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Recap written by Christine

Ashland got to Victoria’s office and found she was on the phone with the pilot. Their flight had been delayed. Ashland protested because it was a private flight. He got on the phone and was told that there was some sort of meteorological anomaly happening, causing storms to be coming from both the east and west, so it wouldn’t be safe to fly. He asked Victoria if they should insist the pilot fly anyway. Victoria thought they should trust the expert. Ashland told the pilot that they really wanted to get to Italy. The call ended with the pilot promising to get in touch as soon as it was safe to travel. Ashland couldn’t believe Victor put Adam in charge. He thought Victoria might want to try and talk Victor out of it. Victoria preferred to choose her own battles, and she didn’t want to expend energy on this. Ashland said Adam was free to run amok if he was in charge. She asked if he talked to Adam recently. He had, and he sai Adam made it clear that Victoria and Ashland shouldn’t stay in Tuscany for too long. Victoria said the problem would be solved once they cleared Ashland’s name. He thanked her for reminding her to stay focused on what was important. They hugged, and her face turned cold when she was looking over his shoulder.

Victoria wanted to know about Ashland’s conversation with Adam was like. He told her that Adam had the gall to congratulate him for pulling the wool over Victoria’s eyes. Victoria said it showed that Adam hadn’t changed, despite what he wanted people to believe. Victoria acted like she’d had a revelation, then she theorized that Adam was the one who framed Ashland. Victoria said that Adam even pulled off his own medical scam once and pretended he was blind. Victoria asked what Ashland thought of her theory. Ashland asked if Adam was really devious enough to do something like this. Victoria said it was child’s play for Adam. She pointed out that Adam hacked into ChancComm’s servers to publish that article on Ashland, and even though he said he did it to discredit Billy, it also made Ashland look bad. She said that Adam could’ve tampered with the hospital medical records and bribed the doctors in Peru and had Michael kidnapped. Ashland thought that made sense in a twisted way, but he didn’t think Victor would ever believe it. Victoria said they would need proof.

Victoria thought her theory made sense. She noted that no one was benefiting more than Adam from Ashland falling out of favor with Victor. Ashland said he was going to cancel the trip to Italy because they needed to stay and do a deep dive into Adam’s scheme. Victoria decided Ashland was right – they should stay and put the pressure on Adam, if he was behind this. Ashland said he loved how Victoria’s mind worked. He told her he wasn’t sure he would’ve realized Adam was the one behind these lies. He vowed to find a way to prove it, so they could get their lives back on track. He said, thanks to her, he could finally see an end to this nightmare. “That’s right, this is the beginning of the end,” Victoria said.

Nikki went to Newman Media and found Victor kicked back on a couch reading. She didn’t understand how he was so calm about Victoria going to Italy with Ashland. Victor said it’d be fine. He reminded Nikki that Victoria had a plan. Nikki was worried that Victoria’s plan to pretend she still loved Ashland would backfire. Victor said the plane wasn’t leaving any time soon, since ostensibly, there was a storm in the area. Nikki asked what that meant. Victor revealed that he’d told the pilot to say there was a storm. Nikki was glad about Victor’s ruse, but she said Victoria and Ashland would eventually realize there was no storm. Victor said he was stalling to give Michael enough time to look at Ashland’s contract and find a clause that would allow them to throw Ashland out on his ear. Nikki hoped they could get Ashland out of their lives. Victor recalled that Nikki hoped the allegations were false. She said she’d changed her mind now that she realized who Ashland really was. She was appalled Ashland had Michael held captive in a foreign country. Victor said Ashland wouldn’t get away with this. Nikki wasn’t sure about that, since Ashland never suffered any consequences for his crimes. “How long have you known me? You think I’m gonna let that bastard get away with it? You think I’d allow someone to cross me like that?,” he asked.

Nikki knew Victor would do whatever it took to protect the family and the business. She just never knew what Ashland was capable of. Victor said he had his suspicions about Ashland from the beginning. He’d once asked Ashland point blank if he was faking cancer to play on Victoria’s sympathy. Nikki remembered that conversation. Ashland denied it, and Victor didn’t interfere because Victoria had been as happy as he’d ever seen her. Nikki hoped Victor didn’t blame Victoria for falling for this well-orchestrated con. She reminded him that they all supported the marriage and believed Ashland loved Victoria. Victor wanted to end the discussion, but Nikki insisted on having this talk.

