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Recap written by Christine

Chance came home after a rough day at work – he’d just had to tell Sharon the autopsy results. He told Abby that Rey had a heart attack, causing him to lose control of the car. He said there was nothing anyone could’ve done – Rey’s fate was sealed the night he said goodbye to Sharon, and he had no idea he’d never see her again. Abby felt bad for Rey’s family. She knew it took a toll on Chance too. He said Rey helped him multiple times in multiple ways. Rey was Chance’s best friend. Abby didn’t want Chance to let the sadness and grief of the tragedy overwhelm him, like Spain. Someone rang the doorbell, and Abby wanted Chance to send them away, so this talk could continue. Chance went to the door – it was Victor.

Victor was informed about Rey’s heart attack. He thought it was terrible, and he asked how Sharon was doing. Chance said the news hit her hard, but at least she had a definitive explanation. Victor asked if Victoria knew. She didn’t. Chance had called, but she didn’t pick up. Victor said he’d let her know. Abby said that Victor couldn’t just rush off. She asked why he came. He wanted to see the baby. She said it wasn’t a good time, as he was napping. Victor decided to wait until his grandson woke up and have a chat with Chance in the meantime. Abby went upstairs to check Dominic. Victor wanted to see how Chance was doing after losing his partner. Chance said that the loss stirred up some of the same feelings he had after the explosion. He was managing, but Abby saw how this was weighing on him, and it worried her. Victor said that this was a reminder to embrace life with his beautiful wife and son. Victor said this would help Chance heal, and more importantly, be strong, because he never knew when his wife would need to lean on him.

Chance thanked Victor for the wisdom and said he needed it. Victor was proud of how Chance, Abby and Devon came together for Dominic. Victor couldn’t wait for Dom to be old enough to share sports stories with. Abby came down and said the baby was awake, so Victor went up to see him. Abby was pleased to see a smile on Chance’s face. His talk with Victor helped. Victor came downstairs and marveled at how much Dom had grown. Abby was going to walk her dad out, but he told her to stay with her husband. He left. Abby hugged Chance.

Chance didn’t want Abby to be scared for him. He was processing Rey’s death, but he wasn’t going to fall apart this time. He’d grieve and miss his friend dearly, but he promised it wouldn’t be like before. She asked if he was sure. He said he was s much stronger now. He vowed to be the husband and father she needed him to be. He knew how lucky he was to have her and Dom, and he wouldn’t waste a minute they had together by shutting down. He was going to show both of them how much he loved them. She kissed him.

Jack and Phyllis were at Crimson Lights. He was worried about the meeting between Kyle and Diane. He hoped Kyle would cancel. He was concerned he’d made a big mistake facilitating this meeting, and if he had, Kyle would pay the price. Jack said Diane was manipulative, and Kyle would be vulnerable because she was his mom. Phyllis was sure Jack did the right thing. He thanked her for the support and perspective. She said she was very mature. He knew she was joking, but he thought that was true lately.

Phyllis asked what Jack would do if Kyle wanted a relationship with Diane. Jack said he’d urge Kyle to give this some thought, but ultimately, he’d have to honor Kyle’s wishes and tell Kyle to proceed with caution. Phyllis knew that if Summer saw that Diane’s motives were less than pure, she’d have a long talk with Kyle, and she’d get in Diane’s face and tell her to back off. Jack asked what if, by some miracle, Diane really changed. He wondered if they should give her the benefit of the doubt. Phyllis was completely against that. She wondered where this was coming from, since he had a different opinion two seconds ago. “So you get to play Devil’s advocate, but I don’t?,” he asked. He said his mother abandoned three children, not one, and when she came back into their lives, they were able to reconcile. Jack and Dina made an emotional connection with Dina that had been missing his whole life. As absurd as it seemed, he hoped the same could be true for his son. He said a love for a child could change someone. He said they were making assumptions about someone they knew years ago. Phyllis argued that present day Diane sent a bunch of cryptic texts to Jack. He noted that Diane helped him meet his granddaughter. Phyllis said Diane chose to do it a creepy and cryptic and duplicitous way. Jack agreed with that, but he said that the end result was positive. Phyllis said Diane planned for Jack to see it that way, and it worked. Jack wasn’t grateful to Diane, but he couldn’t discount the possibility that some of what she said about her personal development was true. Phyllis understood that Jack was trying to put a positive spin on the possibility of Kyle giving Diane a chance. However, Phyllis couldn’t fathom the idea that Diane was less of a sociopath. Jack noted that some people would say the same thing about Phyllis. Phyllis snapped that no one would say that because she didn’t fake her own death and let someone else almost go down for it, like Diane did with Nikki. Phyllis saw no sign of change in Diane. Jack said Phyllis was right. She implored him not to let his guard down with Diane. He promised he wouldn’t.

