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At the DiMera Mansion, Tony paces in the living room and questions EJ deciding not to pay the ransom for Susan. EJ tells him to calm down and assures that he’s handling it. Tony complains that EJ is handling it by committing a major felony of his own.

Ava hugs Steve as he promises her that he’s going to bring Tripp home safe and sound. Kayla then comes home and sees Ava hugging Steve.

Xander walks past the Brady Pub and calls Ava, leaving a message questioning why she’s not picking up. Xander says he tried to be patient but she obviously didn’t have a plan B when EJ didn’t pay up to get his mother back. Xander adds that he’s had some complications on his end so she needs to wrap this up right now before his wife finds out what he’s done for Ava.

At the hospital, Jada announces that she is pregnant. Eric asks if she’s sure. Sarah confirms that is what the test indicates. Jada argues that it’s not possible since they used birth control. Sarah points out that it’s not 100% effective. Sarah assumes this is a complication.

In a hospital waiting room, Rafe questions Nicole saying she wants to be with Eric when a few hours ago, she adamantly denied it. Nicole tells him that she’s so sorry. Rafe asks why she married him. Nicole responds that she loved him and admits she still has feelings for him. Rafe cuts her off and tells her to stop humoring him and tell him the damn truth. Rafe asks if Nicole regretted getting involved with him when she realized she could get Eric back. Rafe declares that he was just a substitute for her real love. Nicole tells him that she feels terrible because he doesn’t deserve this since he was so good to her. Rafe stops her and doesn’t want to hear her try to absolve her feelings of guilt. Rafe shouts that he doesn’t give a damn anymore and just wants the truth. Nicole cries that she understands. Rafe repeats that Nicole told him just a few hours ago that she didn’t have feelings for Eric and swore to it. Nicole claims she meant it at the time but things changed. Rafe questions her expecting him to believe that she just now had these feelings since a couple hours ago. Rafe declares that these feelings for Eric aren’t new which she admits. Rafe brings up that they got married in June and asks if Nicole wanted to be with Eric then. Rafe then guesses it was before they even said their vows as it was the moment that Eric came back to town. Nicole admits she was confused when Eric came back to town and she was affected in ways she didn’t expect, but she insists she wanted to be with Rafe forever when they said their vows. Nicole asks him not to erase that. Rafe asks why not since she just did. Rafe declares that he wasn’t the one and she knew it. Rafe wishes he had known it.

Sarah tells Jada and Eric to forget that she said it was a complication as it’s none of her business. Sarah decides to let them talk. Jada asks if the test could be wrong. Sarah confirms the tests are very accurate but offers to run it again if she wants. Sarah then exits the room to let them talk. Eric tells Jada that he doesn’t know where to start or even what to say. Jada says she doesn’t either and says if only this was a happy surprise, but those are rare these days unlike unhappy surprises.

Steve greets Kayla and thought she was working late. Ava clarifies that he was just comforting her. Kayla assures that she’s not threatened but she does wonder why Ava is here since Tripp told them that she was moving to Seattle because of some problem she was having with EJ. Ava declares that EJ doesn’t get to tell her where to go or what to do.

EJ tells Tony that kidnapping Tripp was a solid defensive maneuver and asks what else he was supposed to do when Ava kidnapped his mother. Tony suggests paying the ransom and warns EJ not to play games with Ava because she’s dangerous. Tony wants EJ to swallow his pride and just wire the funds, but EJ tells him to trust him on this as he has no doubt that Susan is safer because of what he’s done.

Xander has a drink at the Brady Pub. Gwen appears at the table next to him and asks if he’s having a bad day. Xander admits he didn’t see her there. Gwen says it was obvious by the way he barged in that he needed that drink. Xander responds that he’s just unwinding and asks what she’s doing here. Gwen informs him that she’s working as it’s her first day at the Spectator and it’s a hell of a day to start since Paulina got elected and Chanel got arrested for murder which shocks Xander. Gwen questions him not knowing since the whole town is buzzing over it. Xander tells her that he’s been busy as it’s his first day at work too. Gwen asks if he’s finally gainfully employed. Xander claims that he is. Gwen tells him to tell her everything.

Kayla tells Ava that it sounds like a big problem with EJ. Ava doesn’t want to talk about EJ and says to forget him. Steve tells Ava that he said he would help her, but he’s not going to keep his wife in the dark which Kayla questions. Ava decides Steve is going to have to explain it because she has to take care of something. Ava reminds Steve that she’s counting on him. Steve says he will keep her posted as she exits. Kayla questions Steve as to what is going on. Steve reveals that Tripp has been kidnapped and shows Kayla the photo.