Nikki conceded that Victoria made a mistake trusting Ashland, but she said it didn’t diminish her accomplishments at Newman. Victor agreed that Victoria was running the company well. Nikki felt that Victor signaled he’d lost faith in Victoria’s abilities when he appointed Adam interim CEO. “That was a warning that you might have [Victoria] replaced as CEO,” Nikki contended. Victor thought it made sense to make Adam CEO while Victoria was busy. Nikki thought that, as COO, she was the logical choice to run the company while Victoria was out of the country. Victor said that wouldn’t have the same impact. “Exactly. You were sending [Victoria] a message. And now she may be putting her life at risk because she can sense your judgment and your disappointment,” Nikki said. Nikki thought Victoria would do anything to earn Victor’s respect, and it broke Nikki’s heart because right now, Victoria should know the family supported her unconditionally.
Victor said he loved Victoria and he’d never hurt her. Nikki knew, but she knew Victor could also be obstinate when it came to the business, and that wasn’t what Victoria needed. Victor knew that. He hadn’t made up his mind on how to handle the business. She didn’t think he should until the crisis was resolved. He agreed. He said the company wasn’t his priority now, Victoria was. He vowed to do everything in his power to get Ashland out of their lives.

At Society, Adam pulled out Sally’s chair, and she called him a gentleman. She asked if she’d get breakfast in bed in the morning. He told her to slow down – they were just having drinks. She said this was a special drink because he was in charge of Newman Locke. Adam had a lot of plans for the company, since he’d run it before, successfully. Sally assumed Adam kept an eye on everything Victoria did and thought about what he would’ve done in her place. He was a little unnerved at how well Sally could read him, but he was also impressed. She said it wasn’t hard since they had similar mindsets. She always kept an eye on the competition when she was in LA, and it got to the point that she could’ve run the companies better than their CEOs did. He said she was about to run Newman Media. It hadn’t sunk in yet for her. He wasn’t sure how long she’d be in charge. She said it didn’t matter – she just appreciated him having that kind of faith in her. It had been a long time, she added.

Adam toasted to him and Sally being in charge. She felt like they were jinxing it. She said Ashland and Victoria could throw a wrench in this whenever they wanted to. She asked what if Victoria went running to Daddy to complain. Adam stated that Victor already knew Victoria hated the idea of Adam being in charge. Adam guessed Victor may have put him in charge to provoke Victoria into staying, but it didn’t work. Adam said that Victoria was so determined to get Ashland out of her life that she was willing to let Adam, her least favorite person, be in charge. Sally bet Ashland was Victoria’s least favorite person. Sally didn’t know how Victoria was holding all the emotions in after this ultimate betrayal. Adam said Victoria couldn’t do it forever, and she wouldn’t be able to keep up the charade for long – Ashland would find out, because he was perceptive. Sally added that Ashland was vindictive. She wondered what would happen when Ashland found out his wife was playing him.

Adam said Victoria was her father’s daughter, and she knew how to take care of herself. If anyone was in danger, he thought it was Ashland. Sally and Adam envisioned Victoria pressing a button that ejected Ashland from the plane mid-flight and laughed. Adam didn’t know what Victoria’s plan was, but he’d bet she would come out on top. Sally was surprised Adam said that, given how he felt about Victoria. He said he and his sister didn’t see eye to eye, but she was a formidable opponent – resourceful and smart. Sally thought it sounded like Adam was rooting for Victoria. He said no, he just knew better than to underestimate her. Sally suggested it was in Adam’s best interest if Victoria won – since if she couldn’t get rid of Ashland, he might take Newman Locke from all the Newmans.

Sally thought that it might be in her and Adam’s best interest to wait for Victoria to send Ashland packing. Adam said that it didn’t have to be Victoria who kicked Ashland out, but Victor was giving her a chance to make things right. He knew Victor wouldn’t be shy about stepping in. Sally thought the scenario where Victoria failed and Victor removed Ashland might be best for Adam. Adam said that even if Victoria kicked Locke out, she’d still have a mess to clean up. He said it was all Victoria’s fault for falling for Ashland’s scheme. Sally heard Adam tell Victor that, and she remembered that Victor didn’t seem on board with it. Adam said Sally didn’t understand Victor like he did. He explained that Victor would always defend Victoria, especially in front of non-relatives, but he was disappointed in her. [Victoria] let [Victor] down. That is the greatest sin one of his children can commit,” Adam stated.

