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After Sarah asked Xander if they could talk, he brings her to the cemetery. Sarah calls it weird and asks why they are here. Xander brings up all he did to hurt her but says this is where they need to be. Sarah looks down and sees her daughter Mackenzie’s grave. Xander says their love all started with a lie as he was so stupid and selfish that he convinced himself that he was doing what was best for her. Xander talks about wasting time keeping up that lie and then when Sarah didn’t remember losing her daughter, he did it again to try and keep her from the painful truth. Xander vows to never do that again as Sarah cries. Xander acknowledges that he stole her ability to mourn the loss of her child, so he hoped maybe now they might finally have the chance to grieve properly.

Sonny complains to Will that he should’ve seen this coming after the article Leo did on Chad. Will responds that at least they know why Leo drugged him.

While visiting Gwen in prison, Leo tells her about what he did to Sonny and says he then thought why should he enjoy revenge by himself. Leo suggests he and Gwen collaborate to destroy the life of another nemesis of his. Gwen responds that the only person she has to settle a score with is Abigail.

Kayla checks out Abigail in the hospital and tells her that she is in perfect health. Abigail says it’s always a relief to hear. Kayla mentions that she will write her a prescription to renew her birth control pills but Abigail reveals that she’s not sure she wants that because she’s thinking about having another baby.

Chad walks in on EJ and Belle kissing in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Chad apologizes for interrupting and goes to leave but Belle claims they were just talking. Chad says that’s great and he’ll let them talk. Chad goes to leave again but Belle stops him and asks to let her explain.

Abigail informs Kayla that she hasn’t said anything to Chad yet but they always planned on having a really big family and she’s had that feeling lately. Abigail says there were points in their marriage where she didn’t feel that way because they weren’t in a good place but now she and Chad are stronger than they’ve ever been. Abigail adds that she’s grateful that Gwen is in prison and thinks that has a little to do with it since she knows Gwen is locked up, which means she can’t hurt her anymore…

Sonny tells Will that he never wants to see the pictures with Leo ever again. Will jokes about having them framed. Sonny complains that it’s not funny as all of Salem are looking at them now. Sonny apologizes and says he can’t believe this is all still happening. Sonny declares that Leo drugged him, undressed him, and then climbed in to bed with him so that everyone thinks they had sex. Will asks if he’s sure that he didn’t.

Belle tells Chad that there’s just so much going on. Chad says she doesn’t have to explain and he knows how upset she must be with Shawn. Chad adds that he’s been in Shawn’s shoes so he does empathize with him a bit. Chad states that after everything with he and Gwen, he and Abigail found their way back to each other. Chad says this is none of his business but he thinks Belle and Shawn still could too. EJ assures that there is nothing going on and that he just kissed Belle as she was feeling vulnerable. EJ calls it wrong to take advantage of that and he overstepped so he owes an apology. Chad calls them both consenting adults and says neither of them have to explain anything to him. Chad decides to leave them to it and exits the room. Belle thanks EJ for taking responsibility for what Chad walked in on. EJ hopes she accepts his apology. Belle clarifies that she appreciates what he said to Chad, but it’s not entirely true. Belle acknowledges that she kissed EJ back. EJ says what happened didn’t mean anything but Belle asks if he’s sure about that.

Sonny admits to Will that he doesn’t remember anything after eating the cookies. Will apologizes for even suspecting it was possible because Sonny would have no way of knowing. Will decides it definitely didn’t happen. Sonny wonders if Leo wouldn’t go that far. Will encourages that Leo just wanted to humiliate him and trash his reputation for breaking up he and Craig. Sonny asks what to do now. Will says that Leo may think it’s all a game but he drugged him, took off his clothes, and took pictures without his consent which are criminal offenses. Will declares that they should go to the police to have Leo arrested.

Leo tells Gwen that he knows her too well and that she’s been thinking nonstop about how to smack the smile off Abigail’s face. Leo adds that Abigail is probably smiling now thinking about how she destroyed her wedding. Gwen yells at him to stop twisting the knife. Gwen adds that saying Xander’s name hurts her too much and complains of being stuck in prison. Gwen declares that the worst part of being stuck in here is that the man she was supposed to live happily ever after with is out there in the arms of Sarah.

