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Recap written by Christine

Victoria came downstairs into her living room, and she remembered the pep talk Billy gave her the night before. She also recalled that Billy had told her he was thinking about making some changes in his life. Nikki came over, and they chatted. Nikki was glad to hear Victoria slept well. Victoria felt like she’d stepped into her new life and was ready to plan for life after Ashland. Nikki said Ashland met with a violent untimely death. Victoria thought he brought it on himself. She stated that the real tragedy was what Nick was going through. She thanked God Nick was there to save her. Nikki thought Victoria should take some time to deal with the fact that Ashland wanted to do her harm. Victoria said she already dealt with his lies, and now that he was gone, she wouldn’t wallow into how everything went so wrong. She’d already dug deep and mourned Ashland, and now she felt free. Nikki thought that was wonderful. Nikki was less pleased when Victoria said she had a drink with Billy of all people.

Victoria was about to go on a video call about her plans for Newman’s future. She was in a great mood, and Nikki told her to consider the optics, since as far as the rest of the world knew, Ashland had just died in a car accident. Victoria said she’d acknowledge her late ex spouse briefly, noting the irony that Newman Enterprises wouldn’t be the company it was without his dedication to growing the company’s reach. She was also going to put an end to the rumors and speculation about the company. Nikki said there were a lot of employees who were still loyal to Ashland. Victoria would make it clear that they were free to leave, but no other company would offer them the opportunity that Newman Enterprises would.

Nikki suggested they go to the office for the video conference, so Victoria would look more polished. Victoria didn’t think that was necessary. Nikki offered to take down some notes for Victoria to reference during her speech. Speaking to Nikki as her co-CEO, not her mother, Victoria said she needed to know Nikki trusted her. Nikki said of course she did. Nikki thought it was wise of Victoria to get ahead of the internal issues and make a show of strength. Victoria said her true leadership at Newman was about to begin.

Nick went to the ranch to talk with Victor. Nick was still grappling with causing Ashland’s death. Nick said he’d thought he’d killed a man, then because of Victor’s decision, he thought that he didn’t kill Ashland, then later, he realized that he did. Victor maintained that Ashland caused his own death. Nick said that was true, in the big picture, but he’d been forced to lie to the police, thanks to Victor. Nick had struggled to do what was best for Victoria, her kids, his own kids and his parents. After some time and distance from the situation, Nick understood Victor was just trying to be a good father. Victor appreciated that. Nick acknowledged that Victor and his security team had no idea what happened in the house when Victor decided to stage the accident. Nick said Victor acted on instinct, and at his core, he was predictably protective, and he’d do anything to protect his children. Victor said that would never change. Nick admitted Victoria came to this conclusion faster than he did. Nick though that Victoria was more like Victor than any of the other children were.

Nick thought Victor was lucky Chance closed the case. Victor was grateful to his son in law. Nick was surprised and relieved Chance didn’t continue the investigation. Victor was surprised his team had been so sloppy – they’d been fired. Nick asked what if Chance had kept the case open. Victor said that he would’ve handled it. Nick was troubled by how nonchalant Victor was about how close he came to going to jail. Nick wanted Victor to stop taking these risks. Victor said he’d never stop protecting his kids. Abby came over, and they all acknowledged what Chance did. Abby said he’d been right to close the case. Nick said he’d always be grateful, and he left for work. Abby was glad this was over and nothing bad happened to Victor. He intended to thank Chance later. She didn’t think that was a good idea. Abby said Chance had a strict sense of right and wrong. Victor was adamant that Chance did the right thing, but Abby said he didn’t see it that way. She said Chance was used to seeing things in black and white, and this was a gray area for him. Victor felt that, as a husband and father, Chance should know that it was always right to protect your family.

Billy brought Lily’s coffee to the office. He’d planned to give her breakfast in bed, but she’d left the house early to catch up on the stuff she missed while she was on her business trip. He talked about balancing the podcast and being her right hand. He’d figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up. He thought he’d spent time recording to avoid some issues, and that wasn’t fair to Lily or the company. He’d found a replacement. Lily was caught off guard by this sudden news, because she thought that he was quitting as COO. He said he’d found a replacement host for The Grinning Soul. He was walking away from both podcasts and focusing on her and Chancellor Winters. He said they could turn the recording studio into a meditation room. She asked if he really wanted this or if he was saying it because he thought it was what she wanted to hear.

Billy said of course Lily factored into his decision because he loved her. He realized the podcast was taking up too much space in his life, and he’d promised not to let that happen. He wanted to be a man of his word, and he’d told his mother that he wouldn’t let her down after what happened at ChancComm. Lily inferred that Billy was doing this because it was demanded of him. He said he was saying he wanted to be someone with integrity. He didn’t want to do a half-assed job while everyone else was putting their blood sweat and tears into the company. She asked if he was sure, because she didn’t want him to resent her. He didn’t like the feeling that something was changing between them, and he didn’t want to take advantage of her. He said this was where he wanted to be and where he belonged.

Chelsea ran into Adam at the rooftop bar and asked why he was reading the Newman Media website. He said he was trying to stay abreast of the investigation into Ashland’s death. Chelsea assumed Adam’s family was relieved to be done with Ashland. Adam said they hoped. She asked if there was something else about Ashland’s death that was being kept under wraps. He didn’t know. He found out about his family the same way the other lowly non-Newmans did – he read about it. Chloe came up. Adam hoped Chloe and Chelsea became a dynamic duo again. He left.

