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Eric tells Roman that they should try to find Sami. Roman tells Eric to do that while he stays at the Pub in case she comes there. Eric calls that a good idea and says he could see Sami deciding she needs Roman now. They hug and Eric walks away. Roman then heads in to the Pub where Kate is seated at a table. Roman questions what she is doing there instead of at the police station with Lucas.

Lucas tells Chad that he would never take a knife and stab his own niece. Chad then grabs Lucas and rips the bandage off his hand, questioning what that is then.

Sami knocks on EJ’s door, crying that she really needs to talk to him. Belle gets up and says she can’t let Sami find her in here, so she hides. Sami says she knows EJ is in there. EJ then answers the door and questions what Sami is doing here and not with Lucas. Sami walks in and says she would’ve been. Sami then finds a bra on the floor and asks EJ who that belongs to.

Allie tells Will that she was so happy today and cried at Lucas’s vows as she thought her parents were going to be happy at the same time. Allie talks about how Sami looked so beautiful until they all found out that Lucas was the one who kidnapped her. Allie asks Will if Chad was wrong about Lucas killing Abigail, arguing that it just can’t be true.

Chad demands to know how Lucas got the cut on his hand. Lucas says he doesn’t know. Chad calls it a pretty deep cut to not remember and squeezes the wound on Lucas’s hand as he screams at him for being drunk. Chad asks if Lucas was holding a knife too tight. Lucas yells at Chad to listen to him as they struggle with each other. Rafe runs in and pulls Chad off of Lucas. Chad argues that Rafe doesn’t know what Lucas did. Rafe clarifies that he does know because Johnny just told him that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Chad argues that Lucas hasn’t admitted to murdering his wife, but he will.

Roman sits with Kate and asks if they let Lucas go already. Kate confirms Lucas is at the police station, so Roman questions why she came back. Kate thinks back to Chad warning her to get Roman ready for what’s coming. Kate then tells Roman that she needs to talk to him about Lucas.

Eric walks through the town square, calling Sami and leaving a message, asking her to let him know if she’s okay. Nicole approaches and asks Eric what he’s doing here and if he’s okay. Nicole says Sami just got married and questions Eric seeming sad and not being at the reception. Eric reveals that there won’t be a reception because there wasn’t a wedding.

Sami asks EJ about the bra. EJ responds that it’s none of her business. Sami decides she already knows who it belongs to.

Allie questions Will not reassuring her that Lucas didn’t kill Abigail. Will admits that he doesn’t think Lucas could kill anyone, unless he was drunk. Will then reveals to Allie that Lucas told him this morning that he had a slip but after he came to, he called his sponsor and has been going to meetings. Allie asks when the slip was and guesses it wasn’t months ago. Will thinks back to Lucas telling him about the slip. Will adds that the only reason Lucas told him is because he saw a cut on his hand with a bandage and Lucas didn’t remember how it happened because he was drunk. Allie guesses Will thinks Lucas got the cut on the same night that Abigail died.

Rafe tells Chad that he has to get out of here and let him do his job, warning that he could really screw things up here. Rafe then escorts Chad out and tells Lucas not to go anywhere. Rafe tells Chad to tell him what’s going on here. Rafe adds that Johnny told him that Lucas admitted to kidnapping Sami, but that does not make him a murderer and he had no earthly reason to kill Abigail. Chad argues that he did because Abigail knew what Lucas had done.

Sami believes the bra is Nicole’s and calls for Nicole to come out while EJ tells her that it’s none of her business.

After Eric fills her in, Nicole can’t believe Chad is accusing Lucas of killing Abigail and says Rafe told her that Clyde had to be let go. Eric questions if Rafe is sure since they know Clyde is capable of paying for an alibi. Nicole confirms there are timestamps and Clyde was fishing at the time of the murder. Nicole guesses Chad lost it when he found out it wasn’t Clyde but questions why he would think it was Lucas when Lucas loved Abigail. Eric informs her that there is more. Nicole questions what Lucas could’ve done, that he would kill Abigail to cover it up. Eric then reveals to Nicole that Lucas admitted to being the one who kidnapped Sami and that Abigail had found out.

