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Xander and Gwen eat together in the town square. Xander comments on Gwen not eating much. Xander reminds Gwen that he asked her to go with him to the prison to see Dr. Rolf about the antidote to his drug that made Sarah lose her mind. Gwen sarcastically comments on how that could bring the old Sarah back and how great that would be as she finishes her glass of wine.

Maggie joins Tony in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and comments on him getting settling in. Maggie says she just wanted to make sure he had everything he needs which Tony confirms. Maggie knows Victor hasn’t welcomed him yet. Tony can’t imagine that Victor is happy to have a DiMera under his roof. Maggie assures that she can handle Victor. Maggie thanks Tony again for agreeing to move in. Tony says they all want Sarah to be healthy again. Maggie points out that Anna was the unsung hero in all of this because of how difficult this has been for her. Tony states that Anna understands that they all just want to help Sarah and that she’s totally on board with him staying here. Anna then walks in and disagrees with that.

Chad then removes his jacket, his shirt, and his pants. Leo comes back in his robe and tells Chad that he has to see his ass before he gets in the bed. Chad then removes his underwear. Leo stares in awe and says it’s even better than he imagined. Leo then drops his robe and says it’s time to get this party started as he and Chad get in to bed together.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chloe tells Brady and Abigail that she knows what they are doing is what’s best for Craig but it kills her to know that he’s going to have his heart broken. Abigail assures that this is to help him. Chloe hated dragging Abigail and Chad in to this. Abigail assures that she didn’t and jokes that it gave her the opportunity to work on her acting skills. Brady praises Abigail for pulling it off brilliantly so Leo had no idea. Abigail thanks him and says now it’s Chad’s turn…

Chad and Leo get in bed together. Leo can’t believe this is happening and tells Chad that he’ll be real gentle. Leo says they will go nice and slow in the beginning. Leo goes to kiss Chad right as Craig comes in and is shocked to find Leo in bed with Chad. Craig asks what the hell is going on. Craig questions what he’s doing and who Chad is. Chad says he’s nobody. Leo introduces Chad to Craig. Craig questions what Leo is doing in bed with this guy. Chad says nothing actually happened. Craig orders he get dressed. Chad says he feels bad and terrible about this. Chad blames his drinking and showing up on Leo’s doorstep. Chad shouts that he can’t imagine how hard this must be for Craig to find out that the person he loves is cheating on him.

Chloe talks about how Leo has done enough damage and not just to Craig which Abigail questions. Chloe informs her that she’s sorry but Craig took Kayla’s job at the hospital which shocks Abigail. Abigail can’t believe they fired Kayla. Brady confirms they did and that he and Chloe are convinced that Leo pushed Craig to go after the job, so he made this happen.

Xander guesses Gwen is not thrilled about coming along with him. Gwen apologizes for being negative and says it’s not about Sarah. Gwen understands why Xander wants to help her, but she’s not proud of her association with Dr. Rolf as she was in a very dark place when she went to him about Abigail which is why she doesn’t want to go back to that part of her life, especially since Jack has forgiven her. Xander encourages that if Gwen convinces Dr. Rolf to help Sarah, then Jack and the Hortons will be forever in debt to her for bringing Sarah back. Gwen questions why he needs her to help him with Dr. Rolf when he met him in Nashville and probably has a better relationship. Xander says that Dr. Rolf hates his guts. Xander understands her reluctance to bring up bad memories. Xander adds that he realizes that Gwen doesn’t want Sarah to get better.

Tony questions what Anna is doing here. Anna responds that she’s come to take him home. Tony thought they agreed. Anna says she changed her mind. Maggie decides to give them privacy to discuss this. Sarah walks in and accuses Anna of stalking them. Anna repeats that she’s come to take her husband home. Sarah knows it must be difficult for Anna but what she thought she had with Tony is over. Sarah declares that tonight she and Tony are going to prove they are back together in every way imaginable.

