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Recap written by Christine

Adam approached Abby at Society and said it’d been awhile. She noted that he was here yesterday, and he said he meant it had been awhile since they talked. She was surprised he was supporting Society since he’d cut ties with anything Newman. He loved the food, and he said that his issues with their father had nothing to do with him and her. She agreed, and she offered him food on the house. He asked her to join him for a conversation. She knew all along that he had an agenda in starting this discussion. She asked what he wanted to talk about, and he said Ashland’s death.

Abby sat with Adam at the bar. He asked what she knew about Ashland’s death. She didn’t know much more than anyone else. Adam said he’d suspected something terrible could happen, but he didn’t expect Ashland to die. Abby didn’t shed tears for Ashland. She just hoped Victoria got closure. Adam did too. He hadn’t talked to Victoria, because he didn’t think his condolences would be welcome. He asked Abby if their sister seemed okay. Abby only talked to Victoria over the phone, but it had been rough. Adam noted that Victor didn’t seem too broken up over it. Abby didn’t expect Victor to mourn Ashland after what he put their family through.

Abby didn’t want to ever hear Ashland’s name again. Adam thought that was unlikely since Chance was investigating his death. He guessed that put her in a difficult position. She asked why he’d say that. He told her that he’d talked to Chance, and he knew Chance had his doubts about the so-called car accident. She asked for more details on what Chance said. Adam stated that Chance had been tight-lipped, but to Adam, it was telling that Chance was even investigating. He told her that Chance brought Kevin into the investigation too, so she wouldn’t be betraying any confidence by admitting there was more to the story. She reiterated that she didn’t know much. Adam claimed that, like Abby, he was worried the nightmare of Ashland wasn’t over for the people she loved. Abby told Adam that she could see he was fishing for information, and she wasn’t going to give it to him. Adam got the feeling that no one in the family had told Abby anything. “You’re just as much on the outside as I am,” Adam contended. He told her that they should team up and pass on anything they heard to each other. He asked if it was a deal, and she didn’t reply.

Victoria and Chance bumped into each other at Crimson Lights. They talked, and he asked how her night was. She said she and the kids couldn’t sleep. He was sorry. He was sure the kids were feeling the loss of Ashland. He said when you were investigating a death, sometimes you forgot how many people it affected. Victoria said Ashland wasn’t well-liked, and he left behind a lot of grief and pain, which Chance’s investigation wasn’t helping. He knew it might seem heartless, but he was just doing his job. She understood and said she wasn’t intimidated by him. Nothing would make him feel better than to close the investigation. She asked why he didn’t do so, then.

Chance said he couldn’t just drop an investigation. Victoria said Chance had this notion that Victor orchestrated a fake car accident. She claimed she had no idea why Victor would do that. She noted that Chance had done a lot of work to support this theory, but he had no evidence to back it up. She wondered where this was headed – if Chance thought Ashland was dead before he got into the car, did he intend to go after Victor for obstruction, or was he disputing Nick’s account that he hit Ashland in self-defense? She theorized that Chance couldn’t accept that Ashland’s death was an accident. Victoria asked if Chance was planning to charge Nick with murder. Just then, Nick walked in.

Victoria brought Nick up to speed. She said Chance claimed he was on their side, but now it seemed like he was trying to prove a crime was committed. Chance believed Victoria and Nick were acting in good faith when they called him that night. He also believed that Nick never intended to harm Ashland and that whatever happened was an accident. Chance said the more defiant Nick and Victoria were, the more certain he was that they knew what happened and they were covering for their father. Nick said no one wanted Ashland to die, but he wasn’t a good person, and he set this all in motion when he terrorized Victoria. Nick was glad he was there that night to protect his sister – Abby’s sister, and he’d do it again in a heartbeat. He said when he and Victoria heard about Ashland being found in a ravine, they had no reason to believe he didn’t get up and drive away. Nick said Ashland’s death was accidental. Abby called Chance and they agreed to meet up at the park. After Chance left, Nick said he had nightmares about Ashland every night. He thought it was like Ashland’s final revenge. Victoria thought Chance wanted to help them. Nick was skeptical, and Victoria explained that Chance had seemed more sympathetic before Nick arrived. She believed Chance would do the right thing, which was to side with the family. Nick wasn’t so sure. He thought they should go to the ranch and tell Victor about their run in with Chance.