Sally felt that Victor promoted Adam as a test to see what he could do with the company. Adam said he had to do a better job than Victoria, and he needed to do it all before she got back from Tuscany. Sally thought that was a tall order, but Adam thought it was a piece of cake. He said Victoria grabbed a lot of headlines while running the company, but what had she really accomplished? Sally noted that Victoria doubled the size of Newman Enterprises. He said she was put in charge of a company her father built, then she merged it with one Locke built, then she bought ChancComm and Newman Media, but it wasn’t clear what she intended to do with all the shiny toys she’d acquired. Sally said Adam had to come out of the gate with a spectacular vision. Adam said he had to grab everyone’s attention. Sally brought up the time she designed Victoria’s wedding dress and used it to launch Newman Fashion. Adam said Sally had a knack for this, and that was why he wanted to discuss it with her. She was pleased he valued her input. She suggested they grab another round and start brainstorming.

Jack was at the outdoor cafe in LA. He flashed to his run in with Diane. He’d told her he wasn’t going to help her connect with Kyle, because that would ruin his life. Diane didn’t think Jack was the kind of man who could keep her from their son. Phyllis showed up, and Jack was shocked to see her, but he was also glad she came. Phyllis wanted to know why Jack was so strange over the phone. At first she thought something had happened with Allie. Jack said Allie was lovely, and she had this twinkle in her eye when she laughed. Phyllis knew where Allie inherited that from. Phyllis asked what was wrong. She’d talked to Lauren, and Lauren backed her up. Jack guessed he shouldn’t be surprised Phyllis knew him so well. He admitted something shocking happened. At first he was going to keep it to himself, but seeing her made him see that he couldn’t handle this alone, and there was no one he trusted more than her.

Jack told Phyllis that Diane was the texter. Phyllis retorted that Diane was dead and burning in hell. She added that Diane died on the bridge, or in the water. When Jack continued to insist that Diane was alive, Phyllis gently floated the theory that Jack was confused because of the stress he was under. She reminded him that she’d been one of several suspects in Diane’s murder. Jack laid out the whole story of Diane faking her death with the help of Deacon Sharpe and a stolen corpse from the morgue. Phyllis was horrified and asked what Diane wanted. Jack said Diane wanted a trade – she lead him to Allie, so she thought it was only fair that Jack bring her back into Kyle’s life. Jack said poor Allie was caught in the middle of all this. Phyllis asked if Diane had been in LA the whole time and if she knew Allie. Jack didn’t know any of the logistics. He just knew he stood in the home Keemo owned and listened to Diane say she’d changed and that she wanted to be back in Kyle’s life after everything she did to him. Jack told Diane that he would not let her break Kyle’s heart again. Phyllis didn’t support Jack’s stance.

Phyllis wasn’t defending Diane, who’d done something disgusting. However, she said Kyle was as little boy when Diane “died” and now he was a grown man with a family. Jack warned Phyllis that she was sounding a lot like Diane. Phyllis understood Jack’s desire to protect his son. She did the same with Summer all the time. She noted that Kyle was devastated when he lost his mom. Jack remembered it well. Kyle had been crushed, and everyone in town was a suspect in the murder, so Kyle didn’t know who to trust. Jack’s job had been to get him through it. “To lose your mother and then find out later that’s what she meant to have happen – she consciously meant to leave you? No. No. He is not going to learn that about her,” Jack stated. Phyllis didn’t think Diane was just going to slither away without reaching out to Kyle. Jack thought Diane was too cowardly to reach out on her own. He noted that she faked her death rather than facing what she did. He said Diane needed someone to do her dirty work, and if she couldn’t get that, she’d go lick her wounds and then ruin someone else’s life.

Phyllis thought Jack was engaging in wishful thinking because he wanted to protect his son. Jack refused to let Diane blow up the life Kyle built with Summer and Harrison in Milan. “I will do everything I can to keep her away from him,” he stated. “You had another son that you kept information from, and look what happened there,” Phyllis replied. Jack said it was different because he didn’t have the bond with Keemo that he had with Kyle. He said Kyle knew Jack loved him and would do anything for him. Phyllis told Jack to believe in and trust the bond he had with Kyle. Phyllis stated that she and Jack knew Diane Jenkins, and she’d blindside Kyle, just like she blindsided Jack. Jack realized Phyllis was right. He just didn’t know how to tell Kyle and turn his life upside down. This wasn’t something you did over the phone. Jack came up with an idea to buy some time so he could warn Kyle before Diane got to him.

Meanwhile, at her home, Diane called someone and asked for Kyle’s direct line in Milan. She lied and told this person that she was his aunt Ashley. It worked, and Diane got the number. Jack returned, and Diane was pleased to see him. Phyllis walked up and steadied herself on the door frame when she saw Diane face to face.
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