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Paulina visits Eli with Lani in the hospital. Paulina encourages that Eli knows how much Lani loves him. Lani credits Paulina for always being there and allowing her to spend so much time at Eli’s side. Paulina says it’s her honor to support them and she will continue to do so as long as they need. TR then arrives with flowers and asks how his two favorite girls are. Lani thanks TR and tells him there is no change in Eli, but she keeps talking to him and telling him that they can’t wait for him to come back. Lani says it may be wishful thinking but she really feels like he’s listening this time. Paulina encourages that Eli hears every word Lani says to him and he’s working hard to get back to her and their children.

Tripp enters a hospital room to check on Beth and asks what brings her in today. Beth turns to him, revealing she has a black eye.

Chanel arrives at the hospital and sees Johnny. Chanel asks how he’s feeling. Johnny responds that he’s much better as he’s rehydrated and good to go. Chanel asks if he’s sure since he’s been through a lot. Johnny jokes that it wasn’t that bad but then goes over being possessed by the Devil, held prisoner in a crypt and almost strangled to death by his dead uncle. Johnny says everyone has their problems but admits it did a number on him, though he’s fine now. Chanel assumes he’s heading home to rest but Johnny says no way as he needs to find Allie.

Devil Allie walks around the cabin as Ciara sleeps on the couch. The Devil says now that he’s convinced Ciara that her husband is dead and she’s in mortal danger from the maniac who killed him, she can stay here with him where he’ll keep her safe until she gives birth and then that baby will finally be his. The Devil declares that’s the plan and nothing is going to stop him.

Susan rushes in to Ben’s apartment, saying she got his message and came as soon as she could. Ben talks about no one seeing or hearing from Ciara or Allie since yesterday. Ben needs Susan to find Ciara right now as she could give birth any time and the Devil is after their baby. Susan encourages Ben that love will always win over evil. Ben hopes she’s right and that they can use her power to help him connect with Ciara like before. Susan tells Ben to get her something of Ciara’s. Ben gives Susan the motorcycle helmet that he gave to Ciara as an anniversary gift. Susan raises the helmet and calls out to Ciara to try and feel her presence but doesn’t get anything. Susan then has Ben hold the helmet and holds Ben’s hand to try again but gets nothing. Susan then asks Ben to try to talk to Ciara.

Ciara hears Ben’s voice, saying he’s alive and trying to find her but he needs her help.

Susan encourages Ben to keep going. Ben says he needs Ciara to tell him where she is.

Ciara calls out to Ben but Allie wakes her up, saying she was having a nightmare. Ciara says it wasn’t a nightmare but she heard Ben and he’s alive.

Ben tells Susan that he was so close and swears he almost felt her but something happened. Susan guesses the Devil was messing up the signal. Ben asks what to do now.

TR asks what is the latest on Eli and the doctors and if they think he has a chance to wake up. Paulina insists that Eli is coming out of this while TR looks worried. Abe enters the room and comments that it’s a full house. Abe thought there wasn’t supposed to be too many people in the room as he turns to TR. Paulina decides she has to use the restroom anyway so she hugs Lani and then exits the room. Abe asks if it was something he said. TR responds that it was more like something he did.

Chanel tells Johnny that it might not be that easy for him to find Allie since she took Ciara. Johnny is shocked as Chanel explains that no one knows where she took her. Johnny remembers the Devil wants Ciara’s baby. Chanel says every cop in town has been looking for them. Chanel worries about what if the cops shoot first and ask questions later. Chanel cries that she’s so scared. Johnny hugs Chanel as Paulina comes off of the elevator and questions what the hell is going on here.

Tripp asks Beth how she got injured with the black eye and cut lip. Beth claims that she tripped and landed on her face. Tripp asks if he’s sure, adding that anything she tells him will remain strictly confidential as the doctors are given treatment guidelines to help them accurately identify what is going on with patients to get them what they need. Tripp wants to make sure he’s doing all he can to help her, so he has to ask if someone did this to her. Tripp adds that there is another option and offers to call in a female police officer but Beth says no cops. Beth says she is in a lot of pain and just needs a prescription for painkillers. Tripp feels she should be admitted in to the hospital but Beth says she can’t be here as she has to work. Tripp suggests ice first and then heat in a couple days and to switch to Ibuprofen as soon as she can. Tripp asks if she wants him to call a friend to pick her up but Beth says she’s good and quickly exits the room.

