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Gwen and Leo meet at the Bistro for a drink. Leo is hopeful that Gwen talked to Jack about getting him a job at the Spectator, but guesses by her look that it didn’t go very well. Gwen tells him that she’s sorry but Jack doesn’t feel like a gossip column is the right fit for the Spectator. Leo guesses drinks are on her then. Gwen questions him already spending all the money she gave him. Leo complains that it was nothing but admits it was a dream to be wrestling around with Xander. Gwen is just glad it went as planned and hopes now Bonnie will stop saying it was Xander who kidnapped her.

Alex, Sonny, Bonnie, and Justin return home from eating at Buddy’s Burgers. Bonnie compliments Justin for remembering her favorite. Justin says she’s had a rough couple of weeks. Sonny says it was the least they could do. Bonnie plays the scratch off from the restaurant and wins free fries. Bonnie declares that the real prize is having a nice dinner with her family. Bonnie thinks the bad times are finally over and just in time for Christmas. Bonnie then starts to imagine the Clown mask on Alex, Sonny, and Justin and tries to ignore it.

At the hospital, Steve is on the phone with Kayla, telling her that he will call with another update as soon as they let him see Tripp again. Steve hangs up as Stephanie arrives and says she heard about the explosion and asks if Tripp is going to be alright. Steve says he thinks so as Sarah is checking on him now. Stephanie questions what Tripp was doing back in Salem. Steve explains that Tripp felt the need to confront EJ about his mother’s death, but it turned out Ava was alive and was the one who set the bomb. Steve remarks that it looks like Ava’s up to her old tricks again and it almost got his son killed.

Sarah tells Tripp that she’ll probably let him go after she gets his blood work and x-rays back. Tripp assures that he feels fine and is only here because Steve insisted. Sarah points out that Tripp inhaled a lot of smoke. Tripp responds that his mom is the one he’s worried about. Sarah understands Ava stopped breathing and Tripp saved her life. Tripp points out that she may have survived the blast but she’s still probably going away for a long time.

After Ava demands Xander get her out or else she’ll tell Sarah that he was her accomplice in the kidnappings of Bonnie and Susan, Xander argues that she can’t be serious. Ava responds that she doesn’t joke around. Xander questions her expecting him to help her escape police custody. Ava remarks that he is her partner in crime and asks who else she’s supposed to turn to. Xander says not him anymore. Xander says goodbye to Ava but Ava warns that she meant what she said, so if he doesn’t help her out, she will tell Sarah everything she knows. Xander argues that Sarah believes in him while the whole town knows what Ava is now. Ava reminds him that she still knows that he kidnapped Susan and Bonnie and how he did it, so once she gives Sarah all the details, she will know that he never changed and he’s still the heartless criminal he always was. Ava declares that Xander will lose Sarah forever.

Bonnie tries to ignore that she sees clown masks. Sonny asks if she’s alright. Bonnie blames the food she had. Justin offers to get her something but Bonnie decides she can get it and hurries out of the room. Alex guesses she’s not alright after all.

Steve tells Stephanie that things could’ve been a lot worse if Tripp hadn’t showed up to confront EJ, since when Ava found out that Tripp was in the church, she went back inside to warn everybody about the bomb which gave them a split second to cover and may have made all the difference. Stephanie asks if anyone else was hurt. Steve tells her that Nicole and Ava were, but he hears both are going to be fine physically. Stephanie comments that it sounds like Ava has really gone over the edge. Steve thinks she has been for awhile but just didn’t let them see it.

Tripp tells Sarah how he tried to get Ava to go to Seattle with him but she wouldn’t hear it. Tripp feels maybe then none of this would’ve happened as he believes he’s the one person who can still get through to Ava. Tripp states that what she did was horrible, but she’s been through so much as she saw Jake get killed and then EJ put all this pressure on her. Tripp asks if he can go check on Ava again but Sarah wants him to stay put until his results are in. Tripp insists that he feels fine but Sarah reminds him that he’s not the doctor today. Tripp asks Sarah to check on Ava and let him know how she is.

