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Doug and Julie sit together in the town square, talking about their productive day. Doug announces they have performed their civic duty and voted while Julie mentions they celebrated with a shopping spree. Doug says now they are here for lunch. Shawn approaches. Julie encourages him to vote now. Shawn responds that he will later but he’s actually here to see Julie. Shawn says this is awkward but he needs to look in her bag because she’s been accused of shoplifting.

Stephanie walks past the Brady Pub and sees a “Timmons For Governor” sign. Stephanie then grabs a nearby Vote for Paulina sign and goes to cover up the Timmons sign when Chad walks by and questions what she’s doing. Stephanie admits it was a bad impulse but explains that after she almost torpedoed Paulina’s whole campaign, she wants to do everything she can to make sure that she wins.

Abe joins Paulina in her office. Paulina admits she’s had butterflies all morning and is a nervous wreck. Abe encourages that she ran an excellent campaign and did it without any major missteps or scandals which he notes is pretty lucky. Paulina responds that he has no idea..

Alex teaches Sonny yoga at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny complains that he hates it while Alex urges him to stop being so negative. Sloan then walks in and remarks that being a dog comes natural to Alex as she kicks him over and calls him a sneaky son of a bitch.

Abe sees that has a pretty good lead on his opponent in the early results and asks about Paulina’s race. Paulina calls in Leo for an update, who reveals that current polls have her slightly ahead. Leo adds that he also checked her phone messages and there’s messages from her sister Tammy, Governor Mitchell, and three messages from Sloan Peterson.

Alex asks Sloan what’s going on. She tells him not to play dumb as she knows he took the file. Alex claims to not know what she’s talking about. Sloan argues that it had to be him since no one else has been in her apartment. Sloan screams at him, questioning why he would betray her like this when she thought they were friends.

Chad tells Stephanie not to worry about Paulina and encourages that she has this in the bag. Chad invites Stephanie to dinner to celebrate after Paulina wins. Stephanie says that’s really sweet but reveals that she already has plans to go out with Alex tonight.

Julie questions Shawn about someone accusing her of shoplifting. Shawn knows it’s crazy but says the cashier claims she left without paying and says he’ll just look in the bag to prove them wrong. Julie understands he’s just doing his job and tells him to go ahead. Shawn looks inside her bag at a fur coat as Julie instructs Doug to show the receipt but Doug reveals that he thought Julie paid for it.

Allie comes home to find Chanel cleaning up Henry’s toys. Allie tells Chanel about things at the Bakery going great and everyone having the rest of the day off to vote. Chanel mentions putting Henry to sleep a few minutes ago. Chanel tells Allie that Stephanie got upcoming questions in advance for media that she will have to do as Paulina’s daughter. Allie points out that she just realized Chanel is going to be a public figure, joking that her girlfriend is going to be famous. Chanel responds that her mom has to get elected first.

Abe questions Paulina as to why Sloan keeps pestering her. Paulina claims that Sloan asked her for a job and won’t take no for an answer. Abe says he has to check in with his campaign manager, so he will meet Paulina at the Pub after and they can go vote together. Abe exits as Paulina asks Leo what’s next on the agenda. Leo asks if she wants him to set up calls for those messages but Paulina says she will get to those later, except for the ones from Sloan as she can kick rocks.

Alex tells Sloan to calm down but she screams that she will not calm down when she has been lied to and betrayed. Sloan complains that she was so stupid as it was obviously when he blindfolded her and handcuffed her to the bed. Alex argues that she saw him leave her apartment. Sloan remembers his aunt happening to come to her house and guesses he passed the file off to her. Sonny questions Alex getting Maggie involved in this. Alex denies it and claims Sloan has it all wrong. Sloan insists that she’s right and tells Alex that she hopes it was worth it because he can say goodbye to the best sex he ever had as she storms out of the mansion.

