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EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. Chad is there and asks if he’s having a bad day. EJ explains that it’s Allie as Johnny and Susan are trying to make contact with her, but so far there’s no clue where she is. Chad notes that finding her won’t be easy. EJ worries it could be impossible, but he got them to agree to rest. Chad knows Johnny must be going through Hell as he can’t imagine trying to save his sister from the Devil. Chad tells EJ that he’s really sorry. EJ responds that he’s the one who should apologize to Chad.

At the Brady Pub, Roman finishes a call as Kate approaches and asks for news on Allie. Roman informs her that John, Marlena, and Eric are out searching but there’s no sign of Allie or the baby. Kate wonders where she could be. Roman reveals that he has more news as it seems Sami and Lucas are missing as well.

Steve comes home where Kayla says she was starting to worry about him. Kayla asks how it went. Steve says he’s stared down every stray cat that crossed his path and listened patiently to Susan’s analysis of the movie Rosemary’s Baby, so he thought it was time to quit and start fresh in the morning. Kayla tells Steve that he has chowder and a beer waiting for him but she is going to the hospital to check on Ciara as she’s been through so much. Kayla wishes Ciara had a doctor treating her that really knew her and she felt comfortable with as she blames the hospital director Seth Burns. Seth Burns then shows up at their door.

Julie worries to Eli about TR being the one who shot him and left him for dead, now being on his way to Paulina’s apartment. Eli regrets letting Lani go over there. Julie points out that he couldn’t stop her. Julie adds that Abe is there at least. Eli feels that’s not enough because they know how dangerous TR can be. Julie argues that Lani is a police detective so she knows what she’s doing. Eli wants to get up and be there but Julie insists the best thing he can do for them is to stay here and get well. Julie remarks that if she had a gun, she’d be tempted to go shoot TR herself…

Paulina calls TR a coward and tells him to go ahead and hit her. Lani then arrives and sees Abe in a pool of blood. Lani calls TR a son of a bitch and pulls her gun. TR turns and tells Lani that he can explain. Lani then shoots TR in the chest and he collapses.

Seth Burns apologizes for dropping by so late. Steve doesn’t accept his apology. Kayla greets Seth. Steve says he has a few words he’d like to say to Seth which Kayla allows. Steve tells Seth that Kayla devoted years of her life to the hospital and saved hundreds of lives but Seth made the decision to fire her because she wouldn’t fire another outstanding doctor. Steve points out that Marlena remains on staff and questions what the hell he’s doing here anyway. Seth reveals that he is here to offer Kayla her jo back.

Lani steps over TR and drops her gun. Paulina questions what she has done. Lani asks if TR killed Abe. Abe starts to regain consciousness so Lani rushes to his side and asks if he can hear her. Lani thanks God that Abe is alive. Paulina remarks that she’s not so sure about TR.

Chad asks why EJ is apologizing to him. EJ says recent circumstances have led him to a bit of wake up call. Chad assumes he means finding out his son was possessed by the Devil for months. EJ admits he was proud of some of Johnny’s behavior which led to some serious introspection. Chad notes that has never really been EJ’s thing. EJ supposes that’s part of the problem as he always said family was his first priority but his actions haven’t shown that which Chad agrees with. EJ admits he might have unfairly held it against Chad when Johnny returned to Salem and seemed to favor Chad over him. Chad jokes how he used to sneak Johnny out in his car, let him eat pie for dinner, and never asked him to clean his room. EJ says he took his anger out on Chad and Johnny, admitting it was cruel and unnecessary. EJ adds that he proposed he and Chad team up at DiMera while always having his own agenda to take the reins himself which was selfish. EJ declares that has all gotten him with his son in trouble and Gabi running DiMera so it serves him right. Chad tells EJ that Johnny will be fine with their help and he doesn’t want Gabi running DiMera any more than EJ does. EJ hoped he would say that and suggests they join forces to get Gabi out of DiMera to take back what is theirs. EJ asks what Chad says to that.

Kate asks Roman what makes him think that Sami and Lucas are missing. Roman says nobody has been able to get a hold of them and it’s been complete radio silence, so he called Shane which Kate questions. Roman argues that Lucas and Sami’s daughter is possessed by the Devil while her brother is recovering from it, so that’s an emergency to him and he thought they might want to know. Roman adds that he wasn’t worried about Sami and Lucas until the ISA told him that it looks like they dropped off the face of the Earth.