EJ tells Tony that he has Ava’s son and that’s checkmate. EJ declares that Ava will soon realize that and it will all be over. Tony notes that he seems awfully confident and asks how negotiations have been since kidnapping Tripp. Tony points out that Ava has gone radio silent. EJ tells him to just give her time. Tony warns that a mother desperate to save her son doesn’t need time. EJ argues that Ava is just trying to prove that she’s tough. Tony suggests Ava cares more about the money than the welfare of her son. Tony notes that he knows EJ thinks he has the winning hand but warns that it’s possible that what he’s done has brought him that much closer to losing his mother.

Xander tells Gwen that the company is called Rednax. Gwen calls it exciting. Xander says a job is a job and he needed the money since he was buried under debt at the Salem Inn and Sarah is still on probation with reduced salary. Xander finishes his drink and orders another. Gwen calls it funny as she never remembers Xander being interested in pharmaceuticals and companies like that usually hire people experienced in the field. Xander says he has tons of potential and is a hard worker. Gwen points out that he is an experienced con artist. Gwen then reveals that she searched the internet for this company and can’t find a thing, as if it doesn’t exist. Xander argues that it’s a brand new start up. Gwen says there should be some mention of it either way but there isn’t. Gwen questions why Xander is lying about his job.

Nicole cries that she wants to be honest with Rafe, but it’s complicated. Rafe tells her to give it her best shot. Nicole explains that when she accepted Rafe’s proposal, she wanted more than anything to be his wife but that was before she knew Eric left the priesthood. Rafe guesses he was right that she regretted getting engaged from the moment he put the ring on her finger. Rafe calls their marriage a farce from the beginning.

Eric questions Jada getting another unhappy surprise today. Jada responds that finding out she’s pregnant is the last thing she expected, but the timing is really hitting her which Eric questions. Jada asks Eric not to pretend and reveals that she saw him an hour ago, kissing his ex-wife. Jada explains that she went to Basic Black to look for him and there he was in a very passionate kiss with Nicole. Jada guesses shooting that magazine cover stirred up old feelings for them. Jada asks if he was planning to tell her. Eric says he was going to but then Rafe called to tell him that she fainted. Jada says now they know why. Jada adds that it’s been very obvious to her for awhile that Nicole has very strong feelings for him, but it wasn’t until she saw them kissing today and she can see the look in his eyes now, that his feelings for Nicole are just as strong. Jada tells Eric to just admit that he wants to be with Nicole, despite them and Nicole’s marriage.

Rafe holds back tears as Nicole tells him that she won’t call their marriage a farce. Nicole says she loved him on their wedding day and still loves him now. Rafe says it’s just not enough. Rafe reminds Nicole of when they had a fight a few weeks ago and he asked her if she rushed in to marrying him because she was afraid of her feelings for Eric, but she said no. Rafe guesses that wasn’t true. Nicole states that her and Eric were over for a long time as she felt neglected by him and he felt guilty for not putting her first, so they were never in sync. Rafe argues that they were in love and that’s the point he’s trying to make. Rafe accuses Nicole of using him as a convenient way to get over Eric like an escape. Rafe tells her to just admit it, so she does. Nicole cries that she’s so sorry.

Xander questions Gwen being convinced that he’s lying. Gwen insists that she knows him and guesses it’s why he’s drinking. Xander calls it a stressful day. Gwen believes Xander needs a job, but there isn’t really a job out there for a man of his talents and the pressure is on for him to provide for his new wife. Gwen guesses Xander is trying to make it look like he’s putting in 8 hours of work until he goes home. Xander argues that she thinks she’s so clever, but he is working. Xander then admits that the job he took is a bit illegal.

Kayla is shocked to learn that Tripp has been kidnapped. Steve explains that Ava came over to tell him and all they have to go on is the photo, so he guesses that Tripp is not far from his apartment in Seattle. Kayla tells him that she’s so sorry and questions who would want to do this or what they could want from Tripp. Steve says he doesn’t know but reveals that it looks like EJ is behind it. Kayla calls him a son of a bitch and declares that she’ll kill him herself.

EJ calls Ava and leaves a message, saying he’s concerned that he hasn’t heard back from her on his latest negotiation. EJ says surely they can get things going since they each have something the other wants. EJ warns that it’s not in her best interest to ignore him. Ava then arrives at the DiMera Mansion and declares that EJ is going to wish he just paid up as she calls him a miserable son of a bitch. EJ questions where his mother is. Ava asks where her son is. Ava argues that EJ lost his advantage when he kidnapped Tripp as she has as much on him as he has on her. Ava says she makes him nervous and asks if he’s not used to squaring off with someone when the odds aren’t in his favor. Ava declares that EJ has met his match and it scares the hell out of him.

