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Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey chatted at Crimson Lights. Mariah had texted Sharon some wedding venue ideas – a recording studio, a tattoo parlor and the old GC Buzz studio. Mariah’s ideas made Sharon chuckle, but since this was Mariah, Sharon wasn’t sure the suggestions weren’t serious. Sharon hoped Mariah and Tessa didn’t take this decision lightly or make it quickly, because Sharon wanted the couple to have the wedding of their dreams. Sensing Sharon was dreaming of a traditional wedding, Rey warned that Mariah and Tessa might choose an unconventional ceremony, but he was sure it’d be amazing.

Rey said Sharon’s kids were flourishing, but she admitted she was concerned for Noah. Sharon was worried it might be a bit painful for Noah to see Tessa so happy with his sister. Rey thought that Noah seemed okay with Mariah and Tessa. Sharon said attraction wasn’t always logical, and you couldn’t turn the feelings off and on like a switch. Rey thought Noah was handling this better than Sharon was giving him credit for. Sharon said that Nick saw it too, and they had a pretty good read on Noah. “I’m just a trained detective not [Noah’s] parents so I can’t read all the signs,” Rey replied. Sharon said that wasn’t what she meant. She said he was an amazing stepdad, and her kids adored him. She’d never insinuate that he lacked insight into her kids. He wasn’t fishing for compliments. He acknowledged that she and Nick had a unique insight into the kids that surpassed his. He though that made sense since he didn’t meet the kids until they were older. She said he might get the opportunity when Mariah and Tessa adopted. He said she didn’t look like a grandma. She was just thrilled at the prospect of a new baby in the family. She said grandmas came in all shapes and sizes, and he told her she was a hot grandma. She said he’d be a hot grandpa too.

Sally went to Adam’s office after she got back from her business trip. She said that her trip to NY was super productive. She tried ribbing him about not joining her on the trip to NY. She said he had to go next time, but there would be no romantic stuff. He wouldn’t join in on her banter. He said he had a lot going on. She invited him to get breakfast and talk, and at first he declined, but then he changed his mind and accepted.

At Society, Chloe wondered why Chelsea called this meeting at a restaurant instead of at their office. Chelsea wanted to avoid the tension with Adam and Sally at the office. Now that Adam made it clear there was no chance for them, Chelsea had decided Newman Fashion needed to relocate to a new building, outside Newman Media. Chloe was shocked, and Chelsea admitted she probably should’ve consulted with Chloe first. Chelsea couldn’t be around Adam anymore. Chloe understood – she didn’t wan to run into Adam either. Chelsea thought they could really focus on work if they moved. Chloe started to get excited about being in a loft or warehouse space, in an artistic district instead of the offices. Adam hadn’t said yes, but Chelsea made an appointment with a broker to look at spaces, so she could show them to him.

Adam and Sally arrived at Society. Sally animatedly shared her experiences in NY with Chloe and Sally. She’d had a private tour of the Dior show and did some interviews, waving the Newman Fashion flag. Chelsea snidely called Sally a cheerleader. Sally was eager to detail her experiences once they got back to the office. Chelsea informed Sally that Newman Fashions was relocating, and she and Chloe were going to look for spaces. Sally asked why no one told her. Chloe said it was because Sally was out of town. “Because we make the decisions. You work for us,” Chelsea tersely replied. Sally asked if Adam approved this. “Well Adam’s standing right next to you. Why don’t you ask him?,” Chelsea replied. Adam said nothing had been decided. Sally announced her intention to tag along on the location search, since they were all a team, she added a pointed comment about Chelsea calling her a cheerleader. Adam broke up the conversation by suggesting he and Sally go get a table. Chelsea griped that Sally wasn’t even hiding her intention of what Sally was doing, and Adam seemed to find it appealing. Chelsea didn’t recognize him anymore.

Adam thought about breakfast. Sally grumbled about the plan to switch offices without even telling her. She felt that Chelsea had been dismissive. Adam said nobody made a decision yet – he was the decision maker. Sally said that Chelsea and Chloe made it sound like a done deal. Adam said there was no sense getting worked up over something that might not happen. Sally was angry about the way Chelsea treated her. Adam thought that Sally was partially to blame by the way she came in bragging about her private tour of the Dior show. He said she knew how Chelsea was going to react, and he told her not to antagonize Chelsea. Sally said it was her job to be excited about fashion, and if Chelsea couldn’t handle it, she needed a new job. Adam wanted to talk about actual work instead of office politics. Sally decided to tell Adam about an interview she had with a hot new designer.

