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Eli finally begins to wake up so Lani excitedly asks if he can hear her. Eli manages to nod his head. Lani cries about how she’s been praying for him to come back. Eli is then able to grab her hand.

Ciara tells Allie to get out of her way. Allie argues that she’s not thinking straight and questions where she would even go. Ciara says she’ll go to the docks, find the cops, and make them take her to Ben. Ciara goes to leave, but stops and announces that her water just broke. Ciara starts to panic and says she can’t do this without Ben. Allie says she can and will, encouraging her to think about the baby and how long they have waited. Devil Allie declares that Ciara’s baby will be born today and it will be the happiest day of her life.

Lani tells Eli not to try to talk as she leaves the room to go get a doctor.

TR asks Paulina if they can go somewhere more private, like his room. Paulina suggests her place instead and then he can ask his question and leave. TR agrees to whatever she says as they exit the hospital together. Lani comes from Eli’s room, trying to catch her breath and talking about Eli being back. Lani then sees Paulina and TR leaving on the elevator but is too late to inform them. Lani then sees Tripp and informs him that Eli woke up so they rush back to his room.

Johnny tells Susan that he doesn’t think trying to make a connection with Allie will work with the way things are. Susan encourages that Johnny can reach her since he knows the real Allie better than anyone. Susan tells him to use his love to reach out and let her know that. Susan says that Allie is lost right now and Johnny needs to find her.

Ciara tells Allie that she needs to help her get to the hospital so Ben can help her breathe. Allie claims that Ben is dead but Ciara refuses to believe it. Allie knows she doesn’t want to have her baby here but says she does not have a choice in the matter.

Johnny tells Susan that he would do anything for Allie but he doesn’t know what to do as he can’t make it happen. Susan encourages that he can. Susan says it won’t be easy but he has to amplify the bond they have and then maybe they can reach out to her. Johnny mentions that the Devil has his phone. Susan gets her phone to use a picture of Allie that Johnny had sent her before. Susan then tells Johnny to concentrate on the photo. Susan encourages Johnny to see what Allie sees.

Ciara insists that Allie needs to go tell the cops to call a doctor but Allie says there’s no time. Ciara says she can’t do this alone and she wants Ben as she needs him to do this with her. Allie says she is all she’s got and promises that Ciara and her baby are in good hands.

Abe goes to the Horton House and tells Julie that he’s sorry to hear about Ciara. Abe asks if there’s been any word. Julie says no but Shawn and the whole police department are searching everywhere for her. Julie says that the Devil is still after her baby and has now possessed Allie. Abe says he’s keeping them in his prayers. Abe asks if the twins were any trouble. Julie assures they never are and are napping now. Julie offers Abe some tea which he accepts. Julie asks how things are at the hospital. Abe says Lani is hanging in there but there’s been no change in Eli.

Tripp asks Eli how he’s feeling. Eli asks why he’s in the hospital. Lani informs Eli that he’s been in a coma since March. Eli tells her that he’s so sorry. Lani tells him not to worry about her as he’s the one who was shot. Lani questions him not remembering that. Eli says he doesn’t. Tripp advises them not to be alarmed by that as it’s completely normal. Eli wonders who shot him. Lani says they will get in to that later. Tripp agrees as he wants to give him a thorough exam first.

TR and Paulina go back to her place. TR tells Paulina how much the last few months have meant to him and calls it a blessing to be around his daughter and grandchildren. TR adds that Paulina was generous enough to let him back in her life even though he didn’t deserve a second chance but he’s grateful that she gave him one anyway. TR states that spending time together has made him realize that Paulina is the love of his life. TR takes her hand and says he was hoping that she might do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Abe informs Julie that things have been tense between he and TR lately as TR found out that he and Paulina recently kissed. Abe explains that Paulina kissed him but he pushed her away and then TR told him off for hurting Paulina’s feelings. Julie doesn’t understand why Paulina has let TR back in to her life. Abe thinks things have gone beyond that now and there’s something romantic between them but it seems like a really bad idea, which Julie agrees with. Julie declares that it’s about time Abe does something about this because he still loves Paulina. Julie tells Abe to get over himself and win Paulina back.

Paulina questions TR wanting to marry her and asks if he’s lost his damn mind. TR knows it may seem sudden. Paulina argues that she’s spent 3 decades not knowing or caring where he is and then he happens to bump in to her and now he wants to tie the knot. Paulina says too fast would be a massive understatement. TR offers to take her away for a romantic weekend to sweep her off her feet. Paulina admits that sounds a lot less radical but she remains uncertain. TR insists that it’s one weekend and there’s no harm in that…

Tripp checks Eli out and says everything seems good. Lani can’t wait to tell everyone but she doesn’t want to leave Eli’s side. Tripp offers to make the calls for Lani. Tripp tells Eli to take it easy and he’ll be back soon as he then exits the room. Lani checks on Eli, who says he’s okay. Eli asks about her and the kids. Lani says they are fine. Lani admits she was a mess but she had so much help from Paulina, Julie, and Abe who were all wonderful helping with the kids. Lani adds that even TR pitched in. Eli questions if she let TR near their kids. Lani points out that Eli has missed a lot.

