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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Locke, Ashland told Victoria that he’d just gotten off the phone with her father. Victoria wanted to know exactly what Victor said. Ashland didn’t want to upset her, but she said it was too late. He said that Victor threatened to expose Ashland’s crimes to Victoria unless Ashland capitulated. Victoria thought Victor’s actions were unacceptable. Ashland wondered how many times Victoria’s family would claim to have uncovered something about his past that made him unworthy of her. Not to mention the implication that she was a weak-willed victim who’d fallen prey to a monster. Victoria agreed with all that, but she wondered why Victor would be trying to squeeze Ashland out, and why Victor would tell this messy and obvious lie. She thought there had to be something more going on.

Victoria guessed Victor’s happiness at the wedding was a farce. Ashland suggested that Victor was happy at the wedding because he thought Ashland would die soon. Or, Victor pretended to be happy at the wedding because he wanted the merger to happen, so he could take control of Locke Communications and force Ashland out. Victoria realized Ashland was theorizing that Victor was the one behind the claims that Ashland faked his cancer. Victoria didn’t think Victor was framing Ashland. She didn’t think her dad would stoop that low or hurt her. Ashland said he was just trying to think of alternatives. Victoria understood why Ashland’s mind would go there, and she could also see why Victor bought into this insanity so quickly, but she didn’t think Victor was the one who made it look like Ashland was faking his illness. Victoria couldn’t picture Victor creating this wide-range conspiracy; that was too dark, even for Victor. Ashland apologized for suggesting it. Victoria wasn’t mad at him. She was angry with Victor for trying to use this lie to push Ashland out of her life. Ashland held Victoria and said he was sorry Victor was putting her through this. She said to feel sorry for Victor, because she was going to fight him with everything she had. “He has no idea what I’m capable of. But I am not gonna let him get away with this,” she said.

At Newman Media, Victor said to himself that Ashland just made a big mistake. “No one threatens me. No one threatens my family and gets away with it.”

Nate and Nick met at Society, at Nick’s request. Nate asked if this was about Faith or Victor’s health. Nick said his father and daughter were doing fine. Nick noted things were going well for everyone health-wise – Sharon was in remission, and Ashland had a miraculous recovery. Nick asked if Nate had ever seen anything like it. Nate admitted that Ashland’s amazing turnaround was rare. Nate wanted a deeper look into the protocol.

Nick thought Nate was a great friend of the family, even though they sometimes didn’t deserve it. Nick didn’t like leaning on that friendship, but he didn’t have a choice. Nick swore Nate to secrecy, then he said it had been suggested that Ashland’s recovery was too good to be true. Nate said sometimes science could seem like a miracle. Nick explained that there were indications that Ashland never had cancer. Nate knew Ashland pretty well, and he found it hard to believe Ashland would do something like this. He asked if the person spreading this rumor even knew Ashland. At that point, Victor arrived and joined the discussion. Nate knew some of the doctors Ashland worked with, by reputation, and they were excellent doctors who witnessed Ashland’s condition firsthand. Victor said Ashland deceived the Newmans, Victoria and Nate. Nate just couldn’t believe this without irrefutable evidence The trio went to Newman Media, where Victor let Nate watch the interview from the Peruvian doctors who said they were paid to pretend to treat Ashland. Nate asked if Victor took the video to the police or if he was sure the people on video were even doctors. He asked what decent doctor would pretend to treat a patient. Nate asked what about the doctor in NY, or the lab that ran the tests and diagnosed Ashland with cancer. Victor tried to get information from them, but he’d been stonewalled. Nate said that was called medical confidentiality. Nate asked if Victor even knew where the money came from to pay off the Peruvian doctors. He said someone could’ve framed Ashland by making it look like the money was from him. He thought Victor and Nick were falling for a scam. Victor said there was more evidence about Ashland on the way – he was a dangerous fraud. Victor wanted Nate to help them protect Victoria.

Nick understood Nate’s position, and he conceded that they didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, but he said there was enough evidence to seriously question Ashland’s condition. Nate had seen Ashland experiencing symptoms, and they were friends. Victor knew this was a shock, and he knew that feeling deceived was a hard pill to swallow, but he said to think about Victoria. Nate asked why Ashland would do such a thing. Victor said Ashland wanted Newman Enterprises.

