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Jennifer sits with Maggie at the Horton house and talk about how they can’t believe Sonny was stabbed. Jennifer asks about Victor. Maggie says he’s doing his best to be strong for Justin but she’s really worried about him.

Victor sits at home, reading an article about Sonny’s stabbing and complains the article is only worried about money. Victor declares that he should’ve eradicated Leo Stark from the planet a long time ago. Alex walks in and says this is on him. Victor questions what he’s talking about. Alex responds that he had the chance to take care of Leo last night and he didn’t do it. Alex declares that if Sonny doesn’t make it, he’ll never forgive himself.

Sloan goes to the police station and warns Rafe that she doesn’t appreciate being summoned. Rafe responds that he doesn’t appreciate deranged killers freely roaming his streets, so he asks her to tell him where Leo Stark is.

Leo has a nightmare about Chad showing up at his place and stabbing him. Leo then wakes up in a panic.

Chad goes to the hospital where he sees Justin hugging Stephanie. Chad quickly approaches and hopes this doesn’t mean the worst. Justin clarifies that Sonny is alive, but he’s in the ICU. Chad is glad Sonny made it through the night. Justin notes that the knife did a lot of damage, so he is still critical but stable. A nurse calls Justin over to alert him that he can see Sonny now, so he heads to his room. Stephanie encourages Chad that Sonny is tough and has so much to live for, so he’ll pull through. Chad responds that he has to as he can’t handle losing anyone else he loves.

Sloan questions Rafe wanting pull Leo in after having to drop the charges against him. Rafe then shows the knife to Sloan. She tells him to get to the point. Rafe informs her that last night, Chad went to Sonny’s office and found Sonny with this knife in his back and Leo standing over him. Rafe asks if they can knock off the games now. Rafe adds that Leo and Sonny hate each other. Sloan argues that Chad didn’t see Leo stab Sonny and suggests it’s possible that Chad walked in just as Leo was trying to administer first aid to Sonny. Rafe says not with Leo and Sonny’s history which Sloan questions. Rafe informs Sloan that Leo blames Sonny for ruining his romance with his last mark and Leo used to work for Sonny, so he knew how to talk his way through security, and his fingerprints are all over the handle of the knife. Rafe declares that Leo had means, motive, and opportunity. Sloan suggests Leo could have been trying to pull the knife out in a panic. Rafe asks her to explain why the coroner also believes that the knife was used in the murder of another of Leo’s enemies, Abigail DiMera.

Victor tells Alex that the only person to blame for what got done to Sonny is Leo Stark. Victor tells Alex to stop trying to make this his personal tragedy. Victor declares that Leo will rue the day he ever laid a hand on a Kiriakis.

Leo calls the hospital and pretends to be Alex to get an update on Sonny. Leo thanks them and hangs up, relieved that Sonny is still alive which means he can’t be framed for another murder. Leo declares that now he has to figure out the name of the rat who is setting him up.

Stephanie mentions hearing Chad found Sonny and asks if he slept at all and offers to get him breakfast but Chad says he can’t eat until he knows Sonny is okay. Stephanie doesn’t want him passing out. Will arrives and asks where Sonny is so Stephanie takes him to the ICU.

Justin sits at Sonny’s side in the ICU. Justin sings a song that Adrienne used to sing to Sonny when he was a baby. Justin cries that he’d give anything to hear Adrienne sing it again. Justin tells Sonny that he loves him and pleads for him to come back to them as he can’t lose him too. Will enters and hugs Justin. Justin tells Will that they just have to wait for Sonny to wake up. Will sits at Sonny’s side and tells him that he’s there.