Sally had a firm discussion with an employee by phone. She needed some data to show the big advertisers she was meeting with next week. She insisted that they get her the numbers ASAP. When she looked up, she saw Victor standing in her office. Sally was surprised it took him so long to stop by. He’d been preoccupied. She knew he wished this office was Adam’s. He was disappointed she wasn’t able to convince Adam to stay on board. She’d hoped Adam would stay on too, but he made it clear this job wasn’t a good fit, and he felt the same way about their relationship. She was grateful Victoria and Nick gave her a chance. She was determined to prove she deserved the opportunity.

Victor was pleased with how Sally handled the Ashland Locke story. He assumed she knew more details than were included in the police report. He said she’d handled the story with great restraint and discretion, and he encouraged her to follow those instincts. He said she had the opportunity to build something – businesses weren’t just about money and power. She thought those things were important. He agreed, but he said he didn’t build businesses just for money and power – he also built them for a lasting legacy. He stated that she had some important decisions to make in the future, and he hoped she’d prove herself and stay in this position. She said thanks, but then she asked if that was a compliment or warning. He smiled and left.

Adam showed up at Sally’s office, and she asked if he’d reconsidered cutting ties with Newman. He said absolutely not. He was hoping to find out what trouble Victor had gotten the family into with regard to Ashland. Sally aid she hadn’t heard anything about Victor being involved the accident. She theorized that he was jumping the gun because he wanted to paint his father in the worst possible light. She found it presumptuous of him to ask her to help. He asked if she was siding with his dad because he signed her checks. She said there were no sides, there was just the truth. He told her she already admitted she had insider information about the crash from Nick. He asked if she’d like to share that with him. She reminded him she already turned down that request. She was glad that he put her in the position to tell him he was pathetic for trying again. He conceded that he hurt her, but he said their relationship had run its course. He thought she should be grateful he ended things, since she got to keep her job. She reminded him that she said she didn’t want the job if that was how she needed to get it.

Adam offered to pay Sally for her intel. She said she had plenty of money now that she was the CEO. He suggested he give her a favor. She said she’d tell him what he wanted to know if he finally admitted the sole reason he broke up with her was to get her the job and that he still loved her. He told her that was ludicrous. Chloe walked in and was unhappy to see Adam. Chloe had something important to discuss with Sally, so Adam said he’d be in touch, and he left. Chloe was disgusted by the hope and longing she saw in Sally’s eyes. Sally didn’t apologize for having feelings. Chloe noted that they’d just talked about how Adam didn’t deserve Sally’s emotional bandwidth. Chloe asked why Sally would sacrifice a drop of success for another chance with Adam.

Sally said she and Adam were just having a business negotiation. She shared the details with Chloe. Chloe thought Sally was playing with fire. Sally said she was in control, and she wasn’t ignoring how Adam broke her heart. She wanted the truth from Adam, and she wanted to know she wasn’t crazy to think they had something real. Chloe understood Sally wanting closure. Sally said wasn’t trying to get Adam back, she just wanted to relieve herself of the self doubt. Chloe asked about Sally’s willingness to sell out Nick. Sally said she was planning to lie to Adam, once he came clean, and say that she didn’t know anything about Ashland. Chloe was glad she came in before Sally had a chance to set that plan in motion. She said Sally couldn’t lie to Adam about that, because he’d be furious, and he’d make it his life’s mission to make Sally regret it. Sally thought Chloe was exaggerating.

