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Recap written by Christine

Nick brought Victoria a bouquet of flowers to her office, from him and Christian. He said he almost forgave her for letting them think she chose Ashland over the family. She said she’d make it up to him in corporate perks if he accepted her job offer. She was delighted when he said he was ready to re-join the team at Newman, and maybe it would stick for good this time. She wanted him to be her COO. Nikki would be co-CEO. Nick was cool with that, but he thought that would make Adam resent them even more. Victoria said she’d let Victor mollify him. Nick was sure Adam was hurt Victor used him to lure Victoria back. Victoria said she wasn’t responsible for what Victor did to Adam while she was gone. She wanted to change the subject.

Nick asked what Victoria heard from Ashland. She hadn’t heard anything from him, and she didn’t expect to. She saw to it that there was nothing connecting her and Ashland anymore and she even boxed up the last few things she left at her house and put them in storage. Nick said Victoria embarrassed Ashland and he wasn’t the kind of guy who’d brush something like this off. She said she crushed Ashland, and she was pretty sure he was tired of getting burned by the Newmans, but it was going to happen one last time.

Victoria revealed that she asked Billy to use his resources to expose Ashland’s cancer scam. Nick wished Victoria talked to his family before doing this. He said making this public would come at a cost. She said the real danger was Ashland raising more money and starting a new company and come at them that way. She didn’t want anyone to trust Ashland as a a business partner. Nick thought this might backfire in a way Victoria didn’t anticipate. She thought she’d proven that she knew how to handle Ashland.

Victor and Nikki were at Society. they’d just had a meal, and her appetite was back, and she’d slept better last night than she had in years. They were glad Victoria was back and that Nick might re-join the company. “It would make me happy to see them all work for the company,” he said. He wondered where Adam would fit into all this though. For Victor’s sake, Nikki hoped Adam came around and got over losing the CEO position twice. Michael walked up, and Nikki said she had to go talk to her new investigator who was looking into Diane’s time in L.A. Michael asked how it was going. Nikki didn’t want to tell Michael, since he was continuing to spend time with Diane. Nikki left. Michael revealed that Ashland chartered a plane to Chicago, and once he was there, he gave Victor’s people the slip. Now no one knew if he was still in Chicago or on his way to Genoa City.

Michael wondered what it would take to end this – Ashland already lost the money, the company, his marriage, and there was a restraining order keeping him from Harrison. Victor said Ashland had lost at every turn, and he was dangerous. Victor had an idea to handle this, and he thought Michael was the key to make it work.

Nikki walked into Victoria’s office and was thrilled to see Victoria and Nick working together. He told her he was the new COO, and she hugged him. He said the biggest draw for him coming back was getting to work with some of his favorite people every day.

Billy and Lily were at Crimson Lights. He told her that Chelsea coming on board to critique his podcast was a win for them all – it would give Chelsea something fun to be part of, it would give him another set of ears, and it would take the pressure of Lily. Lily said she did like encouraging Billy more than being his critic. Lily clarified that this was about Billy’s personal podcast. She asked if Chelsea knew about his anonymous podcast, The Grinning Soul. He said Chelsea didn’t know about it, but Victoria asked him to do a podcast on Ashland. Lily was hoping Billy didn’t agree. He said he didn’t commit to anything with Victoria, and he made it clear he had to consult with Lily, because there were risks. She agreed and said Ashland could sic his lawyers on them. He acknowledged that was true. She said she was glad he was taking this into consideration after what happened with ChancComm. He said this was different because they were hacked at ChancComm and set up by Gaines, but Victoria wouldn’t set them up. “The fact that Victoria is the one driving this is not the selling point that you think it is,” Lily replied.