Victor said that if Nate took a look into Ashland’s past, he’d see why it was easy for Ashland to convince Victoria to fall in love with him and convince her to merge the companies. Victor was sure Nate wondered why Ashland suddenly befriended him. “He needed your medical expertise to substantiate his BS about his medical history,” Victor said. Nate resented the implication that he’d been used. Victor asked if Nate read the ChancComm article – Ashland faked his own death and assumed the identity of the real Ashland Locke. Nick said Victoria knew everything in that article was true, but she was under Ashland’s spell, and she bought his excuses. Nick said that they had to gather proof and make sure Ashland didn’t do any more damage to Victoria or the family, and they needed Nate’s help to do that. Nate asked if there was incontrovertible evidence that Ashland lied about his condition. Victor had damning evidence, but it wasn’t enough to make Ashland come clean. Nick said they needed Nate’s help as a medical expert. Victoria burst in. “You have finally crossed the line. There is no coming back from this!,” she yelled.

Chance came downstairs. He’d taken a nap after his first therapy session. Abby knew it was a draining experience and asked if she could help. He assured her he wasn’t shutting her out, but he needed some time to figure this out on his own. He said they could talk about it later. Chance had wanted to take Abby to dinner, and he was sorry it didn’t look like that would happen. She didn’t care about going out. She was just grateful he was going to therapy. She’d never understand what it was like for him in Spain, but she was grateful he was facing his trauma and fighting for himself and Dominic. They kissed, and she began to unbutton his shirt.

Later, they held each other, and Chance said Abby had no idea what this did for him. Abby felt the same way. She said they’d have a lifetime of experiences, and they’d watch their son grow up. He told her they had a lot to be thankful for, then he suddenly said he was hungry, so he’d make them a snack. When he returned, he said it wasn’t easy to talk to Dr. Huffman, but he thought it helped. The doctor saw three tours overseas. Abby thought that was one of the reasons Sharon recommended him. Chance said Dr. Huffman understood a lot of what Chance was going through. Chance said that when people said what happened in Spain wasn’t his fault, he didn’t believe it, though he tried to. He felt that if he tried to move past it, it would be another betrayal of his team. He thought his team deserved to be remembered. Abby silently wept as she listened. He didn’t understand why he felt like he had to hold onto all this guilt. He knew he needed help. He said the pain had been a wall between him and Abby, and he couldn’t let that happen. She knew how hard it was for him to talk about this stuff and open up. She thanked him for sharing it with her. She wanted to be his safe place. He said she was. “I am determined not to fail this mission,” he assured her.

Faith was hanging out at Mariah and Tessa’s place. She asked how they knew they were in love. Mariah didn’t think there was a moment to pinpoint. She thought they both knew before they could admit to to each other. Tessa said that being in love was great, but it could be really scary. Faith shifted gears and asked how many guests they’d have at the wedding. They were keeping it small, so they could spend time with each guest. Faith asked if Mariah and Tessa were worried that their relationship wouldn’t survive the separation when Tessa was on tour. Mariah said it was very hard when Tessa went on the road, but it was also not an excuse to behave badly. Mortified, Faith said she didn’t mean to bring up any bad memories. Tessa said it was okay – being a couple meant that you sometimes worked through things when you made mistakes. Mariah said when she lost her way, Tessa was understanding, compassionate and forgiving. Tessa said Mariah had done the same for her. Mariah said it wasn’t always easy or fun to be in a relationship, but it shouldn’t be agonizingly hard either. Tessa said that you found out what worked and what didn’t, so you could make things last forever. Faith didn’t know what forever looked like, except from her grandparents’ example. Her grandparents had been together a long time, but even they’d had breakups. Her parents once loved each other, but now Sharon was with the awesome Rey, and Nick wasn’t with anyone. It made Faith wonder if soulmates were really a thing, and if they weren’t, why risk ending up with a broken heart.

Mariah wasn’t sure she and Tessa had answers on the risks of falling in love. Tessa added that she and Mariah felt like soulmates because they couldn’t imagine being apart. Tessa conceded that it was risky to put your heart out there, because it could end in ruin. Mariah added that things might work out too, but you wouldn’t know until you took the chance. Mariah asked if this was about Faith and Moses. According to Faith, things were really good with Moses, like life made more sense when he was around. But she knew things could change when they went to college, even though she didn’t want it to. Mariah said when you found the one, it could be reassuring, but sometimes things didn’t work out. Tessa said letting yourself fall in love required bravery and trust.