Xander complains that Ava has gotten him in to enough trouble as it is. Ava argues that she just offered him a job. Xander says he was desperate for money and he never saw the money. Ava tells him that he botched the job. Xander argues that the job never included murder. Ava says it also didn’t include letting Susan go and he did that. Ava argues that if Susan hadn’t shown up at the airfield, she’d be living it up now on DiMera millions in a tropical paradise. Ava says because of Xander, she had to drive Susan off a cliff to get rid of her. Xander questions blaming him for that. Ava warns that if he doesn’t get her out, she will be blaming him to the cops.

Sonny asks if Bonnie is still seeing clowns. Alex asks what he thinks. Alex tells Justin that he’s really sorry. Justin guesses Bonnie still doesn’t feel safe and is making excuses not to leave the house. Sonny understands her being freaked out after being kidnapped twice. Alex wonders if the guy would really try again after botching it twice and Xander getting a look at him. Justin hopes Xander scared him off for good. Sonny asks if there’s anything they can do to help. Justin suggests they just go out and get a drink since Bonnie is probably embarrassed. Alex says a drink sounds good. Sonny asks if Justin is sure there’s nothing they can do. Justin assures that Bonnie is his wife, so he’s got this and tells them to go have fun. Sonny and Alex then exits the mansion as Justin states that it’s Christmas.

Leo asks Gwen if she’s thought about how she’s going to cash in the favor she did for Xander. Gwen argues that she was just helping a friend out of a jam. Leo says they both know she thinks of Xander as more than a friend and now he owes her in a major way. Leo encourages that this could be Gwen’s ticket back in to Xander’s heart, or at least his bed.

Ava warns Xander that if she goes to prison, she’s taking him with her. Xander argues that she’s handcuffed to a bed and he’s not a magician. Ava brings up that Xander once kidnapped Nicole and kept her in a cage. Ava warns Xander to act fast because once the cops find out she’s okay, they will be there. Xander wishes Ava died in the car crash. Ava mocks the idea of him hurting her feelings. Xander picks up a scalpel from nearby and warns that her feelings are not the only thing he’s capable of hurting.

Steve and Stephanie check on Tripp. Stephanie hugs him and is thankful he’s alright. Steve asks what the verdict is. Tripp responds that Sarah won’t let him leave until his test results come back, but at this time of night, that could take forever. Steve encourages him to be patient. Tripp wants to see Ava. Steve offers to go check on her for him but Tripp says he already asked Sarah to do that. Stephanie guesses it was a real shock to find out that Ava was still alive. Tripp admits he’s still processing it. Steve remarks that it would’ve been better for everyone if she stayed dead this time. Tripp questions how he could say something like that. Steve complains that Ava is the reason why Tripp got kidnapped and Susan is dead. Steve adds that everyone in that church could’ve gotten killed because Ava wanted to get even with EJ. Tripp argues that Ava just isn’t in her right mind. Steve shouts that’s why Tripp needs to stay away from her because she’s completely out of control and dangerous. Steve pleads with Tripp to promise to stay away from Ava from now on.

Ava tells Xander to put the scalpel down because they both know he’s not going to use it. Xander says he wouldn’t be too sure about that. Xander says if he gets rid of Ava, all his problems disappear. Ava argues that he doesn’t have the guts anymore, because if he did, he would’ve killed Susan when she asked him to, so he won’t kill her either. Xander argues that Susan was a decent person while Ava is no better than the cockroaches in his motel, so he’d be doing the world a favor. Ava dares him to go ahead and put her out of his misery then. Sarah then enters the room and questions what Xander is doing there. Xander claims he was just trying to get answers out of Ava, hoping he could get Bonnie and Justin the name of the hired goon she had been using but she’s not talking. Ava says she’s still weighing her options and waiting to see how things shake out around here. Sarah suggests Xander let the police do the interrogating. Xander agrees it was a mistake to come here and says they should go. Sarah tells him that she promised Tripp that she would examine Ava, so she’ll catch up with him later. Xander refuses to leave Sarah alone with Ava after she just tried to blow up a church full of people. Ava asks how much trouble she can cause while chained to a bed. Sarah tells Xander that she will see him later. Xander then reluctantly exits.

