole argues that the charges are false as he’s done nothing wrong. They then think back to having sex on the conference table. Rafe asks if she’s sure about that. Nicole says he’s done nothing criminal so his lawyer should have no problem proving he’s innocence. Rafe hopes that she’s right because if Melinda has her way, it’s going to be a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Jake wakes Gabi up with a rose and wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Craig sits in the town square as Johnny jogs by without a shirt on. Johnny spots Craig and questions what the hell he’s looking at.

John asks Marlena about her first day back in her office. Marlena says it’s so nice to put all the terrible time with possession behind them. Nancy bursts in to Marlena’s office and says thank God she’s there because she realized she needs to talk to someone badly, so she hopes Marlena has a few minutes. Marlena tells her that she has an hour. John tells Marlena that he will talk to her later and hangs up. Nancy sits down in tears as Marlena asks what’s going on. Nancy reveals to Marlena that Craig is gay. Marlena asks if she just found out. Nancy feels like a fool and asks how she didn’t know after all these years and what is wrong with her.

Johnny asks Craig again what he’s looking at. Craig remarks that Johnny is running without a shirt on in the middle of February. Johnny remarks that he’s always hot. They introduce themselves. Craig realizes Johnny is Sami’s son and comments that he has certainly grown up. Craig says he has to get back to his e-mails. Johnny says he thinks he tore a pectorial lifting weights and asks Craig to take a look. Johnny puts Craig’s hand on his chest and asks how that feels.

Jake offers Gabi a chocolate covered cherry. Gabi thinks back to telling Johnny what she overheard “Jake” telling Maggie when the Devil transformed in to Jake. Gabi then tells Jake to get the cherry away from him. Jake questions what the hell that was about.

Nicole argues that Melinda has nothing but lying cons out to get him while there is no proof, so Rafe will beat this. Rafe thanks her for being so supportive. Nicole remarks that someone has to support him since his girlfriend, Ava, has been absent since the moment he was arrested. Nicole thinks that’s proof that Ava set him up since she’s been afraid to show her face. Ava then shows up with candy and wishes Rafe a Happy Valentine’s Day as she kisses him in front of Nicole. Ava apologizes for staying away so long and says she didn’t think being around would be a good look for Rafe given her former life, but then she woke up and thought no one deserves to be alone on Valentine’s Day, especially the man in her life, so she baked cookies and got here as fast as she could. Ava points out that Rafe wasn’t alone after all. Nicole says she came to support Rafe. Ava is sure he deeply appreciates that as she does too. Ava talks about Nicole cheering for their relationship since the beginning. Ava adds that now that Rafe is going to be on trial, they will need her support and friendship more than ever.

Jake questions Gabi’s reaction. Gabi thinks back to talking to Johnny about what she heard “Jake” say to Maggie and Johnny telling her that she has the advantage to get his shares. Gabi then claims to Jake that she’s allergic to cherries. Jake apologizes and says he had no idea. Gabi guesses they don’t know each other as well as they thought.

Nancy talks to Marlena about suspecting that Craig was cheating on her. Marlena asks if she confronted him. Nancy confirms that she did but he denied it because she accused him of cheating with another woman. Nancy says that Craig was being honest when he told her that she was the only woman in his life, because he was involved with a man. Nancy cries about thinking Craig was in love with her all these years and now all he wants is men. Nancy asks if there’s some way to convert her husband back to the man she loved.

Johnny tells Craig to check him out right now. Chloe then walks up, interrupting them. Johnny tells Craig that he hopes to see him around. Chloe questions what that was. Craig invites her to join him for breakfast. Chloe questions Craig flirting with a young guy in the middle of the town square and asks what the hell is wrong with him. Craig informs Chloe that it was Johnny DiMera and he thought he tore a muscle in his chest so he wanted him to take a look. Chloe asks how Johnny knew Craig was a doctor and why he would even strike up a conversation with him. Craig says even if he was looking at Johnny like she thought, he has spent his entire life pretending to not be interested in men because he thought it made him a bad person and it would hurt the people he loves, like Chloe, her sister, and her mom. Craig talks about pretending to be happy even though he was at times. Craig says he loves being a father and that he and Nancy had some great times together. Craig adds that he loves them very much, but he won’t live the lie anymore.

Marlena wonders if Nancy has heard of conversion therapy and calls that a debunked practice of trying to fix someone’s sexual orientation. Nancy admits she’s heard of it. Marlena tells her that gay people aren’t broken. Nancy cries that she knows but thinks maybe Craig is going through a mid-life crisis. Nancy admits she shouldn’t have used the word “convert” but maybe he’s not gay and just going through a phase. Marlena notes that Nancy is clearly having a hard time with this, so she suggests they talk about how Nancy can deal with this.