Will doesn’t know exactly when Lucas got drunk and says he just told him that he felt guilty about Sami breaking her leg while skiing and that drove him to drink. Allie guesses he’s lying again too. Will admits he could feel something was really wrong and that Lucas was lying. Allie understands why Lucas wouldn’t want to share that he kidnapped their mother. Will thinks Lucas dreaded Sami finding out that he did it more than anything. They wonder if Lucas killed Abigail to keep her quiet but Allie says she doesn’t believe that Lucas would ever do anything like that even when drunk.

Rafe questions Chad knowing that Lucas had kidnapped Sami and not coming to the police, even though he knew EJ was serving time for something he didn’t do. Chad tells him to lock him up then but not to let Lucas get away with it. Rafe questions the missing step of Lucas knowing that Abigail knew what he had done. Chad reveals that he just found out today that Lucas knew because Kate told him.

Roman doesn’t know what there is to say about Lucas since he kidnapped Sami and put her through Hell. Roman says he wants to beat the crap out of him for what he did to Sami but he just hopes he didn’t have anything to do with what happened to Abigail for Kate’s sake. Kate cries that she’s so sorry. Roman asks what she did since she’s not responsible for what Lucas did. Kate says she’s responsible for what she did. Kate then admits that she knew what Lucas had done and she didn’t tell him.

EJ threatens to throw Sami out as she keeps screaming for Nicole to come out. Belle remains hiding in the bathroom as Sami shouts that she’s going to tell Rafe and that Nicole’s a coward. Belle then comes out from the bathroom and reveals that Sami is wrong as usual because it’s not Nicole, shocking Sami. EJ tells Sami that she has nothing to say about this since she divorced him and he’s not her husband anymore. Sami argues that Belle is still her sister and she can’t believe how disgusting this is. Sami says Belle must know how disgusting it is which is why she hid in the bathroom. Belle clarifies that she hid because she couldn’t stomach another of Sami’s self indulgent tantrums but she came out to spare Rafe and Nicole from having to deal with her. Sami tells her to stop with her moral high ground and calls her unbelievable. Sami accuses them of lying and sneaking around town, telling people that they are just friends. Belle says they just kept their private life private and aren’t doing anything wrong. Sami accuses Belle of cheating on her husband. Belle informs her that she and Shawn are separated. Sami mocks them being on a break. Belle asks why Sami even cares and why she’s even here when she’s supposed to be getting married to Lucas tonight. Sami tells them to enjoy themselves and accuses EJ of just trying to get back at her as she then exits and EJ follows after her.

Rafe questions Chad about Kate telling Lucas that Abigail knew he kidnapped Sami and that Chad took matters in to his own hands by going to the church instead of coming to the police. Chad tells Rafe that he can arrest him and just not to let Lucas get away with murder. Rafe assures he won’t, if he did it. Rafe argues that kidnapping Sami is a far cry from brutally murdering his own niece and he just doesn’t think that Lucas is capable of that. Chad agrees with that if he was sober, but reveals that he wasn’t.

Roman questions what Kate means by knowing what Lucas had done. Kate explains that she knew Lucas was the one who had Sami kidnapped. Roman is shocked that Kate knew and didn’t tell anyone while his daughter spent months not knowing where she was or what was going to happen again. Kate clarifies that she didn’t know until after and if she had known Sami was in danger, she would’ve told him. Roman argues that Sami was in danger because she went around the world with the sociopath who kidnapped her and was going to marry him. Kate cries that it’s her son and she had already lost Philip, so she didn’t want to lose Lucas. Roman reminds Kate that she told him the truth about Philip and that she didn’t want there to be any secrets between them which meant a lot to him, but now it’s turned out to be just another one of her lies.

Nicole is shocked that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Eric confirms that he admitted it. Nicole calls this crazy and says she feels sorry for everyone involved, even Sami. Eric calls it awful all the way around. Nicole realizes this means that EJ was innocent the whole time. Nicole asks how Sami is. Eric responds that he doesn’t know where she is and she won’t talk to him. Nicole encourages him not to worry too much as Sami always lands on her feet.

Sami storms out of the DiMera Mansion. EJ catches up to her at the door. Sami tells him to have at it with Belle and sleep with whoever he wants to while Belle can tell him all the horrible stories about her. EJ tells Sami that she was so horrible and irritating right now, that he didn’t stop to realize that she wouldn’t have come here tonight if something wasn’t terribly wrong. Sami claims nothing is wrong and that she just came to share some wedding cake. EJ tells her to tell him what happened and asks why she isn’t with Lucas at her wedding. Sami admits there was no wedding as she didn’t marry Lucas. EJ says that’s good, but asks why. Sami then reveals that EJ was right, so she came here to tell him the big news that Lucas is the one who kidnapped her.

