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Jennifer stands at home, looking at a photo of Abigail, as she takes more painkillers. Jack comes home, so she hides the pills in her pocket. Jennifer greets Jack and says she didn’t expect him back so soon. Jack informs her that he decided to go to the police station instead of the Spectator office because he had to see Leo Stark to hear his denial in person. Jack knows how much they wanted it to be Leo, so this nightmare would be over, but he thinks Gwen is right as he doesn’t think Leo did it.

Leo remains in his holding cell until Gwen comes to visit. Leo complains that she said she was going to help him. Gwen informs Leo that he was wrong about Craig setting him up as she reveals it was Clyde Weston.

Nancy returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and sits with Bonnie. Bonnie apologizes as she knows what Justin said upset her. Nancy responds that it’s ok because Justin was right as Clyde never showed up for the wedding, but the police did with a warrant for his arrest. Nancy cries that Clyde stabbed Sonny, and even worse, they said he killed Abigail. Bonnie tells her she’s so sorry. Nancy doesn’t want to believe it and kept arguing that the Clyde she knows would never do such horrible things but she couldn’t change their minds. Nancy breaks down crying as Bonnie hugs her.

Chad screams at Clyde to tell him what he did to Abigail or else he has two seconds to live. Clyde continues that he went there looking for Belle to send a message to EJ and admits he was going to fix it where EJ would find Belle strangled to death, but he couldn’t find her anywhere and it seemed like he broke in for nothing, but then he ran in to Abigail, who questioned what the hell he was doing there.

Leo questions Clyde being the one who framed him. Gwen confirms that’s what the cops are saying. Leo says it makes sense since he did get Leo in trouble for sticking him with the jewelry that he stole from Abigail’s room. Leo brings up Clyde having an alibi and wonders if he’s doing this for Nancy. Leo explains that he stole Nancy’s husband, so Clyde framed him for stabbing Sonny when it’s because of him that Nancy was back on the market. Gwen then reveals that Clyde didn’t just stab Sonny but he also killed Abigail. Leo realizes Clyde is a monster and questions it being Clyde from the beginning. Gwen tells him that the police finally found the right man.

Jennifer complains about how many times they’ve been told that the police have someone only for it to turn out to be the wrong person. Jack says he just had a gut feeling about Leo and explains that Leo told him things that he didn’t tell the police like how he used a steak knife to open Abigail’s jewelry box and then left it behind which is where the killer must have found it. Jennifer questions why Leo would hold that back from the police. Jack says it would’ve put Leo in Abigail’s bedroom with the knife. Jennifer calls it too much. Jack then gets a call from Shawn at the police station. Jack says he just came from seeing Leo Stark and he doesn’t it’s him. Shawn reveals that they are way ahead of him and just put an APB out on Clyde Weston. Jack questions it not being Craig Wesley. Shawn informs Jack that Clyde’s alibi fell apart as the footage was faked. Shawn just wanted Jack and Jennifer to be the first to know that it’s Clyde, so now they just have to find him.

Chad questions what Clyde did after running in to Abigail. Clyde admits that he lied and claimed that he was there to discuss a business proposal with Chad after EJ turned him down but Abigail pointed out Clyde wearing gloves in the middle of June. Clyde complains that if only Abigail hadn’t started asking questions.

Jack informs Jennifer that Shawn said they are completely certain that it’s Clyde Weston. Jennifer argues that Clyde was cleared months ago. Jennifer cries that nobody is safe as long as Abigail’s killer is out there. Jack suggests they go to the police station together to make them tell them everything they can instead of waiting for the phone ring. Jennifer decides it’s okay and tells Jack to go ahead, claiming she’s not feeling well. Jack decides he’s not going anywhere then. Jennifer urges him to go ahead and do what he thinks is right. Jack refuses to go anywhere if she’s not feeling well. Jennifer points out that she won’t be alone since Doug and Julie are upstairs. Jennifer says she doesn’t exactly feel sick but this is just a lot to take in and she thinks it would make things worse to sit around the police station.

Leo goes over how Clyde must have showed up after he took the jewelry and then took off. Leo questions why and what Clyde had against Abigail anyway. Gwen asks why he cares when he’s going to be let out in a few hours. Leo questions why Gwen made a special trip to tell him all this information when he wouldn’t be in here if it wasn’t for her. Gwen responds that they are now even because not too long ago, she was behind the bars because he couldn’t shut his mouth. Leo questions if she’s still playing him and why he’s still in the cell if they are so sure it’s Clyde. Leo then imagines Clyde being on the run with Nancy.