Gwen mocks Leo’s idea of her getting a favor from helping Xander. Leo says he’s just pointing out that she scored major points with her ex and Leo believes it totally makes up for drugging his wife. Gwen doesn’t think Xander would agree. Leo encourages that Xander sees Gwen in a new way and they are bonded by this big secret. Gwen argues that it doesn’t change anything since Xander loves Sarah and they are happily married. Gwen says the whole reason Xander worked so hard to cover his tracks is because he can’t bear the thought of losing Sarah. Leo doesn’t think Sarah is right for Xander. Gwen accuses Leo of projecting and says he thinks that if she can get married Xander in to bed, then he can do the same with Sonny, who is also happily married. Leo argues that he told her that he and Sonny are just friends. Gwen tells Leo to admit that he’s mad for Sonny. Sonny and Alex then arrive.

Bonnie comes back to the living room and asks Justin where Alex and Sonny are. Justin tells her that they decided to go out for a drink. Bonnie worries that she ruined their family night. Justin asks about her stomachache. Bonnie says she’ll be fine and goes to drink a glass of water, but she envisions the clown mask on Justin again and drops the glass in shock.

Tripp refuses to abandon Ava again. Stephanie says they know he loves her. Steve argues that Ava has gone way too far and he’s going to end up getting hurt again. Tripp complains that no one will look out for Ava but him so she’s all alone. Steve says Ava did that to herself. Tripp blames EJ pushing her over the edge. Steve says that’s why he needs to stay away from her. Tripp points out that Ava came back to a town where everyone hates her, just for him. Tripp adds that Ava promised she would be different for him and she made good on that promise for a long time. Tripp wants Ava to know that he still loves her no matter what. Stephanie admits that she gets what he’s saying. Steve then agrees that he does too, but he can’t get past the fact that Ava almost got Tripp killed tonight. Steve cries that he can’t lose him again as they hug.

Sarah tells Ava that her vitals are good while Ava begins looking distracted. Sarah mentions that her son is really worried about her and doesn’t understand why she went to such extremes. Ava questions her and says this was all his idea and he wouldn’t leave her alone until she did what he wanted. Sarah asks if she’s blaming Tripp. Ava clarifies that she means her other son, Charlie, and declares that this is all his fault.

Steve calls Kayla and informs her that Tripp got his test results back and the x-rays showed smoke inhalation but no permanent damage and his heart is fine. Steve hopes he can convince Tripp to fly back to Seattle with him and Stephanie tomorrow but he’s not sure he can since Tripp feels he needs to be here for Ava. Steve says he doesn’t like it either but he’ll keep her posted as he hangs up. Stephanie asks if Steve and Kayla were still planning on spending Christmas in Seattle. Steve says as long as he can convince Tripp to come with them. Stephanie says she’s been meaning to talk to him about that because she has to cancel which Steve questions. Stephanie explains that she spent most of the day trying to convince Paulina to not resign as Governor and she said she would sleep on it, but she says she will make her decision tomorrow, so she has to be here for it. Steve feels that sounds like a lousy Christmas and asks if she wants him to stick around. Stephanie says no and tells him to be with Kayla, Joey, and hopefully Tripp. Steve questions letting Stephanie spend Christmas alone. Stephanie feels she’ll be too busy to even know it was Christmas since Paulina is going through a really bad time. Stephanie says she likes Paulina but notes this has been one hell of a day, so she can use a drink. She invites Steve to join her. Steve hates to turn her down but feels he has to stick around in case Tripp needs him. Stephanie figured he’d say that and says she’ll see him at home as they hug. Stephanie then exits the hospital.

Justin sits Bonnie down and asks what is going on. Bonnie claims the glass just fell out of her hand. Justin thinks it’s a little more than that. Justin assures that he would never judge her. Bonnie explains that she thought things were getting better but she keeps seeing the evil clown. Bonnie cries that she wants to be better and questions why this is happening to her. Justin hugs her and tells her it’s okay.