Lily still had a bad taste in her mouth after Victoria tried to use Billy to bring down Adam. Billy understood that. He believed the world needed to know about Ashland, because he was going to find another victim. He said as far as the world saw it, Ashland was the victim – his wife stole his company and left him while he was dying from cancer. As a cancer survivor, Lily didn’t like what Ashland did, but that didn’t mean The Grinning Soul needed to expose him. Billy asked what if he talked to Amanda to make usre they were legally in the clear. Lily thought about and said that if Amanda gave him a thumbs up, he should go for it.

Billy went home and began his podcast on Ashland’s cancer lie.

Diane and Harrison had ice cream in the park, and Ashland saw them. Diane sent Harrison to the playground. Ashland approached Diane. She reminded him that he wasn’t supposed to be around Harrison. He knew that, but he missed his son and wanted to see him. She told him to leave. He told her no one would know if she let him talk to Harrison. She countered that Harrison would blurt it out, and she’d get in trouble. He said he’d tell the boy to keep it secret. Diane felt for Ashland, but she wasn’t going to betray Kyle’s trust. He implored her, but she firmly said no, and she went to get her grandson.

Diane dropped Harrison at home, then she met Michael at Crimson Lights. He’d arranged the meeting. Michael asked if the Abbotts were letting Diane have unsupervised outings with Harrison or if there was a chaperone. She thought he was implying that Kyle would be scared she’d kidnap her grandson. He wasn’t trying to insult her. He needed her help with something. He said rumor had it Ashland was on his way back, and he might even approach her on one of their outings. She said if something like that happened, she’d tell Ashalnd he was being inappropriate, and she’d take Harrison home.

Michael wanted Diane to “slip up” and “accidentally” let Ashland spend time with Harrison, so Ashland could get in trouble for violating the restraining order. Diane was appalled. She was sure this was something Victor dreamed up. She thought it was unconscionable to use Ashland’s love for his son against him. Michael said it was a preemptive move to keep Ashland away from Victoria. He said the family would appreciate Diane’s cooperation, and Nikki might even be prevailed upon to drop the investigation into Diane’s past. Diane said Kyle would be livid if she involved Harrison in this scheme. Michael told Diane she didn’t have to decide now – Ashland might not even be in town. Diane detailed her encounter with Ashland at the park today. She said she wasn’t going to help Michael – even if she wanted to, she’d already told Ashland no, so it was too late.

Ashland went home to his suite at the Athletic Club, and he was furious. “I can’t even say hello to my own damn son,” he seethed. Just then, Stannis sent him a link to the podcast.

Sally and Adam were at her office. He told her she needed to hire a COO. Sally was trying to see how things would play out first. Adam said he wasn’t going to wind up back in this office again. Sally remembered that Adam was hurt when Victor sold Newman Media to Victoria, but then he realized he could live with it. She asked if he was really ready to walk away from the company and his family. He took her hand and assured her he wouldn’t oust her from her position. She said she’d understand if he did. He felt she deserved this and that she’d do amazing things, and he wouldn’t rob her of that. It was new to her to have someone have so much faith in her abilities, but she said he didn’t have to make a sacrifice for her. He said it wasn’t a sacrifice – it would be a relief not to be forced to deal with these people’s crap anymore. He could see the contempt in Victoria and Nikki’s eyes, and Nick and Victor didn’t come to his defense.

Sally asked Adam how much of this rage was sparked by what Ashland said to him. She didn’t want him to get so caught up in revenge that he lost sight of what was best for him. He said he knew what he was doing. She looked into his eyes and said Ashland didn’t give a damn about him or have his best interests at heart. She said she did, so she didn’t want him to blow her off.

Sally told Adam she was on his side. She thought what Victor did to him sucked, but she wanted him to choose a path he wouldn’t regret. She was speaking from experience. He knew she meant well, but no one knew what it was like to be the Newman black sheep, constantly rejected by his so called next of kin. His dad said he was on equal footing with his siblings, but it wasn’t true, and it never would be. Sally said Adam had a brilliant business mind and he was the best choice to run the company. She was sure everyone would see that sooner or later, but if he gave into his anger, he’d take himself out of the running. He said he was never in the running. He’d been trying to play by the family’s rules and be the best version of himself, but it was never enough for them. She was afraid of the blowback that would happen if he lashed out at his family. He was willing to live with that, because right now, all he could think of was how sweet it would be to get even. They didn’t notice that Victor was in the doorway. “Is that really how you feel son?,” he asked.