At the Abbott house, Diane came face to face with Kyle. With tears in her eyes, she thanked him for giving her a chance to explain herself. Kyle replied that she had a hell of a lot of explaining to do. Diane had a lot of memories in this house. She wished she could make this easy for him, but nothing about this was easy. She was sure he was confused and angry. She wasn’t expecting anything from him, except maybe an open mind. She said he must be in shock. He didn’t want her making assumptions about his state of mind. He was barely sure of his own feelings. She was moved by seeing his face. He said it’d been so long – he asked if she even recognized him. She said she’d know him anywhere. He felt the same of her. She admitted she’d been following his life online. “Lucky you. I certainly didn’t get that opportunity,” he replied. She was proud of his success at work and in life. He didn’t want her to make this about him. He wanted to hear about her. Diane said she was an open book. On the verge of tears, he asked why she faked her death.

Kyle thought it was so much worse that Diane followed his life from a distance. He said she cared enough to keep track, but not enough to reach out. Diane swore she missed Kyle every day and never stopped loving her. He noted all evidence was to the contrary. He remembered the last time they saw each other, she sent him off to boarding school and told him he had to use a fake name. He went along with it and trusted her when she said she’d be joining him in Europe soon, but she never came. Jack came and told him that Diane had been killed. “When exactly did you decide I wasn’t worth coming for,” he asked. She said she always wanted to come for him. He didn’t believe it. She sent him away because she was in way over her head, and she was scared the people she’d pushed past their limits would retaliate by taking him away from her in court. The Newmans and Abbotts didn’t agree on much, but they were very powerful, and they all hated her, and they weren’t the only ones. She was desperate to escape, and with Deacon’s help, she found a way to disappear. She’d intended to reunite with him once she was safely away from Genoa City, then she realized she couldn’t. Her life as she knew it was over, when she faked her death, and if she’d taken him with her, she would’ve ruined his life too, and she couldn’t do that.

Kyle said Diane might have told herself that she was doing the best thing for him, since he had a mother who was so damaged, but what he was hearing was that she abandoned him. She said that leaving him was like leaving a piece of her soul behind. He thought those were just words. She said he was her only child, her pride and joy, and nothing ever mattered to her as much as him. After all the mistakes she made, she had nothing to offer him but a life on the run. She said Jack would’ve never stopped looking for Kyle. She would’ve turned him into a fugitive, right along with her. He felt that hse didn’t want him dragging her down. She said he was toxic back then and for a long time afterward, and he deserved to be with Jack, the parent who could give him stability. She thought she made the right choice, given how well he turned out. “You may be right, that having you as my one and only parent in such a messed up state would’ve been a disaster for me,” he admitted. However, at the time, all he knew was he lost the mom he adored. It was the worst pain he’d ever experienced. He couldn’t imagine letting his own son suffer like that. She apologized profusely, but she said he would’ve paid a different and far more terrible price if she raised him on the run away from the people who loved him. He said his father did his best, and he never tore Diane down in Kyle’s eyes or tarnished his happy memories of her. She was beyond grateful, and she said she owed Jack a huge debt, because it was more than she deserved. Back then, she was greedy, vindictive, cruel and dangerously ambitious. He was surprise she freely admitted that. She promised she wouldn’t hide anything from him ever again. He asked how he was supposed to believe she changed.

Kyle said Diane was claiming she changed, but she lured his dad to LA using Keemo’s death, and she manipulated Jack and Allie. He said she’d been secretive and deceitful. Diane said she did this as a gesture of goodwill. She said she needed to remain anonymous because if she’d contacted Jack directly, he would’ve shut her down. He conceded that Jack said the same thing. However, Kyle said Diane could’ve just contacted him. She disagreed because she thought it would’ve been too much of a shock. She thought it was better for Jack to break the news and give Kyle a chance to decide. He admitted she was probably right. She was sure he wondered why she came forward now, instead of years ago, and she said it was because she wasn’t ready back then. She went to therapy and tried to become someone worthy of being his mother. It took a lot of hard work and owning up to her mistakes and trying to understand how she became so vindictive and spiteful. How she took the beautiful life they had in Toronto and destroyed it completely. She was ashamed of who she was, but she’d done everything in her power to change and grow, and she’d vowed to never be that woman who caused so much chaos and hurt him so badly. She wouldn’t have reached out if she thought she’d still be a negative force in his life.

Kyle asked what Diane wanted from him – did she want forgiveness, so she could move on, or did she want a place in his life, because he wasn’t sure he was capable of that. He spent a long time making peace and figuring out who he was without her to guide him. He was now the happiest he’d ever been, and the family he built with Summer and Harrison was the mot important thing to him. He could not and would not bring any turmoil into their world. “I can’t sacrifice their happiness because I am messed up on account of you,” he said. She understood, and she said it was far too soon to even think about what the future might hold for him and her. She did hope that he could at least contemplate forgiveness at some point.

Kyle said Diane was asking a lot. She knew, but she’d promised to be straightforward. She figured she should go, but she asked if they could meet again. He wasn’t ready to commit to that yet. Jack and Phyllis strolled in. He apologized – he didn’t realize Diane would still be there. He said he’d go, but Diane was already on her way out. Diane thanked Kyle for allowing her to have this conversation with him. She left.

Kyle asked where Harrison was. Traci took him on an outing. Jack said he wouldn’t press for details about Diane. Kyle said he’d tell Jack about it later, but right now he needed air. Jack promised he’d be there if Kyle needed him. Kyle knew. He left. Phyllis comforted Jack.

When Diane got to her suite, she was shaken to see Victor inside waiting for her.

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