Gwen greets Sonny and asks how long he has been standing there. Sonny says long enough to know they were having an argument. Gwen says that’s nothing new for them. Sonny asks what it was about this time. Leo tells him that Gwen’s father turned down his offer for a gossip column. Gwen and Leo bicker over the Spectator. Sonny tells Leo that he’s really sorry it didn’t work out. Leo says he’s crushed since he doesn’t handle rejection well. Alex mutters that he should be used to it by now. Sonny tells Alex to knock it off since Leo is broke and out of a job. Gwen gets a call from Xander and steps away to answer it. Xander tells her that he needs help. Gwen questions needing help again. Xander says he wouldn’t bother her if it wasn’t important and asks if she can meet him in the town square. Gwen asks what has happened. Xander says he’ll explain when she gets there. Gwen says she’s on her way, so Xander calls her a lifesaver and hangs up.

Sarah questions Ava saying that Charlie told her that she had to get even with EJ. Ava doesn’t know why she ever listened to him since he’s never satisfied and always wants more. Ava says that Charlie made her drive off the road and always makes things worse. Sarah asks if it’s possible that Ava imagined Charlie. Ava insists that he was always there so he must have come back to life. Ava then imagines Charlie appearing in the room and tells Sarah that he’s right behind her and insists that he’s for real but when Sarah looks, she sees Tripp. Tripp tries to get through to Ava, but she sees Charlie and tells him to stop playing games. Tripp argues that she is confused. Ava talks about Charlie trying to trick her in to killing Tripp. Tripp asks Sarah what did this to her. Sarah is not sure and says it could be a delayed effect of the explosion. Tripp tries to get through to Ava that she’s seeing someone who isn’t there. Ava argues that she wants to see Tripp and asks what “Charlie” did to him. Sarah decides she’s going to have to sedate her to calm her down. Ava’s imagination of Charlie urges that Sarah is trying to drug her like her father used to. Ava then screams at Sarah that she will kill her as Sarah sedates her and Tripp watches on in horror.

Gwen meets Xander in the town square. Xander informs her about Ava being alive and how she’s threatening to tell everyone that he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. Gwen jokes that she’s glad she didn’t put too much effort in to writing her obituary, but admits she did feel guilty since she was once a friend. Xander tells Gwen to focus. Gwen brings up that Kristen blackmailed her in to helping her escape prison, so she does understand. Gwen asks what Xander is going to do. Xander presents bolt cutters and says he can get Ava out of the handcuffs and the hospital, but he is going to need a driver. Xander says he hates asking Gwen to get involved in this mess again, but he’s desperate with no one else to go to. Xander notes that if Ava talks, he’ll lose everything. Gwen reluctantly agrees to help, so Xander thanks her while Gwen comments that he will really owe her one.

Bonnie tells Justin that she feels like a fool because she’s seeing clowns and dropping glasses. Justin encourages her not to be so hard on herself since she’s been through a traumatic experience twice. Bonnie argues that she went to prison for years, so she’s tough and this isn’t like her. Bonnie cries about clowns being scary. Justin informs her that Sarah thinks she might have PTSD, so the worst thing to do is suffer in silence. Bonnie feels it’s too embarrassing but Justin urges her to talk about it and suggests she see Marlena as there’s no shame in seeing a therapist. Justin reminds her that Nancy saw Marlena for a few sessions. Bonnie guesses it couldn’t hurt at this point. Justin decides they will make an appointment after the holiday. Bonnie asks Justin to call for her which he agrees to do. Bonnie cries that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Justin says he feels the same and holds her as he assures he’s got this.

Leo remarks that it looks like he’s been ditched by his BFF so he invites Alex and Sonny to join him. Sonny accepts but Alex says no. Sonny argues that it’s one drink. Stephanie then arrives and greets them. Alex says she looks like she could use a drink which she confirms is why she’s there. Stephanie says he would not believe the day she had. Alex wants to hear all about it and walks off with Stephanie. Sonny then sits with Leo and tells him that he’s sorry the Spectator job didn’t pan out but offers to try again to find him something at Titan. Leo says they’ve been over that it won’t work and adds that he is going to have to get creative about his living arrangements since the motel is kicking him out tomorrow for not paying rent on Christmas Eve. Leo admits he spent his last $300 on skincare products. Sonny asks why he doesn’t move in with Gwen. Leo says Chad is there. Sonny asks what he’s going to do then. Leo hopes an angel comes in to this bar but he knows the odds are not high and admits he doesn’t have a plan B yet. Sonny then invites Leo to just come stay with him. Leo questions if Sonny is really inviting him to move in with him. Sonny doesn’t like the idea of Leo staying on a park bench on Christmas. Leo asks what Will thinks about this. Sonny responds that Will is staying in LA for work, so he doesn’t get a say in this. Leo asks about Victor. Sonny says he’ll talk to him and convince him that it’s a big house and that Leo has changed. Leo promises he’ll be good and thanks him. Sonny asks what are friends for.

