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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Nikki frantically called Victoria’s name. Victor asked what was going on. Nikki heard Victoria scream and the sounds of a car crash, then the call dropped. Victor instructed Nikki to call Victoria right back. Nikki did so, and didn’t get an answer. Victor called security and told them to check all the roads between Newman Tower and Victoria’s house and between the tower and the ranch.

At Crimson Lights, Nick said he’d take his drink to go, and get out of Sharon’s hair so she could go home and have a nice night with her husband. With a sour expression, Sharon said she was sure Rey would have a nice night, but it wouldn’t be with her. She craned her neck and looked out to the patio where Chelsea and Connor sat. Sharon brought Nick up to speed on Chelsea, Rey and Connor’s plans. Nick told Sharon that she had nothing to worry about, because a hockey game with a kid in tow was the opposite of romantic. Sharon knew Rey was 100% trustworthy, but she didn’t trust Chelsea. Sharon recognized that Chelsea made an enormous change, but this was an overnight trip, and it was hard for Sharon not to instinctively jump to conclusions when it came to Chelsea.

Nick agreed that Chelsea wasn’t the most trustworthy person, but he told Sharon that her husband was solid. She knew, but she didn’t see why a hockey game had to turn into an overnight trip. Nick joked that Rey must not really want to go on the trip, since if he did, he would already be on his way to Chicago by now. Sharon grinned and said Nick always knew how to make her feel better.

Out on the patio, Connor told Chelsea that they’d miss the puck drop if they didn’t leave soon. Chelsea thought Rey would’ve been back by now too. She called him and left a message checking in. Afterward, she gave Connor a reassuring smile and told him there was still plenty of time to make it to Chicago.

Victor called Nick and asked if he heard from Victoria recently or knew where she’d been driving to. The answer was no on both accounts. Nick learned there may have been an accident, so he said he’d go looking for Victoria. Victor already called the police and instructed his team to look for Victoria. He implored his son to drive safe in this terrible weather. Nick told Sharon what was going on. She was optimistic that everything was okay. Right after he left, Chelsea came in and told Sharon that Rey should’ve been back by now, and he wasn’t answering any of her calls.

Sharon called Rey and got voicemail. She left a message that they were starting to get a little worried because he was late. She asked him to call her back, and she said she loved him. Afterward, Sharon told Chelsea that Rey was probably driving very slowly because of the fog. Chelsea saw what a conscientious driver Rey was when they went to visit her mom. She said he probably just didn’t think it was safe to be on the road. Sharon nodded, but it was obvious that she was worried, so Chelsea asked about it. Sharon wasn’t worried about Rey, but the Newmans thought Victoria may have been in an accident. Sharon theorized that Rey heard about the accident and went to the scene. Chelsea hoped Victoria was alright. Sharon did too.

Chance went to Crimson Lights after his shift at the station. Sharon inquired about any accidents. He hadn’t heard anything. She told him about Victoria, so he called the station to see if there had been any new accident reports since he left.

Out on the patio, Connor pouted because they were going to miss the game. Chelsea told him that Rey must’ve gotten caught up in police work. She promised that even if they didn’t get to Chicago tonight, Rey would make it up to him, because that was the kind of guy Rey was.

Back inside, Chance said that there had been a couple fender benders, but no major accidents were reported, so if Victoria had an accident, it was minor. Sharon was relieved to hear that. She wished Rey would show up. Chance thought he already left for Chicago. Sharon explained that Rey forgot the tickets and went home to get them, but he’d been gone for awhile, and Connor was getting anxious. Chance was concerned because when he talked to Rey earlier, he’d been leaving the ranch with the tickets, and he should’ve been back by now.

In the Grand Phoenix suite, Adam headed over to the window. He flashed back to the first time he and Sally got a room. He remembered their passionate kiss and frenetically unbuttoning each other’s clothes, before falling back on the bed. After the memory, Adam called Sally and told her not to rush, because he could see that the fog was getting worse. He promised he was patiently waiting. Victor called Adam and asked if he’d heard from Victoria. He hadn’t, but he acknowledged he was the last one Victoria would call, even in an emergency. Adam asked if there was anything he could do to help, and Victor appreciated the offer, but he didn’t have a way for Adam to help. Sally entered and overheard Adam say Victoria was strong enough to handle herself in any situation. Victor agreed, and the call ended.