Abigail argues that Kayla is a brilliant doctor and beloved at the hospital, so she can’t believe Kayla got fired and asks what she could have possibly done. Brady explains that Kayla refused to fire Marlena. Chloe adds that the hospital board was pressuring Kayla to fire Marlena because of the devil possession and patients were filing complaints. Abigail calls it a horrible position for Kayla to be in. Brady continues that when Kayla didn’t, the board decided to get another chief of staff to do the dirty work. Abigail asks about them thinking Leo put Craig up to putting his hat in the ring. Chloe says they are pretty sure. Abigail calls it a nightmare but notes that it sounds like Kayla would have lost her job either way. Abigail says it’s awful and unfair. Abigail hopes that they hear from Chad soon. Brady notes that it’s getting late and he has to go tuck in his daughter. Brady invites Chloe to come with him to wait on word. Abigail promises to call as soon as she hears that Craig has kicked Leo to the curb. Chloe thanks her as they hug. Chloe and Brady then exit the mansion.

Chad tells Craig that Leo told him that Craig was at work, so he did not intend for him to walk in on them. Leo reveals that he did intend on it which Chad questions. Leo informs them that he texted Craig to come home. Craig checks his phone and reads his message from Leo, saying to come home quick because he had a surprise for him. Chad questions when Leo did that. Leo says it was when he went to change. Chad asks why he did that. Leo asks if Chad really thought they were going to have sex without his boyfriend joining them.

Gwen accuses Xander of making her out to be the bad one, like she’s the reason that Sarah is thinking she’s Renee when that is all on Abigail. Xander clarifies that he didn’t say she was to blame, but that it feels a little like she doesn’t want to help Sarah. Gwen asks why she would be in a rush so that Sarah could go back her old fabulous self and they could get back together and live happily ever after. Gwen asks him if that is the plan.

Sarah tells Anna to face the facts that she and Tony are reunited. Anna tries to argue but Tony tells her that’s enough. Tony asks Sarah to give them a few minutes alone to talk. Sarah argues that he can’t be alone with Anna. Anna accuses Sarah of impersonating a dead woman. Maggie comes back and invites Sarah to the garden with her. Sarah warns that when she comes back, Anna better be gone. Tony questions what’s the matter with Anna as they had an understanding that he would stay here. Anna complains that he doesn’t belong here, he belongs with her. Anna knows she agreed to this but after thinking about it, she realized just how unfair it really is. Tony tells Anna that this living arrangement is temporary to keep Sarah stable so they can find a cure for her break from reality. Anna asks what if they never find a cure. Anna complains that Sarah believes she is Renee DuMonde and she gets under her skin like only the real Renee could. Tony urges Anna to be rational since Sarah is fragile and needs their help. Anna argues that Sarah wants to take away her husband, so she won’t be polite about it. Tony argues that he’s not going to bed with Sarah and that Anna thinks he would is insulting to his intelligence. Tony demands Anna trust him and go home. Anna agrees to go home and spend her evening wondering why her husband is spending his evening with some other woman. Anna then walks out of the mansion.

Xander realizes how difficult this must be for Gwen. Gwen responds that she fell in love with him and he completely changed her life, but now it feels like he’s slipping away. Xander says he’s not and he’s right here. Xander argues that they found each other when the whole world turned their back on them and that kind of connection doesn’t come around often. Gwen is sure it pales in comparison to Xander and Sarah’s epic love story. Xander tells her not to make light of what they share when it’s every bit as real. Xander tells Gwen that she has to believe that he loves her. Gwen wants to but it’s hard when he’s asking her to get his old fiancee back. Gwen argues that she is his fiancee now and he’s still avoiding the question of what happens when Sarah gets better. Gwen asks if he will still want to marry her or will he want to marry Sarah?

Maggie brings Sarah back to the living room. Sarah comments that she’s very happy to see Tony got rid of Anna. Sarah thanks Maggie for her hospitality and promises that she and Tony won’t overstay their welcome, as once Anna is out of the DiMera Mansion, they will reclaim what is theirs. Sarah then tells Maggie that she and Tony would like some time alone. Maggie agrees if that’s alright with Tony. Sarah questions why she would think it isn’t. Tony claims it’s fine with him so Maggie says goodnight and exits the room. Sarah tells Tony that she thought Maggie was going to suggest a round of hot cocoa, but she has something much better in mind.