Chloe said Sally was too busy annoying everyone in Manhattan to hear about Adam telling Chelsea they had no future. Chloe thought Sally was reading into Sally’s behavior. Chloe assumed Sally was just excited about her trip, so she went to report to the big boss. Chelsea thought that was a problem, because Sally was supposed to report to them, then they’d go to Adam – it was the chain of command. Chelsea felt that Sally was flaunting her connection with Adam. “[Sally’s] a hypocrite who lied when she said she was gonna keep things professional,” Chelsea asserted. Chloe said Chelsea sounded like she hadn’t gotten over Adam. Chloe loved Chelsea, but she was done managing Chelsea’s moods, and she wanted to move on. Chloe said they needed more autonomy from Newman Media. She wanted to hire more staff. Sally heard peals of laughter from Adam and Sally’s table, and she seethed.

Sally was sharing stories about NY when she noticed Adam wasn’t listening. She urged him to open up. He asked if she could listen as a friend and not as an employee, and she said yes. He told her that his father was planning to take a more active role at Newman Media. He’d lost credibility with his father. He said Victor thought he put the company at risk by falling for Billy’s idiotic plan. Sally pointed out that Adam didn’t fall for it. Adam said this is what Victor did – just when you thought you’d earned his trust, he liked to throw you off balance. Chelsea and Chloe left. Adam said he always seemed to fail in Victor’s eyes. He admitted he hadn’t always been a model son, but ever since they began working at Newman Media, he’d made an effort to get back into Victor’s good graces, and it seemed like things were going well until now. Adam felt demoralized, and Sally was sorry. Adam didn’t even know where this issue was coming from – it was like the the thing about him falling for Billy’s plan was an excuse. Adam said Victor was always three moves ahead, but this time Adam didn’t know who Victor’s opponent was.

Adam realized he probably shouldn’t have confided that to an employee. Sally was glad he’d told her. Adam suggested that Sally’s division might be affected, though he wasn’t sure if it would be. He told her to forget what he’d just told her. She told him not to back-peddle, because that was cowardly. “You said it. Own it,” she said, and he said okay, he owned it. He wanted to know she’d keep what he said to herself. She said she was on his side, and she was there if he needed to talk. She knew what it was like to have to prove yourself – she’d done it in L.A. and she thought she’d have to do it here with Chloe and Chelsea. Adam suggested it was just part of working in a successful company. Sally thought she had a good thing going when it was just with Chloe, but now she realized it was too good to last. Sally asked if it was Adam or Chelsea’s idea to relocate Newman Fashion. He said that Chelsea came up with that idea after he told her there was no future for the two of them. He was sure Chelsea didn’t want the day to day run ins with him. Sally thought Chelsea saw it as a bonus that Sally wouldn’t be able to pop in and chat with Adam. She didn’t think the move was fair, because she wanted the day to day run ins with him. “For professional reasons,” she added. She said it was ironic because she put Newman Fashion on the map, and now she had no decision making power, and Chelsea was constantly putting her down. Adma didn’t want to have this discussion again – he said right now Chloe and Chelsea were the superiors. He was sure Sally would have her own line again one day. She asked if he’d invest in that, but he thought they should focus on the business they had instead of launching new ones.

Chloe and Chelsea were at Crimson Lights, on the patio, discussing the move, when Sharon overheard. Sharon knew Chelsea was selling the penthouse, and she asked if Chelsea was putting more distance between herself and Adam at work too. Chelsea said it was a business decision, not a personal one. Chelsea abruptly excused herself, claiming she needed sugar for her drink, then she went inside and said hi to Rey. He invited her to join him. She thanked him again for Connor’s Christmas gift. He was sure she missed Connor. She was just glad Connor spent time at her place. He heard she was selling the penthouse. She said she was going to be getting away from the memories, and he said that was for the best. Chloe and Sharon came inside, and Chelsea told Chloe that they had to get to the office. Chelsea made some pointed comments to Rey about how nice it was to have someone ask how she was without having an ulterior motive. She said it was rare. He didn’t think it should be rare.

Sharon and Rey were alone after the others left. He got a call and said he had to go. She asked how his talk with Chelsea went. He said it Chelsea had a positive attitude about starting over, and it must be tough living with all the reminders of what went wrong. Sharon was sure there was a reminder around every corner. Rey said he, Sharon and Adam were living breathing reminders of what went wrong last year. Sharon said that Chelsea was putting some distance between herself and Adam – she was selling the penthouse, and she might move to a different work space. Rey thought those were good ideas. Sharon said that Rey had a good rapport with Chelsea. He said he asked about Connor, because most parents loved talking about their kids.