Sally said that after what Adam did to her, he’d have no right to be mad at her for playing him. Chloe said Adam wasn’t a rational person. Sally said Chloe had a history with Adam, and she’d always see him through a certain lens, but he’d changed. Chloe said Adam appeared to have changed, but he’d done it before, and he always reverted back to who he was. Chloe knew Sally heard the stories, but she said until Sally experienced Adam at his worst, she’d never truly understand what he was capable of. Chloe told Sally to forget Adam stopped by, forget this dangerous plan, forget Adam all together.

At the park, Chance asked Abby what was going on. She knew he wasn’t supposed to talk about ongoing investigations, but she needed to know what was going on with Ashland’s accident. She said that Nikki acted weird yesterday, she hadn’t been able to reach Victor, and Nick and Victoria weren’t telling her anything. Oddly enough, the only member of the Newman family who’d have a real conversation with her was Adam. He promised to tell her everything as soon as they closed the case. She begged him to tell her something now. She had a sick feeling in her stomach. He was sorry he’d upset her. He didn’t want to burden her while he was piecing things together, but he was at a crossroads now. He decided to share some confidential information with her, and he warned her it wouldn’t be easy to hear.

Chance told Abby his theory that Nick killed Ashland in self-defense and Victor took it upon himself to cover it up with a staged car accident to protect Nick and Victoria. Chance said that he thought Victoria and Nick later found out what Victor did, and they were protecting him. Abby said this was unbelievable. Chance asked if it really was. Abby admitted this was a move out of Victor’s playbook, but she reminded Chance that he said he didn’t have concrete proof. He was sure he could find something if he kept digging. She asked if he was going to to that. He told her that Victoria said the same thing – that he could walk away and close the case. Chance said Victor committed a crime, and he couldn’t just let a criminal walk away. But he knew this wasn’t just another case, because this was Abby’s family. He asked her opinion on what he should do.

Abby stated that Ashland was a monster who wreaked havoc on the whole town and who may have killed Victoria if Nick didn’t stop him. She didn’t condone what her father did, but she understood it. He asked if she wanted him to back off. She thought that was a decision he had to make on his own. She didn’t want him to come to resent her for convincing him to close the case. He loved her and how open and honest they could be with each other. Adam came up and saw Abby and Chance kiss. Abby had to go, because she and Dominic had a Mommy and Me class. As soon as she left, Adam went up to Chance. Adam offered sympathy about the difficult position Chance was in, caught between his wife’s family and his need to uncover the truth. Chance wanted Adam to get to the point. Adam said Victor was skilled at cover-ups, so Chance would have a hard time getting the facts of the case. Adam knew all Victor’s tricks, and he said he’d help with the case, if Chance let him into the investigation.

Nick and Victoria went to the ranch, and they were surprised when it seemed like Victor had been expecting them. He said he had an interesting conversation with Nikki last night, and she told him about Ashland’s body being moved from Victoria’s house and ending up in the ravine. Only about a half a dozen people knew about this, and he didn’t want Nikki to find out about it. Nick noted that Victor had tried to keep all of them in the dark. Victor said he’d been trying to protect them all. He said Nikki never would’ve known if Victoria didn’t tell her. Victoria contended that Nikki already knew Victor was hiding something. Victor maintained that Victoria shouldn’t have told Nikki. Furthermore, he felt that Nick was wrong to tell Victoria. Nick said Victoria had a right to know. Victoria said Nikki did too. Victor said Nick, Victoria and Nikki were all in danger now because they’d become accessories to the crime. Nick argued that Victor should have thought of that before he put this plan in motion. Victor told Nick not to be a wise-ass. He said he did what he did on the spur of the moment to protect his family. He griped that he was being attacked instead of appreciated.

Victoria said no one was attacking Victor – they were all just trying to get on the same page. Nick said they had a run-in with Chance and he wasn’t going to let it go. Victoria said Chance’s theory was pretty close to the truth. Victor didn’t give a damn about Chance’s theory, since there was no way he could substantiate it. Victor said Ashland died in the ravine, period. Nick asked what they should do. Victor said they were to do nothing, just present a united front. He thought that Chance would eventually move on, and they could put this tragic chapter behind them.

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