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Marlena meets John in the town square. John surprises her with flowers. Marlena asks what the occasion is. John says it’s just been too long since they’ve had a date night. They go to kiss but Paulina arrives and interrupts them as she exclaims that they are just the people she was looking for. Paulina then asks to join them.

Kayla goes home where Steve is cleaning his gun. Steve states that he’s going with Stephanie to meet her mystery client tonight but Stephanie comes in and says he’s not.

Ava enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion, where EJ says there is something they need to discuss. Ava tells him that she’s busy and to get to the point. EJ then asks Ava why she’s trying to seduce his son.

Li and Gabi lay in bed together. Li guesses she’s still thinking about Stefan. Gabi says not exactly, but she can’t get what Dr. Rolf said out of her mind that if she knew what he was able to achieve, she’d be on her knees thanking him. Gabi wonders what Dr. Rolf meant by that. Gabi adds that he also said she was showing her ignorance of his powers and wonders if he did something that she should know about.

Dr. Rolf continues working on Stefan in his lab. Dr. Rolf declares “finally!” as Stefan then wakes up and grabs Rolf’s arm. Dr. Rolf says he didn’t expect Stefan to regain consciousness as it’s too soon. Rolf goes to inject him with a syringe but Stefan manages to push his arm away.

Paulina hopes John and Marlena don’t mind her intruding on their date night but says this is important. Paulina states that they are two of Abe’s closest friends and she needs their help. Marlena asks if there’s something wrong. John notes that Abe hasn’t mentioned anything to him. Paulina says Abe wouldn’t which is why she has to, so it’s time for his friends to step up. Paulina tells them that they need to convince Abe to run for Governor since he’s stubbornly resisting. Marlena calls that a very big decision that could change one’s life. John is sure that Abe has reasons if he doesn’t want to run. Paulina argues that Abe can’t see that he could actually win since all the focus groups love him and he’s at the top of every poll. Paulina asks what the problem is since he’d do an incredible job. John responds that with all due respect, the problem is her.

Steve tells Stephanie that they’ve been through this that she’s his daughter and she’s about to walk in to a trap, so he’s not going to let that happen. Stephanie tells him that she can take care of herself and she trusts the person who set up this meeting. Steve says he doesn’t. Stephanie worries that he could blow this deal and wonders what the client would think if her dad shows up with a loaded gun. Steve argues that it’s not a client, it’s Orpheus. Stephanie argues that he doesn’t know that. Steve points out that she doesn’t know it’s not him and she doesn’t even have the name of the person she’s meeting with. Steve asks if Kayla is with him on this, reminding her that Orpheus was planning and threatening to travel to Seattle because their kids live there. Stephanie complains that Steve sounds paranoid and freaked out over the alarm system going off. Steve admits he’s extra vigilant when it comes to Orpheus, but argues that Stephanie doesn’t understand how dangerous he is. Steve brings up how Orpheus kidnapped Kayla and Marlena, sealed them in coffins, and set them on fire. Steve declares that he’s not going to let Orpheus do something like that to Stephanie.

Ava questions what EJ just said. EJ informs her that he happened to be walking past her bedroom earlier after their argument and saw Johnny holding her on her bed. Ava states that she was upset and Johnny comforted her. EJ argues that it doesn’t justify a woman her age going after a man young enough to be her son. EJ remarks that it makes her look pathetic, so Ava then slaps EJ.

Li tells Gabi that Dr. Rolf is an egomaniac. Gabi says he’s also a genius. Li feels Gabi just wounded his pride so he’s desperate to prove himself. Gabi wonders what project he’s working on. Li says he’s always talking about his work and is delusional. Gabi still wants to know. Li asks if she really cares and calls it all madness. Li brings up a rumor he once heard that Dr. Rolf made an army of Marlena clones and says he wouldn’t put it past him. Gabi asks if Li isn’t concerned about what Rolf is up to. Li is sure he has wild schemes in his head but he doesn’t think she needs to worry about him. Gabi decides she’ll take that off her list then. Gabi thanks him for being so reassuring and asks if they should have dinner. Li says maybe later but right now he wants to reassure her more as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf warns Stefan that he could hurt himself as he’s in no condition to get out of the bed. Stefan angrily declares that Dr. Rolf doesn’t tell him what to do as he is Stefan Octavius DiMera and he tells Dr. Rolf what to do.