Adam told Sally that Victoria may have been in a car accident, but he didn’t want to jump to the worst case scenario. He said that this kind of put a damper on his celebration with Sally. She was understanding and said they’d have plenty of time for that. She asked if he really thought Victoria was in trouble. He didn’t know, but his dad sounded worried. He just wished someone would call and let him know what was going on. Sally was sure Adam would hear as soon as there was news, but he didn’t think his family would think to keep him in the loop. He lamented that he was always last on the list of contacts, if he even made the list at all. Sally countered Adam’s assertion by reminding him that Victor just called. Adam said Victor only called because he needed information. He felt like he was only a priority when Victor thought he could be useful.

Sally noted that Victor was constantly shooing her out of the office because he wanted to talk top secret things with Adam. Adam asked if Sally was trying to cheer him up by pointing out that Victor was ruder to her than he was to Adam. She asked if it was working. He said he wasn’t worried about being part of the inner sanctum. He just wanted to hear whether Victoria was alright. Sally realized Adam was really worried. “Well of course I am!,” he snapped. Adam was offended because he thought Sally was implying that he’d be happy if Victoria got seriously hurt or worse, because that would improve Adam and Sally’s chances at Newman Locke.

Now Sally was offended, and she decided to leave. “This was a mistake, and I don’t just mean our little celebration here,” she said. Adam softened when he realized he’d upset Sally. She was deeply hurt that he’d even suggested she’d be so cold and calculated about a woman’s life. She thought it was clear that he didn’t know her at all, and while she could take harsh judgments from others, she wasn’t going to take it from him. He clarified that he mean it that way. Sally thought Adam knew she wasn’t the kind of person who automatically assumed the worst of him. He apologized for the cruel and unfair comment. He admitted the truth was that he’d been asking himself that same twisted question. “Am I genuinely concerned about my sister or is a part of me thinking if something were to happen to her, would that be a leg up for me at Newman Locke?,” Adam revealed.

Adam hated that he’d entertained that thought, even for a second. Sally thought the fact that Adam hated it proved he didn’t actually feel that way. He suggested that he was just trying to convince himself that he wasn’t that cold and selfish. He admitted that the plan to pay off Locke was more about impressing Victor than helping Victoria. He’d seen Victoria’s relationship with a con artist as an opportunity, and that wasn’t particularly brotherly. Sally said Victoria would’ve done the same thing if the situation were reversed. She said Victoria and Adam’s sibling bond was based on one-upmanship. Adam took the blame for that. He said he’d spent years looking at Victoria as a rival, so she felt the need to defend herself. Sally wouldn’t let Adam believe he was cold and selfish, because she knew in her heart that he wasn’t. “I wouldn’t be falling in love with someone like that,” she said. “Are you saying that you’re falling in love with me?,” he asked.

Back at Society, Victor and Nikki looked at each other with worried expressions. Nick came in. He’d had no luck finding Victoria, and when the fog got even worse, he decided to get off the road. Nikki wanted to go search, but Victor and Nick both said no, because it was too dangerous. Nick told his mom to let the professionals do their job. “You know, this is my fault. If I had not told my security team to stop tailing Victoria and instead go after Ashland Locke, we now would’ve known where she is,” Victor said. Nikki told Victor not to blame himself. She thought he made the right decision having Ashland tailed, since they all knew how dangerous that man was. Nick asked where Ashland was right now. Victor didn’t know. He was waiting for an answer form his team. Nick was concerned that this car crash Nikki heard wasn’t an accident and that someone had hurt Victoria on purpose. Victor didn’t even want to think about that. Victor got a call that infuriated him – his team couldn’t find Victoria, and they’d lost track of Ashland earlier, and they’d waited to tell Victor instead of informing him immediately.

Victor slammed his phone on the table and ranted about his team’s utter incompetence. Nick defended the security team – it was so foggy out that he wasn’t surprised they lost track of Ashland. Victor’s team called and told him there was a report of an accident. Nick and Nikki were upset when he relayed the news.

