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Evan Frears/Christian Maddox confronts his father Orpheus in prison. Orpheus questions him being out of solitary so soon and asks how he’s doing. Evan remarks that it’s just been rest and relaxation in oblivion. Orpheus comments on his disappearing act leaving the warden red-faced with bad press. Orpheus guesses a slap on the wrist wouldn’t do the trick. Orpheus asks about Evan’s little vacation on the outside. Evan confirms he did get to catch up with some old friends..

Ciara finishes a call with Hope at home and says it was great catching up. Ben comes back in and jokes about how long Ciara was on the phone and that it seemed like years. Ben is glad they got to catch up and asks what they talked about. Ciara brings up Jan just giving birth to Shawn’s baby.

Shawn sits with Jan in the hospital as she eats a burger. Jan thanks him for saving her from another night of hospital food. Jan asks Shawn what’s wrong as he’s been emo since getting back with the food. Shawn informs her that he ran in to Belle and she’s more upset with him now than ever.

EJ tells Belle that hoped they could pick up where they left off before being rudely interrupted. Belle says he can’t be serious because they were about to go to his bedroom, but she says they can’t after what just happened with Sami.

Lucas and Sami kiss in their room at the Salem Inn. Lucas is so glad she said yes to his proposal and talks about being traumatized from past proposals where she took her time. Lucas brings up when he sang to her. Sami calls this the most perfect time as they are together again. Sami says she loves her ring and calls it the best one he’s ever given her. Lucas jokes that it’s also the most expensive. Sami says this is going to be their best time because she’s not keeping any secrets from him so it’s going to work out. Lucas agrees that this time is going to be forever as they kiss.

Ben asks Ciara how Hope feels about Jan Spears sort of joining the family. Ciara says she’s not thrilled about that part, but she is about meeting her new grandson and their baby as well. Ben mentions that baby Bo finally fell asleep so they are clear for the next few hours unless she has more phone calls. Ciara thinks they have making up of their own to do as they kiss until there’s a knock at the door. Ben jokes about missing when they had all the time in the world. Ciara answers the door to see Allie, who says she knows she should’ve called first but she was afraid she would chicken out of apologizing for kidnapping her baby. Allie asks Ciara if there’s any way she could ever forgive her.

EJ knows he and Belle weren’t expecting Sami to show up but he doesn’t see how that changes anything. Belle argues that they know things were different went Sami was out of town because she was out of sight and out of mind. EJ insists that Sami is out of sight now and his mind. Belle thinks jumping in to bed with her right after ending his marriage seems like a bad idea. EJ disagrees and calls it a great idea to celebrate his freedom. Belle tells EJ that if they go upstairs now, it wouldn’t be about them but about him sticking it to her sister and she’s not going to be used like that.

Orpheus questions Evan about Ben and Ciara getting the best of him again. Evan admits he should’ve given his plan more thought. Orpheus argues that he could’ve helped him, so he shouldn’t have left him out of the loop. Evan calls it spur of the moment, explaining that Allie made the whole thing happened and that he made a deal with the Devil.

Ciara assures Allie that she forgives her as none of what happened was her fault. Allie feels responsible. Ben backs up Ciara that they don’t blame her at all and invites her in. Allie thanks them and admits she was afraid they would slam the door in her face. Ciara assures they love her. Allie is relieved and happy. Allie praises Ciara as a mom and asks how she defeated the Devil. Ciara responds that she actually had a little help from her dad.

Sami tells Lucas that she can’t believe Lucas was at the DiMera Mansion and straight up said she didn’t believe EJ isn’t guilty. Sami calls it crazy that her sister is defending the man who kidnapped her. Lucas talks about Sami and Belle always having a screwed up relationship, bringing up Sami trying to sell Belle on the black market as a baby. Sami argues that was a long time ago and they should get over it. Lucas adds that Sami also set Jan Spears loose. Sami admits that was extreme but she was desperate to get custody of their grandson. Lucas points out that Sami bringing Jan back led to Jan having a son with Shawn. Lucas understands Belle would hate her for messing up her marriage and says she has a right to be ticked off.

EJ assures Belle that if they go upstairs and make love, it won’t be because he wants to hurt Sami but because he wants to do the opposite to Belle. Belle wants to believe that very much, but says it’s really tough when she knows he’s pretending that he doesn’t care that his marriage just ended. Belle says he’s very good at it but he loved Sami. EJ says that is past tense and he’s moved on with Belle or at least he thought. Belle doesn’t know if she can trust his motives. EJ feels she’s being ridiculous. Belle brings up that John told her that EJ was using her to get back at Sami and at the time she blew up at him, but maybe he was right. EJ thinks she’s projecting and thinks he’s using her because the whole time, she’s been using him to get back at Shawn.

Jan tells Shawn that she doesn’t mean to pry but asks what happened. Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it. Jan feels it’s unfair that Shawn has no one to confide in while Belle is spilling her guts to EJ. Jan adds that she won’t offer an opinion and will only listen. Shawn then talks about how at first things were going well and they both admitted there was still hope for the two of them which Jan questions. Shawn adds that then he told Belle that the warden extended Jan’s house arrest and things took a turn for the worse as Belle was fed up. Julie then walks in and asks if he can blame Belle.