Steve questions what Seth just said. Seth offers to explain which Steve says it’s up to Kayla. Kayla invites him in and offers him coffee. Steve gets a call from Julie, who says she needs him to go to Paulina’s apartment right now as it’s an emergency.

Lani tells Paulina that they need to get help, so Paulina calls for an ambulance and tells them that Abe is unconscious and bleeding. Paulina tells Abe to hang in there as help is on the way. Lani goes over to TR’s body. TR then wakes up and grabs Lani’s hand, telling her that he loves her. Lani questions how he could say that after everything he has done. TR says that she is his daughter and repeats that he loves her. TR adds that he forgives her as he then dies. Lani checks TR’s pulse and confirms to Paulina that he is dead.

Kate asks Roman if he believes the ISA that Sami and Lucas have vanished. Roman points out that they haven’t heard from them in weeks. Kate feels it’s not unusual as they are free spirits. Roman argues that two of Sami’s kids have been possessed by the Devil, so he wonders if Satan decided to do something to make Sami and Lucas go away. Kate says now he’s scaring her. Kate argues that Sami and Lucas have been out of town for months so they wouldn’t have known to interfere in Satan’s plans. Roman brings up the last time Sami took off for months and how wrong they were when they found out that Sami had been kidnapped and her life was in danger the whole time. Roman feels it’s not far fetched to think it might have happened again.

Chad questions EJ wanting to team up with him to take DiMera back. EJ explains now that Johnny is back in town and in his right mind, he no longer has any desire to take over the company so he can reclaim his shares and Johnny can vote with them. Chad questions EJ already talking to Belle about this. EJ adds that Belle was eager to do something to make up for what she thought was her role in his ousting. EJ says now they know Belle really wasn’t the one who framed him since she was framed by someone else as Chad takes a drink.

Seth tells Kayla that he’s sorry Steve had to leave so abruptly. Kayla questions what is going on and why Seth is doing a sudden 180 on her position. Seth informs her that Craig Wesley abruptly resigned as Chief of Staff and left Salem after his wedding debacle. Kayla realizes Seth is desperate. Seth admits that he is since Craig said he’d be ready on day one and Kayla is the only other one to fit that description. Kayla calls it flattering. Seth admits the staff revolted when they learned Craig replaced Kayla, so he’s here to eat crow and beg her to come back to the hospital as Chief of Staff. Kayla responds that she would love to have her job back, but she has one condition…

Julie tells Eli that she will hear from Steve in no time and everything will be fine. Julie wants to get Eli a nurse to get him medication but Eli assures he’ll be fine as he needs to be awake with a clear head. Eli brings up Lani leaving Paulina a message that TR was dangerous, so Abe didn’t know what he was walking in on. Julie regrets urging Abe to go to Paulina’s to tell her that he loves her. Julie hopes that TR cares about Paulina and Lani enough to not hurt them. Julie adds that TR thinks of Abe as a rival and just wants him out of the way. Julie prays for Steve to get there before anything terrible happens.

Lani asks Paulina what happened here. Paulina explains that TR said he was going to take her away on a romantic weekend and she left the room to pack, but when she came back, she thought she heard voices but TR lied to her and tried to rush her out which is when she found Abe and knew something was wrong. Paulina adds that she tried to call 911 but TR grabbed her phone, threatened her and then Lani came in. Lani questions Paulina not getting her messages. Lani reveals to Paulina that TR is the one who shot Eli as Eli is awake and remembers everything. Paulina questions why TR would shoot Eli. Lani says Eli knew too much and reveals that Beth told Eli that TR beat her and was using drugs the entire relationship. Paulina argues that Beth told them the opposite. Lani says Beth lied and guesses that TR threatened her and he was willing to do whatever he had to in order to keep them from finding out the truth. Lani mentions seeing Paulina and TR leave the hospital together, so she was worried for her and left her that message. Lani adds that she got here and saw Abe unconscious while TR’s hand was raised to hit her, so she lost it. Lani asks why she didn’t just arrest him since he wasn’t even armed. Paulina assures that it will be alright. Steve arrives, questioning what the hell happened here. Paulina then declares that she shot Ray.