Kayla tells Steve and Stephanie that they both have a point but notes that Stephanie has to admit it is a bit suspicious that her client is not revealing their name. Stephanie says it happens all the time in her business. Steve assures he won’t come in guns blazing and if it turns out legit, he will walk away and leave her to it. Kayla thinks that sounds reasonable. Steve adds that if it is Orpheus, she will be glad he’s there. Stephanie argues that he’s not listening to a word she says and is treating her like she’s still a child. Stephanie complains that she can’t live this way. Kayla assures that they don’t think of her as a child. Steve refuses to apologize for trying to protect his daughter. Stephanie tells him to back off and let him live her life. Steve decides to go take a walk and exits.

Paulina thinks John feels she is the problem because of her almost tearing down the town square for Price Town but John says it’s not that. John clarifies that it’s the life Abe and Paulina are building together. John states that Abe loves Salem, all of his friends are here, and it’s his home so if she puts him out on the campaign trail for months and then has to move to the capitol, he will miss all his friends and they will miss him. Marlena adds that they would miss Paulina too. John calls Abe the best man he knows and says they watched Abe grieve and suffer when he lost Lexie all those years ago. John knows part of Abe never got over that and he threw himself in to his kids and his work but now his kids are no longer close by, but he’s finally found real happiness with Paulina. John asks why not just let Abe enjoy that.

EJ asks Ava if slapping him was really necessary. Ava says it was and it felt good. EJ questions if she’s sensitive about her age. Ava tells him to go to Hell. Ava says that what EJ saw between her and Johnny was two people being kind to each other, which he wouldn’t understand. Ava explains that Johnny stopped in to see if she was okay after he watched his father treat her like dirt. Ava complains that her husband just died and all EJ cares about is getting his hands on Jake’s shares so he can vote Gabi out. EJ responds that he has a responsibility to his family. Ava is glad it all came out and that EJ showed his true colors. Ava calls him a snake for accusing her of helping Gwen to escape prison, threatening to call the cops, and ordering her to move out if she didn’t hand over her shares. Ava argues that EJ doesn’t give a damn about family since his brother died and he didn’t even blink. EJ responds that he barely knew Jake, so he was nothing to him and neither was his twin brother Stefan.

Stefan questions what the hell he’s doing here. Dr. Rolf tells him to relax. Stefan screams at him that he doesn’t tell him what to do as he works for him. Stefan asks where he is and why he’s here. Dr. Rolf informs him that he’s in a medical facility in Salem, recovering from a very serious injury as he was shot. Rolf explains that people were trying to kill his mother, so he dove in front of the bullet. Dr. Rolf asks if Stefan remembers anything about that at all.

Paulina questions if John doesn’t think she and Abe would be happy as Governor and First Lady. John thinks she needs to give Abe the space to decide for himself. Paulina argues that she is which is why she wants them to convince him. John doesn’t feel comfortable about that. Steve approaches and says he’s sorry to interrupt but asks to talk to John in private as it’s kind of urgent. John then steps away with Steve and asks what’s going on. Steve tells John that he needs his help as he’s afraid Orpheus is going after his daughter. Paulina thinks Marlena thinks she’s being selfish for wanting Abe to be Governor. Marlena asks why she’s pushing it. Paulina thinks it would be great for Abe since he’s been a bit lost since Lani left and he needs something bigger to work for in his life. Paulina doesn’t want to drag Abe away from Salem or his friends and insists they will be back all the time. Paulina thinks it’s at least worth considering. Marlena thinks they need to sit down and talk about this together to see what they both want and make the decision together. Paulina guesses she means no more accosting his friends while they are on a date. Paulina thanks Marlena for the advice and says it’s just hard for her sometimes as when she wants something bad, she goes after it with a vengeance. Marlena praises her and Abe as strong and confident, so she thinks when they sit down together, they will decide what’s right for both of them.

Stefan yells at Dr. Rolf that he needs to get out but Dr. Rolf warns that it wouldn’t be a good idea as he could suffer a setback. Dr. Rolf wants to sedate him but Stefan yells at him not to and shouts that he needs to find out what the hell happened to him. Dr. Rolf reminds him that he took a bullet meant for his mother as he was trying to help her escape from Salem but she got caught and he heroically jumped in front of the bullet to save her. Dr. Rolf asks if he remembers that. Stefan responds that it’s starting to come back and asks how long he’s been in here. Dr. Rolf reveals it’s been four years which shocks Stefan. Dr. Rolf is sorry he had to find out this way. Stefan doesn’t understand and asks if he was in a coma. Dr. Rolf responds that it wasn’t a coma, he was dead.