Ava is wheeled out of her room with Sarah and Tripp. Tripp informs Steve about Ava saying Charlie was telling her to do the things she did, so she’s hearing voices and seeing things. Sarah adds that she’s going to have Ava transferred to Bayview so they can diagnose her. Xander returns to the hospital and asks what’s going on. Ava says this is all his fault, so she’s going to tell everyone what he did.

Stephanie tells Alex that if things had gone slightly different, her brother could have been blown up by a bomb that his mother planted. Alex says no wonder she needed a drink. Stephanie adds that Tripp is still in Ava’s corner and wants to take care of her. Alex relates to that since his mother did crazy things but he still loved her. Stephanie asks if Christmas is hard without her. Alex admits it is a little bit but says it’s really good to be back with Sonny and Justin. Stephanie mentions that her family is supposed to be going to Seattle, so Steve is flying out tomorrow and hopes to convince Tripp to come with him. Alex asks what about her. Stephanie says she has to stay because of work. Alex questions her staying by herself. Stephanie insists that she will survive. Alex says screw that and declares that she’s spending Christmas with him.

Ava envisions Xander as Charlie and yells at him for making her do everything from the kidnapping to the bomb. Sarah explains to Xander that Ava is having hallucinations and psychotic breaks, so she’s having her transferred to Bayview. Xander says that explains a lot. Ava pleads not to make her go there as she doesn’t want to leave Tripp. Tripp tells her that he’s right there and is going with her. Ava cries, repeating that she doesn’t want to go and leave him. Tripp promises it will be okay and they will get her better. Ava cries that she’s scared.

Stephanie asks if Alex is sure his family will be okay with her crashing their holiday. Alex insists the more the merrier. Stephanie points out that he bailed out her Thanksgiving and now her Christmas. Alex is starting to think it’s going to be the best Christmas ever as they kiss.

Leo tells Sonny that this is going to be the best Christmas ever and it’s all because of him. Sonny calls it no big deal. Leo argues that he kept him from spending Christmas alone on a park bench. Leo then hears a bell and tells Sonny that it turns out, he does have a Christmas angel.

Justin is on the phone with Steve, saying he can’t believe Ava is alive and asks if she named her accomplice. Steve says she didn’t. Justin hopes that if she’s in police custody, she will give him up to cut a deal. Steve doesn’t see that happening because Ava has gone off the deep end, so they are moving her to Bayview as they speak. Steve doesn’t think Ava will be in any condition to answer questions any time soon. Justin hoped he would be able to tell Bonnie that this is all over, but now they may never find out who the kidnapper was. Justin hangs up and goes back in to the living room where Bonnie is desperately trying to clean the water that she had spilled.

Sarah announces the ambulance is there and says she will go with Ava. Ava responds that she wants her mom. Tripp tells Sarah that she doesn’t have to and that he will go with her. Steve decides he will walk down with Tripp. Tripp tells Ava that he’s going to get her the help she needs and he will go in the ambulance with her. Ava continues seeing Charlie and asks Tripp to just get her out of here. Ava is then wheeled away with Steve and Tripp. Sarah tells Xander that she can’t believe she’s saying this but she feels bad for Ava. Xander points out that Ava hurt a lot of people. Sarah gets paged so she tells Xander that she will see him at home. Sarah kisses Xander and thanks him again for her birthday surprise as she walks away. Xander then gets a text from Gwen, saying she’s ready to go. Xander responds telling her to abort the mission. Gwen texts back that he still owes her one.

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