Allie tells Will that even drunk, Lucas would never hurt Abigail or anybody. Allie asks Will to be honest with what he’s thinking. Will points out what Lucas did to Sami, keeping her prisoner for months. Allie argues that was to protect her from EJ but then admits that was just an excuse and what he did was horrible. Will says if Lucas doesn’t remember cutting his hand, what else does he not remember. Will states that earlier today, he would’ve said Lucas is not capable of kidnapping Sami but he did. Will adds that the stakes got even higher when Sami agreed to marry him. Allie realizes that Lucas may have had to do something crazy and desperate again to not lose Sami.

Nicole jokes that she would’ve love to have seen Sami realizing she was going to marry her kidnapper. Eric thought she felt sorry for Sami. Nicole says she does as a woman and a human, but after everything Sami’s done to her. Eric asks Nicole to bury the hatchet for today. Nicole points out that Sami was such a bitch to her just a few hours ago and flashes back to their argument.

Kate informs Roman that on New Year’s Eve, she didn’t know about what Lucas had done and she found out on January 5th. Roman says there no secrets agreement lasted five days until there was another secret. Kate cries that she was scared for Lucas and afraid of losing him. Roman questions Kate not wanting Lucas locked up but it was fine for his daughter. Kate says Sami was free and she doesn’t condone what Lucas did, but it was over. Roman argues that it wasn’t over because Lucas was the same dangerous, unbalanced man that kidnapped her. Roman asks how many times Lucas gets to slip over and over again with Kate forgiving, excusing, and covering for him over and over. Kate cries that she’s sorry. Roman gets that she was afraid of losing Lucas but he still thinks Sami deserved a heads up before going around the world with him or a warning of what Lucas could do to her. Kate argues that Lucas loves Sami and would never hurt her. Roman brings up Philip loving Chloe and points out that people get hurt when Kate’s sons start to like women. Roman acknowledges that Lucas is fragile but questions EJ going to prison for what Lucas did. Roman says Kate thinks he’s mad, but questions what she thinks EJ is going to do when he finds out about this. Roman says he wouldn’t want to be in her shoes or Lucas’s.

EJ questions if Sami is sure that Lucas had her kidnapped. Sami reveals that Lucas admitted her and that he’s the one who planted the evidence against EJ on the DiMera computers. Belle starts to come out from the mansion but stops at the door to listen in as Sami talks about traveling the world all this time with her kidnapper. Sami tells EJ to go ahead and gloat because she deserves it. EJ says no because what Lucas did was unspeakable. Sami calls it an understatement as Lucas put EJ in prison for his own crime. EJ remarks that it wasn’t the worst thing Lucas did to him as he kidnapped her to split them up. EJ says that when Sami came back, they were going to start over and she was ready to get past what happened with he and Nicole but then Rafe turned up and arrested him. Belle continues listening in from the door. EJ declares that if Lucas hadn’t framed him, he and Sami would’ve gotten back together. Sami cries that now that can never happen because she thought sleeping with Nicole was the worst thing he could ever do, but she was wrong, because sleeping with her sister is worse.

Will tells Allie that he’s sorry and hopes he’s wrong. Allie says maybe he’s right since they now know that Lucas did something crazy while sober, so who knows what he did while drunk. Allie decides she can’t think about Lucas right now because she’s really worried about Sami and doesn’t think she should be alone. Allie invites Will to come with her but Will decides he will go check on Lucas.

Rafe questions Chad about Will telling him that Lucas was drinking again. Chad explains that Lucas drank so much that he blacked out and doesn’t remember how he got that cut on his hand and he doesn’t think cutting his hand is the only thing he doesn’t remember from that night.

Eric asks Nicole what Sami gave her a hard time about. Nicole says it was the same old, same old. Eric doesn’t know how Sami is going to get over almost marrying the man who kidnapped her and who might be a murderer. Nicole asks if Eric really thinks it’s possible that Lucas killed Sami. Nicole doesn’t think Lucas is capable of it, even drunk. Eric says he didn’t either but he also didn’t think Lucas was capable of kidnapping Sami.

