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Chanel goes to see Paulina in her office and questions what’s wrong as she looks really serious. Paulina suggests she sit down.

Alex goes to see Stephanie at her home and calls her the biggest hypocrite he’s ever met because he has to follow all the rules while she can do whatever the hell she wants. Stephanie questions what he’s talking about. Alex argues that she said she would only continue working at Titan if he stopped asking her out, so he’s been trying to keep it professional and business. Chad questions him showing up at her house with wild accusations not crossing any lines. Alex then asks if Stephanie sleeping with the new guy she just hired is not a violation of her rules or if she just makes an exception for Chad DiMera.

Johnny goes to leave the DiMera Mansion right as Wendy Shin arrives and says she’s looking for Stefan DiMera as she walks in.

At the DiMera Office, Gabi tells Stefan to look in to her eyes and questions where all of his love for her has gone. Stefan then has a flashback to admitting his feelings for Gabi. EJ asks Stefan what’s wrong.

Johnny tells Wendy that he didn’t invite her in but she says it’s too late. Johnny asks who the hell she is and what she wants. Wendy repeats that she needs to see Stefan but Johnny tells her that he’s not home. Wendy asks if he knows where she can find him. Johnny threatens to call security unless she tells him who the hell she is. Wendy then introduces herself and asks who the hell he is.

Stefan responds that what’s wrong is Gabi stole his job and he wants it back. Li argues that even if the shareholders vote their way, Stefan’s insane if he thinks EJ is going to let him run the company. Stefan tells him that he and EJ are going to run it together as co-CEOs. EJ notes that didn’t work out for he and Chad but he knows Chad will be overjoyed that they are back in charge at DiMera. Stefan says his first order will be to clean up and take out the trash. Li warns that this is a mistake while EJ declares that all traitors must go. Li tells Gabi not to worry and he will do everything in his power to help her. EJ points out that Li can’t help her because they will be getting rid of him too.

Stephanie questions how Alex came to the conclusion that she and Chad are sleeping together. Alex responds that he’s not an idiot and reveals that he saw them last night at Julie’s Place with a bottle of champagne. Alex complains about Stephanie lecturing him all this time about sexual harassment in the workplace. Alex tells Stephanie to just be honest because it’s clear what happened between her and her new employee last night and now here they are on the morning after. Chad jokes that he thought he said he wasn’t an idiot.

Chanel sits down and asks Paulina why she is here. Paulina responds that it’s about her campaign. Chanel says they can’t make more cookies but Paulina says it’s not about that. Paulina then reveals the file folder to her.

Li argues that his father is chairman of the board so they can’t oust him. EJ responds that he can and says he’ll be back shortly with Stefan’s voting proxy. EJ suggests they contact the shareholders to let them know they will be calling a meeting even though they already know the outcome. EJ laughs and then exits. Stefan advises Gabi to take anything she needs from the desk. Gabi argues that she knows it’s still there. Stefan can’t wait until she’s gone so he doesn’t have to listen to this anymore. Stefan then orders Gabi to clean out her desk. Li tells her not to do anything and declares that he’s going to find EJ and put a stop to this. Stefan warns that there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Li says they will see about that and goes after EJ.

Wendy informs Johnny that Li Shin is her older brother. Johnny remembers hearing that she kicked ass at the DiMera Gala in Hong Kong and calls it impressive. Johnny asks what she needs to see Stefan about. Wendy says that’s none of his business. Johnny introduces himself. Wendy asks if he knows when Stefan will be home. Johnny says he just left so it will probably be awhile. Wendy responds that she doesn’t have time to stick around but she’ll be back as she then exits the mansion.

Alex questions what Chad is laughing at. Stephanie states that Alex obviously knows she hired Chad and she’s been using her home as an office. Chad explains that with Kayla in the hospital and Steve staying with her, Stephanie has been here at home, working. Alex remarks that except when she’s out getting wasted with Chad. Stephanie informs Alex that Chad went home last night and came back this morning, pointing out that they are wearing different clothes than they were at Julie’s Place. Chad informs Alex that they didn’t sleep together. Stephanie suggests Alex go now because they have a lot of work to do. Chad adds that Stephanie is not a hypocrite but Alex has been a complete jackass.