Sarah cries at her daughter’s grave, asking how she could ever forget she was gone. Xander mentions that Maggie visits the grave every Thursday without fail. Xander talks about how he and Sarah used to come every day together with fresh roses. Xander talks about thinking of Mickie as his own and helping bring her in to the world. Xander states that they will always love her and she hasn’t been forgotten. Sarah thanks him as she cries. Sarah encourages that Mickie has forgiven Xander. Sarah apologizes but declares that she still doesn’t think she will ever be able to.

Leo hugs Gwen and assures he knows what a catch Xander was. Gwen calls him unbelievable for fantasizing about her lost love. Leo reminds her that he’s hurting too since he lost Craig but says it’s better to have loved and lost. Leo can’t wait to hear what naughty ideas Gwen has and promises to help her execute her sweet revenge. Gwen starts to suggest doing what he did to Sonny to Abigail. Leo says she reminds him of himself. Leo talks about how they may have lost their loves but they will always have each other as well as drugging, abduction, and illicit photography.

Chad joins Abigail at the Brady Pub. Chad tells her that he wants to hear all about her check up but he just walked in on something at home and has to tell her about it. Abigail is intrigued and asks what happened. Chad informs her that EJ kissed Belle.

Belle tells EJ that they are both adults so they should be able to talk about this kind of stuff. EJ asks if she wants to take the lead then. Belle states that there is no denying the attraction and sexual tension growing between them for awhile. EJ agrees and guesses the question is what does she think they should do about it.

Chad tells Abigail that Belle and EJ both downplayed the kiss and Belle was clearly flustered. Abigail acknowledges that she’s been through a lot lately and imagines she’s been pretty vulnerable. Chad notes that EJ took full responsibility and said he took advantage of the situation. Abigail brings up EJ and Belle spending a lot of time together lately which made sense since she was representing EJ when he was accused of kidnapping Sami. Abigail adds that EJ has always been really opportunistic but he’s probably hurt too and feeling betrayed by Sami. Abigail asks if Chad thinks EJ is trying to get Belle in to bed to soothe his bruised ego. Chad responds that his gut feeling is that EJ doesn’t want to just get Belle in to bed, but he might actually be really falling for her.

Belle tells EJ that she’s been unfaithful to Shawn in the past but she’s come a long way since then. Belle talks about Shawn hurting her by letting Jan come between them, but she doesn’t want to retaliate and she knows she can’t live with the guilt of an affair. EJ responds that she sounds determined to save her marriage. Belle confirms that she’s not ready to give up on what she and Shawn have yet. EJ tells Belle that he cares about her, but admits his heart still belongs to someone else who hurt him. EJ knows his marriage is over but Sami is still his Samantha. EJ states that he and Belle only shared one innocent kiss. EJ apologizes for taking advantage of the situation and promises to never do it again.

Leo reveals to Gwen that he didn’t actually touch Sonny in that way, but thanks to his photographs, all of Salem believes that Sonny did it and they get to watch the chaos.

Sonny goes to the police station, where Shawn tells him that if he was drugged last night, he should still have traces of the drug in his system. Sonny mentions scheduling a blood test. Shawn tells him to go get that done and bring back the results. Shawn declares that if Sonny can then prove that Leo drugged him, he will happily arrest him and throw away the key.

Xander tells Sarah that he gets it because what he did was unforgivable. Xander thanks Sarah for coming here with him. Xander says he will let her have a moment and steps aside. Sarah cries at the grave and flashes back to the first time she visited the grave with Xander and remembers that Xander had the headstone made. Sarah then calls out to Xander.

Belle thanks EJ for letting her keep her stuff at the DiMera Mansion. EJ tells her that it can stay as long as she needs. EJ opens the door for Belle to leave but they find a box addressed to Belle. Belle brings it inside and finds a note from Jan, saying she forgot some of her things. Belle then reaches inside and finds her and Shawn’s wedding photo.

Chad swears to Abigail that EJ was gentle and respectful. Chad knows it sounds crazy but he’s worried that EJ might be the one who gets hurt here since they know how much Belle loves Shawn. Abigail points out that Shawn is not only having a baby with another woman but he’s living with her. Chad thinks it will be difficult for Belle and Shawn to work things out but compares it to he and Abigail being in a similar situation and now stronger than ever, so he thinks Shawn and Belle will work it out at some point. Abigail loves his optimism and hopes he’s right. Chad says that’s enough about that and asks about her checkup with Kayla. Abigail says she’s fine but brings up the topic of babies. Chad asks if she’s pregnant. Abigail says no but she’s thinking she might like to be.