Allie prepares Ciara to give birth. Ciara pulls out a photo of Ben and says she wants him there in some way.

Johnny looks at the photo of he and Allie on Susan’s phone but says he can’t as his head is killing him. Ben pleads with Johnny that this might be their only chance, reminding him that Ciara is alone with the Devil, who is after their baby. Ben asks what if the baby comes early. Susan holds Johnny’s hand and says she’ll do it with him. Susan encourages Johnny to close his eyes and think of Allie and get Allie to think about her son. Susan wants Johnny to see the first time Allie held her baby. Johnny tries to speak to Allie and urges her to think about Henry as he needs her and she has to get back to him. Johnny then tells them that he can see Ciara through Allie’s eyes.

Eli asks Lani what else he missed and if the kids are fine. Lani assures that they and that Abe is on his way to Julie’s to pick them up. Eli doesn’t want TR near their kids. Lani assures that they were never left alone with TR, but he did help her with all of this. Lani mentions that she and Paulina both had reservations about TR, but even Paulina is beginning to think that he’s a changed man. Eli guesses he did miss a lot as the last thing he remembers is having the ISA check TR out. Eli says there was something else and recalls speaking to someone that knew TR. Lani identifies that was TR’s ex girlfriend Beth, who Billie tracked down. Eli remembers Beth coming to see him at the police station and that she was an actress. Lani explains that Beth wanted Eli to know that TR was sober the entire time they were together and that he never laid a hand on her, but Eli does not remember that and asks if she’s sure that’s what Beth said.

Paulina tells TR that it doesn’t feel right to leave Lani while Eli is still in the hospital. TR comments that it looks like Eli will be there for awhile and he doesn’t think Eli would want her to put her life on hold. TR adds that it’s just a couple days and they will come right back if anything happens. TR points out that Paulina has been running herself ragged and she can come back refreshed, ready to help Lani again. Paulina admits she’s been stretched thin lately and agrees to go away with TR. TR tells her that she has no idea how happy she has made him as he gets up and hugs her.

Ben asks Johnny how Ciara is. Johnny continues to use his connection to see Ciara through Allie, he notes that Ciara is on the floor and looks like she’s in pain. Ben asks if she’s hurt. Johnny says no but he thinks she’s in labor and the baby is on her way. Ben argues that the baby isn’t due for a couple more weeks and asks if Allie is with her. Johnny realizes that he’s seeing Ciara through Allie’s eyes. Susan encourages Johnny to keep talking to Allie.

Allie encourages Ciara to keep breathing. Allie starts to hear Johnny’s voice, confusing her. Ciara asks what’s wrong. The Devil starts telling Johnny to get out as Ciara questions what she’s saying.

Johnny falls down and tells Ben and Susan that The Devil figured out what was happening and blocked him out. Ben asks if he saw where they were. Johnny says he couldn’t see much but it looked like a cabin. Ben guesses it’s his cabin where he took Ciara and decides he needs to get there now, so he rushes out of the apartment.

Allie urges Ciara to keep pushing and says she can see the baby’s head. Ciara then successfully gives birth to her baby boy. Allie picks up the baby and says he’s perfect. Ciara asks her to give her baby to her. Ciara then tells Allie to let her have her baby.

Abe tells Julie that even if he does love Paulina, the problem is he can’t trust her because she’s lied to him too many times. Julie admits that is a valid concern as trust is very important, but questions what else Paulina has to lie about. Julie believes Abe knows everything now. Julie states that she loathes TR but he does have certain charms, is a smooth talker, and is sort of a Hollywood player. Julie suggests perhaps Abe doesn’t care to compete with the new kid in town. Abe jokes that she is evil. Julie talks about how it’s okay to throw in the towel because love is a young man’s game.

Paulina wants to call Lani and let her know. TR decides he will call her while Paulina goes to pack. Paulina hopes he’s not totally devastated that she turned down his proposal. TR responds that he’ll get by somehow. After Paulina leaves the room to go pack, TR remarks that he will get that money somehow. Paulina’s phone then rings, so TR answers it assuming it’s Lani but it’s Tripp, who asks if Paulina is there. TR asks Tripp if everything is okay. Tripp says he has good news as Eli just woke up, startling TR.