Evan/Christian explains to Orpheus that Allie was possessed by the Devil and he totally blew it as he never should’ve let Satan put him under his spell instead of running, but he let hate get the better of him. Orpheus supposes that was The Devil’s plan all along. Evan says the second he saw the innocent baby, he should’ve been stronger but instead all he could see was revenge and hurting Ben and Ciara in the worst way possible. He calls it a test that he failed while if he was a better man, he’d be with his son now. Evan laments that he wasted the opportunity to get to his son David.

Ciara talks about her father Bo appearing to her, feeling his presence in the cemetery and then her and Ben seeing him at the hospital. Allie acknowledges that anything is possible. Ciara states that she misses her dad so much and wishes to see him and talk to him one last time. Ciara talks about Bo being at the hospital waiting to meet her baby. Allie calls that amazing. Ciara asks Allie how her dad is doing. Allie says she’s going to see him next for the first time since Abigail died. Ciara says it’s so awful what happened to her. Allie agrees and doesn’t know what to say to Lucas. Ciara is sure something will come to her and that being there will comfort him. Ciara sends her best as she and Allie hug.

Sami tells Lucas that Shawn’s behavior is not her fault. Lucas suggesting not focusing on Shawn and Belle but on their future and happiness together. Sami agrees and suggests they go share their happy story with their family. Lucas agrees and says they make a great team as they kiss.

Julie complains about Shawn sharing his feelings about his wife with Jan. Jan points out that she’s the mother of Shawn’s baby so she is now family. Julie disagrees and calls her a snake, who tricked Shawn in to getting her pregnant. Julie says it’s time for Jan to slither back behind bars. Jan can’t believe she would be so cold hearted about her own great grandson and asks if she doesn’t want him to be raised by his mother. Julie says not when his mother is a murderer. Jan argues that she did the whole town a favor by getting rid of Charlie Dale and that she did that to protect Claire, so she’s basically a hero that she should thank. Julie argues that heroes don’t have ulterior motives, schemes, or plots. Julie adds that Jan just wanted Belle out of the way to frame her for murder.

Belle tells EJ not to turn this around on her. EJ argues that she questioned his motives, so it’s only fair to examine hers too. EJ asks why every time Belle had a fight with Shawn, she came running here. Belle says she needed someone to talk to. EJ argues that she could’ve turned to Chloe, Brady, or anyone else but she specifically sought him out and knew it would get back to Shawn. Belle admits that she knew it would bother Shawn but that’s not why she confided in him. EJ says she directly involved him in her separation. EJ adds that she could’ve stayed at the Salem Inn but she stayed the night here and they’ve kissed more than once. EJ questions if this is all because of Shawn or if she has real feelings for him. Belle says she wouldn’t have suggested going upstairs if she didn’t. EJ complains that now she’s pulling away so he wonders if she was just playing a game that suddenly got out of hand. Belle calls EJ petty for calling a conflicted woman a tease. EJ remarks that she has been throwing herself at him. Belle calls him unbelievable and suggests ending the conversation before he makes more of an ass of himself. Belle goes to leave but EJ grabs her arm and asks her not to go.

Julie questions why Shawn is helping Jan stay out of prison. Shawn says he’s doing it for his son. Julie argues that Jan is just using him. Shawn tells Julie that he has the situation under control. Julie wishes she believed that but decides they will talk about it another time. Julie says she just came to congratulate him and see the new baby. Jan talks about the baby looking like her. Julie says it’s time for her to go before she does something she regrets. Julie mentions going to see Ciara to give her the most wonderful gift from Hope that she’s so excited about. Shawn asks what it is. Julie says he will never guess.

Ciara and Ben open presents that Allie gave them, which are bath toys for baby Bo. Ciara reveals to Ben that Hope said she had a very special gift for them. Ciara then announces they are now the proud owners of a boat.

Allie runs in to Sami and Lucas in the town square. Allie says she was just coming to see Lucas but didn’t know Sami was in town as they hug. Sami says she just got in and she’s sorry she couldn’t be there sooner. Allie understands the doctors wouldn’t let her fly. Sami talks about being worried about Allie and Johnny so she wanted to see for herself that they are okay. Allie jokes about it and says she and Johnny are coping by making possession jokes. Lucas suggests telling Allie the news now that they reunited. Sami informs Allie that Lucas proposed and she said yes. Allie congratualtes them and hugs them.

Belle doesn’t think there’s anything left to say. EJ argues that it would be cowardly for her to walk out now. EJ thinks they should talk this out honestly as they owe each other that. Belle agrees to give him the truth and admits maybe a small part of her was trying to get back at Shawn through him. EJ says that’s what he suspected. Belle tells EJ that it’s his turn. EJ admits it’s crossed his mind that being with her would upset Sami and he can’t say he doesn’t find satisfaction with that. EJ argues that there’s more to their attraction than just a desire for revenge as they do have a real connection. Belle questions if they do or if they are just fooling themselves.

