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Recap written by Christine

Nick ran into Billy at Crimson Lights and asked if he talked to Victoria. Billy said he did, but he wasn’t able to get through to her. They were worried for Victoria’s safety. Billy said Victor was sending a security detail to Italy to protect Victoria, but that wouldn’t do much good when she was alone with Ashland. Nick wasn’t sure what to do – follow Victoria to Italy? Billy said Victoria would hate it, and it would further alienate her. Billy wanted to treat Ashland the way Ashland, Adam and Victor treated Gaines – lock him in a basement somewhere until he surrendered. At first, Nick said he hoped that was a joke, but when he saw that Billy was serious, they stared at each other as Nick briefly considered going along with the plan. Nick ultimately decided that it was a stupid idea, but he thought the fact that they even considered doing that showed how desperate they were. Billy thought Victoria was more desperate than them, because, besides something happening to their children, this was her worst nightmare. Victoria had been played for a fool and made to look weak and incompetent. Nick said Victoria would either go into denial or go after Ashland and prove he was the fool for underestimating her. Billy said whatever Victoria chose, it was clear she didn’t want their help.

Nick had to get home, but he hoped he didn’t wake up to bad news about Victoria and Ashland. Every instinct told him to rush to Victoria’s rescue. Billy understood, but he reiterated that Victoria didn’t want their help. He added that she didn’t want help from Victor either. Nick understood why Victoria didn’t want their dad’s help because that usually came with strings attached. Billy said it went deeper than that – one one hand Victoria wanted to be out of Victor’s control, but on the other hand, she wanted his approval and she always had. He thought Victoria was attracted to Ashland partially because he was a powerful man and Victor approved of him and the merger. Billy hadn’t said that to Victoria. Nick didn’t think he should. Billy added that Victor was worried Victoria risked his precious company, and unfortunately, she was going to do everything she could to win back his respect. Nick asked if Billy thought Victoria would reconcile with Ashland. Billy said no – Victoria was smarter than that. Nick wanted to think so. He just hoped Victoria had a plan to get Ashland out of the company and her life.

Victoria and Ashland were at her office. By phone, he told the pilot that the trip was canceled. Ashland noticed something wasn’t right, and he told Victoria. The pilot had seemed relieved that the trip was canceled, and Ashland didn’t see any storms on his weather app. Victoria sensed where Ashland was going with this, and she said it out loud – her father asked the pilot to stall the flight. She sighed about the lengths her father went through to try and control her. Ashland said Victoria’s family might have the preposterous belief that he’d hurt her. If that was the case, he understood Victor doing everything he could to protect Victoria. Victoria said Victor got his wish, because they were staying. Ashland noted that they weren’t staying because of Victor’s games; they were staying because they found out who set Ashland up, and they were going to prove it.

Ashland knew Victoria had wanted to get away from her family. He said the upside to postponing the trip was Adam wouldn’t have to fill in for them. Ashland relished the idea of Adam being kicked out before he could take the job. He griped about what Adam causing strife by framing Ashland. Victoria said that she couldn’t be sure Adam was guilty – it was just a hunch. Ashland said Victoria’s theory made sense. Victoria asked if Ashland had a plan to prove Adam did it. Ashland said the one good thing about Adam planting so much incriminating evidence against him was that it raised the chances that he’d made a mistake along the way for Ashland and Victoria to find. Victoria replied that people who pulled such elaborate cons usually made mistakes and were tripped up by their arrogance. Ashland asked what Victoria meant. “To come up with something this extreme, to convince yourself that you could actually pull it off, you would have to think that you were far more intelligent than anyone else. . .You would have to think that you were invincible. And that kind of overconfidence is beyond arrogance and I’m counting on that to bring Adam down,” Victoria said. Ashland was silent and seemed deep in thought. Victoria asked if something was wrong. Ashland said he was thinking about the worst case scenario – what if Adam covered his tracks so well that there was no incriminating evidence to be found? Victoria was adamant that they’d find something. “If this investigation proves fruitless, will you still believe in me?,” he asked. He couldn’t shake the feeling that she had doubts about his innocence.

Victoria held Ashland and tried to assure him she believed him. He just wondered whose side she’d take if if it came down to his word or Adam’s. She said she made it a rule to never believe one word that came out of Adam’s mouth. She asked if she’d be standing by his side if she didn’t believe him. She sensed he wasn’t convinced, and she asked how she could prove she was on his side. He apologized for what he’d said, and he promised he knew she was on his side. Victoria could relate to being framed by Adam. Ashland seemed stunned and asked for details. Victoria said Adam made it look like she tampered with her father’s medication, and she was arrested for it. She said the people who believed and loved her knew she’d never do anything like that. She apologized for ever doubting him. He said Adam’s sick game was forcing them to mistrust each other. He told her he was more convinced that Adam was behind this. He suggested they go home and rest. She told him to go ahead, because he had his health to consider. She was going to gather her family and tell them the trip was canceled. Ashland said Adam would be disappointed.