Chad questions if Alex asked Stephanie out but she clarifies that she asked him which Chad calls a plot twist. Chad asks why she had a change of heart. Stephanie responds that Alex saved Paulina’s campaign and their jobs by taking that file from Sloan, so she wanted to show her gratitude. Stephanie asks if Chad disapproves. Chad thinks she could’ve just sent him a thank you card since taking him out to dinner will make Alex think that she’s interested in him and that he might have a shot. Stephanie then admits that maybe she is.

Allie looks over the questions Chanel has from the media and notes that some of them are very personal like asking about her role in Henry’s life or if she has plans to get married and have children of her own. Chanel blows it off that she wouldn’t give those answers to strangers. Allie then asks about giving the answers to her.

Leo complains to Paulina that Sloan is still harassing him and threatening to send in her enforcers if he doesn’t pay her legal fees. Paulina calls Sloan trash. Leo asks if there’s any way he could get an advance in pay to get Sloan off his back. Paulina says that no one deserves to be in Sloan’s clutches so she agrees to give him an advance. Leo thanks her and asks how soon he can get it. Paulina responds that she happens to have some extra cash in her safe and adds that there’s also something else in there that she needs to dispose of discretely. Leo offers to shred it for her but Paulina says she will handle it herself. Paulina opens her drawer to look for her safe combination but gets an alert that it’s time for her interview, so she tells Leo they will have to do this later. Paulina gives him her word that she will not forget because no one deserves to ever have to be tethered to Sloan.

Sonny asks Alex if Sloan was telling the truth about him stealing from her. Alex says he wouldn’t call it stealing but admits he took the file. Sonny asks what was in it. Alex admits he has no clue. Sonny argues that it makes no sense that he stole something without even knowing what was in it. Alex asks Sonny to keep this between them as he reveals that Stephanie asked him to see the file. Sonny asks why but Alex says the less he knows, the better. Alex adds that Stephanie seemed very grateful. Sonny questions Alex committing a crime just to score points. Alex explains that Stephanie was scared and upset and he hated seeing her like that but admits the side benefit is that she does seem a bit warmer towards him and that she asked him out to dinner tonight. Sonny asks if this is a date then but Alex is not so sure about that.

Chad questions Stephanie about if this is a date then. Stephanie clarifies that she has come to realize that Alex isn’t the jerk that she thought he was since he tainted his relationship with Sloan just to help her out. Chad points out that doesn’t answer his question. Stephanie states that she has changed her opinion of Alex but clarifies that she isn’t considering this a date but just that she has an open mind. Chad bets Alex is thrilled. Stephanie points out that Alex would have Chad to thank for it. Chad questions what he did. Stephanie explains that after her ex, she shut down emotionally and wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her like that again but after spending time with Chad and getting to know him better, she decided to put herself out there again. Stephanie adds that it’s because Chad isn’t interested. Chad stops her and questions who said he wasn’t interested. Stephanie responds that he did.

Shawn walks Julie back through the town square after fixing things at the shop. Julie is mortified that the shopkeeper thought she shoplifted intentionally. Doug jokes that it wouldn’t be the first time. Julie brings up an incident that Doug was referring to back when she was a teenager. Shawn assures he’s not judging her. Julie talks about how it was a similar item back then and they threatened to book her when Tom and Mickey came to her rescue as she flashes back to that time. Doug points out that it was over 50 years ago. Julie confirms that was 57 years ago to this very day.

Allie tells Chanel to start with the marriage question. Chanel says considering what happened with Johnny and her, she’s in no rush to tie the knot anytime soon but that doesn’t mean she can’t see them getting married eventually. Allie agrees and says she loves being with her while they both acknowledge they’ve only been dating for three months so they are cool with taking things slowly. Allie then asks Chanel about children. Chanel says she loves helping her raise Henry but asks if Allie wants more children. Allie says as bad as things got between her and Johnny growing up, the good times made up for it, so she thinks having a sibling can be really good for a kid. Chanel admits it can be lonely as an only child and she can only imagine what it would’ve been like to grow up with Lani, so she is open to the idea of more kids. Allie jokes how a couple years ago they were partying their way through London without a care in the world and now they are talking about their future like adults. Chanel responds that she wouldn’t have it any other way as they kiss.