Chanel is shocked by the folder and questions where it came from. Paulina responds that a sleazy lawyer Sloan Peterson brought it to her last night on behalf of a mystery client. Chanel questions Paulina being blackmailed and asks how they even know about this. Paulina doesn’t know as it happened so long ago that she was sure it would never come out. Chanel cries that it’s all her fault and that Paulina’s campaign could be ruined because of some stupid mistake she made in college. Paulina tells her to forget the campaign as that’s the last thing on her mind right now and she only cares about protecting her. Chanel worries about this getting out but Paulina assures that it won’t and that everything is under control. Sloan then enters and questions what makes her say that. Sloan introduces herself to Chanel and says she feel like they already met since she knows so much about her. Paulina warns Sloan not to talk to Chanel or even look at her. Sloan asks if they’ve come to any decision yet. Paulina argues that it hasn’t been 24 hours yet. Sloan informs her that her clients are getting antsy so she needs to know how they plan to proceed with the settlement offer. Paulina calls it blackmail. Chanel questions Sloan doing this for a living for people too afraid to show their faces. Chanel argues that she can’t do this. Sloan says there is a very simple solution but the clock is ticking. Paulina talks about dealing with people like her over the years and they all failed, so she doesn’t scare her. Sloan remarks that Chanel seems pretty scared. Paulina assures that her PR firm is handling the situation. Sloan calls it a lawsuit waiting to happen with a very unpleasant discovery process. Chanel calls her disgusting. Sloan suggests Chanel tell Paulina to deal with her directly. Paulina argues that Stephanie is trained to deal with delicate situations like this. Paulina then threatens to deal with her directly but says she has to get back to her campaign because she has more important things to deal with. Sloan argues that she is by far the most important thing she has to deal with. Sloan warns that if Paulina hasn’t discovered that by now, she soon will.

Alex admits maybe he jumped to conclusions and that he was surprised to come over and see Chad. Chad questions why he’s coming over at all. Alex says the point is that Stephanie has all these workplace rules that he’s trying to abide by but it’s impossible which she disagrees with. Alex asks how her date with Chad was then. Stephanie clarifies that it wasn’t a date and that they were celebrating his first day on the job. Alex questions how celebrating her new employee’s first day on the job is okay but if he wants to ask out his employee, it’s highly offensive and inappropriate. Chad explains that what happened between he and Stephanie was consensual. Alex thanks him for admitting there’s something between them.

Wendy sits in the town square with her laptop and tries hacking in to Li’s work e-mail but she can’t succeed. She complains and wonders what Li is hiding as Johnny jogs by and comments on her having a rough day at the virtual office.

Li follows EJ to the board room and says he needs to speak to him privately. EJ says there is nothing to discuss as they are going to vote Gabi out and once they are back in charge, Li will be fired and removed from the board. Li says he won’t be and warns that if EJ tries to get rid of him, he’ll make Stefan flip on him so fast that his head will spin.

Gabi reminds Stefan of something he got for her and argues that she triggered a memory. Stefan tells her to stop. Gabi argues that everyone in the room saw he got rattled because his feelings for her were trying to rise from the surface. Gabi points out that it’s just them now. Gabi tells him to look in to her eyes and tell her the truth. Stefan then admits he was thinking about them.

Sloan threatens to go straight to the press with this information. Paulina argues that she won’t do that because if she does, this is over and her clients will never get what they want from her. Chanel argues that this isn’t Paulina’s problem but hers. Sloan is pretty sure it’s Paulina’s problem too. Paulina warns her to keep her daughter’s name out of her mouth. Paulina orders Sloan to take it up with Stephanie. Sloan warns that if she doesn’t get the results she wants, she’ll be back. Paulina tells her to get the hell out of her office. Sloan then exits. Chanel cries to Paulina that she’s so sorry. Paulina hugs her and assures that it’s okay.

Alex argues that even if Chad and Stephanie didn’t have sex, there is something going on between them and asks her if he’s right. Chad responds that she doesn’t owe him an explanation. Alex agrees and says Stephanie can date whoever she wants but asks her not to paint him out to be a jackass when she is doing exactly what she told him that he couldn’t do. Alex tells Stephanie to just be honest with him that she’s not attracted to him. Chad points out that she has repeatedly. Alex says she can speak for herself. Stephanie would prefer to just end this conversation. Alex admits that he didn’t believe Stephanie wasn’t in to him and he thought maybe they would get to a point where she would feel comfortable. Alex adds that he would’ve quit his job because he thought they could have had something special. Alex states that he came over to tell Stephanie that he’s sorry about her mom being in the hospital and how he acted like a jerk at the hospital when he didn’t know. Stephanie says she insisted that she was fine but Alex says he still felt terrible. Alex talks about wanting to send flowers or text her but he decided to just come over. Alex hopes that her mom gets better soon. Stephanie thanks him. Alex then says he understands now that she’s not in to him and she never was and she’s found somebody else that she is in to. Alex declares that he will accept that and let them get back to what they were doing. Alex then exits the house.