Chelsea liked Chloe’s dress. Chloe said it was Chelsea’s design. Chelsea knew, but she said it wouldn’t have gone into production if it weren’t for Chloe. Chloe heard the podcast. Chelsea said it was fun, and she faced criticism from the listeners, but she got to give it back to Billy. Billy was the best, according to Chelsea. She said doing a podcast felt like walking on a tightrope, but she felt safe with him, because if she was about to fall, he’d fall first to take the pressure off her. She used to edit herself, but now she felt like she could say how she felt. Chloe felt kind of jealous that Chelsea could let loose with Billy in a way she couldn’t with Chloe. Chloe was really happy Chelsea had this opportunity that was exactly what she needed. Chelsea said she really needed this job – it pulled her out of her own head. Chloe knew Chelsea wasn’t having it easy at Fenmore’s, and she understood why she had to go on hiatus from designing. Chloe thought Rey would be proud of Chelsea, almost as proud as Chloe was. Chelsea could tell something was off with Chloe.

Chloe admitted she was dealing with a lot and some days seemed bigger than others. Chelsea asked if Chloe was afraid to spill because of the animosity between Sally and Chelsea. Chelsea confessed that Chloe was right not to badmouth Sally to her, because if she did, Chelsea would later throw it in Sally’s face. Chloe said she and Chelsea did know each other well. Chelsea thought Chloe was the smartest most intuitive hardest working person, and Sally was lucky to have her. Chloe said her issues were just growing pains, and maybe one day she’d be in a position like the one Chelsea landed in. Billy came up and pulled Chelsea aside.

Billy informed Chelsea that he was leaving the podcast. He thought she should take over. She called that the worst idea he’d ever had. He had faith in her ability to run the show without him. She questioned him walking away, just like that from something he clearly loved. He said the podcast had been a distraction from his commitments. She thought he was saying it was a distraction from his real job, and she said he’d never been more real or more alive than when he was behind that microphone. She said the whole point of doing this was she was doing it with someone who really got her and was really fun. He enjoyed working with her, but he made a commitment to Chancellor Winters. It didn’t make sense to her that he was in a rush to get back into a world that he’d admitted he didn’t belong in. He said he had to show he belonged there and see this through. She vowed to say “I told you so” when he inevitably realized he made a mistake. He left.

Billy went back to work and gave Lily a yin yang necklace. She thought it was beautiful, and she asked if it was because they were opposites. He said it was like them – two central parts that were stronger together. They kissed.

At the park, Kevin was eager to hear how the DA reacted when Chance handed them the evidence of the cover up. Chance said he concluded there was no probable cause. Kevin protested, and asked if this decision came from Paul. Chance said it was his decision. Kevin didn’t understand Chance’s reasoning. He thought Chance had more than enough evidence for the DA to get a conviction. Chance said he made the right choice. Kevin said Chance could keep telling himself that, and whether he pursued the case or not, the evidence still existed. Kevin said there could be serious blow-back for both of them if the evidence came to light.

Chance said the conclusion from the investigation was in the police report, and some of it had been redacted, so it wouldn’t be publicly available. Kevin pointed out that several people knew Victor covered up how Ashland died – he and Chance knew, the Newmans knew, and so did the so did Victor’s security guys. He said the truth always had a way of coming out. Kevin’s mom and brother had played fast and loose with the law and it came back to bite them. Kevin had made mistakes, and he’d worked hard to turn his life around, and he made a commitment to Chloe and his kids. Chance said he did a full investigation and he put everything in the report.

Adam was coming into the park and he saw the discussion. Kevin asserted that Chance would pursue the case if it involved anyone besides Victor. Chance said he didn’t do this for Victor. Adam stepped behind a pillar and listened in. Chance denied that he was protecting his father in law. Kevin said anyone on the outside would say “There go the Newmans again, standing shoulder to shoulder against all foes,” Kevin said. Kevin stated that Chance was a Newman, so people would think he was ignoring the facts. Chance said Ashland showed up at his ex’s wanting revenge, and his death was unintentional, whether it was caused by a car accident or someone protecting his sister. Chance thought it was best not to drag the family through whatever charges the DA might file, because it could be a scandal for the real victim, Victoria. While Kevin fully agreed, he said it was the DA’s call, not Chance’s.

Kevin said this wasn’t like Chance. Chance was adamant that justice was done. He’d run it by the chief, and he agreed. Kevin asked if Victor was just going to get away with this like he did everything else. Chance said that for everyone in the room, justice was done. Kevin pressed the issue, and Chance got frustrated and shut it down. Chance was grateful for Kevin’s help on this job, but it was time to move on. Chance left. Adam walked up and said he overheard everything.

Kevin pretended not to know what Adam was talking about. Adam said he’d heard that someone made a judgment call without thinking of how it’d affect Kevin. Kevin claimed he was fine. Adam said that was true for now, but Chance was a Newman by marriage, and Victor’s newly anointed family hero. Adam thought it was convenient for Victor to have a son in law on the force. Adam said he’d seen this play out before – Victor was going to do everything in his power to make sure Chance stayed squeaky clean, so he could fix all the Newman’s legal problems, and Chance would have no problem hanging Kevin out to dry. Kevin knew Chance was a good man who wouldn’t do that to him. Adam didn’t think Kevin should be so sure about that. Adam told Kevin that the smart thing to do would be to get out in front of this.

Chance came to the ranch at Victor’s request. Chance didn’t realize Abby would be there. Victor said Abby had been adamant that Victor didn’t call Chance. He asked why, and she said she just thought he was busy. She left to relieve the nanny. Victor thanked Chance, man to man. Chance said he didn’t want or need it.
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