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Tripp finishes a video call with his half siblings Stephanie and Joey as Chanel then enters his hospital room. Chanel apologizes for interrupting and jokes that she had to get in line at his hospital room to come see the local hero. Chanel surprises Tripp with a ham and cheese croissant from the bakery. Chanel calls Tripp a hero for saving Allie’s life, giving Henry his mom back and giving Chanel her best friend back.

Will surprises Allie with a visit, joking that he left her alone for five minutes and she gets possessed by the Devil. Allie jokes that it got Will to come visit. Will asks her what it was like. Allie responds that she actually doesn’t remember any of it, but she heard she was like a total bitch to everyone. Will jokes that it sounds like her teenage years. Will admits he was very scared for her and Johnny, so he thanks God that they are both okay.

Johnny enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks EJ if he just saw Belle driving off. EJ responds that he’s doing some legal work for her. Johnny asks if EJ is going to be a practicing lawyer again. EJ states that he’s just doing Belle a favor. Johnny mentions hearing that EJ’s takeover of the company tanked. EJ blames Kristen but assures that he hasn’t given up on running DiMera Enterprises. Johnny tells EJ to let him know if he needs any help. EJ agrees to do so and questions Johnny having his laptop with him. Johnny says he planned to write but he couldn’t concentrate because of all the news. EJ questions what he means, but Johnny says he doesn’t want to know…

Chad and Abigail finish having sex in bed and wonder if they made a baby.

Leo walks through the town square, on the phone with Gwen. Leo thanks her for the tip and hopes this means she has decided to help him get revenge against Abigail. Leo tells her to keep thinking it over but declares that he’s not letting this go, as he’s going to get back at every single person who broke up he and Craig, even if it takes him the rest of his life. Sonny then appears and questions what Leo is planning now. Leo accuses him of eavesdropping on his personal phone calls. Sonny complains about Leo drugging him and sending dummied up photos to tabloids. Leo remarks that the photos were real as he looked very happy and satisfied. Sonny argues that he was unconscious and asks if Leo carried him to bed or dragged him. Sonny says he knows they didn’t go all the way because he was unconscious. Leo responds that Will might believe him even if no one else does. Sonny argues that his lawyer is already in touch with the editor of the Intruder as he’s going to do whatever it takes to set the record straight. Leo wishes him luck and says their pictures are already the talk of the town with some people saying he might lose his job over it.

Allie tells Will that it was sweet of him to come check on her. Will says it’s not just that as he’s dealing with the fallout of Leo’s cookies which Allie questions. Will guesses she must be the only one in town who doesn’t read the Intruder and tells her to forget it then. Allie says he has to tell her now. Will says it was just another of Leo’s stupid stunts and they are handling it. Will says he came to talk about her and he wants to hear about what happened. Will asks if she’s sure she is okay. Allie responds that she is physically but mentally it’s a lot to deal with as she heard she did some really awful stuff like chaining Johnny and Ben in the DiMera Crypt, kidnapping Ciara, and going on the run with her baby. Will admits that’s pretty bad but says at least it wasn’t her. Will asks if she talked to Marlena since she went through it. Allie says it’s still hard not to feel responsible when people she really cares about are still hurting from what she did, like Chanel.

Tripp thanks Chanel for coming to see him again. Chanel mentions they didn’t really get to talk last time. Tripp jokes that it was like The Bachelorette with them and Allie until Johnny showed up. Chanel disagrees but recalls running in to Allie afterwards and she said that Tripp made it really clear they were not getting back together. Tripp confirms that. Chanel questions why since she knows he loves Allie. Chanel asks if he’s really ready to let her go.