Johnny questions Wendy trying to hack in to the DiMera e-mail server and says he used to work there so he recognizes the interface. Wendy responds that she works at DiMera too and is head of I.T. in Fairbanks. Johnny questions what she did to get banished there. Wendy talks about getting better grades than Li but the Shins couldn’t have the baby sister showing up the first born son. Wendy declares that she’s not going to take it anymore. Johnny asks if that’s what this is all about. Wendy doesn’t want to ruin Li’s life and is just looking for something to use to get what she wants which is being transferred to DiMera Headquarters in Salem. Wendy says her family is all about transactions. Johnny gets it but warns that the DiMera Office here is a snake pit and everyone who works there is a two faced liar with a new CEO every week. Wendy wants a chance to show what she can do. Wendy admits she has issues with Li but she still loves him and she’s actually a little worried about him. Johnny mentions overhearing her saying that she thought Li was hiding something. Wendy asks if he’s close with Stefan. Johnny admits that he just met him this morning because he’d been dead for four years. Wendy brings up Li being engaged to Stefan’s ex-wife. Wendy asks if it’s true that Stefan lost all interest in Gabi. Johnny confirms that Stefan told him that he didn’t love Gabi anymore. Wendy calls that a serious 180 and asks if he knows what happened there. Johnny says he has some ideas. Wendy says she does too and suggests they share them.

EJ argues that Li has no control over Stefan. Li asks who he thinks had him kept on ice for the past four years. EJ says it was Kristen but Li reveals that he’s wrong and that Kristen only stumbled upon Stefan when Jake died. Li explains that Kristen and Dr. Rolf brought Jake to Dr. Rolf’s lab to try to revive him and it didn’t work, but Stefan did get a new heart out of it. Li reveals that it was him, not Kristen, who continued to fund Dr. Rolf’s research until he was out of prison. Li then announces that Stefan came back to life on his orders, but only after he got Dr. Rolf to turn him against Gabi. EJ realizes that Dr. Rolf did brainwash Stefan then. Li confirms that he had it done and warns that he can have it undone.

Stefan tells Gabi that he was thinking about the time she had his heart ripped from his chest and gave it to Julie, claiming he felt flustered by a wave of a nausea as he realized what a snake she is. Stefan says he begins to feel ill every time he’s near her. Gabi wants him to admit his feelings for her. Gabi argues that their love is stronger than whatever Dr. Rolf did to him. Stefan shouts that Dr. Rolf brought him back to life. Gabi complains that they had amazing memories but now he has no emotional connection to them. Gabi questions why he doesn’t want to feel that love. Gabi asks Stefan to tell her where Dr. Rolf is and then she will make this right and make him whole again.

Paulina tells Chanel that she’s so sorry as she worked so hard to put this behind her. Paulina says it never occurred to her that running for Governor would lead to this being dug up but she should’ve known. Chanel insists it’s not her fault. Chanel feels terrible that this could ruin Paulina’s campaign. Paulina assures that Chanel means more to her and that is why she is going to drop out of the race.

Stephanie thanks Chad for the assist with Alex. Chad asks if Alex is always angry and irrational like that at work. Stephanie agrees he was angry but not irrational. Chad complains about Alex just assuming they almost slept together. Stephanie points out that they almost did. Chad feels that doesn’t give Alex the right to come over and start demanding answers about her personal life. Stephanie notes that Alex acknowledged that. Chad thinks Alex should just accept that Stephanie doesn’t have feelings for him. Stephanie feels guilty about Alex not knowing the whole truth. Chad tells her not to feel guilty unless she does have feelings for Alex.

Johnny tells Wendy his theory that Dr. Rolf may have brainwashed Stefan in to hating Gabi. Johnny says if anyone could do it, it’s him, but asks why. Wendy notes that Li could have put him up to it as he has a major motive. Johnny brings up that EJ has motive too since his chances of becoming CEO of DiMera would be over if Stefan got back with Gabi.

EJ points out that if Li unbrainwashes Stefan, he would lose Gabi. Li responds that Gabi wasn’t part of the plan and that he only kept Stefan around because he thought he could use him to gain power at DiMera, but he didn’t plan on falling for his widow along the way. Li says he’ll cut Gabi loose and end it. EJ points out that they are engaged. Li calls the company his life and admits he is willing to dump the woman he loves to retain his position. EJ doesn’t believe him. Li dares him to try him.

Stefan asks Gabi why he would tell her where Dr. Rolf is and says this has nothing to do with her. Gabi argues that it does and insists Dr. Rolf did something to him. Gabi says she is refusing to let him go because she knows he still loves her and that he can’t deny that feeling. Gabi says it will just get stronger until he cannot deny it any longer. Stefan reminds her that she is engaged to another man. Gabi accuses him of changing the subject because he’s afraid and she’s right that she’s still in his heart. Gabi points out that his heart is pounding and he can’t deny that.