Abe asks what exactly TR thinks he did. TR informs him that Paulina told him that she made it clear that she still has feelings for Abe but he rejected her. Abe asks what the hell business it is of his. TR says it is because he cares about Paulina very much and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Abe laughs and says that’s rich coming from him. Lani interrupts, yelling at them to stop as her husband is fighting for his life and they are there arguing. Lani asks what is wrong with them.

Paulina yells for Johnny to keep his filthy hands off of her daughter. Johnny knows how she feels about him and asks Chanel to explain that he’s not the horrible person she thinks he is. Johnny says he’s sorry but he really has to go so he rushes out of the hospital. Paulina calls him a coward for running off. Chanel tells her that Johnny really does have something important to do, explaining that he just got released from the hospital. Chanel adds that Johnny was just comforting her because she was upset. Paulina hopes she’s not getting sucked back in to being with Johnny. Chanel says she doesn’t understand. Paulina complains about Johnny and Allie treating her like dirt and shattering her heart. Chanel clarifies that Johnny and Allie never meant to hurt her. Paulina questions her doing a 180 and defending them. Chanel reveals that she’s not making excuses but telling her that they weren’t responsible for that behavior because it wasn’t them, they were possessed by The Devil.

Allie tells Ciara that she couldn’t have heard Ben and was just dreaming. Ciara says it was more than that and she’s had the feeling before of Ben trying to reach out to her before and she just heard his voice saying he needs her. Allie calls that impossible and knows it’s hard to accept but Ben is dead. Ciara doesn’t believe it as every part of her is telling her it’s not true. Ciara declares that she has to find Ben but Allie says she has to take care of herself and her baby which means they have to hide out her until they find Evan because he will kill her and her unborn child if he finds her. Ciara doesn’t understand why there are no cops guarding the cabin outside if Rafe said he would send some.

Susan worries to Ben that The Devil has isolated Ciara as he wants her and the baby all to himself. Ben points out that Ciara doesn’t know that Allie is possessed so she trusts her which is why The Devil is able to manipulate Ciara in to doing whatever the hell he wants. Susan says not if Ciara is strong and determined. Ben agrees that Ciara just has to hang on until he can get to her. Susan declares that if the Devil gets in their way, they will go around him. Susan promises they will find Ciara because love will find a way.

Abe and TR apologize to Lani for arguing. Lani says whatever is going on between them, she can’t have it going on in this room. Abe says he understands. TR gets a call and tells Lani to hang in there and that he’s praying for Eli as he exits the room to answer the call. Abe questions TR just leaving because his work is more important than being here with her.

Susan tells Ben that they need to figure out how to get he and Ciara reconnected. Ben brings up how they communicated psychically before and when Ciara was held prisoner, they had the same dream at the same time of being Romeo and Juliet. Susan tells him to go get Romeo & Juliet.

Allie claims to Ciara that two cops did come by while she was asleep. Ciara questions her not waking her up. Allie says there was no reason to as they had no new information and just that they have an APB out on Evan. Ciara questions the cops just leaving them while they are in serious danger. Allie claims that they are down on the docks. Ciara wants to talk to the cops, insisting that Ben is still alive and she needs to find him. Allie claims to her that the cops made it clear that leaving is not an option so for her safety, they need to stay here. Allie suggests they do breathing exercises for her pregnancy. Ciara mentions that she was supposed to do that with Ben as he was going to be her birthing coach. Ciara cries that she and her baby need Ben. Allie encourages that she has her so she’s not alone. Allie offers to be Ciara’s birthing coach and says she’ll be honored to help bring her baby in to the world.