Lani asks Eli what he means by asking if she’s sure since Beth told her, herself. Eli questions getting shot on the day that he talked to her and asks how it happened. Lani says they don’t have to do this right now but Eli wants to know what happened. Lani responds that what they know is that Eli left Beth at the police station, and she said that he said he’d be right back but didn’t say where he was going or why, and somehow he ended up at the park where a drug dealer ended up shooting him. Eli asks why but Lani says they don’t know. Lani informs him that she and Shawn were first on the scene and the drug dealer Frank had already overdosed and there was a needle by his body and Eli’s gun in his hand. Lani cries that she really thought she was going to lose Eli as she hugs him.

Susan sits Johnny back up as he agrees to try again because he has to get to Allie. Susan encourages that he can do this. Johnny sees Ciara’s baby and that Allie is holding him.

Johnny’s voice urges Allie to fight and not let the Devil hurt Ciara or the baby. Allie screams for him to get out. Ciara questions what’s going on. Allie tells her that everything will be fine soon. Johnny continues to see through Allie’s eyes until she then uses the Devil powers to fight Johnny off again.

Johnny doesn’t know what the Devil did but he doesn’t think they will get back in. Susan says he tried and that’s all that counts. Johnny responds that he did better than try as Allie heard him and told him where they were by looking at a ferry ticket to Smith Island. Johnny realizes they aren’t at Ben’s cabin, they are at the Horton Cabin, so Ben went to the wrong cabin.

Ciara gets up and tells Allie to let her see her baby. Allie welcomes the baby to the world. Ciara repeats to Allie to give her baby to her. Allie turns to her and says no because this is her baby.

Julie brings up when Abe was shot and they were waiting for him outside of his surgery and says Paulina would have done anything on Earth to keep him safe because she loves him fiercely. Julie asks if Abe really wants to let a woman like that slip away. Abe admits he doesn’t want to lose Paulina. Julie encourages him to tell her that he wants her back then. Abe decides that he will, so Julie tells him to go. Abe reminds her that he’s here to pick up the kids. Julie assures they are fine, so he can go to Paulina now. Abe acknowledges that she told him it’s time to get over himself. Julie ask what are friends for. Abe thanks her for the tea as he then exits.

TR is surprised to hear that Eli is awake. Tripp adds that they have every reason to believe he’ll make a full recovery. TR asks if he said anything about what happened to him. Tripp says no as Eli doesn’t seem to remember what happened before the shooting but that is normal with trauma like his. Tripp adds that it’s possible his memory will come back, so they will just have to wait and see. TR thanks Tripp and says he’ll tell Paulina right away. TR then hangs up in frustration. Paulina comes back in and asks if he spoke to Lani. TR lies and claims that he just spoke with Lani, who said it’s a great idea for them to get away for a few days and that she wants Paulina to have the time of her life.

Lani informs Eli that Shawn tried to revive Frank the drug dealer but it was too late, so they had no way of knowing what exactly went down. Eli asks for a picture of Frank, so Lani pulls one up on her phone. Eli says he doesn’t look familiar. Lani questions Eli not remembering why he went to the park. Eli confirms that he doesn’t. Eli then starts to remember fighting over the gun. Lani asks him what it is. Eli tells her that it’s starting to come back to him.

Susan tries to call Ben but it went straight to voicemail. Johnny doesn’t think there is any service at the island. Susan leaves a message for Ben that he went to the wrong cabin and it’s the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. Susan hopes he gets the message.

Ciara questions Allie saying it’s her baby and asks if this is a sick joke as she asks for her baby. Allie responds that she’s sorry but she has other plans for him. Ciara asks what she’s talking about and demands she give her son to her. The Devil then takes over and reveals to Ciara that he’s not Allie. Ciara begins to panic and says it can’t be as she thought he was in Johnny. The Devil talks about having to learn to pivot and this was spur of the moment but inspired. Ciara pleads with the Devil not to do this to an innocent little baby. The Devil declares that no one can stop him now. Allie’s voice from within tries to stop the Devil and says she won’t let him do this.

Lani asks what Eli remembers. Eli recalls struggling with the gun. Lani asks if it was with Frank. Eli says maybe and then remembers further. Eli then comes to a realization as he remembers the moment he was shot. Eli reveals to Lani that it wasn’t Frank who shot him, it was TR.

TR calls on Paulina to get going. Paulina tells him to hold his horses as she hasn’t even finished packing yet. TR argues that it’s just a weekend. TR remarks to himself that she won’t need a lot of clothes where she’s going. Abe then shows up at the door and comes face to face with TR.

Johnny calls Rafe and tells him that they figured out that Allie took Ciara to the Horton Cabin and Ciara has had her baby, so he has to get there right away.

Ben arrives at the Horton Cabin and reunites with Ciara. Ben tells her that she’s okay and mentions almost going to the wrong place. Ben looks around and asks where Allie is. Ciara responds that she’s gone and it wasn’t Allie, it was the Devil. Ciara cries that the Devil took their baby as Ben hugs her.

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