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Brady joins Chloe at the Bistro with a rose and wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day. Chloe starts to remind him that this isn’t a date but Brady explains that a kid was selling roses outside so he just bought it to help out. Chloe thanks him for the rose and for joining her tonight as she really appreciates it. Brady assures that he’s here to support her and lend a hand. Brady asks how she’s feeling about meeting her dad’s new boyfriend. Chloe admits she’s a nervous wreck.

Craig finds Tripp outside and comments that he has a romantic setup and looks like he has some big plans for Valentine’s Day. Tripp informs him that he’s planning to propose to his girlfriend.

In the town square, Chanel asks Allie what she’s going to do. Allie says she doesn’t know and points out that she’s not even supposed to know that Tripp is proposing tonight but his mom spoiled the surprise. Chanel points out that now Allie does know, so she should probably figure out an answer for when he asks her to marry him. Chanel asks Allie if she’s going to say yes.

Ben and Ciara talk about how Johnny delivered their cross, the cross keeps turning upside down, and Johnny was at Marlena’s exorcism. Ciara points out that Johnny has been acting strange lately. Ben asks if they think the Devil just jumped from Marlena to Johnny and that now Johnny DiMera is possessed.

Johnny tells Gabi that they say pride goes before the fall and they need to screw Jake before he screws them. Johnny then asks if Gabi has any Valentine’s Day plans.

Allie tells Chanel that she’s still trying to process this. Chanel decides she shouldn’t have asked and that Tripp should be the first one to hear her answer. Allie tells her that she deserves to know since she is her best friend and has been with her throughout this entire relationship. Allie admits that she’s caught off guard since they never even talked about marriage. Chanel points out that it is Valentine’s Day. Allie knows a lot of people get engaged on Valentine’s Day but she did not think it was her time. Chanel asks if she’s thinking that she might say no. Allie says she’s just not sure and asks Chanel if she thinks she is ready.

Craig tells Tripp that it could go either spectacularly right or wrong. Craig recalls proposing to his wife thirty years ago and calls it a moment to remember forever. Craig asks if he’s making it harder on him. Tripp jokes that he is a little bit but he’s managed and now he and his wife have been together for 30 years. Craig then reveals that he and his wife are in the process of splitting up. Tripp says it’s sorry to hear that. Craig calls it a difficult situation. Craig informs Tripp that tonight, his daughter is supposed to meet his boyfriend and he’s a nervous wreck about it.

Brady understands Chloe is nervous about tonight but notes that Craig has to know it’s awkward for her, so she’s allowed to feel however she needs to feel about it and Craig will just have to deal with it. Chloe worries about whether or not she will like the guy. Chloe feels like if she does like him, it’s betraying her mom. Brady says there is nothing wrong with wanting both of her parents to be happy. Brady asks what Nancy is doing tonight. Chloe says she left her in her hotel room where she is watching old movies on Peacock and acting very depressed. Chloe mentions convincing Nancy to order room service. Brady encourages that Nancy is tough and will get through this. Chloe knows it will take time. Brady asks if Nancy knows about this dinner. Chloe says no as she kind of wanted to tell her but she didn’t know what to say.

Johnny asks Gabi if she wants to go upstairs since Jake shouldn’t be the only one closing deals. Gabi thinks they should keep their mind on business. Johnny says he’s very good at multi-tasking. Gabi prefers to stay focused on DiMera and Titan. Johnny points out that it’s Valentine’s Day and they aren’t with someone they love. Gabi asks if they should just love the one they are with. Johnny asks who said anything about love. Gabi asks if it’s just meaningless sex then. Johnny responds that sex with him is far from meaningless. Johnny argues that Jake is plotting against her and Chanel is trying to clean him out, so they both deserve to have a little fun.

Ben and Ciara talk about the Devil being in Johnny. Ciara wonders if the Devil just wanted them to think he was gone but instead just found a new host body. Ben calls it unbelievable but Ciara points out everything else they have been through. Ben says that would explain why the cross kept flipping upside down, because Johnny delivered it and the Devil would do anything to break through the protection. Ciara talks about Johnny showing up at Julie’s and then all of a sudden a fire burst out to stop Julie from delivering the cross and leaving Johnny to deliver it while making sure their brand new home has the mark of the Devil. Ben says if Johnny has really been The Devil the entire time, they’d have to retrace all of his steps to find the damage he’s already done. Ciara points out that this is still just a theory. Ciara declares that after coming face to face with the Devil, it may be easy to see him everywhere else. Ben thinks it makes sense. Ciara asks if they have any more evidence. Ben talks about Jake telling him about the big party for Johnny and Chanel’s wedding where they broke up as if Johnny created this big scene to humiliate Chanel. Ciara wonders why he would do it in public. Ben adds that Jake said Johnny has been hitting on Gabi now. Ciara says that would make Johnny a player and a garbage human being but doesn’t necessarily prove he’s The Devil. Ciara suggests Jake could just be a jealous boyfriend.