Paulina questions Chanel about the exorcism getting the Devil out of Marlena but not getting rid of him once and for all. Chanel says apparently not. Paulina feels that’s all the more reason for her not to go near the twins so that Satan doesn’t jump in to her next. Chanel says there are more important things to worry about right now because Allie took Ciara and no one knows where they went, but they know the Devil wants Ciara’s baby. Chanel feels so bad for Johnny and he went looking for them. Chanel wonders if she should go help but Paulina tells them to stay away and not go anywhere near that mess. Paulina suggests they go get coffee, so Chanel can tell her the rest of this insane story.

TR is on the phone at the hospital, saying he knows he said he would have the money by now but he will get it. TR gives his word that it will be next week at the latest but they hang up on him. TR then spots Beth on her way out of the hospital and confronts her, questioning what the hell she’s doing back here.

Abe apologizes to Lani as he knows he should keep his opinions to himself since TR is her biological father and has every right to be here. Lani understands Abe’s concerns about TR since for years, he abused Paulina and drugs. Lani notes that since Eli’s shooting, TR has been great and been there every day plus helping with the kids. Lani assures she would never leave the kids alone with him but they are his grandchildren. Abe says they are his too and he can’t not worry. Lani knows TR’s history and promises to keep her guard up, but she honestly doesn’t believe he’s a threat anymore as he’s trying so hard to prove that he’s become a different man. Abe doesn’t think that’s possible as he knows from Kate and Nicole, who had experience with abusers, that men like that rarely change. Lani responds that her experience as a cop tells her the same thing but rarely is not never, so TR could be the exception. Abe asks what if he’s not.

TR pulls Beth aside and warns her about shooting her mouth off to Lani again. Beth clarifies that she wasn’t here to see Lani, but to see a doctor. TR argues that she can’t be seen like this. Beth says she didn’t want to be but she was waiting for her ears to stop ringing, her eye to stop throbbing, and for it to stop hurting to breathe. Beth says she only came for painkillers and is now on her way back to the hotel. TR declares that’s not good enough as she needs to leave town and go back to LA. TR wants her on the next flight out. Beth asks about the movie and says she’ll be fine by then. TR disagrees and argues that she can’t do a movie looking like that. Beth argues that TR did this to her. TR remarks that she’s lucky that’s all he did…

Ciara appreciates Allie’s offer but says she and Ben had been practicing for months so he was supposed to be her birthing coach and she doesn’t think she can have this baby without him. Ciara then hears Ben’s voice reading Romeo & Juliet. Ciara asks if Allie just heard something like she did but Allie says no. Ciara says she heard it again as Ben continues reading Romeo & Juliet. Ciara tells Allie that she is definitely hearing Ben’s voice reciting Romeo & Juliet. Allie says there is no way. Ciara imagines Ben appearing in the cabin, reciting the lines, and says it’s really him and he’s here.

Ben points to Susan that the next line is Juliet’s. Ben worries that it’s not working. Ben then hears Ciara’s voice reciting the next line. Ben says he can hear Ciara and then imagines her appearing in the room behind him. Ben reaches out and says where ever she is, she must be seeing and hearing him too. Ben insists that he’s alive and is going to find her so he asks her not to give up on him.

Ciara reaches out and says she believes in Ben.

Ben asks Ciara to tell him where she is. He imagines Ciara saying she’s right there and that she can reach out and touch him but the vision disappears.

Devil Allie uses his powers to erase Ciara’s vision of Ben, leaving her disappointed.

Abe tells Lani that TR is always on his best behavior around her and Paulina, but he doesn’t buy that he’s truly reformed. Lani brings up TR’s recent girlfriend Beth vouching for him and saying that he never used drugs or laid a hand on her for the entire time they were together. Lani then brings up Beth coming to visit her the other day and she said she had something to tell her. Lani says she forgot about it until now. Abe wonders if it has something to do with TR. Lani says she doesn’t know as they got interrupted and then she left so she never found out what it was. Abe suggests maybe she should..