Noah showed up at Crimson Lights with a beautiful woman his age hanging all over him. He introduced Sharon to Cindy and explained that they were there to get some espresso before heading to the club. Cindy had already heard a lot about Sharon. She showered Sharon, Noah and Crimson Lights with compliments. It became apparent that Cindy didn’t actually know Noah well, because she called him Noel. Sharon asked about Cindy. She had a day job, but social media was her passion. Sharon asked if this was the woman Noah knew from his old days at Walnut Grove. Cindy wished she’d known him back then, but they just met today. Cindy said she and Noah had a meet-cute when they collided on the street while each was texting on their phone. Their phones went flying, and her screen broke, and he fell. They ended up going into a nearby cafe together and having a meal. She called him Noel again. He corrected her, and she acted like she’d been calling him the right name all along. Faith came in and met Cindy. Cindy joked that she was meeting Noah’s whole family on the first date.

Back upstairs, Mariah commented about her little sister pondering love and forever. Tessa said that wasn’t on her mind when she was that age. Mariah knew Tessa didn’t have it easy when she was a teen. Tessa said she’d been dealing with the chaos of her sister and parents. She noted that Mariah didn’t have it easy either. Mariah said she’d been too busy sleeping on friends’ couches and avoiding going home to the woman who raised her. They noted that Faith didn’t have it easy either, given all she’d dealt with. Mariah was glad that Faith got to focus on normal teenage stuff now. Mariah was touched by what Tessa said about their relationship. Mariah knew she put their relationship to the test the last few months. Mariah said Tessa didn’t have to be strong for both of them anymore. Mariah was back on her A game. Mariah admitted she’d been scared about Dom being sick, and it made her wonder what would happen if their future child got sick, if they even got to be parents. Mariah said her talent was worrying about things that hadn’t happened. Tessa said the world was scary, and that was why she was glad to have a partner to help her through it. She was glad to return the favor. They hugged.

Faith and Sharon went to the patio and talked about Cindy. Sharon thought Cindy seemed fun, and she said Noah seemed to be meeting a lot of new people in town. Faith thought it would be nice if Noah found someone. She said maybe seeing Mariah and Tessa happy put the idea of settling down into Noah’s head. Noah walked out and said no one was looking to settle down. Noah thought Sharon and Faith needed something more exciting to talk about. Faith said Noah didn’t have to settle down with Cindy – love could be scary, but you had to be brave. Faith said she was going to go vet Cindy, and she went inside. Noah had a feeling what Sharon was thinking. He conceded that he’d been with the woman from Walnut Grove the other day, and now Cindy tonight, but he was young, and he was supposed to go out and have fun. He asked her not to make this weird or find a reason to worry about him.

Inside Crimson Lights, Faith thought it was interesting that Cindy was a social media influencer. Tessa walked in, and Cindy was starstruck. She knew every lyric and she’d been to almost all Tessa’s concerts in the area. Tessa thought she’d seen Cindy at some of the shows. Cindy was sure Tessa was just humoring her. Tessa said that Cindy had a friendly smile, and she was usually drawn to people like that when she was performing. Cindy squealed in delight. Noah and Sharon returned. Cindy wrapped her arm around Noah again and told him that this was turning into one of the best dates of her life. Cindy said she and Noah were going to the club on market street, and she invited Tessa and her fiancee to come along. Noah was sure they had plans.

Cindy asked Noah if he was having as good a time as she was. Before he could fully say he was, Cindy screamed because “the other half of Teriah” arrived. Cindy couldn’t believe this was happening. Noah said Mariah was his sister. Cindy read online about Mariah getting on stage and professing her love for Tessa. “I died!,” she exclaimed. Cindy asked Noah to get her another espresso. Cindy wanted Mariah to tell her all about her relationship with Tessa.

Tessa told Noah that Cindy seemed cool. He said he forgot what he was missing being by himself so much. He told her that, like Faith said, Tessa and Mariah were couple-goals. He was trying to have some fun, and he’d leave the true love to the experts.

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