Jake goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie, who asks what he’s doing here. Jake says he came to see what’s going on and that he got her message. Maggie questions what message. Jake says she sent him a message a little bit ago and said it was urgent. Maggie reveals that she hasn’t seen her phone since she misplaced it yesterday so she didn’t send him a text. Maggie informs him that she did speak to Victor regarding what they talked about which Jake questions. Maggie says she relayed the terms of their agreement and Victor had some questions. Jake says he will have to get back to her on that because he has to go look in to something as he exits the mansion.

Johnny tells Gabi that he knows this hasn’t been easy for her as she put her faith in Jake and he let her down while letting her think he loved her. Johnny says he can only imagine how disappointing it must be for her. Johnny promises he won’t disappoint her in business or anywhere. Johnny suggests they go upstairs and make it a Valentine’s Day to remember. Gabi says she’s sorry but she can’t as she’s just not ready to go that far yet. Johnny asks if she’s not ruling it out. Gabi says they will see how this meeting goes. Johnny questions her leaving him here all by himself. Gabi is sure he’ll be fine but she wants to go prepare for the meeting. Gabi reminds Johnny that he is still married as she hurries out of the mansion. Johnny remarks that he doesn’t like being rejected or left alone, so he asks what’s a horny devil to do with himself.

Craig tells Tripp that he never expected to be in this situation as for the longest time, he convinced himself and his wife that they had a great marriage. Craig admits that Nancy is very angry at him now and his daughter was completely blindsided. Tripp points out her being willing to meet his boyfriend. Craig notes that she agreed but worries that it’s unfair that he asked her. Craig wonders if he should claim to have food poisoning and call off the whole thing but Tripp says that may not be the best idea. Craig admits it would be postponing the inevitable. Craig doesn’t know why he’s confiding in Tripp but he was nervous and needed to talk to someone. Craig says that Tripp is very kind and he appreciates that, but he should let him get back to his plans. Tripp says it’s okay and he understands he’s going through a lot. Craig thanks him and encourages him to stay in that good mood. Craig advises Tripp that if he feels nervous then it’s worth doing. Craig wishes Tripp good luck. Tripp says the same to him as Craig walks away. Tripp looks at his ring with a smile.

Chanel tells Allie that she’s not the best person to give advice on marriage considering how hers have worked out. Allie says the Xander marriage doesn’t count and it’s not her fault that Johnny is the worst. Chanel says she chose to marry him and had no doubts. Allie then gets a text from Tripp to meet her. Allie wonders if this is it. Chanel says it looks like Allie has a question to answer. Chanel says no matter what she decides, she loves her as they hug. Chanel then walks away looking uncertain.

Jake goes home to Gabi, who asks what Maggie wanted. Jake informs her that Maggie didn’t want anything as apparently she never sent that text. Gabi questions what he’s talking about as she saw the text herself. Jake says they both saw it but Maggie claims she lost her phone and hasn’t seen it since yesterday. Gabi says it makes no sense. Jake says unless it does as he thinks Johnny stole Maggie’s phone and sent him that message.

Chanel walks through the town square and comes across Johnny, who wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day. Chanel questions what is so happy about it. Johnny is sure they can figure something out and asks if she wants to get a drink. Chanel questions him wanting to grab a drink with the woman he just dumped, on Valentine’s Day. Johnny gets that she’s still upset and says she has every right to be angry with the way he treated her, but they had fun together. Chanel claims not to remember. Johnny says he always loved being with her and just because they are getting divorced doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