Nancy tells Bonnie that Clyde didn’t even show up at City Hall. Bonnie guesses he knew the cops were after him. Nancy gets a call from Chloe but says she can’t answer right now so Bonnie answers. Bonnie assures Chloe that Nancy is with her and she will stay with her awhile, then Nancy will call when she’s feeling better. Chloe thanks her as Bonnie assures that Nancy is her friend and hangs up. Bonnie tells Nancy that Chloe is worried about her. Nancy complains that she’s a combination of desperate and stupid when all she wanted was someone to love her while all Clyde wanted was a warm bed and someone to vouch for him after being in prison.

Chad questions Clyde not wanting to be questioned after breaking in to a woman’s house. Chad complains that Clyde just didn’t like that Abigail was on to him. Clyde asks if he’s sure he wants to hear this. Chad asks if he wants to keep living and demands that he talk. Clyde continues his story and notes that Abigail went to call the police when he saw the knife on the table. Clyde says they could just stop here since the rest will be hard on Chad. Chad screams at him not to move and repeats that he wants to hear it all, so he screams for Clyde to talk.

EJ, Belle, and Shawn go to City Hall but find it empty. EJ wonders if the wedding was called off or even there. Belle sees the flowers and says Nancy was. Shawn states that Clyde was a no show. EJ guesses he must have figured the police were after him. Shawn suggests he could’ve dumped Nancy at the altar. Belle recalls Clyde being all dressed up like nothing was wrong. EJ asks if he’s been in touch with Ben. Shawn says he couldn’t reach him. Shawn says there’s no way Clyde could have seen this coming and it doesn’t make any sense. Belle tells EJ that they have to tell Shawn everything, the whole story. EJ claims not to know what she means but Shawn questions what whole story.

Leo tells Gwen that even if Clyde is on the run, the police should have caught him by now. Gwen points out that even Leo was able to evade the police until now. Gwen says she just came to tell him what she knows and now she’ll go worry about other things. Leo stops her and says he does believe her. Leo apologizes for telling the police that she did it. Gwen apologizes for telling them where to find him. Leo admits that he deserved it and asks if there’s anything he can do to make it up to her. Gwen suggest Leo can help her figure out what to do about her pill popping stepmother.

Jennifer talks to her picture of Abigail and cries about not having anyone to talk to now about how much she misses her. Jennifer then imagines Abigail appearing before her.

Clyde feels he’s just adding to Chad’s problems but says he’s the boss, so he continues telling his story. Clyde recalls seeing the knife on the table as a way out of the mess he was in. Clyde threatened Abigail that he wouldn’t let her ruin his life and argued with her about her past relationship with Ben. Clyde complained about EJ telling Belle that he had him shot, so he came to shut her up for good. Clyde brought up that he warned EJ that if he talked, he would come after his family.

Shawn questions Belle and EJ not telling him on the phone that Chad has a gun and went after Clyde. EJ argues that they don’t know for sure but Belle says that’s not what he said before. EJ claims he was mistaken. Shawn complains that he’s wasting his time. Belle knows EJ thinks he’s protecting Chad. Shawn decides he’s going to make a call and put an APB out on Chad. Shawn orders Belle to keep EJ there and out of his way as he exits the room. Belle apologizes to EJ but says Shawn needed to know.

Chad tells Clyde to tell him what he did to Abigail and after that, he’s done with him.

Jennifer asks if her vision of Abigail is an angel from Heaven or a ghost. Jennifer calls her the answer to her prayers as she will listen and understand the Hell she’s been living in since losing her.

Gwen tells Leo about how Jennifer threatened to unleash on her if she told Jack about her painkillers and that she’d ruin what’s left of her relationship with Jack. Gwen feels she’s really progressed in her relationship with Jack, so she doesn’t want to ruin that but feels he deserves to know what Jennifer is doing to herself. Leo argues that Gwen has lost her edge and reminds her to always look out for herself. Leo says Gwen telling Jack won’t do anything for her. Leo adds that Jennifer’s problem might work out for her since Chad would need someone to lean on. Leo tells Gwen that Jennifer’s pill problem is not her problem and they can drink to that.

Bonnie advises Nancy not to blame herself for being conned by an expert, pointing out that he fooled the cops too. Bonnie talks about spending her life not thinking she deserved what she has now. Bonnie assures Nancy that it does get better. Bonnie acknowledges learning a hard lesson and encourages Nancy to now believe in herself and not let Clyde or Craig take that away from her when they’ve already taken so much. Bonnie hugs Nancy as she cries.

Jack goes to the police station and finds Gwen. Jack says he came for an update but everyone is out on the search. Gwen confirms that she already knows about Clyde and she came to tell Leo. Jack guesses it’s just a waiting game now. Jack decides he should get back to Jennifer. Gwen questions him leaving her home alone. Jack points out that Doug and Julie are there and asks why. Gwen claims she’s just a bit jumpy with Clyde on the loose. Jack says he’s gotten to know when she’s not telling him the whole truth. Gwen admits that she’s not and there’s something he needs to know about Jennifer.