Sonny tells Leo that Victor is still in charge of Titan and he’s backing him, so his job is not in danger. Leo couldn’t care less what happens to him now since he made a bundle off the pictures. Leo argues that he wouldn’t have had to do it if Sonny and his friends left he and Craig alone. Leo remarks that he’s on his own now because of him. Sonny questions justifying drugging him with laced cookies. Leo asks how Will liked their photos

Will and Allie go over how the Devil had Johnny divorce Chanel and then had Allie dump Chanel in the meanest way possible. Will didn’t even know Allie and Chanel were dating. Allie talks about doing a lot of thinking after their last talk and declares that her life made a lot more sense when she realized she was bisexual. Allie adds that she thought she always loved Chanel as a friend but now she realizes she just loves her, period. Will calls that great. Allie says it would be, if Johnny wasn’t also in love with Chanel.

Johnny informs EJ that Chad and Abigail have been at it for awhile. EJ supposes Chad is turning his attention to his personal life now that their takeover plan failed. Johnny complains about being in the room next to them. EJ points out that there are lots of other bedrooms in the mansion. Johnny assures he’ll move in to one. EJ asks if he’s working on writing anything in particular. Johnny states that now that his producer is dead, so is his movie about Marlena which is fine by him as he has a whole new perspective on devil possession. EJ asks if he has any new ideas. Johnny says he has one that hits pretty close to home about twins that are in love with the same girl.

Chad tells Abigail that if they are going to have another baby, he should probably start looking for a job. Abigail is sorry it didn’t work out as she can’t believe Kristen stabbed both her brothers in the back. Chad says nothing Kristen does surprises him anymore, especially after what she did to Abigail and Sarah. Abigail notes that they survived. Abigail adds that she’s really glad Chad and EJ are getting along again. Chad admits that he really didn’t like being on the outs with him. Abigail says it wasn’t Chad’s fault since EJ came back to town pushing everybody’s buttons. Chad comments that it wasn’t all one sided as he did some things he wasn’t proud of which Abigail questions.

Lucas and Kate sit together in the Brady Pub. Lucas tells Kate that Roman is babysitting Henry and they are video chatting with Sami right now. Kate asks if Sami said when she will be able to fly back home. Lucas says not yet. Lucas then tells Kate that now that they are alone, he wants his apology for Kate accusing him of kidnapping Sami.

Chad tells Abigail that he just means that he testified against EJ so he’s basically the one who sent him to prison. Abigail points out that he was under oath and didn’t have a choice but to tell the truth. Chad notes that he was wrong. Abigail says at that point, he thought he had proof that EJ was guilty and he was in his face all the time. Chad declares that the important thing is that they are on the same side now and EJ has been a completely different person since getting out of prison. Abigail wonders who kidnapped Sami, if not EJ. Chad guesses they will never know but Abigail says not necessarily. Chad asks what she means. Abigail declares that they’ve just found the Spectator’s next investigative report as she is going to find out who kidnapped Sami Brady.

Kate asks Lucas why she wouldn’t accuse him of kidnapping Sami since he did it before. Lucas says that he regrets that and he’s never going to do it again. Kate can’t believe he went to that extreme in the first place. Lucas admits it wasn’t his proudest moment and he thinks about it every day but a lot of good came of it since now Sami wants nothing to do with EJ and they have never been closer. Kate asks if Sami knows that EJ has been released from prison. Lucas confirms that she does. Kate asks if Sami knows EJ is innocent then. Lucas says not exactly and that it took some convincing but Sami still thinks EJ is guilty as hell.

EJ points out that Johnny and Chanel were married and in love. Johnny says he thought so. EJ thought Allie and Chanel were just friends. Johnny thinks they had begun to figure out they were more than friends before he was even in the picture. Johnny tells EJ that his stepdaughter is bisexual. EJ asks if Chanel is too. Johnny responds that if Chanel had to pick between them right now, he doesn’t know if she would pick Allie or him.

Tripp informs Chanel that he does still love Allie. Chanel asks why he told her that he doesn’t want to get back together then. Tripp explains that if he said he wanted to start over, Allie would say she did too, but he would never know if he’s the one that she really wants or if she just feels obligated. Chanel insists that Allie does love him. Tripp says maybe she does and maybe they’d be happy for awhile but in the end, he knows it wouldn’t work out. Tripp knows for sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Allie, but only if Allie knows that she wants it too. Tripp questions how Allie could know that when the love of her life is Chanel.