Chad asks Stephanie when he said he wasn’t interested. Stephanie reveals that she happened to walk in when he made it pretty clear to Alex that there would never be anything between them. Chad says he didn’t realize and apologizes. Stephanie tells him that she likes knowing where things stand. Chad argues that he needs to explain that Alex accused him of having feelings for her and it made him feel uncomfortable and he didn’t know how to respond, so he just blurted that out. Stephanie asks if he’s saying he didn’t mean what he said.

Alex explains to Sonny that Stephanie said she wanted to thank him for helping her out but says if nothing else, at least now she doesn’t think he’s complete scum and maybe she’ll give them a chance. Sonny reminds him not to push it. Alex knows he has to play it cool and admits he shouldn’t have hounded her before and should’ve backed off. Alex says maybe now, the universe has intervened to bring them closer together. Sonny is glad that Stephanie is finally giving him a chance. Alex thanks him and assures he’s not going to blow it this time.

Sloan goes to Paulina’s office and tells Leo that she’s here to see Paulina since she’s not returning her calls. Leo informs her that Paulina is not there and assures her that he’ll have her money soon. Leo swears he’ll have it tomorrow but Sloan says that doesn’t work for her. Sloan guesses she’ll just have to send her associates and warns that they can be there in ten minutes. Leo then decides he can get her money now and finds Paulina’s safe combination in her drawer. Leo then opens the safe and removes a briefcase, noting that he’s sure Paulina wouldn’t mind him taking care of it himself. Sloan then looks over in to the safe and sees the file that Alex stole from her and smiles…

Shawn joins Doug and Julie for lunch. Abe arrives and greets them. Julie presumes he’s on his way to being re-elected as mayor. Abe admits it’s looking pretty good but it’s not over yet and adds that he may not have the job for very long. Abe announces that if Paulina wins her election, he will be stepping down as Mayor and moving to the capitol with her. Doug calls that quite a gesture. Paulina then joins them. Julie mentions that they just heard the news that Paulina may be taking Abe away. Paulina says maybe not as she just heard some very troubling news.

Sonny goes back to doing yoga until Leo walks in and startles him. Sonny questions what he’s doing here. Leo tells him to get dressed because he’s here to take him to dinner to celebrate his new job. Sonny didn’t think he was serious about that. Leo adds that they can also celebrate Sonny for keeping him out of prison and tells Sonny to let him take him out for a night on the town. Leo promises that he won’t regret it.

Chad tells Stephanie that there’s obviously an attraction between them and part of him thinks it would be really nice to pursue that and to see where it goes. Stephanie asks about the other part that he’s obviously listening to. Chad admits he’s still grieving Abigail, so he’s not ready to start seeing anyone in a serious way and he doesn’t know when or if he ever will be. Chad says he may have overstated things to Alex, he doesn’t want her to sit around, waiting and hoping. Stephanie appreciates his honesty. Chad is really glad that she wants to start dating again though, even if Alex wouldn’t be his first choice, but he supports her because that’s what friends do. They then decide to get to work.

Julie asks Paulina about the troubling news. Paulina responds that she may be overreacting but the owner of the Salem Inn said she didn’t vote for her and that a lot of the other local business owners didn’t either because apparently they are still angry about the whole Price Town business and are claiming that she’s just a shill for big business. Paulina worries that it could really hurt her chances. Stephanie and Chad approach. Stephanie tells Paulina that she anticipated something like this, so she already has a rebuttal and just needs her approval. Shawn asks if there’s anything else they can do to help. Stephanie encourages them to go vote.

Later that night….