Jennifer tells her vision of Abigail how much she misses her every day and questions how to find closure. Jennifer talks about how she started taking painkillers again just to get through the day even though she doesn’t want to and promised that she would never touch them again, but she doesn’t know how else to go on living without Abigail. Jennifer cries that she just needs to understand why and asks if that’s why Abigail is here. It looks like the Abigail vision is about to talk but then she sees the bloody wound on her stomach.

Clyde asks if Chad can’t guess what happened next and if he really wants him to spell it out for him. Chad responds that he wants Clyde to spend the last few minutes of his rotten life, telling him what he did to his wife. Clyde tells Chad that he asked for it. Clyde then continues his story of how he fought with Abigail and stabbed her.

Shawn returns to EJ and Belle with the security camera footage from the City Hall. Shawn finds the footage of Chad grabbing Clyde outside and taking off with him. Belle tries to ask EJ if he has any idea where Chad would have taken Clyde, but EJ had already taken off. Shawn tells Belle to stay there as he goes after EJ.

Clyde finishes telling Chad about stabbing Abigail. Chad cries that he took their kids to a movie while Clyde was doing that to Abigail. Chad screams at Clyde, asking if he enjoyed it.

Jack questions how Gwen knows that Jennifer is taking prescription drugs. Gwen explains that she went back to the house because she forgot her purse and Jennifer had the bottle. Gwen says when she saw the first three letters of the generic label, she knew instantly what they were. Jack questions if she’s sure of what she saw. Gwen reminds Jack that she was blackmailed in to delivering the same things last summer so she’s sure. Jack argues that Gwen can’t be right. Jack acknowledges that Jennifer had a problem before but she’s stronger now. Gwen asks if she’s strong enough to deal with the brutal murder of her own daughter. Jack repeats that Gwen can’t be right. Gwen reveals that she told Jennifer that she knew and then she threatened to turn Jack against her if she said anything. Gwen tells Jack that he has to help Jennifer. Jack then rushes out of the police station.

Jennifer tries to hug her vision of Abigail but she disappears. Jennifer cries for Abigail to come back.

Chad goes over that Clyde stabbed his wife, left her for dead, and sent a message to EJ. Chad then questions what Sonny ever did to him and why Clyde went after his best friend too. Clyde explains that it had nothing to do with Chad and he wasn’t planning on it, but he read in the paper that Leo said Gwen killed Abigail but he knew that wouldn’t hold up and somebody had to pay for the crime, so he figured who better than Leo. Clyde adds that Nancy told him about Leo’s hit list so he knew he just had to get a hold of that list. Clyde reveals he took it right out of Leo’s bag when he wasn’t looking and Abigail was on it, so he knew he just had to take out someone else on the list and it would look like Leo was taking them out one by one. Clyde points out that it couldn’t have been Chloe or Brady because of Nancy which left Chad and Sonny, so he guesses Chad lucked out. Clyde explains that he started to trail Leo, who led him right to Sonny’s office. Clyde says he used the same knife he used on Abigail and then all he had to do was set the scene. Clyde asks if that’s enough detail for Chad. Chad declares that he’ll be satisfied when Clyde is dead. Clyde notes that Chad keeps saying that, but he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet.

Nancy thanks Bonnie for trying to make her feel better, but she doesn’t know how she will ever come back from this 1-2 punch as she won’t be able to walk in a room without people pointing or whispering about her. Bonnie jokes that if she lived like that, she’d have to live where no one knows her name. Bonnie adds that she gets judged in this house but not by Justin which makes it all worth it. Bonnie encourages that Nancy will have that too. Bonnie asks Nancy to promise not to stop trying to be happy and believing in love.

Jack goes home looking for Jennifer but just finds the empty pill bottle on the living room floor.

Jennifer goes driving while crying. Jennifer imagines Abigail in the seat next to her and declares she’s going to make Clyde pay. Jennifer swears that anyone who ever hurt Abigail will pay as she promises her justice.

Gwen exits the police station and sees an oncoming car coming towards her.

Shawn returns to Belle and complains that there’s no sign of EJ as if he disappeared. Belle guesses EJ thinks he knows where Chad is. Shawn remarks that he’s got a murderer on the loose and two DiMera brothers with revenge on their brains.

Clyde laughs that Chad doesn’t have the guts. Chad yells at him to shut up. Clyde dares him to shoot an unarmed man in cold blood. Clyde then grabs Chad and they fight, losing the gun in the process. Clyde ends up pinning Chad down on the ground, saying he’ll be with Abigail now soon. Clyde chokes Chad until EJ arrives and shoots Clyde in the back.

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