Allie talks to Will about how they all thought Johnny was just being a jerk and how he told Tripp that she slept with Chanel right after he proposed. Allie adds that when the Devil was done with Johnny, Johnny thought that everything could just go back to normal and he could go back to being happily in love while married to Chanel. Will calls it a huge mess. Will points out that Chanel is the only person in this that the Devil did not directly mess with, so he asks who Chanel wants to be with. Allie responds that she doesn’t know since Chanel kind of got bounced around, so she’s been giving her space. Allie doesn’t think Chanel knows how she feels. Will suggests telling her. Allie points out that the other option is letting her go.

Leo remarks that he hopes Will isn’t too upset. Sonny argues that Leo would love that. Leo brings up that Will has cheated on Sonny more than once. Sonny insists that Will knows he didn’t cheat on him and that the whole world is about to know because he reported him to the cops. Leo points out that he has no messages yet. Sonny says that’s just because he hasn’t gotten his blood test results back yet that will prove that Leo drugged him. Sonny then gets a call from Kayla and warns Leo to stay there because he will want to hear this. Sonny answers the call but doesn’t get the news he was hoping for and hangs up. Leo asks what Kayla had to say. Sonny questions what the hell Leo did to him. Sonny guesses Leo gave him drugs that can leave his system really quickly. Leo argues that Sonny has no proof. Leo calls Sonny a cheating slimeball and brings up Will and Arianna. Sonny grabs Leo and yells at him to keep his daughter’s name out of his filthy mouth. Leo remarks that he didn’t think it was so filthy last night. Sonny warns that if Leo wants to get rolled up in a rug again, he can keep saying garbage like that.

Kate tells Lucas that EJ is out of prison, so she questions how he managed to convince Sami that EJ was still her kidnapper. Lucas argues that EJ wasn’t found innocent, they just threw the case out, but the payments sent to the kidnapper and all the other evidence still points to EJ. Kate questions what evidence. Lucas brings up EJ having motive and means. Lucas points out that Sami doesn’t know and she never will. Kate brings up that Chad knows that Lucas planted the phony evidence and asks what if he decides to tell the truth. Lucas assures that Chad is never going to say anything. Lucas then asks if Chad would.

Abigail doesn’t know why she didn’t think of this before, but says if she could figure out who kidnapped Sami Brady, their circulation would double since everyone wants to know what happened. Abigail starts talking about getting on a true crime podcast. Chad asks if she should ask Jack and Jennifer first since they still own the newspaper. Abigail says they left her in charge because they trust her and it’s a great idea. Chad figures the cops probably exhausted all of their leads. Abigail declares that she will start looking for new sources tomorrow and maybe she’ll find something new. Abigail brings up that they never tracked down the second kidnapper which is a huge loose end. Chad argues that the kidnapping was 6 months ago so he’s sure the trail has gone cold by now. Abigail feels it’s worth a shot and asks what if it clears EJ’s name and gets Mr. Shin back on his side. Chad says that EJ is fine getting past all of this and suggests asking EJ if it’s okay to do a story. Abigail doesn’t get why Chad is so against this.

EJ asks Johnny if he’s spoken to Chanel. Johnny confirms that he did and even asked her to marry him again but she said she needed time. Johnny gets that Chanel is still dealing with the idea that he never stopped loving her and never broke up with her, but neither did Allie. Johnny adds that there’s also the problem of Paulina being in jail for killing TR. EJ agrees that she has quite a bit to deal with. Johnny says he told Chanel to take all the time she needs. EJ questions why he would do a thing like that.