Kate asks Roman if he’s saying that he thinks EJ is behind this and that he kidnapped Sami and Lucas. Roman says no but they don’t know who kidnapped Sami last time now that EJ has been exonerated. Kate argues that EJ’s conviction was only overturned because of planted evidence but one of the kidnappers identified EJ as the man who hired him. Roman says that’s true but it never seemed to sit quite right. Kate questions who else could have done it. Roman reminds Kate that EJ did point the finger at Lucas. Kate calls that a baseless accusation to undermine Lucas’s testimony. Kate asks if he really thinks Lucas could do something like that when he has zero motive and he loves Sami. Roman says he’s just saying there could be other suspects and it’s something they need to keep in mind until they find out just where the hell their kids are.

Chad questions EJ thinking someone else framed him. EJ says of course since Belle was never possessed, Johnny was, so he must have planted the evidence on his laptop so he’d stumble across it and turn him in to the police, then copied the files on to Belle’s laptop to make it look like she framed him. Chad thinks back to planning the framing with Kate to pin the crime on The Devil. Chad then points out that Johnny did make a play for DiMera so it makes sense. EJ decides it’s all in the past as Belle has drawn up papers to help make things right, so Johnny will just have to sign and all of his shares revert back to him. Chad stops EJ and points out that Johnny is worried about Allie, so he questions now being the right time to do that. EJ admits it’s not the best time but this move will help them gain access to all of DiMera’s resources to be in the best position to locate Allie and get her the help she needs. Chad then agrees if he thinks it will bring Allie home. EJ hopes this is the beginning of some healing between them and their family. EJ then exits and heads upstairs to talk to Johnny. Chad pulls his phone out and calls Kate, telling her that they need to talk about what they did to EJ.

Seth tells Kayla to name her condition. Kayla says she still won’t fire Marlena. Seth assures the board has rethought that, now that the Devil has possessed mulitple people, so Marlena’s scandal is so yesterday. Seth admits that Marlena’s popularity among the staff is only rivaled by Kayla’s and they all agree that they are the finest physicians to ever be on staff, which Seth agrees with. Kayla then accepts the offer to come back and asks when he wants her to start. Seth suggests tonight.

Lani asks Paulina why. Paulina adds that the EMTs and police are on their way. Steve asks if TR is dead. Lani confirms that he is. Paulina notes that Abe is starting to come around so Steve checks on him. Lani questions why Paulina told Steve that she shot TR. Paulina assures that she knows what she’s doing. Paulina tells Lani to go help Steve with Abe and get the first aid kit. Paulina then picks up the gun to make sure her fingerprints are on it and puts it back down.

Eli wonders why Lani, Paulina, Abe, or Steve aren’t calling. Julie decides she’ll call right now but it goes to voicemail. Eli decides he’s had enough and starts to get out of his hospital bed as Julie tries to stop him. Eli insists that he needs to get to his wife. Julie screams for help. Kayla then enters and questions what’s going on and what happened. Julie informs her that Eli tried to get out of bed. Kayla helps Eli get back in to bed as Julie gets him some water. Julie questions what Kayla is doing here. Kayla reveals that she was fired but Seth reinstated her. Kayla questions what Eli is thinking, getting out of bed when he just got out of a coma. Eli insists that Lani is in danger. Julie says that’s why she called Steve to check on her but they haven’t heard a word from him.

EMTs arrive at Paulina’s apartment. Paulina questions where the police are. An EMT says it’s a busy night but they are a few minutes behind them. The EMTs tend to Abe while Steve approaches Paulina. Paulina blames herself for leaving the opening for TR to worm his way back in to her life. Paulina asks if they can go to the hospital with Abe because she wants to be there when he wakes up. Steve responds that Lani can go with him and give her statement to the police later, but Paulina should stay until the police arrive. Paulina tells Lani to go be with Abe because he needs her. Paulina claims she’s fine and can take care of herself as she always has.