Steve stops Kayla and says his first instinct was also to confront EJ but that’s not the safe move when Tripp’s safety is their priority. Kayla doesn’t understand why EJ would do this. Steve explains that EJ threatened Ava to get her to leave Salem, but she came back, so he guesses this is EJ’s way of making good on the threat. Kayla asks about Joey. Steve confirms he’s fine as they talked and apparently they covered their bases by telling Joey that Tripp was going camping, but he thinks they should let him keep thinking that for now. Kayla still doesn’t get why EJ would involve Tripp in this if his problem is with Ava. Kayla thinks there is something that Ava isn’t telling him.

Gwen is shocked to learn that Xander is working for Ava as he warns her to keep her voice down. Gwen remarks that at least now she knows where Ava went after she turned her down. Gwen explains that Ava showed up when she was in the hospital, asking her to get revenge on EJ. Sarah then arrives at the Pub and says she didn’t expect to see them there. Gwen tells her that they just bumped in to each other. Xander explains that after Sarah got called in to work, Victor and Maggie’s dinner fell apart and he didn’t feel like calling it a night yet so he came here for a drink. Gwen comments that Xander has been filling her in on his new job and calls it fascinating as she remarks that she’s sure there’s things he hasn’t even told Sarah about yet.

Eric admits to Jada that he’s been in denial about his feelings for Nicole for awhile. Jada asks if he means the entire time they were together. Eric insists that he believed he and Nicole were done regardless of his feelings since she was married, so he needed to accept it and move on with his life. Jada guesses that’s when he got involved with her. Eric calls her an incredible woman. Jada complains that she’s not incredible enough to make him forget about Nicole. Eric thought he could go in to a new relationship and give the best of himself no matter what he felt for Nicole, but he couldn’t and he’s sorry. Jada orders Eric to get out.

Nicole tells Rafe that she knows it has to hurt. Rafe stops her and tells her to just walk away. Nicole refuses to go until he understands that she loved him. Nicole swears that she thought committing to him would be the end of her feelings for Eric once and for all and the beginning of a lifetime of loving Rafe. Rafe tells her nice try. Nicole doesn’t blame him for hating her or if he wants to cut her out of his life forever, but she wants him to know that she meant every word of her vows and she wanted them to be the last vows she ever said. Rafe doesn’t buy it and asks when wedding vows ever meant anything to her. Nicole calls that unfair while Rafe argues that marriage is just a game to her. Nicole calls that untrue but Rafe brings up that Victor, Lucas, and EJ would disagree. Nicole asks him not to do this. Rafe says he’s just telling it like it is, since Nicole is who she is. Rafe points out that Nicole even cheated on Eric, the love of her life, with Xander of all people. Nicole tells him to stop but Rafe refuses and asks how long she’s been cheating on him with Eric. Nicole argues that she hasn’t been cheating. Nicole then admits that she and Eric kissed today but it just happened and wasn’t planned. Nicole says that she and Rafe had a fight and they were just in the moment. Rafe concludes that she just did what she wanted to do for months. Rafe asks what happened next and if it led to the conference table. Nicole assures they stopped right away and talked. Rafe asks if they talked about how much they wanted each other even though Eric’s got a girlfriend and Nicole has a husband. Nicole confirms they acknowledged their feelings for each other and what they have been suppressing for months now. Rafe asks if they came up with a plan on how to break up with him and Jada as quick as possible so they can get back to their feelings. Rafe declares that Nicole got what she wanted and clearly in the end, that’s all that matters to her.

Gwen tells Sarah that she was quite shocked to hear about the work Xander is doing. Sarah asks why. Gwen responds that pharmaceuticals is not something she thought Xander was interested in and she didn’t know he was qualified to work in that field but they know what a hard worker he is and his work ethic, so they are very lucky to have him. Sarah states that she’s very proud of him. Sarah then gets a call from the hospital and steps away to answer. Xander tells Gwen that he thought she was going to tell Sarah everything and asks why she didn’t. Gwen supposes it’s honor amongst thieves. Gwen adds that despite everything that’s happened, she still cares about him. Gwen says as much as she’d love to bust up he and Sarah, she doesn’t have it in her to hurt him like that. Xander thanks her. Gwen tells Xander that he’s free to go about with Ava’s bidding, but as someone who dodged that bullet, all she can say is best of luck to him.