Chanel tells Tripp that she’s sorry but Tripp says she doesn’t have a damn thing to be sorry about and jokes that it’s not her fault that she’s sort of irresistible. Chanel insists that she didn’t set out to steal Allie away from him. Tripp brings up their years of history as friends and now they are more, so he can’t compete with that and shouldn’t have to. Tripp says that’s why he shut down them getting back together. Chanel knows it couldn’t have been easy. Tripp says he’s learned that the Devil is good and knows what to say to make you do whatever he wants. Tripp adds that when he told the Devil to take him instead of Allie, he pointed out that he was always Allie’s second choice. Tripp has decides he’s okay with that because he loves her enough to want her to have a long and happy life, whether he’s part of it or not. Chanel asks if he really means that. Tripp assures that if Chanel and Allie want to be together, they won’t get any flack from him as he is in their corner. Chanel doesn’t know what to say or if Allie even wants to get back together. Tripp is pretty sure she does, so he says it’s up to Chanel to decide if that’s what she wants.

Leo warns Sonny that people are starting to stare so someone might take a photo and sell their lovers quarrel to The Intruder. Sonny warns that Leo is not going to get away with this but Leo feels he already has. Sonny threatens to end Leo if he comes near him or his family again. Leo tells him to save his breath as he’s going to focus his energy elsewhere. Sonny grabs him and asks what that means. Leo says he won’t confide in him but he’s not done with this town yet. Leo then walks away.

Will questions why Allie would give up on Chanel when she just told him that she loves her. Allie says she does love Chanel, but she also loves Johnny and doesn’t want to hurt him. Allie adds that she and Johnny have been on the outs for a long time and this whole situation made them realize they still really love each other. Will says that’s great but asks if that means she should sacrifice her own happiness just so Johnny can get what he wants. Allie argues that Johnny and Chanel were crazy about each other and probably still would be, then she and Chanel would never have been together. Will points out that they were and from what she tells him, it was real. Will tells her not to pretend it didn’t happen. Allie calls it all so confusing. Will relates to being confused when he slept with Gabi to prove to himself he was straight but all it did was convince him that he was gay and he got her pregnant. Allie points out that he got Arianna and they worked it out. Will notes that a lot of bad things happened, mostly to Gabi, because he was too afraid to go after what he wanted. Will feels bad for Johnny as it’s not his fault that his marriage blew up, but that doesn’t mean Allie just steps aside. Will thinks it would be best for everyone if Allie was just honest. Will believes Chanel deserves to know the facts before deciding what to do with her life.

Chanel admits to Tripp that she doesn’t know what she wants as she started wishing she never met Allie or Johnny as she thought they played her for a fool, but now finds out it was the Devil. Chanel brings up knowing now that Johnny never meant to hurt her and she’s so confused. Chanel calls it a huge mess as she was in love with both of them and now doesn’t know who she should be with. Chanel suggests maybe she should just walk away from the whole thing. Tripp suggests giving herself some time. Chanel says that’s what she told Johnny when he said he wanted to get remarried and pick up right where they left off. Chanel guesses Johnny won’t be pressuring her now.

EJ tells Johnny that if he truly loves Chanel, he can’t just sit back and wait and hope things go his way, he has to fight for her. Johnny argues that Chanel has been through Hell. EJ says that’s not his fault. Johnny feels he’s trying to think about what Chanel needs. EJ argues that while he’s thinking, Allie could be trying to fight to win her back and asks if that’s what he wants. Chanel questions why EJ is encouraging him to go after Chanel since when they got married, he said she was just after his money. EJ admits he may have judged her too harshly. Johnny questions what changed his mind. EJ brings up when they rescued Johnny and realizing how close they were to losing him. EJ admits he hasn’t been the best father and got a lot of things wrong as he was too focused on what he wanted for him, rather than listening to what Johnny wanted for himself. EJ declares that if Johnny wants Chanel, he has his full support. EJ adds that Chanel has conducted herself with dignity throughout this whole painful ordeal. Johnny thanks him for saying all of that but he still thinks he should back off for awhile. EJ states that he has many regrets in his life and one of the biggest ones right now is not fighting for Sami. Johnny is surprised to hear him say that. EJ acknowledges that he spent years pushing her away and now she’s with Lucas. EJ doesn’t want Johnny to live with the same regret. EJ declares that if Johnny truly loves Chanel, he should do whatever it takes to be with her or else he’ll end up like him. Johnny then agrees that maybe he should fight for her.