Victoria was unconscious in her car, which had hit a tree. Smoke billowed out from under the vehicle. Ashland’s car had also crashed, and he was passed out as well. When he came to, he called Victoria’s name. He saw her car and sprang into action, trying to get to her, but his door was pinned by a fallen tree. He kept calling for Victoria, who was unresponsive. He grabbed his phone to call the police, but the screen was smashed. To his horror, flames suddenly engulfed the hood of Victoria’s car.

Ashland screamed for help, then he grunted in exertion as he pried the door open. He’d injured his leg in the crash, and he quickly hobbled over to Victoria’s car. The flames had traveled up to Victoria’s door now, and Ashland burned himself when he tried to free her. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around his hand to block the flames, then he tried again. This time, he was able to open the door. He checked her pulse and thanked God she was still alive. Lifting her out of the car, he put her over his shoulder and promised he wouldn’t let her die.

Ashland burst into a rundown cabin and put Victoria on a bed. He said she was tough – she’d survived everything he did to her, so she could certainly survive a car crash. He looked at his hand, which was red and blistering, then he returned to encouraging Victoria. She began to cough, and she opened her eyes and saw Ashland’s face. She scrambled backward on the bed, ordering him to get away from her. Ashland urged Victoria to stay still because she might have internal injuries. She bombarded him with questions about where they were and why he was still around. He told her about the crash and fire, and he asked if she had her phone. She didn’t. He asked if she’d be okay without him while he went to look for her phone. She said yes, and he told her to stay put, then he left.

After Ashland was gone, Victoria tried to get up, but she couldn’t walk because she’d hurt her knee. She yelled for help, and Ashland ran back inside. He couldn’t get the phone, because the whole car was on fire. She was sure there must be a house nearby, but he said this was the only structure in the area, so they were stranded. She figured someone would drive by and see the wreck soon. He turned away, and she realized there was something he wasn’t telling her.

Ashland said he was just shaken up because of seeing Victoria unconscious in the car and the fire. He was grateful she was okay. Victoria asked what Ashland was even doing here. She looked fearful and wondered if the crash was actually an accident or if he’d been the one who ran her off the road. He swore he’d never do such a thing. He explained that he’d been concerned about her driving in the fog while she was distraught from their confrontation, so he’d followed her to make sure she’d be okay. The thought of anything happening to her terrified him – he knew she despised him, but that didn’t mean he didn’t love and care about her. He acknowledged he’d hurt her so deeply, and he couldn’t bear the thought of anything like that happening again.

Victoria questioned what Ashland was keeping from her. He changed the subject again, and she called him out on it. Ashland suggested Victoria was suspicious because he’d been dishonest in the past, but she said that she could finally tell when he was keeping the truth from him. She asked him to just tell her what happened. He begged her not to tax herself right now and to stay calm until she received medical attention. Victoria’s memory began to trickle back. She’d seen lights in front of her, and it couldn’t have been Ashland because he’d been following her.

Victoria grappled with the revelation that there had been another car. Ashland assured her that the accident wasn’t her fault. Victoria remembered being on the phone with her mom, on speaker, then she saw headlights come sliding into in her lane. Ashland confirmed this and said Victoria had to swerve to avoid the car. Victoria remembered she lost control of the car, and everything went black. She asked what happened next, and he filled in the blanks. According to Ashland, Victoria swerved out of the way of the oncoming car. Ashland had turned sharply to one side to try and avoid the other car, but he couldn’t get out of the way in time. This third car hit the side of Ashland’s car, while Victoria’s car hit a tree. Ashland then recapped the aftermath of the accident, which was shown earlier in the episode.

Victoria took Ashland’s injured hand and acknowledged he’d gotten burned saving her. “You actually risked your life to save mine.” Crying, Ashland said the last time this happened, he ran and left his best friend to die in a burning car. He couldn’t do that again – he’d had to do everything he could to save her. Victoria asked if the other driver was okay. He told her to rest and not to get upset about the other driver. Agitated, she told him to stop trying to protect her and answer the question.

When Ashland went to get Victoria’s phone earlier, he’d checked on the third car. It was in a ditch, and it was way more damaged than Ashland and Victoria’s vehicles. She asked about the driver. The other driver was killed. Victoria’s eyes filled with tears. She said that was awful. She repeated that all she’d seen were headlights. Ashland was sorry to report that Victoria knew the deceased driver – it was Rey.

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