Kate goes over with Chad that EJ thinks Johnny framed him and they framed the Devil so everyone thinks it’s the Devil and she doesn’t see the problem. Chad responds that the problem is that EJ is reaching out to him and wants a fresh start to be brothers instead of adversaries and even wants to partner up to reclaim DiMera. Chad feels he has to at least meet him halfway. Kate argues that Chad can’t tell EJ that he’s the one who framed him for kidnapping Sami as it will totally implicate Lucas. Chad argues that he can do it without implicating Lucas. Kate reminds him that they’ve been through this before. Kate asks if Chad thinks EJ will just forgive and forget if he tells him because that’s not EJ’s style. Kate warns that their fresh start will go up in flames. Chad argues that he wants to make things right with his brother. Kate tells Chad to do that but to keep his mouth shut about what he knows. Roman then comes back to their table. Kate tells Chad that she hopes he takes to heart what she had to say as she hangs up. Kate that claims to Roman that she was talking to Rafe on the phone about finding Allie. Roman has no doubt that Rafe is doing everything he can. Kate remarks that he can do better. Roman decides he’s going to turn in for the night as there’s not much they can do until the morning and he wants to get up early to help search. Kate insists on helping close up then. Kate kisses Roman and tells him to get some sleep while she will be up in a few minutes. Roman heads upstairs while Kate goes back to her phone.

EJ returns to the living room and announces that Johnny signed his shares back over to him and he asked about the statements showing he paid off the kidnappers but Johnny has no memory of framing him for Sami’s kidnapping, but he doesn’t remember much about that time. EJ guesses they will never really know. Chad then tells EJ that there is something he needs to tell him.

Julie and Eli reveal to Kayla that everything Beth said about TR was a lie as he is a violent, lying, murderer. Julie hopes she didn’t upset Kayla by calling Steve. Kayla assures it was the right thing to do and what Steve was trained to do. Kayla gets a call from the ER and says she’ll be right there. Kayla reveals to Eli and Julie that there’s an ambulance en route from Paulina’s address and the victim is unconscious with a head injury. Eli asks if they said who it was. Kayla says no but she will let them know when she knows. Kayla then exits the room. Julie wonders what the hell happened over there.

Paulina asks Steve if they can cover TR with a blanket or something. Steve says they can’t disturb the crime scene. Paulina asks if he thinks Abe will be okay. Steve responds that he’s in good hands. Steve asks Paulina if she wants to tell him what happened here. Paulina says she already told him that she shot TR. The cops then arrive and question Paulina saying she shot TR. Steve confirms that he’s dead. Paulina refuses to say a word without her lawyer present. The cops then arrest Paulina.

Kate calls Lucas and leaves a message, informing him that if he doesn’t already know, his daughter Allie has been possessed by the Devil and no one knows where he and Sami are, so Roman is starting to ask questions. Kate warns that if she doesn’t hear from Lucas in 24 hours then she’s telling Roman everything.

EJ asks Chad what it is. Chad says he’s sorry for the things that he did as well that contributed to their falling out. Chad declares that he wants to be partners and brothers again. EJ looks to the portrait of Stefano and says he would be proud and pleased to see his sons coming together in the name of family and the DiMera legacy. EJ and Chad then shake hands.

Kayla gets Abe set up in a hospital bed and checks out that he is good. Abe assures that he knows who she is and questions her being back at the hospital. Kayla reveals that she was reinstated which Abe calls good news. Kayla is glad she is here to help him. Kayla notes that the police will want to talk to him, but not until she medically clears him. Kayla asks if he has any memories of what happened before or after the attack. Abe recalls Paulina asking what TR had done.

Julie is on the phone with Steve, saying it could’ve been so much worse if he wasn’t there so she’s glad she called him. Steve tells Julie that he has to go and hangs up. The cops bag the gun which Steve notes looks like a police issued service weapon. The cops confirm that it does as they zip up TR in a bodybag.

Lani returns to Eli’s room. Eli is relieved and asks if she’s alright. Lani claims she’s fine. Eli asks about Abe. Lani informs him that Abe regained consciousness in the ambulance and he will be okay. Eli asks if she’s sure she is okay as she’s covered in blood. Lani reveals that TR is dead. Eli asks what happened. Lani thinks back to shooting him. Eli asks again what happened. Lani then informs Eli that Paulina said she shot him.

Paulina is taken to the police station for her fingerprints and mugshot.


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