Jake apologizes to Gabi. Gabi says she’s sorry and just wasn’t expecting all of this. Jake suggests doing it over because he knows how to show her that he loves her without roses and chocolate. Jake kisses Gabi but she pulls away so he asks what’s going on. Gabi says nothing and that she would love to stay with him all day but she has to go to Rafe’s trial to support him. Jake offers to go with her in support. Gabi says that’s sweet of him but she knows he’s been working hard on the plan to take over DiMera. Jake says it’s coming along nicely. Gabi comments on trusting him to make it happen as she exits.

Johnny goes home to the DiMera Mansion and texts Gabi.

Jake tells himself that the gift he should get Gabi is making her CEO of Titan. Jake then hears Gabi’s phone go off with a text from Johnny. Jake decides to read the message which says “Be my Valentine” and that he hopes to see Gabi today so that she can give him her answer.

Rafe thanks Ava for her cookies. Ava offers Nicole one as well but she passes. Ava asks Rafe if he’s nervous for the big day. Nicole argues that Rafe has nothing to be nervous about and shouldn’t be here because he’s done nothing wrong. Ava responds that it’s for a jury to decide. Ava argues that it’s horrible that these men are claiming Rafe is a dirty cop when he’s one of the most honorable men in town. Ava asks what possible reason could anyone have to want to hurt such a great guy. Nicole tells Ava to stop it because she knows Ava is the one who did this. Ava questions why she would set up Rafe when he is her boyfriend. Nicole calls it so obvious that Ava found out they made love and she wanted revenge. Ava acts surprised and questions Rafe about sleeping with her best friend. Rafe tells Ava that he’s sorry. Ava demands to know when it was. Rafe admits it was on Halloween. Ava questions them both lying to her for months. Ava asks how many times it happened. Rafe assures it was a one time thing. Ava asks if that’s the truth which Rafe confirms. Rafe then admits that he’s had feelings for Nicole for awhile now. Ava reminds Rafe that they talked about this and he told her that he was committed to her. Rafe admits that he lied to her and to himself. Rafe tells Ava that he’s so sorry because she deserves better. Ava says that he made her believe that what they had was real but it was all a lie. Nicole explains that she asked Rafe to keep it secret because she didn’t want to come between them. Ava mocks what a friend she is. Rafe argues that it’s not on Nicole, but on him because he owed it to Ava to tell her the truth and he did far from that. Ava complains that Rafe slept with Nicole, lied about it, and then stands up for her. Nicole says that they made a mistake but she is not surprised that Ava acted like the vindictive bitch that she’s always been and framed Rafe. Ava argues that she’s not the same woman that she used to be. Rafe understands that Ava is angry and repeats that he’s sorry. Rafe understands that Ava feels betrayed by what he has done, but he has to ask if she framed him because right now, they could still get the charges dropped before it’s too late.

Marlena brings up Nancy coming in and talking a lot about Craig and then asked what she did wrong. Marlena asks if Nancy is thinking that this is her fault. Nancy cries that it is and she’s thinking that she could’ve tried harder to be what Craig needed. Marlena states that Nancy’s husband is gay and it’s not her fault. Marlena adds that he kept a very big secret from her and his sexual orientation isn’t really a choice, but he chose to keep it from her which is causing her so much pain. Nancy cries that it’s destroyed her marriage and asks what she does now.

Chloe tells Craig that she gets how difficult this must be for him and she appreciates him opening up to her. Chloe says she wants him to be happy and she knows he needs love and support too, so she’s here for him. Chloe questions Craig being in love. Craig confirms that he is and he wants Chloe to meet him if that’s not too hard for her. Craig then reveals that his boyfriend is coming to Salem tonight.

Johnny reads Tony’s Valentine’s Day card to Anna and calls it nauseating. Johnny sits down and starts eating the chocolates left on the table. Gabi walks in and declares that she hates him. Johnny says that’s more like it. Johnny asks what has Gabi so worked up. Gabi complains about Jake. Gabi says she listened to Johnny’s advice and didn’t let on that she knows Jake backstabbed her. Gabi talks about Jake being so romantic and wonders if it’s possible that she misunderstood him talking to Maggie about cutting her out of the deal. Johnny claims he wishes that was true but he’s afraid it was no misunderstanding. Gabi asks how he knows since he wasn’t there. Johnny claims he’s found indisputable proof that Jake is planning to betray her.

Rafe knows Ava is upset. Ava says she did care for him and she loved him, but he cheated on her with that whore. Ava claims she has nothing to confess and calls Rafe guilty as sin. Ava wishes him luck in court and says he’ll be behind bars but she’s sure Nicole will wait for him as she storms out of the room.