Chelsea and Chloe went to Adam at his office to say they found the perfect space. He said this wasn’t the time to incur more costs. He didn’t want an expensive new lease. Chloe said the site was offering a deal. Chelsea said the money they saved on overhead could go toward a new staff. Adam had to look at the numbers, but he said it was hard to argue with their logic. He asked if this was really what Chelsea wanted, and she said it was best for the business. He said maybe Chelsea was right, and it’d be best if they weren’t crossing paths all day long. Chelsea looked stung, and she excused herself and left. In the hallway, Sally walked up and asked how the search for a new space was going. Chelsea said Chloe would fill Sally in, and she started to leave. Sally asked what she had to do to be treated with respect. Chelsea wasn’t sure she’d ever cut Sally a break. Sally knew this was personal and not about her talents or abilities. Sally said there was nothing going on between her and Adam. “Save it. I know this game you’re playing. I wrote the rule book on it. You may pretend you’re not after him yet you monopolize his time and I think you and I both know why. Stop playing me for a fool,” Chelsea stormed off.

Chloe walked out, and Sally said Chelsea just went off on her again for no reason, and it was starting to grate on her nerves. Chloe said she wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take, and something had to give.

Chelsea went back to Crimson Lights. Chloe tracked her down. Chloe had tried to be accommodating, but Chelsea was making it really tough. Chloe took this job with Adam, her mortal enemy, partially because of Chelsea. Chloe built a viable business for Chelsea to come back to, she sent Sally to NY to help Chelsea, and she was moving the business across town for her. Chloe snapped that she was giving and giving to appease Chelsea, and Chelsea wasn’t giving anything back. Chloe said they needed Sally, and Chelsea didn’t seem to care. Chloe was finished trying to help Chelsea. She said it was Chelsea’s turn to figure this out.

Back at Newman Media, Sally vented to Adam that Chelsea bit her head off. Adam didn’t want to hear it. He had enough of this at the restaurant. That was why he signed off on the plan to move offices. She conceded that it wasn’t fair to put him in the middle, but she had to look out for herself, and she wouldn’t be treated like that. She felt like Chelsea was trying to squeeze her out, and now that Victor was going to be more involved, she wasn’t sure what the future held for Newman Fashion. She didn’t think Victor respected the division, so she was in trouble. He asked what she wanted from him. She said he knew Chelsea better than anyone, so she wanted some pointers. He told her to figure it out with Chelsea. He appreciated Sally’s ability to land on her feet, but if she went to war with Chelsea, he didn’t like Sally’s chances. She thought he was underestimating her.

At the Chancellor house, Abby was glum, and Chance asked if he could get her some breakfast. She didn’t answer, and he asked if she was okay. Abby knew she and Chance were doing the right thing, but it didn’t make it any easier. Louise took Dominic to his music class. Chance couldn’t believe they existed for kids that age. Abby thought about going with them or keeping him home, since she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, but she decided it’d be best for him to stick to his routine. She hoped Devon did the same. Chance wanted Abby to tell him why she was so upset. She couldn’t help thinking that Dominic might think they didn’t love him enough to fight for him. Chance was sure that wouldn’t happen – he said there was nothing to fight, there was just a bond to honor and respect. Abby wasn’t sure that was true. Chance pointed out that Abby loved both Brad and Victor. He was sure that Dominic would love both him and Devon, and he said they’d love him too. Abby kept wondering if there was another solution that felt right. Chance said this was right, and Dominic would know love from all three of his parents, and his extended family, which was 85% of Genoa City. He was sure Dominic would grow up feeling like the luckiest kid in the world, and since Abby was his mom, he was.

Abby showed Chance a video of Dom at music class that the nanny took. She got upset, and he asked if she wished she went to the class. She said no. She was worried she’d struggle with handing her son off to Devon. Chance said Dom would still live with them the majority of the time. She was worried that the days and nights without Dom would break her. He said that wasn’t going to happen. He reminded her that she was tough enough to defy everyone, including the government and track him down. She said that was different because she’d been fighting for someone she loved. Now she was going to have to walk away from someone she loved, even if it was just one day a week. She didn’t think she was strong enough. Chance was sorry Abby was hurting. She said she was the one who should feel guilty. She knew this was the best thing for him, Dominic and Devon; it was just difficult. He asked if they should call Christine and say they changed their mind. She said they couldn’t go back on their word – this hurt, and it was horrible, but it was the right thing to do. She hugged him.

At his place, Devon was happy about getting shared custody of his little boy. She looked uncertain, and he wondered if she thought something was going to go wrong. She said it was her job to be prepared for any contingency. He trusted Abby, Chance and Christine. She did too, but she noted that the paperwork still hadn’t been filed. Until it was, nothing was set in stone. As an attorney, she couldn’t relax until she could dot her is and cross her ts. She said she’d do anything she could to make this happen for him. He was happy to have her by his side. When he imagined his future with Dominic, he saw her with him. She couldn’t wait. They kissed.

Amanda had to go meet with a potential client who wanted to set up a trust for her grandchildren. Devon thought about doing that for Dominic. Amanda said they did want to get ahead of themselves. Amanda got a text from Christine saying that they’d approved the amendments to the custody agreement.

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