Brady and Chloe continue to prepare to meet Craig’s new boyfriend. Chloe thanks him for dealing with her mess tonight. Brady says he’s happy to support her and calls it an interesting situation. Chloe asks if he thinks it’s interesting that he has to spend his Valentine’s Day holding her hand because she’s freaking out. Brady reminds her that last year on Valentine’s Day, he was in the hospital, recovering from a gunshot wound so this is better than that. Chloe recalls almost losing him. Brady says he’s here and he’s good with no bullet holes. Brady calls this a much better improvement. Chloe points out that they’ve had some nice Valentine’s Days in the past. Brady can’t think of one as only disasters come to mind. Brady recalls not being able to get a reservation in Vienna. Chloe says they made it work and reminds him of the outdoor cafe with a string quartet. Brady recalls it freezing and snowing. Chloe brings up remembering how Brady kissed her that night. Craig then arrives interrupting them. Craig hugs Chloe and says he’s glad she is there. Craig asks if Brady is meeting someone for Valentine’s Day. Chloe explains that she invited Brady to join them tonight if that’s okay with him.

Chanel questions why the hell she’d want to go anywhere with Johnny. Johnny asks why they wouldn’t still be friends and questions when things got so nasty between them. Chanel guesses that he’s just worried about her lawsuit and coming for his money. Johnny remarks that his family is rich but that doesn’t mean he controls any of it. Johnny points out that Chanel couldn’t even pay her rent for awhile. Johnny says if she thinks this divorce is going to turn in to a big payoff, she should think again as the only people getting rich are the lawyers. Chanel says she’s done with this. Johnny tells her that she can’t avoid him as they both live in Salem and she’s business partners with his sister and much more. Chanel tells him to leave Allie out of this. Johnny asks if they can figure this out without lawyers and invites her to go talk somewhere.

Gabi questions Jake as to why Johnny was pretending to be Maggie. Jake suggested he wanted alone time with Gabi. Gabi calls it an elaborate scheme, knowing Jake would figure it out as soon as he got there. Jake admits that it doesn’t make much sense but asks if Gabi has any other theories. Gabi responds that the other theory is Jake’s lying. Gabi then says she knows he has no reason to lie to her so they can take that out. Jake argues that it would benefit Johnny to shake things up. Gabi doesn’t know what Johnny has to gain by Jake going to the Kiriakis Mansion. Jake asks what Johnny said to her after he left. Gabi claims nothing and that she told him she would contact him when she came home. Jake doesn’t trust Johnny. Gabi says she knows but they don’t have to be partners for life with Johnny, just long enough to call this meeting and once they have his shares, they can be CEO of DiMera and Titan. Gabi asks if he’s sure that’s what he still wants. Jake says of course but he really wants them to stop talking business as he kisses Gabi.

Ciara tells Ben that Jake thinking Johnny is trying to take Gabi away from him doesn’t make him the most credible observer, but admits they are still red flags. Ciara says if there’s a chance that The Devil is still in Salem, they need to know about it fast. Ciara thought this was over and they would be safe. Ben promises he won’t let anything happen to their baby and he’ll do everything in his power to protect them both. Ciara brings up Johnny being Marlena’s grandson. Ben doesn’t want her to cause Marlena more pain. Ciara feels there has to be a way to figure this all out without getting Marlena involved. Ben says he’s not thrilled with the solution but suggests talking to Susan Banks.

Tripp sets up his picnic table with lights and a candle. Allie arrives and asks if he did all this for her. Tripp jokes about event planning. Allie calls it a beautiful night, perfect to be under the stars. Tripp thought it’d be more private than in a restaurant. Allie says this would make any girl feel special and it’s beautiful. Allie kisses him and thanks him. Tripp says he was planning on waiting until after their meal but now he realizes there’s no way he can wait that long, so he’s just going to. Tripp pulls out the ring and says he’s never been happier than when he’s with her. Tripp talks about how they both came out of the darkest period of their lives and pulled each other back in to the world. Tripp says she gave him life and hope, so he wants to spend the rest of their days, trying to make her as happy as she’s made him. Tripp declares that he wants to be her husband and Henry’s father. He wants them to be a family. Tripp gets down on one knee and proposes to Allie. Allie says yes, so Tripp puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Chanel tells Johnny that her mom said she should stay away from him and let the lawyers handle things. Johnny asks if she wants to turn their lives in to some messy court battle. Chanel admits it’s not. Johnny suggests they go somewhere to talk or go back to her place or his but Chanel says hell no. Johnny asks what’s wrong with his place. Chanel responds that she’s never going back to his place again. Chanel says that if they are going to talk, they have to do it somewhere a bit more private than the middle of the town square. Johnny points out that there’s no one here now. Chanel says that could change at any minute, so she tells Johnny to follow her.