Li and Gabi lay in bed after having sex. Gabi says she feels very reassured and offers to call room service. Gabi then gets a call from Ava, who says she never got back to her about the job she offered, so she thinks it’s time they finalize the terms. Gabi says it’s not the best time but Ava doesn’t care as she is here with EJ, who is trying his damndest to get her to turn against her. Ava tells Gabi that EJ is standing right there and invites her over for dinner, so they can talk it over like adults. Gabi repeats that it’s not a good time, but Ava says it’s happening with or without her, but she will definitely want to be there for this. Ava hangs up. EJ wants to discuss before Gabi arrives but Ava says anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of Gabi. Ava then heads to the kitchen to plan the menu.

Kayla tells Stephanie that Steve is just worried about her. Stephanie complains that he’s trying to take over her life and it’s getting in the way of her business. Stephanie feels she doesn’t need Steve’s protection as she’s been taking care of herself for a long time and she isn’t going to stop just because Steve wants to keep her in a box.

After Paulina leaves, Steve brings John back to Marlena and says he’s sorry that he took him away from her. Marlena thanks him and asks if everything is okay. Steve says they are working on it. John asks if Marlena has ordered yet. She says no because she was waiting for him. John says that’s good because Steve just invited them over for dinner at his place. Marlena asks if that’s what they had to talk about in private that was so urgent. Steve claims he just didn’t want Paulina to feel left off. Marlena asks if Kayla knows about this. Steve says he’ll text her on the way and notes that Stephanie hasn’t seen them since she’s been back home, so she will be really happy to see them. John asks what Marlena says. Marlena says if it’s what John wants, so they walk off together.

Stefan questions what Dr. Rolf means by telling him that he was dead. Dr. Rolf explains that the bullet killed him and his heart was removed, then donated to someone else. Stefan doesn’t follow. Dr. Rolf tells him not to worry as he took care of everything and now he’s very much alive. Stefan notes that his heart is beating but Rolf said it was removed. Dr. Rolf informs him that he has a new heart now which Stefan questions. Dr. Rolf knows it’s unusual but he’s the one who kept him alive after his wife authorized the donation. Stefan then remembers Gabi.

Li tells Gabi that she doesn’t have to go to the DiMera Mansion. Gabi responds that she has to keep Ava happy but Li says she doesn’t. Li reminds her that Ava can’t flip on her or she’ll reveal that her marriage to Jake is a sham. Gabi says it sounds like Ava is trying to choose between her and EJ. Li feels it’s bad precedent to let Ava feel like she’ll go running over there any time she threatens her. Gabi admits that she hasn’t moved forward with her job offer. Li argues that Ava won’t throw away the opportunity just because she’s playing hard ball. Gabi points out that Ava is with EJ every day and he can be very convincing when he wants to be. Li offers to go with Gabi in case she needs backup. Gabi thanks him for the offer but she doesn’t want Ava to know that he knows her marriage to Jake is a sham. Gabi tells Li to just trust her. Li advises her to be careful. Gabi assures that she’s got this and then exits the room.

Ava returns to the living room with a bottle of wine and informs EJ that she picked out shrimp appetizer and lobster as the main course. Ava asks if there’s a problem. EJ points out that Ava picked the most expensive wine in his cellar and questions what the hell she is doing. EJ remarks that she’s awfully easy with his money. Ava points out that it’s the family money since she is a DiMera. EJ warns her to be careful with the wine glasses as they are family heirlooms. Ava then drops one of the glasses, smashing it. EJ asks what the hell is wrong with her and if she’s insane. Ava then picks up the second wine glass but EJ grabs her arm to stop her. Gabi walks in and asks if she’s interrupting. Ava says no and to watch out for the broken glass. Gabi asks what happened. EJ claims that Ava’s hand slipped. Gabi asks why she’s here. Ava responds that they have a lot of DiMera business to discuss so she’s here for dinner. Ava tells EJ that since he doesn’t have a role at the company right now, what she and Gabi have to talk about doesn’t concern him, so he can leave.

Stefan asks Dr. Rolf where Gabi is. Rolf tells him not to worry about her. Stefan argues that she’s his wife. Rolf informs him that Gabi has no idea about his situation. Stefan questions if Gabi doesn’t know he’s alive. Dr. Rolf says they will deal with that in due time and encourages him to lay down. Stefan refuses, insisting that his wife spent the last 4 years believing he is dead. Dr. Rolf says there is plenty of time to make things right, but he doesn’t want to risk further injury so he will prepare further injection. Stefan orders him to stay away from him as he needs to get home to his wife.