Steve tells Kayla that he’s sure Ava is holding something back but she didn’t admit it. Kayla decides they can deal with that later as Tripp comes first. Steve says he’s getting on the first flight to Seattle but Kayla declares that he better make sure there’s two seats, because she’s coming with him. Steve says no but Kayla argues that he’s not going up against EJ alone.

EJ tells Ava to wake up and give him back his mother, because she doesn’t want to see what happens if she says no. Ava tells him to give her Tripp first and then they will discuss what it will cost him to get Susan back. EJ remarks that he won’t be strong-armed by a piece of trash. Ava questions EJ threatening her and bullying her. EJ accuses her of committing fraud and using his son, pointing out that she would be in prison right now if not for his compassion. Ava warns EJ not to piss her off or she will call her associate and have him put a bullet in Susan’s head. EJ then grabs Ava and starts choking her until Tony separates them. EJ shouts that she’s lucky that Tony was there, or else she would’ve ended up in the Crypt next to her fake husband.

Steve tells Kayla that EJ being behind this is not a reason to come with him but why she should stay home. Kayla says there’s no chance. Steve says he’ll call John so he won’t do it alone. Kayla argues that he can’t put John on the spot like that since he needs to be there for Marlena after she got out of the hospital. Steve doesn’t know what he’s walking in to and refuses to put her at risk. Kayla reminds him that she came to the rescue in Hong Kong when he was brainwashed. Steve argues that Kayla just got out of the hospital too. Kayla insists that she’s perfectly fine now and is not going to stay behind while her stepson is in grave danger. Kayla says she loves Tripp and if Steve is going to walk in to danger to save his life, then she’s going to be there to have his back. Steve guesses there’s no arguing. Kayla agrees and says to go pack.

Jada tells Eric to go find Nicole and says she’ll be fine. Eric points out that they haven’t talked. Jada responds that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do about the pregnancy but it’s not his problem. Eric argues that he cares about her and this pregnancy, so they need to figure this out. Jada asks what there is to figure out since he told her who he wants to be with and questions what else there is to say. Eric says if she’s trying to give him an easy way out, he doesn’t want it. Eric declares that they need to make decisions together about this baby together and he wants to be there for her as he’s not just going to walk away. Jada says fine but they aren’t going to come up with any answers tonight. Jada adds that she’s exhausted so she needs to close her eyes and regroup. Jada tells Eric again to just go, so he exits.

Nicole removes her wedding ring and gives back to Rafe, admitting that she shouldn’t have accepted his ring or his love because she didn’t deserve it or him. Nicole cries that Rafe deserves someone who is worthy of him and it’s not her. Nicole adds that she did everything wrong in this marriage while he did everything right. Rafe says except that he wasn’t Eric. Nicole then leaves the room in tears. Rafe cries while holding the ring. Rafe then leaves the ring behind on the table as he exits the room.

Jada lays in her hospital room while holding back tears.

Eric comes out of Jada’s room and finds Nicole. Nicole hugs him as he asks if she’s okay. Nicole informs him that she was just with Rafe and she told him everything. Nicole says it was awful but it’s done. Nicole then asks how Jada is.Eric reveals that Jada is pregnant, shocking Nicole.

Steve and Kayla pack their bags as Steve notes that if they make the flight, they’ll be in Seattle in 5 hours. Kayla asks about Stephanie and how she’s going to wonder why they just disappeared. Steve says with everything going on with Paulina, this is the last thing Stephanie needs to worry about. Kayla says she’ll call Stephanie and tell her they went out of town for a few days. Steve agrees that they will tell Joey and Stephanie everything after they rescue Tripp.

EJ orders Ava to leave and go assess her options until she realizes she has none. EJ screams at Ava to get out. Ava warns EJ to get his money together because she’s running out of patience. Ava remarks that if worse comes to worst, she can always send him a lock of Susan’s hair so that he has something to remember her by. Ava then exits and Tony holds EJ back as he throws a glass, smashing it against the door. EJ screams that she has no idea who she is dealing with. Tony says this has to end now and argues that he’s trying to help EJ face reality. Tony warns that Ava is unbalanced. Tony tells EJ to pay Ava off before something happens that he can’t control.

Sarah finishes her call and goes back to Xander while Gwen sits at the bar. Sarah tells Xander that everything is fine at the hospital so Xander offers to buy her a drink. Sarah instead suggests they go to Julie’s Place for a late dinner where he can tell her all about his first day. Xander agrees so they get up to leave when Gwen says to call her if he wants to talk which Sarah questions. Gwen explains that she’s working at the Spectator now so she told Xander she could write an article about his new company since start ups need all the publicity they can get. Gwen calls it her way of making amends of things. Xander thanks her but says that won’t be necessary as he then exits with Sarah.

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