Paulina, Abe, Stephanie, Chad, Allie, Chanel, and Leo are all at Paulina’s office. Paulina finishes a call with Lani and hands the phone over to Abe, who talks about it being a big day. Paulina asks Stephanie about the damage control. Stephanie thinks they were able to turn things around for the voters. Paulina remarks that Abe was just congratulating her on avoiding any missteps. Chad thinks Price Town ranks pretty low compared to some of the other things in Salem. Abe announces that they just called the race and he won as everyone cheers.

Alex gets dressed at the Kiriakis Mansion when Sonny comes in also dressed up. Alex questions where he’s going. Sonny admits that he’s going out to dinner with Leo Stark. Alex is shocked and questions why. Sonny complains that he’s been cooped up in the house ever since getting out of the hospital and decided he needed a night out, even if it is with Leo. Alex asks how Will feels about him going to dinner with another man. Sonny argues that it’s not another man, it’s Leo Stark. Alex reminds him that Leo is his ex-husband. Sonny argues that Leo just wants to thank him for clearing him of the murder and to celebrate his new job. Alex points out that celebrating is festive which is more than just a friendly dinner to him. Sonny disagrees and insists that it’s just a meal and a much needed change of scenery for him and he’s not looking for romance. Sonny tells Alex not to compare him going out with Stephanie to he and Leo. Alex hopes that by the end of the night, he will have swept Stephanie off her feet.

Stephanie watches the polls and worries that they might not have a definitive answer tonight. Stephanie then stops and says they are calling it. Stephanie announces that Paulina won and they all celebrate.

Abe and Paulina head to the town square for their speech. Abe says he is honored that the people of Salem have continued to support him and find him worthy of serving another term as mayor. Abe then announces he regrets to inform them that he intends to step down and hand the reigns to his very capable deputy mayor. Abe clarifies that he does not make this decision lightly but his wife Paulina Price has just been elected their new Governor. Chad, Stephanie, Leo, Allie, and Chanel all applaud with the audience. Abe believes it’s his duty to support Paulina to the best of his abilities, so he will be moving with her to the state capitol. Abe adds that it will be his pleasure to turn the microphone over to Paulina. Paulina thanks them for the warm welcome and talks about how blessed she feels to be taking on such an important role. Paulina adds that she wouldn’t have been here without her support team, starting with her incredible campaign staff and her amazing husband, Abe and her wonderful daughters, Lani and Chanel. Paulina brings Chanel up to the podium with her and declares that there is nothing more important than family.

Julie goes home and looks at her family photos along the fireplace mantle. Doug calls her over to the couch with a cake to jokingly wish a happy 57th anniversary to her life of crime as they kiss.

Paulina talks about fighting heart and soul when she commits to something, so she looks forward to dedicating her heart and soul to the good people of this state. Sonny arrives and congratulates Leo. Leo can’t believe he is now the executive director to the Governor of the State, joking that it makes him an A list gay and that means they can book a table as Leo takes Sonny and they walk away. Alex arrives to take Stephanie out. Stephanie goes over to Chad and tells him that Paulina just gave her the rest of the night off so that means Chad is free. Chad says he’s glad he could help. Alex tells Stephanie that they are just in time for their reservation at the Bistro. Stephanie thanks Chad again for his help, noting that she couldn’t even have done it without him. Stephanie then walks off with Alex.

Sloan sits in the Brady Pub, having a drink as she reads an article about Paulina winning the election. Sloan remarks that Paulina can enjoy her victory while she can.

Paulina calls this one of the best days of her life. Abe feels the same. Chanel says they are about to have a great celebration with champagne. Shawn then comes over. Paulina asks if something is wrong. Shawn reveals that he needs Chanel to come to the police station with him because he has a warrant for her arrest. Allie asks if this is some kind of joke but Shawn confirms it is not. Shawn then reveals that Chanel is under arrest for suspicion of murder and handcuffs her, shocking Paulina, Allie, and Abe.

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