Rey and Chance were at Crimson Lights on the patio. Chance had filled out all the paperwork to end his leave of absence. Rey asked if Chance was feeling nervous. Chance was excited and ready for things to start feeling normal. Rey understood – after Sharon’s cancer, Faith’s surgery and Mariah’s kidnapping, he felt relieved when things settled down. Chance couldn’t wait to get back to the life he was building before everything was thrown off track. Rey respected Chance for facing his issues head on. Chance said he had no choice, since toughing it out failed. Rey said Chance could’ve called it quits. That was never an option for Chance – Abby never gave up on him, and he had to make good on the promises he’d made her. Rey had seen guys try to hide their pain, and they’d trashed their relationships and ended up miserable. Chance said he could’ve gone down that path if not for Abby and Devon didn’t convince him to go to therapy. He said Devon had been a pretty good friend through all this, and he’d worried about Chance, which was part of the reason they changed the custody agreement. Chance said Devon was a good father with an incredible bond with Dominic. Rey asked how that was for Chance. Chance was working hard to develop the same kind of bond with Dominic, but he didn’t have the same natural instincts as Devon. Abby said it would take time, but he couldn’t help feel like he would never be on the same level as Abby and Devon.

What Chance said reminded Rey of how he felt when he was around Nick. He clarified that it was different though because Chance was Dom’s dad while Rey was the stepfather to Sharon’s kids, so he’d never expect to have the same relationship with Faith, Noah or even Mariah that Nick did. “When they’re all together, even though they make me feel included and welcome, it’s like they’re the family unit and I’m the outsider,” Rey said. That was exactly how Chance felt. He said he was Dom’s father, but sometimes it felt like Devon’s claim to the baby was a bit more legitimate. He didn’t know if he’d ever bond with the baby like Devon and Abby did. Rey said it was a tough situation, because nobody had done anything wrong. Chance asked if Rey talked to Sharon about this. He said that he dealt with it on his own, and he told himself to be patient.

At Society, Abby overheard Chelsea get good news on the phone. The call ended. Chelsea got a good deal with a textile supplier. She and Abby talked about the high of starting a new business, and Chelsea brought up the time they worked together at the Grand Phoenix. Abby didn’t think “high” and the Grand Phoenix should be used together, after what happened at the party, with the spiked drinks. Chelsea said they had fun there though, before Phyllis… Abby was glad that Society was her sole focus now, because it gave her more time with Dominic. Chelsea felt like things were falling into place for her too. She was getting a fresh start, and she was proud of herself for not letting the bumps in the road derail her. “And by bumps in the road you mean my brother?,” Abby asked.
At first, Chelsea hoped she and Adam could get back together, but for every beautiful memory she reminded him of, he’d remind her of something devastating they did to each other. Adam wasn’t willing to take the risk again, and Chelsea eventually agreed. Abby had relationships where the love was there, but the trust was gone. Cutting your losses and walking way was hard. Abby was happy now, and she thought Chelsea would find that too, with someone who was more emotionally stable than Adam. Chelsea said Adam had grown up a lot. Abby hoped that continued, but she said you could never be sure when it came to Adam.

Chelsea said Adam was a great father. She said he could’ve used the things she did to drive a wedge between her and Connor, but he loved Connor enough not to do that. Abby wasn’t trying to insult Adam. She was just acknowledging the reality that her brother was a complicated person with a troubled past, and that meant sometimes Adam wasn’t there for Connor when he needed him. Chelsea said the same could be said for her, and that didn’t make her a bad parent. Abby apologized. Chelsea admitted she was defensive because everything Abby said had been weighing on her. She felt terrible about letting Connor down during her breakdown. Abby said Chelsea was ill, and it wasn’t her fault. Chelsea’s therapist said she was setting a good example for Connor by taking care of herself and trying to get better and be the best person she could be. She said Adam wasn’t in therapy, but he was trying to do the same. Abby gave Adam credit for that. Chelsea noted that Chance had been struggling. Abby conceded that she didn’t think less of Chance for that. Chelsea said they were all doing their best. Abby was surprised Chelsea was so protective toward Adam, given their history. Chelsea said they had a lot of history and they shared a son, so they’d always have that bond.