Steve returns home with John and Marlena. Stephanie excitedly hugs Marlena and John as they welcome her home. Kayla remarks that she’s not so sure that Stephanie is happy to be home. Marlena asks if they are missing something. Steve states that they had a disagreement before he left. Steve knows things got tense before and he’s sorry, but he also knows she’s a grown woman and can make her own decisions so he will try to step back. Stephanie thanks him and says that means a lot. Marlena likes to see communication and asks if they don’t want them here right now. Kayla says they are always welcome. Stephanie wishes she could stay but she has an appointment. Steve wishes her luck and hopes her meeting goes well as they hug. Stephanie thanks him and says it means a lot to her that he admitted he was wrong. Stephanie says goodbye to them and then exits. Steve then grabs his gun and tells John it’s time for them to hit it. Kayla questions what is going on. Marlena questions them leaving. John calls for a rain check on date night. Kayla asks where they are going. Steve responds that they are following Stephanie to her meeting. Kayla argues that he promised her that he wasn’t going to do that. Steve declares that it’s his job to protect their daughter. Steve then rushes out with John. Kayla worries that Stephanie is not going to be happy about this.

EJ questions Ava thinking she can dismiss him from his own house. Ava asks if he’s going to hang around their dinner like some creeper. EJ argues that neither of them belong here. Ava and Gabi point out that their late husbands would beg to differ. Ava calls this a private meeting and suggests EJ use this time to look for a job and remarks that Julie’s Place is hiring. EJ argues that they both think their so clever, but they’re really just screwed up, angry, and bitter women. Ava and Gabi joke about EJ still being there. EJ then walks out of the room. Gabi tells Ava that was not what she was expecting when she came over. Ava calls EJ a selfish, controlling, narcissist but says she knows how to deal with guys like him. Gabi asks how she’s going to do that. Ava says she will let EJ hang himself as he completely showed his hand and that he only invited her to move in to manipulate her and now his hostility is out in the open as he wants her gone but she’s not giving him the satisfaction. Gabi says when she came in, she felt a little tension between Ava and EJ that felt a little sexual. Ava disagrees but Gabi says she knows heat when she sees it. Ava argues that EJ was trying to stop her from breaking his family’s precious wine glasses and asks if Gabi wants to help her break the rest of them. Gabi feels that they couldn’t stop looking at each other and brings up the thin line between love and hate. Gabi points out that’s how it started with her and Stefan.

Stefan demands Dr. Rolf’s car keys and says there’s nothing to talk about as he needs to get home to his wife. Dr. Rolf tells Stefan that he cannot drive. Stefan insists that he’ll be fine. Dr. Rolf disagrees and tells him that he needs to get back in bed, pointing out that he’s not even dressed. Stefan doesn’t care, reminding Dr. Rolf that he works for him. Stefan demands Rolf’s car keys again. As Dr. Rolf goes to get his keys, he discretely texts Li messages of “SOS”

Stephanie goes to a dark room for her meeting and asks if anyone is there, then she is startled by a noise behind her.

Kayla tells Marlena that she was really convinced that Steve and Stephanie had worked things out. Marlena says she was too, but she can’t blame Steve for wanting to protect Stephanie. Kayla says she won’t but Stephanie will since she doesn’t want them treating her like a kid anymore. Marlena agrees that it’s unnerving to have Orpheus running free. Kayla wonders what to do about Steve and Stephanie. Marlena says when Orpheus is involved, she agrees with Steve that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stephanie asks who is there. John and Steve barge in and Steve covers Stephanie while John grabs the person in the room.

Kayla wishes it didn’t have to be like this, but the more she thinks about it, the more she’s glad that John and Steve are there just in case, then there’s a knock at the door.

John calls for Steve to turn on the lights and when he does, it is revealed that Paulina was the client that Stephanie was meeting with.

Kayla answers the door to see Orpheus has arrived.

Li goes to the lab and asks Dr. Rolf what’s going on and what his texts were about. Li then sees the empty bed and questions where Stefan is. Dr. Rolf responds that Stefan O. DiMera has left the building.

Stefan limps his way back to the DiMera Mansion and starts having a flashback of his last night with Gabi. Stefan declares that he has come back to Gabi.

Gabi tells Ava that she remembers when she and Stefan used to fight. Ava assures Gabi that there’s nothing going on between her and EJ and she has no interest in him. Ava declares that the only DiMera that was for him was her husband. Gabi tells Ava that they are alone so she can stop calling Jake her husband. Ava warns Gabi to keep her voice down as EJ has a habit of eavesdropping. Gabi assures that EJ is gone and they both know that Ava didn’t marry Jake which is the reason she can’t just call whenever she feels like it because she can expose the truth. Gabi reminds Ava that she is not the Widow DiMera. Gabi declares that she is the only Widow DiMera.

Stefan approaches the front door of the DiMera Mansion and says he can’t wait to see the look on Gabi’s face as he then rings the doorbell.

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