Beth asks what TR is going to do to her that he hasn’t already done, shoot her like he shot Eli? TR snipes at her to shut up and reminds her that he told her he had nothing to do with Eli’s shooting. Beth points out that TR also told everyone that he wasn’t doing drugs and wasn’t beating women. TR argues that she deserved what he did to her because she broke their agreement. Beth asks if she’s supposed to go back to LA while TR proposes to Paulina. TR says then Paulina says yes as everything is working out exactly as planned with Paulina. Beth asks what if Paulina starts asking questions and if he’s going to kill her. Beth points out that TR almost killed her just for being in the same room as his daughter. TR warns her to keep her voice down. Beth repeats that Paulina is no fool and is not going to let him get away with walking her blind. TR tells her not to worry about Paulina but to worry about what’s going to happen to her if she sticks around Salem and anybody sees her like this. TR warns Beth that if she shows her face around town again or talks to anybody about what he did then he will kill her. Beth says she’s got it and she’s leaving as she then exits the hospital as they stare back at each other. Paulina then approaches TR and asks if that was his ex getting on the elevator. TR confirms that was Beth. Paulina asks what she was doing here. TR claims that she was just looking for him because she decided to drop out of the movie and go back to California.

Beth walks through the town square, booking the next flight out to LA. Beth hangs up and then gets a call from Lani. Lani brings up Beth saying she had something to tell her and she’d like to know what it is.

Ciara tells Allie that it’s all going to be okay because Ben is not here now but he’s alive. Allie tells him that it’s not true and that she was just hallucinating. Ciara insists that it was their psychic connection at work. Allie encourages her to sleep but Ciara says no way as she’s not going to wait for Ben to find her, she’s going to find him.

Ben tells Susan that the connection was broken. Susan says what’s important is that he reached her and reconnected to her. Ben declares that now he just has to go find her. Johnny shows up at the door and asks if there’s any news. Susan hugs Johnny, who says he just got released from the hospital. Susan is happy that Johnny is alive and well and devil-free. Johnny credits Susan for saving him. Susan jokes that she’ll have Roger write a song about how they beat the Devil. Johnny points out that they haven’t won yet because Allie is still out there. Ben adds that she is with his wife and child.

Ciara says for her and Allie to go but Allie says she’s not going anywhere and not letting her go either. Ciara argues that Allie has no say about it as she is not her prisoner, so she is going to go find Ben and there’s nothing she can do to stop her.

Lani reminds Beth that she said it was something she deserved to know. Beth thinks back to TR threatening to kill her. Beth then tells Lani that it wasn’t important and she’s sorry for making her feel like it was. Beth says she has a plane to catch back to LA but she wishes her and Eli the best. Beth prays that Eli wakes up. Lani thanks her and they hang up. Lani tells Abe that was strange as she got the feeling that Beth was hiding something, but she’s leaving town now so she guesses they’ll never know.

Paulina questions TR about why Beth just up and quit. TR claims she didn’t say and guesses she got cold feet. Paulina asks if he needs a new Celeste for the movie. TR suggests Paulina put in a good word for him with Chanel to get her to consider to sign on again since he always thought she was the best person for the role. Paulina mentions just seeing Chanel and that she was on her way to the Bakery, so he could track her down right now if he wants. TR decides he will talk to her but not right now as there is a higher priority he has to take care of first. Paulina questions what is higher priority than his movie. TR responds that she is and he has an important question for her…

Abe tells Lani that he better get to Julie’s as he promised to take the twins for the evening. Lani thanks him and says she really could not do this without him. Abe says it’s his pleasure as they hug and that he loves her as he exits the room. Lani sits with Eli and says everyone loves him too and they are all pulling for him. Lani says they are not giving up on him and Paulina is right that Eli is going to come out of this. Lani adds that she misses him so much and so do their kids, Julie, Doug, Abe, and Valerie. Lani declares they will all be here waiting whenever he decides to finally come back to them. Eli then finally begins to wake up.

Ben fills Johnny in on Devil Allie making Ciara think that he was dead but now Ciara knows he’s alive as Susan helped him use their psychic connection to reach out to her, but they still don’t know where she is because the connection broke. Susan exclaims that she just came up with a brilliant idea, pointing out that as twins, Johnny also has a psychic connection with Allie.

Ciara tells Allie to get out of her way. Allie argues that she’s not thinking straight and questions where she would even go. Ciara says she’ll go to the docks, find the cops, and make them take her to Ben. Ciara goes to leave, but stops and announces that her water just broke.

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