Brady joins John at home and fills him in on Craig being gay. Brady talks about having feelings for Chloe that he can’t act on because Philip is still missing. Brady says what matters is that Chloe needs to know she’s not alone in this, so he’s going to be there for her every step of the way.

Chloe questions Craig being worried about hurting Nancy but bringing his new boyfriend to Salem. Craig explains that he didn’t know he was coming until this morning as he just booked a flight. Craig says he doesn’t want any drama and just wants to be with him. Craig understands if Chloe can’t meet him but says it would mean the world to him if she would see how happy that he makes him. Craig asks Chloe to think about it which she agrees to do. Chloe then walks away as Craig thanks her.

Marlena says that Nancy and Craig had so many happy years together and a family they love. Marlena acknowledges that the breakup of a marriage is a loss. Nancy adds that it feels like a death. Marlena understands that she’s grieving and there is no easy fix as it’s just going to take time. Nancy was afraid she was going to say that. Marlena encourages that she’s not alone in this as she has lots of people to help her. Marlena adds that if she needs any more help, she will be there for her. Nancy thanks her. Nancy sees what John left Marlena for Valentine’s Day and says that Craig used to do things like that for her, but she guesses not this year.

Chloe goes to see Brady and tells him that she just saw her dad, who wants her to meet his new boyfriend. Chloe informs him that he’s on his way to Salem right now. Brady asks what she’s going to do. Chloe doesn’t know as part of her feels like she’s betraying her mom but she also wants to be there for her dad because she knows he’s in pain and she wants to support him. Brady knows it’s not an easy decision. Chloe hoped maybe it would be easier if Brady agreed to come with her.

John goes to see Marlena in her office and tells her that he really loves her as they kiss. They wish each other a Happy Valentiine’s Day. Marlena didn’t think she’d see him until this evening. John says he couldn’t stay away from her and informs her that Brady just told him about Craig leaving Nancy for a man. Marlena reveals that Nancy was the person who came in when they were on the phone. John asks how she’s doing. Marlena says she can’t really talk about it but Nancy is having a very hard time.

Nancy sits outside the Brady Pub when Craig approaches her.

Jake goes to the police station and looks in to the interrogation room to ask Rafe and Nicole if they’ve seen Gabi since she said she would be there for moral support. Nicole says she hasn’t seen her. Jake guesses he just missed her but Rafe reveals that Gabi was never there, leaving Jake confused.

Gabi asks Johnny about his proof that Jake plans to betray her. Johnny says he realized he couldn’t trust Jake so he did a little digging and reached out to a contact in the DiMera legal department who shared a formal petition to transfer Stefan’s shares to Jake. Gabi says he can’t do that. Johnny claims that Jake argued the shares are his as Stefan’s twins. Gabi argues that Jake wouldn’t do that to her and accuses Johnny of lying. Devil Johnny uses his power to make Jake’s signature appear on the form as he shows it to Gabi, who then calls Jake a bastard.

John is glad that Nancy has found her way to Marlena because there’s no better person to give her the support that she’s going to need. Marlena says every time she talks to someone who’s marriage is in trouble, it makes her appreciate how precious their marriage is. John agrees and kisses her.

Craig apologizes to Nancy for hurting her and wants her to know that no matter what happens, he’s still her friend. Nancy responds that he’s not her friend and is not going to be her husband much longer because she wants a divorce. Nancy then gets up and walks away.

Brady questions Chloe wanting him to go to dinner with her, her dad, and his boyfriend tonight. Chloe apologizes, realizing that she forgot it’s Valentine’s Day and guesses that he has other plans. Brady reveals that he doesn’t and says he would love to go to dinner with her, asking what friends are for.

Rafe and Nicole prepare for trial. Nicole apologizes for losing it on Ava. Rafe says it’s okay as he’s kind of relieved that it’s now finally out in the open and there’s no reason that they can’t be together, but he could understand if she doesn’t want to spend years with a guy behind glass in a jumpsuit. Nicole refuses to give up and vows to find a way to prove that Ava framed Rafe.

Jake remains at the police station, wondering where the hell Gabi is as he pulls out his phone.

Gabi tells Johnny that she’s going to kill Jake. Johnny stops her and reminds her that cooler heads will win the game. Gabi says she’d rather kill him. Johnny says they can use this and tells her it wlil be fun to see Jake’s face when they burn him to the ground. Gabi agrees but asks what the plan is. Johnny says they screw Jake before he screws her. Gabi then gets a call from Jake but ignores it. Gabi questions how Jake could do this to her. Johnny offers her a Valentine’s chocolate to take her mind off it. Johnny guesses that cherry is her favorite as she accepts the candy.

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