Gabi pulls away from Jake, so he asks what’s wrong. Gabi says she’s just a little distracted and wants to check on Rafe since she never found out what happened in court and she wants to find out how his first day of trial went. Gabi opens her laptop and finds out that Rafe’s accuser testified and Melinda caught Nicole trying to tamper with a witness.

Craig is glad Chloe invited Brady since he knows how close they are and how difficult it might be for Chloe to meet the new man in his life. Chloe admits she’s a bit nervous and thought Brady could keep her from saying or doing something she shouldn’t. Craig admits he’s been nervous too but realized he has nothing to worry about. Craig assures that the guy he’s been seeing will put them at ease since he’s funny and finds humor in every situation. Craig says that the guy is very kind and he’s sure that he will love them and they will love him.

Gabi worries that this is really bad for Rafe. Jake encourages that it’s just the first day of trial. Jake tries to kiss Gabi but she pushes away and says she can’t do this right now. Jake complains that it’s not now or apparently ever. Gabi asks what that means. Jake argues that it’s Valentine’s Day and she’s been acting weird all day. Gabi claims she hasn’t. Jake points out how he covered the bed in roses and bought her chocolates. Jake adds that she’s been acting all day like she doesn’t care about him unless she’s being openly hostile. Gabi questions him having to ask when her brother is on trial for his life. Jake asks if she’s sure that’s what this is about. Gabi asks what else it would be. Jake says he doesn’t know but it seems personal. Jake asks if they are okay. Gabi claims they are great and says she needs to go find some answers as she walks out of the room.

Ciara asks Ben what Susan Banks knows about Johnny being possessed. Ben thinks she has a sixth sense about this kind of thing since she warned them about The Devil in the first place and recognized that Marlena was possessed before anyone else. They agree that Susan might be the one who would be able to sense if the Devil is still in Salem. Ciara points out the issue that Johnny is Susan’s grandson so she would do anything to protect him and she doesn’t know how happy Susan would be to get a phone call from them, accusing her grandbaby of being The Devil.

Tripp and Allie sit together and eat cake. Tripp talks about being engaged and says she will soon be his wife as they kiss. Chanel and Johnny approach. Chanel apologizes and says she didn’t know they were there. Chanel tells Johnny they can go somewhere else but Allie stops her and questions what she’s doing with Johnny. Chanel says that Johnny just wanted to talk about the divorce. Johnny notes the romantic setup and asks what they have going on out here.

Gabi goes to the police station and sees a Valentine’s bear with a rose, causing her to think back to Jake waking her up with a rose. Gabi says it doesn’t make sense that Jake could betray her like this.

Jake paces in his room and almost throws his box of chocolates in frustration, but stops and eats one instead.

Craig doesn’t know what is holding up his boyfriend as he has no texts or messages. Chloe points out that it’s only been a few minutes. Craig decides to text him again, assuming there must be traffic. Brady agrees. Chloe points out that she doesn’t even know the guy’s name. Brady looks over and sees Leo Stark. Craig asks how he knew as Sonny’s ex, Leo, comes over and hugs Craig, wishing him a Happy Valentine’s Day, leaving Brady and Chloe in shock.

Ben starts to call Susan but Ciara remains unsure if it’s a good idea because she could warn Johnny. Ben says they have to hope Susan does the right thing unless she has a better idea. Ciara reluctantly agrees and asks what he’s even going to say to her. Ben calls Susan but it goes to voicemail. Ben leaves a message to call him back when she gets it as he has something pretty important to talk to her about. Ben hangs up and worries that he panicked. Ciara guesses Susan might be out with Roger for Valentine’s Day. They decide they won’t get any answers tonight and will just have to wait. Ciara hopes they are just jumping to conclusions and that The Devil is out of Salem for good. Ben assures that they will get through it and deal with it together either way as they kiss.

Allie and Tripp announce to Chanel and Johnny that they are engaged. Chanel congratulates them and says that she is happy for them. Johnny thinks back to overhearing that Chanel and Allie slept together. Allie asks if Johnny is going to say anything like congratulations. Johnny claims that he is happy for her but he’s curious to find out if she told Tripp before accepting his proposal, that she slept with Chanel.

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