Chanel feels the last thing Tripp needs is her unloading her problems on him. Tripp reminds her that he did ask how she was doing. Chanel knows it hurt him to tell Allie that it’s over and it’s not what he wants but it’s because of her. Chanel asks if they are okay. Tripp promises they are good. Chanel is glad because being friends with him means a lot to her, noting that she hasn’t had someone like him in her life in a long time. Chanel adds that Tripp can lean on her if he needs to. Tripp feels the same and assures that they will always be friends.

Will tells Allie that he should go, but she should take her advice. Allie agrees to think about it. They joke about being stubborn. Allie brings up Lucas being in town and asks if he’s seen him. Will says he hasn’t and asks if Lucas is with Sami. Allie informs him that Sami broke her leg skiing so she can’t fly yet. Will can’t believe Lucas and Sami are back together when they used to fight like cats and dogs. Allie agrees that it’s crazy but hopes they learned to treat each other better with no more plotting and secrets. Will says they will see how long it lasts…

Lucas asks Kate if Chad is really thinking about ratting him out. Kate explains that Chad says he will keep Lucas’s name out of it and is planning to take the blame for the phony evidence, but she knows EJ is going to have a lot of questions. Lucas asks if Chad is willing to stir up trouble. Kate adds that Chad says EJ is a changed man since coming back from prison and they actually made peace, so she thinks for Chad, the guilt is really weighing on him. Lucas remarks that it’s just what he needs. Kate thinks she convinced Chad to keep his mouth shut. Lucas questions if she got through to him or not. Kate says she told Chad that EJ would be furious, that their reconciliation would be history, and that he would be admitting to planting phony evidence and perjury. Lucas points out that Chad could be looking at jail time too. Kate thinks Chad gets that it’s not worth it to clear his conscience. Lucas feels he’s in the clear then and has nothing to worry about. Kate thinks so for now but questions if he really thinks he will be able to keep a secret like this from a nosy woman like Sami.

Chad argues that he doesn’t think it’s safe for Abigail to be hunting down a kidnapper. Abigail says she’s not stupid and knows how to be careful. Chad worries and brings up what happened when Abigail started looking in to Sarah’s disappearance. Abigail says everything turned out alright then but Chad feels they just got lucky. Abigail states that for a story this big, she’s going to have to take some risks. Chad asks what if it turns out that she could be pregnant.

Sonny goes home to Will at the Kiriakis Mansion. Will can’t believe the drugs are already out of Sonny’s system. Sonny complains that the cookies are gone too so there’s no way to prove that Leo drugged him. Will says he’s so sorry and he hates Leo so much. Sonny says it took everything inside of him not to just deck the guy. Will asks if he thinks Leo will try something else. Sonny responds that he said something about focusing his energy elsewhere. Will wonders what that’s about. Sonny says he doesn’t know but he doesn’t like it.

Leo sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion through the tunnels. He walks around the living room and spots a photo of Chad and Abigail. Leo picks it up and declares that he has a big surprise for them.

Abigail argues that Chad is not fighting fair now. Chad says he’s just trying to protect her and the baby she might be carrying. Abigail says she’s probably not even pregnant. Chad says he’s ready to try more and won’t give up until he puts a baby inside her. Abigail thinks he’s just trying to change the subject as they kiss in bed.

Lucas tells Kate that he feels rotten about what he did to Sami but if she finds out, she would hate him forever and that’s why he has to live this lie for awhile. Kate worries that these secrets have a way of coming out. Lucas complains that she’s stressing him out and now he needs some air. Lucas gets up and walks out of the Pub, where he then runs in to EJ.

Chanel walks through the town square and runs in to Allie. Allie brings up that the Devil quit her job, so she hoped Chanel would take her back at the Bakery, but not just at the Bakery. Allie tells Chanel that she wants to get back together, right as Johnny walks up.

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