Evan hates that he’s missed so much of his son’s life and wishes he would’ve just left town and gone on the run with him. Orpheus says that wouldn’t have worked since his sister Zoey wouldn’t have approved and they would’ve struggled on the run. Orpheus adds that there is something else he doesn’t know. Orpheus reveals that Zoey got back with her ex-husband and they moved to New Zealand with his son, so David is on the other side of the world.

Ben questions Ciara saying that Hope is giving them a boat, calling that a little extravagant. Ciara explains that boats are kind of a thing in their family since Bo had one for a really long time and named it after Hope as they spent years traveling the seas. Ben says it sounds amazing. Ciara notes that Shawn was inspired to do the same thing when Claire was born and lived on a boat for years. Ciara tells Ben that now they have their own boat so they can travel whenever and where ever they want to make amazing memories of their own.

Julie informs Shawn that Hope bought a boat for Ciara and Ben which he calls amazing. Jan asks where their boat is since they just had a baby. Shawn recalls how much he enjoyed traveling the world with Belle and Claire on their boat, calling it some of the best times of their lives. Shawn says it feels like yesterday. Julie encourages that he and Belle will still have lots of wonderful adventures as there’s no power in the world to stop them from being together. Shawn hugs Julie while she glares at Jan.

EJ tells Belle that they have something special as the past few months growing closer has meant a lot to him and he wants that to continue. Belle argues it’s so mixed up and complicated, asking how much of this is about sticking it to their exes and how much is actually about them. EJ points out that if he cared more about hurting Sami, he would’ve told her that they had kissed or thrown it in her face that they were about to go upstairs but he didn’t do those things because this has nothing to do with Sami and is none of her business. EJ declares this is about them. EJ agrees that what they have is complicated but they aren’t kids anymore and life is complicated, so they have a lot of baggage. EJ doesn’t care about that and states that he wants Belle.

Allie asks when Sami and Lucas are getting remarried. Sami says they haven’t had a chance to talk about when. Lucas votes for as soon as possible. Sami points out that she has to file the divorce papers since EJ signed them. Allie suggests they get married while they are both in town. Sami mentions she still can’t believe what happened to Abigail. Allie says that’s why she was coming to check on Lucas. Lucas says he’s alright and is just worried about Jennifer. Allie hopes they find the monster who did this and locks them up forever. Lucas says they all do. Allie apologizes for bringing the mood down and suggests they celebrate. Sami wants to go to the Pub to break the news to Kate and Roman. Sami then walks off with Allie. Lucas thinks back to waking up after passing out drunk, unable to remember anything. Lucas then follows after Sami and Allie.

Evan yells in frustration as he can’t believe Zoey would move across the world without consulting him and took his son away. Orpheus points out that she does have full custody of David and didn’t have to get his approval or even tell him. Evan wants to call her and get her to bring him back. Orpheus says he wouldn’t hold his breath for that but suggests he focus on a family matter a little closer to home. Evan questions what that means.

Julie goes to Ben and Ciara’s with a gift from Hope. Ben and Ciara talk about the boat. Julie presents them with the keys and says it’s in the marina for whenever they are ready. They see the key is named after putting their names together “Cin” and joke about couple names. Ben declares that he thinks he’s going to love Living in Cin.

Belle tells EJ that she doesn’t know as this all just feels like a big mistake. EJ reminds her that she is legally separated and he’s essentially divorced, so there’s nothing stopping them from getting in to their feelings unless she doesn’t feel the same way as he does. Belle responds that she does feel the same but she doesn’t want them to get together for the wrong reasons. EJ tells her that he understands and doesn’t want to put her under any pressure or make her feel used. EJ decides maybe they can take some time to think this over. Belle starts to leave the room but stops and declares that she’s spent her entire life thinking things through and this is where it’s gotten her. Belle states that she knows what she wants and goes back to begin kissing EJ.

Ben and Ciara tell Julie to send their best to Lani as Julie then exits. Ciara says it’s so tempting to go check out the boat right now but they should probably wait until the morning. Ciara thinks they should plan a little trip soon. Ben asks why a little trip since Hope and Bo took Shawn sailing around the world and then Shawn and Belle took Claire, so what if they did the same with baby Bo.

Lucas and Sami return to their room at the Salem Inn. Sami complains about Kate’s reaction to their engagement being subdued and thought they had gotten over hating each other. Lucas thinks Kate kind of knew that he was going to propose so he says not to read too much in to Kate not being shocked. Lucas declares that he has enough enthusiasm to go around as they kiss.

EJ and Belle go to the bedroom and kiss on to the bed. EJ asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. Belle tells EJ to make love to her as they continue kissing.

Jan asks Shawn if they can visit their baby Shawn Christian again which he agrees to. Jan promises to be a great mother to their son. Jan is aware she has to go back to prison and it will kill her, but at least he will have Shawn to look after him. Jan tells Shawn that he will be a great father to their son.

Evan doesn’t know what other family matter Orpheus is talking about but says nothing is more important than his son. Orpheus reveals that he is talking about his son; his other son that he conceived with Jan Spears!

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