Will and Sonny go to see Kayla at the hospital. Will wishes this was under better circumstances. Kayla asks Sonny about suspecting that someone drugged him. Sonny responds that he doesn’t suspect it, he’s sure of it. Sonny explains that he ate cookies that he thought were from Will and Arianna, but they were from Leo Stark and he must have put something in it because they knocked him right out. Kayla asks how he’s feeling now. Sonny says he’s still a little woozy and very angry. Will adds that Shawn said they need proof that Sonny was drugged in order to press charges. Kayla agrees to draw his blood and see what they find.

Gwen tells Leo that she lost Xander and Leo lost Craig, so she wants Abigail to lose Chad. Leo asks if they will need someone to seduce Chad then. Gwen brings up succeeding at that herself awhile back after sowing seeds of distrust between Chad and Abigail, then got Chad to cheat on Abigail and get her pregnant. They mention that ending in tragedy. Gwen says if she never lost the baby, maybe things would have turned out differently for her.

Sarah tells Xander that she remembers him giving her daughter a headstone for her, so she wouldn’t be forgotten. Xander is surprised that she remembers. Sarah says it hit her like a flash that they were there before together and she forgave him after he did this. Xander says that was when they started to heal and she slowly let him back in to her heart. Xander hugs Sarah as she breaks down crying. Sarah then has a series of flashbacks of her relationship with Xander including their proposal and wedding planning. Xander asks her what it is. Sarah responds that she remembers everything.

Abigail apologizes for springing this on Chad as she knows they hadn’t talked about having more kids and they’ve been through so much recently. Abigail assures that she is happy with their life right now. Chad stops her and declares that he’s the luckiest person in the world and that nothing would make him happier than to make another baby with her as they kiss.

Gwen doesn’t think Chad would stray again after everything she put them through. Gwen admits that Chad and Abigail seem stronger than ever. Gwen insists that she still really wants to punish Abigail so they’re going to have to take this plan to the next level. Leo asks what she’s suggesting. Gwen asks if he thinks she’s capable of murder. Leo points out that Gwen has been evasive and coy about what really went down with Laura Horton. Gwen admits she hasn’t been straightforward with him or anyone for that matter. Leo urges her to dish, insisting that her secret is safe with him..

Kayla informs Sonny that his vitals are in good shape. Kayla thinks whatever Leo gave him was a sedative that has worn off but she will put a rush on the sample in the lab. Will declares that they are going to make Leo pay for what he did to Sonny.

Belle informs EJ that her belongings in the box aren’t even from her office, but from her and Shawn’s bedroom so she guesses Jan plans to take over that room too. EJ tells her that he’s so sorry. Belle says they were really happy at their wedding but that seems like a lifetime ago. Belle declares that she knows what she needs to do and exits the mansion.

Will tells Sonny that he’s so sorry this happened to him. Sonny responds that Leo will be the one who is sorry. Sonny declares that once they get the test results back, they will send him to a cold, lonely cell to rot, exactly where he belongs.

Gwen tells Leo that after what Laura Horton did to her, she got what she deserved. Leo asks if that means Gwen did kill her. Gwen responds that it’s between her and Laura and maybe someday between her and Abigail. Leo suggests they take murder off the table since they are both essentially decent people. Leo argues that there still has to be some way to get back at Abigail for what she did to him. Gwen is sure that there is. Leo asks if this means she will help him figure something out. Gwen agrees to think about it.

Abigail tells Chad that she can’t wait to go home and start planning for a new baby. Chad jokes there’s no sense in planning until they put the work in. Abigail tells Chad to lead the way as they exit the Pub together.

Xander brings Sarah to his room at the Salem Inn. Sarah tells him that something in her just wouldn’t let her remember everything before up to losing her baby. Xander feels it makes sense that she was protecting herself from the pain. Sarah guesses that’s what it is, but it also made her forget all the good memories too when she was happy with him. Xander asks if she really remembers it all. Sarah confirms that she does and that the memory of the last time they made love is coming back right now. Xander says he could never forget as they kiss. They undress each other and kiss on to the bed.

EJ has a drink at home and thinks back to kissing Belle.

Belle goes to the police station and hands Shawn an envelope of legal papers that he needs to look at. Shawn hopes she isn’t petitioning the court to keep Jan away from her baby. Belle says this is not about him and Jan, but about them. Shawn then opens the envlope and is shocked as he asks if Belle is divorcing him.

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