Sally left, because Victor wanted to talk to Adam in private. Victor wanted Adam to stay with the company and work with his siblings to increase the Newman family legacy. Adam took that to mean Nick accepted Victoria’s offer. As far as Victor knew, Nick hadn’t given a definitive answer. Adam assumed that meant Nick, Victoria and Nikki to set the overall strategy for Newman. Adam asked if he was expected to stay at Newman Media and manage his own division. Victor said Adam was happy running Newman Media as a standalone company, and now the company was bigger after the merger with ChancComm. Adam said that, in that same time frame, Victor named him CEO of the company twice, without having any intention of keeping him in the spot. Adam said he’d been used as a placeholder for Victoria. Adam grumbled that Nick, who previously had no interest in the company, had leapfrogged over him too. Victor said Newman Media could be Adam’s domain. Victor told Victoria to treat Adam with respect and consideration. “Why would she do that when you don’t do that?,” Adam challenged. Adam felt like Victor was just humoring him while giving the real positions of influence to Nikki and the other kids. He griped that he was tolerated but not appreciated. Victor wondered if Adam needed to reminded of his history with the family. Victor said that when Adam came into the family, his siblings didn’t know him, but Victor received him with open arms and gave him every chance. “Do you realize the kind of damage you have done to this family when you first came? You wanted to kill your own father!,” Victor snapped. Victor said if Adam acted vengefully now, he’d reaffirm the suspicions of his siblings. Adam no longer believed that if he humbled himself and worked hard things would work out for him. “I’m out,” Adam said. Victor said he’d tried very hard to integrate Adam into the family – Adam was his son and his blood. Victor said he’d be heartbroken if Adam walked away. Victor left.

Victor went to Newman Enterprises, where he was glad to hear Nick took the job. Victoria was going to have a toast, and Nikki asked if Victor wanted to invite Adam. Victor said Adam decided he didn’t want to be part of Newman Media anymore. Victoria said she’d talk to Adam, for Victor’s sake. Victor said no. nick asked if Sally was leaving with him. Victor didn’t think Sally would go of her own volition. Nikki said no other company would hire Sally at that level. Victor told Victoria it was up to her to decide who she wanted to run Newman Media – perhaps someone with more experience and a less colorful history. Victoria would give that some thought later, but right now she wanted to celebrate her brother. They toasted. Victor was very happy two of his beloved children and his beautiful wife would shepherd the company he built into the future. Nick toasted to Victor, saying everything happening now was possible because of him.

Sally found Adam stewing at the Society bar. He said he told Victor he was sick of being used and pushed aside. Sally hoped Victor tried to talk Adam out of leaving. Adam said Victor made a half-hearted attempt. He felt that if Victor had really meant it, he would’ve given Adam a reason to stay. Adam was infuriated and insulted by what Victor said, so he quit. Stunned, Sally asked if she should also quit in solidarity. He said no. She noted that, at the end of the day, Victoria and Nick were in charge. Nick was Summer’s dad, and Sally was sure that he didn’t forget what she did to his little princess. Adam said maybe he should’ve stayed longer to protect Sally, but he couldn’t take it anymore. She understood. She wanted him to break free if he wanted to, and she said she’d have his back and land on her feet, like always.

Adam warned Sally that what came next at Newman would be anything but business as usual. Sally figured since it sounded like Ashland was launching an attack and might try to get Adam involved. Adam said regardless of what he did, everyone else named Newman would always assume the worst of him and that could end up impacting Sally. He told her to watch her back because things were about to get ugly.

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