Rey and Chance went to Society. Chelsea gave Rey the hockey tickets for the game he and Connor were going to. Chelsea and Rey walked off. Abby told Chance that Rey was amazing – Chelsea almost ended his life, and now they were friends. Chance agreed that Rey was incredible, and he added that Chelsea had come a long way. Abby said Chelsea was healthier and stronger and navigating the coparenting thing with Adam. Abby thought it was nice that Rey was taking Connor to the game. She said he was a great father figure, maybe because he’d helped raise Lola, and now he was a father figure to Sharon’s kids. Abby added that Rey and Sharon took care of Christian sometimes, so it was no wonder they were welcoming Connor into the family fold too. Chance told Abby not to tell Nick, but sometimes Rey felt like an outsider in the family. Abby hoped Rey knew how valued and appreciated he was. Chance thought he did, but sometimes he compared himself to Nick and wondered if he measured up. Abby said that it wasn’t a competition – there was enough love to go around in the family. She kissed him and walked off, and he looked troubled. Abby came back and told Chance that things were great in the kitchen. He said she was having a great day. She replied that she was having a great life. This year taught her to be appreciative of the little things. She had a great husband and little boy, a great job, and they were all happy and healthy. She didn’t want to minimize what he was going through. He knew what she meant, and he thought tomorrow was going to be a big step forward for him.

Victor went to Newman Media and asked what Sally and Adam were doing there so late. Adam said they were working on ideas for Newman Locke. Adam shared his idea to integrate and strengthen Newman’s streaming platforms. Victor thought he made it clear that he installed Adam as temporary CEO to prevent any changes to the company, not to instigate them. Sally joined the conversation and tried to sell Adam’s pitch. She said if they delayed making decisions while waiting for Victoria to straighten things out with Ashland, Newman Locke would lose the race. Victor wasn’t concerned about that – he said the situation was temporary until Victoria threw Ashland to the curb, hopefully soon. Adam was rooting for Victoria, but he thought it would be a huge mistake to let the competition take advantage while Victoria was distracted. “The only ones I see trying to take advantage are the two of you,” Victor replied.

Victor liked the pitch, but the timing was off. Sally asked how there could ever be a bad time to strengthen the company’s profits. Victor knew Sally wanted the best for his son. He asked her to step out. Sally looked at Adam, who said he’d see her later, and she left. Victor thought Sally seemed to be a supportive COO. Adam said that if Victor was implying Sally was kissing up to him, he was wrong. He said Sally had always been very direct. Victor saw that Sally seemed eager for Adam to make his mark on the company. Adam saw no point in sitting on their hands. Victor said he’d had a lot of experience in life and in business. ‘Don’t get too close. Don’t you ever confuse the professional with the personal,” Victor warned. Adam said Sally wasn’t the problem; Ashland was, and they should be focused on getting rid of him.

Victor said he was singularly focused on getting Ashland out of the company, and that was why he didn’t want any distractions. He said if Victoria’s plan didn’t work, and Ashland’s deceit became public knowledge, they’d need to pivot on the spot. Adam thought Newman Locke would have something positive to pivot to. Adam wished Victor would have faith in him. Victor said he did. He shifted gears and said he liked the idea of a streaming platform. He wanted to hear more about it. Adam said they could buy land, build studios and when they weren’t using them, they’d rent them out to the competitors. Victor gave Adam permission to do the project. Adam was ready to move on this right away – he already knew who he wanted on the team. He also had a lot of other ideas he knew Victor would like. Victoria called, and Victor said he thought she was on her way to Italy. “No you did not,” she replied. She had something to discuss. He said he was currently talking to Adam. She told him to come to the office and bring Adam. Victor passed the message to Adam. Dam asked why Victoria wasn’t in Italy – did her plan already fall through? Victor didn’t know. They left. Ashland was lurking in the hallway, and he let himself into Adam’s office. Once inside, he pulled out a pair of rubber gloves.

At Victoria’s office, Adam asked Victoria why she didn’t go to Tuscany with Ashland. Victoria informed him that Victor convinced the pilot not to take off. Adam looked at Victor, who didn’t deny it or seem ashamed. Nick walked in, and Victoria thanked him for coming. She brought him up to speed on Victor deliberately having her flight delayed. Victoria said she and Ashland would be staying in town. Adam asked how that worked in everyone’s favor. Victoria said that Adam didn’t need to fill in as CEO anymore. Nick wanted to know Victoria’s plan if she was willing to share it. Victoria was waiting for Nikki so she could talk to everyone at once. Victor asked where Ashland was. Victoria wasn’t sure, but she had a pretty good idea.

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