EJ kisses Sami’s hand and pleads with her, noting that he thought he had lost her forever until she showed up tonight but things are different now. Belle hears that from the door and then heads back upstairs. Sami argues with EJ that things aren’t different, they are exactly the same, as she then storms off.

Roman questions Kate being comfortable with letting EJ sit in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Roman says he’s not a big fan of EJ but even he has to say that’s pretty low. Kate says she felt terrible about it. Roman points out that she didn’t feel terrible enough to do something about it. Kate argues that it wasn’t that simple because Chad was involved and she had to protect him. Kate adds that she didn’t let EJ just rot in prison because she was the one who led Belle to the evidence that got him out. Roman mocks that being enough to give Kate a gold star. Roman declares that none of this changes the fact that she was fine with trading Sami’s safety for her son’s. Kate argues that Sami was safe. Roman says just like Abigail was. Kate argues that Lucas did not do that and could not have done that. Kate says Chad was just in his grief. Roman apologizes for saying that. Kate says it’s okay as Roman’s right that what she did was wrong. Kate adds that part of her knew that the entire time, but she was in it so deep and it went on so long. Kate cries that she was really afraid that if Roman found out the truth, she would lose him. Roman responds that she was right about that. Kate asks what he means. Roman then declares that the two of them are done.

Rafe thanks Chad for bringing him up to speed. Chad asks if Rafe is going to get Lucas to confess. Rafe tells Chad to let him handle this as heads to the interrogation room. Will then arrives at the police station. Chad asks if he’s looking for his father and informs him that he’s in the interrogation room with Rafe, who is questioning him about what he did to Abigail.

In the interrgoation room, Lucas asks Rafe what Chad told him. Rafe tells him to forget about Chad because he needs to ask him some questions.

EJ returns to his bedroom to find Belle getting dressed. EJ questions what she is doing. Belle asks what it looks like and declares that she’s leaving.

Sami goes home to John and Marlena’s, where Allie was waiting for her and asks if she’s okay. Sami responds that she’s not and breaks down crying as Allie hugs her.

Chad wants Will to hear it from him that he told Rafe that Will told him about Lucas drinking. Will says it’s not surprising after Chad told a church full of people that he kidnapped Sami. Chad says that Will told him in confidence but it’s evidence, so he had to tell Rafe. Will understands he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do and he has to stand by his dad. Will asks if Chad was about to leave. Chad confirms he was, so Will tells Chad to get going because it looks like he’s going to be here for awhile. Chad then exits the station.

Rafe asks Lucas if he was drinking on the night that Abigail was murdered. Lucas admits that he was. Rafe asks if Lucas killed Abigail DiMera. Lucas responds that he doesn’t remember anything from that night.

Kate argues that Roman doesn’t mean it. Kate knows what she did was terrible but says she knows they can work it out. Roman says no and tells Kate that he wants her to leave. Kate goes to leave but Roman tells her to go upstairs and get her things because he wants her out of here. Kate can’t believe it as Roman says goodbye to Kate and turns away. Kate then reluctantly heads upstairs.

Eric tells Nicole that he’s sorry but he needs to go find Sami. Nicole suggests he check with EJ because the Sami she knows always goes running back to him.

EJ tells Belle that he knows that must have been painful but Sami is gone now. Belle questions if they are just supposed to get back in bed and act like nothing happened. EJ says he’s not saying that and is just saying Belle doesn’t have to go. Belle argues that it can’t work between them. Belle thought briefly that it could but now she knows she was deluding herself. EJ asks if it’s about Sami. Belle actually thought she could be happy with EJ in spite of knowing how much that would hurt her sister. Belle adds that even as much as she resents and sometimes despises Sami, but she’s still her sister and it hurts her when she’s in pain like that. EJ says he understands. Belle adds that even if she didn’t know EJ still had feelings for Sami, she’d still feel Sami’s presence watching and judging everything. Belle states that relationships are hard enough without adding that kind of complication. EJ asks if Belle is going back to Shawn then. Belle doesn’t know what’s going to happen with Shawn since that’s complicated too. Belle thinks she just needs to keep things simple for awhile, even if that just means being alone. Belle acknowledges that EJ was there for her when she really needed him and she will always be grateful for that. EJ says he will be grateful too for everything she’s done for him and for all the good times they had together. Belle then exits the room.

Sami continues crying as Allie encourages her and tells her it’s okay to fall apart. Sami cries that this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life and says she’s so sorry as Allie hugs her.

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