Chloe thanks Brady for letting her wait at his place with him, so she doesn’t have to run in to Craig and get blamed for setting this up. Chloe talks about Craig accusing her earlier of lying and scheming and he’s right. Brady argues that she’s doing it all for Craig’s own good. Chloe says Craig looks at it like she’s interfering. Brady knows he’s ticked off right now, but now he’s learning who Leo Stark really is. Brady thinks Craig will be eternally grateful to Chloe for loving him enough to look out for him. Chloe hopes that he’s right. Brady says he is also grateful to Chloe for being there for him for his worst and best moments. Brady calls her his constant and says he can’t imagine his life without her as they kiss.

Craig questions Leo wanting all three of them to have sex which Leo confirms. Leo gets out of bed and talks about how he was having dinner by himself when Chad showed up, begging him to sleep with him. Chad denies that but Leo continues. Leo insists that Craig is the only man for him, but Chad was so insistent and desperate to get in to their bed. Leo says he then started thinking about Craig and how new he is to all of this, so he thought Chad could be like a present. Leo calls Chad a gift from him to the man he loves. Leo promises Craig will thank him later. Leo understands Craig has never done this and says he’s here to help him explore. Leo promises this will bring them even closer together. Leo asks Chad and Craig if they are ready for their three way.

Brady and Chloe kiss until Chloe stops and worries about John walking in like the last time. Brady says he’s probably asleep. Chloe asks about Marlena or if they get up for a snack. Brady jokes that it’s no big deal. Brady suggests they could go to his room because he wants to be with her if it’s not too fast. Chloe assures that he’s not as they resume kissing.

Craig tells Leo that he’s never thought of this but he’s heard that there’s couples who do this. Leo takes that a yes. Chad says he’s out and gathers his clothes. Leo asks what the problem is as he thought he wanted to hook up. Chad says not with the both of them. Leo questions why not and if he doesn’t find Craig attractive. Chad tries to come up with an explanation but Leo declares that it’s not what Chad expected because he and Abigail set this whole thing up to trick him in to cheating on his boyfriend.

Anna returns to the DiMera Mansion in a rage. Abigail asks if she’s alright and if something happened with Tony. Anna tells her not to mention Tony’s name to her. Abigail guesses this has to do with Sarah. Anna complains that Renee DuMonde came between her and Tony almost 40 years ago and she thought her being dead would mean she’s out of their lives, but that woman is back and after her husband again.

Sarah suggests she and Tony go upstairs to their bedroom but Tony reveals he asked for separate rooms. Sarah asks why he would do that. Tony says it’s because of Anna. Sarah thought he was done with Anna and that he wanted to be with her.

Xander talks about how when he and Gwen got together, he thought Sarah dumped him for her ex, hated him, and didn’t want him anymore. Gwen points out that now they know that wasn’t the case, so she’s presumably still very in love with him. Gwen asks if that changes everything for them. Xander wishes he knew but he doesn’t blame Gwen for being upset. Xander feels he has to see this through and at least try to help Sarah. Xander tells Gwen not to worry about coming with him to the prison as he shouldn’t have asked and he will go alone.

Tony tells Sarah that he does want to be with her. Sarah asks why he’s so concerned about Anna then. Tony explains that he and Anna are still married, so if she finds out, she’ll use it in the divorce. Sarah argues that she’s rich enough for the both of them, claiming to be the sole heir to Stefano’s estate, so money won’t be a problem for them. Sarah suggests they go to bed now.

Abigail tells Anna that Sarah must have really absorbed what she read in Renee’s diary. Anna complains that Renee never gave her and Tony any peace and now she fears this version of her won’t either. Abigail says she’s so sorry. Anna guesses she just has to suck it up since Tony is trying to help. Anna complains that it makes her so angry and jealous. Abigail hopes she won’t have to feel that way for long. Anna says that’s enough about her and asks what’s going on with Abigail and where Chad is tonight. Abigail reveals that Chad is pretending to want to have sex with someone he despises in order to help their friends. Abigail says it’s a long story so she doesn’t need to know. Anna laughs and says if Stefano could see his sons now, selflessly helping others instead of plotting world domination.