Chanel tells Paulina that she can’t quit the race because it won’t help since they already have the information. Paulina refuses to pay the people off. Chanel offers to do it since the Bakery had a record quarter. Paulina won’t let her use her hard earned income to pay these people off, warning that they will just come back asking for more. Paulina declares that what Sloan is doing to them is illegal so they are going to shut her down before anyone finds out Chanel’s secret. Chanel questions how. Paulina informs her that Stephanie is on it as they speak. Paulina calls Stephanie smart and talented and she understands that confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Paulina adds that Chad signed an NDA because Stephanie hired him and he knows about neutralizing a threat. Paulina assures that Stephanie and Chad are all over this as they speak.

Stephanie tells Chad that they need to figure out this Paulina Price situation. Chad points out that she dodged him asking her about Alex. Stephanie doesn’t want to waste any more time on him. Stephanie worries that Sloan is going to call any minute and they need to have a strategy in place before she does. Sloan then shows up at the door. Stephanie thought they would schedule a meeting. Sloan shows their settlement offer and argues that her client deserves retribution and they’d like this go away as quickly and painlessly as possible without destroying Paulina’s campaign. Stephanie tells her that she will need some time to get the funds together and will call her when she’s ready. Sloan says that she’s making the right call and they will talk soon as she then walks away.

Wendy asks Johnny if he thinks EJ and Li could be working together. Johnny calls it possible since they both want the same thing. Johnny assures that he won’t say anything to EJ. Wendy asks if they don’t get along. Johnny calls EJ a condescending jerk who treats him like dirt, so if he’s trying to screw over Stefan, he wants to do something about it but he doesn’t know what yet as he has to figure out what’s going on first. Johnny then asks Wendy how she’d feel about teaming up together to find out the truth.

EJ and Li return the office with Stefan’s vote proxies. EJ says they will be back for the big vote. Li says they will be ready. Gabi asks if they came to an understanding. Li responds that they did.

Chad questions why Stephanie told Sloan that they would get the money together. Stephanie says she was just stalling for time since they didn’t have a plan. Stephanie worries that this is Paulina’s child and her future, so they can’t screw this up. Chad assures that they won’t. Stephanie wishes she was so sure.

Chanel cries that this did not have to happen if she had been more careful and made sure it stayed buried. Paulina assures that it was buried but someone dug it up to get rich and she will deal with that someone. Chanel feels she shouldn’t have to. Paulina feels she failed Lani but she won’t fail her. Paulina declares that she will never let down her children again as she hugs her.

Gabi asks Li what happened with EJ. Li responds that they came to a compromise of sorts but unfortunately, he still has the votes and there’s nothing they can do about that. Gabi asks if they are both out then. Li says no as he spoke to his father and he won’t allow his son to be fired. Gabi guesses he won’t protect her. Li says if there was any other way, he would never have agreed, but this way he can still be on the inside, fighting for her. Li calls it just a temporary setback and before they know it, they will both be back on top. Li hopes she understands that. Gabi is disappointed and devastated, feeling like she lost everything. Gabi cries that she just has Li’s love and loyalty. Gabi hugs Li and says she doesn’t know what she would do without him.

EJ and Stefan return home to the DiMera Mansion. Stefan pours bourbon and toasts to them as the two new CEOs of DiMera Enterprises and declares they did it. EJ responds that he’s afraid there’s been a slight change of plan because Li went running to his dad, who refused to go along with the plan to oust his son. EJ adds that Wei Shin also has some concerns about Stefan’s ability to run a company after being comatose for four years. EJ says they both know that he’s not impaired and that he just needs to see his abilities are in tact before putting him in charge. EJ states that Gabi will still be gone, he will be elected CEO, and Li will be remain on as his number two. Stefan questions if he’s left out in the cold then. EJ assures he will be given a high level executive position. Stefan questions EJ and Li running things. EJ responds that it’s the only deal that the board would approve but assures that it’s only temporary as he will find a way to get rid of Li and then he and Stefan will be on top together. EJ toasts to Stefan as his future co-CEO.

Wendy questions Johnny wanting her to team up with him when she doesn’t even know him. Johnny says he doesn’t know her either but he knows she’s smart and highly motivated. Wendy asks what if Johnny and EJ work things out and decide to stab her in the back. Johnny assures that won’t happen and that he could say the same about her but they both want the same thing. Johnny says two smart and highly motivated heads are better than one. Wendy then agrees to team up with Johnny.

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