Chad gets dressed as Leo talks about Chad and Abigail’s act in front of him. Leo talks about Abigail coming to him to beg him not to sleep with Chad, feeling she overplayed it. Leo calls it hard to believe but says Chad has never appreciated all he has to offer, so his plan was a bust from the beginning. Leo tells Chad that if he wants to stay, they could salvage the evening. Chad tells Leo to get out of his way. Craig stops Chad and points out that Chad doesn’t know him, so he has no stake in whether he stays with Leo or not, so he questions why Chad is doing this, why he cares, and what’s in it for him. Leo suggests maybe Chad was hoping something really would happen tonight. Chad responds that he hoped to show Craig what a dirtbag Leo is. Chad apologizes to Craig and says he did this as a favor for friends that he cares about, who care about Craig enough to do anything to try and open his eyes about this con artist. Chad declares that if Craig is not willing to see who Leo really is, that’s on him. Leo calls Chad the guy who knocked up his children’s nanny. Chad tells Craig to get out while he still can. Chad then exits the room. Craig declares that Chloe obviously has something to do with this, so he pulls out his phone to call her.

Brady and Chloe go to Brady’s bedroom and continue kissing.

Sarah talks to Tony about how she’s dreamed of this for so long. Tony stops her and says it’s not about the money, but Anna’s temper. Tony worries that Anna will find out and drag this out in court forever. Sarah argues that they’ve already waited for years. Tony encourages her to be patient just a little longer. Sarah states that patience is not her strong suit, but if it means getting rid of Anna for good then she will try. Sarah then exits the room. Tony pulls out his phone.

Anna tells Abigail that she’s off to bed but won’t get much sleep thinking about Sarah chasing Tony around the Kiriakis Mansion. Anna then gets a text from Tony, saying he’s never loved another woman as much as he loves her and he’s counting the seconds until he can return to her. Abigail encourages that she had nothing to worry about and now hopes to hear from her own husband..

Chad exits the Salem Inn and runs in to Xander and Gwen. Gwen asks if he’s alright. Chad claims he’s fine. Xander informs Chad that he’s planning a trip to Statesville prison to see Dr. Rolf and wondered if Chad had any pointers on how to handle him now. Chad guesses this is about finding if he has the antidote for the drug that Kristen gave Sarah. Chad reveals he and Abigail were already planning to visit Dr. Rolf which Xander says is great. Chad assures they are doing this for Sarah. Chad declares that they couldn’t help Chloe, so maybe at least they can help Sarah. Chad then rushes off.

Leo tells Craig that he can’t call Chloe while he’s this upset. Craig questions why Leo is so calm when Chloe and her friends have done nothing but harass him and now they sent Chad to seduce him. Craig is sorry that Leo had to go through this. Leo says he’s sorry too.

Xander says this is great news since if anyone can get Dr. Rolf to give up the antidote, it’s Stefano’s son. Xander calls it the break they needed but then looks back at Gwen and apologizes. Gwen tells him it’s fine and she’s glad that Chad can help him. Gwen adds that if Chad can’t get through to Dr. Rolf, then she will give it a go. Gwen tells Xander that it’s not for Sarah, but she’d do it for him as they hug.

Brady and Chloe lay in bed together and kiss. Brady declares it was worth the wait as they continue kissing until Chloe gets a text from Chad, revealing that Leo figured out it was a trap and he tried to cover his tracks by wanting Craig to walk in on them. Chloe complains that Craig is going to be furious with her and this whole plan with Leo didn’t even work.

Chad returns home to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail rushes up to ask how it went. Chad says if almost having his first gay threesome is a win then it was a success.

Craig apologizes for being hesitant about a threesome. Leo assures that he’s a one man guy and he only threw out a threesome to call Chad’s bluff. Craig remarks that they should sue his ass. Craig doesn’t think Leo should have to endure all of this because he chose to be with him. Craig says he’s sick of it. Leo is too but says it’s obvious that Chloe won’t stop. Leo wishes he could convince Chloe that this is real and that he’s a new man because of their love and he’s in this for the long haul. Craig responds that there is something Leo could do; marry him.

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