Jennifer wants to make Maggie something to eat but Maggie says no and asks how Jennifer is getting through these days. Jennifer admits that Jack’s been a wreck since Gwen was charged as he never thought she would go this far. Maggie reminds her that she asked how she is, but she told her how Jack is. Jennifer responds that it’s harder for Jack because of Gwen. Maggie feels it’s just as hard for her. Maggie relates to losing a daughter and says she wasn’t as close to Summer as Jennifer was to Abigail. Jennifer tells Maggie that people grieve differently and insists that she’s okay because she has to be. Jennifer adds that Jack, Chad, and the kids need her to be strong. Maggie worries that there’s no one to be strong for Jennifer. Jennifer then gets a work call and says she has to take it so she exits the room to answer the call. After Jennifer leaves, her purse falls over on the couch and a bottle of painkillers falls out which worries Maggie.

Alex questions Victor wanting him to focus on business while his brother is fighting for his life. Victor wants Sonny to come back to a striving company which is where Alex comes in. Alex asks what he’s talking about. Victor reveals that he wants Alex to take over as interim CEO of Titan.

Will asks Justin what the doctors say. Justin says that they’ve only said Sonny is holding his own but he’s not out of the woods. Justin adds that they are hopeful but they are monitoring his condition very closely. Will states that he can’t lose Sonny. Justin encourages that Sonny is not going to leave them and he will pull through. Will says he has to.

Stephanie brings Chad a sandwich and encourages him to have breakfast then go home to sleep. Chad repeats that he’s not leaving Sonny. Stephanie points out that Sonny has Will and Justin with him. Chad questions her wanting him to go home and sleep while the person that killed his wife and almost killed his best friend is on the loose.

Sloan argues with Rafe and says that he’s going to have to drop these charges against Leo too because his case is entirely circumstantial. Rafe adds there is one piece of evidence he hasn’t told her about yet. Rafe then presents Sloan with Leo’s list of people that he was out to get and reveals they found it at the crime scene with Abigail and Sonny’s names crossed off. Sloan calls it more circumstantial evidence. Rafe responds that he’s not charging Leo yet, but he is going to talk to him and he’s pretty sure she knows where he’s at. Rafe threatens to charge her as an accessory if she doesn’t help bring him in.

Alex complains about the article going after Titan. Victor says he can’t have them losing confidence in Titan, so he wants Alex to take over and he wants Stephanie Johnson working full time to get this PR crisis under control. Alex asks if Victor is sure that he wants him to work with Stephanie since he had just told him that if it were up to him, he wouldn’t have Steve’s daughter cleaning the floors at Titan. Victor assures that he meant that, but Sonny hired her so he thinks it’s about time she earns her keep.

Justin comes out of the ICU and returns to Chad and Stephanie. Chad asks how Sonny is and if he knew he was there. Justin responds that he doesn’t know but Will is with him now and that’s probably the best medicine for him. Justin says he will be in the chapel if anyone is looking for him. Chad decides to go check on Will while Stephanie says she will wait for him here. Stephanie then gets a call from Alex, who says he needs to see her right away at the Kiriakis Mansion in ten minutes. Stephanie then hangs up and exits the hospital.

Jennifer returns to Maggie from her call. Maggie mentions accidentally knocking her purse over and finding her painkillers. Jennifer claims that they are Doug’s and that Julie asked her to fill it. Maggie questions Doug being in pain. Jennifer calls it an old injury or maybe he fell and Julie doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Maggie tells Jennifer that she can tell her the truth.

Leo packs his bag, complaining that someone hates him enough to frame him for a murder and an almost murder but he can’t figure out who it is since the people who hate him most are the same people who love Sonny and Abigail, so it doesn’t make any sense. Leo then gets a call from Sloan, who asks where he is. Leo responds that this has been real but he doesn’t need her services anymore. Sloan says she can still help him. Leo questions how when someone is trying to pin two crimes on him. Sloan wants Leo to tell her exactly what happened in Sonny’s office. Leo asks what difference it makes since the cops already think he did it and so does Chad. Sloan asks if anyone saw him do it. Leo says no because he didn’t. Sloan says she can still help him then. Leo argues that Sonny had already been stabbed when he got back to his office and he’s the one who found him. Sloan tells Leo that she believes him as she knows he didn’t murder Abigail and that he’s too smart to try to kill Sonny. Sloan declares that someone is trying to set him up and she wants a chance to prove it. Sloan asks where he is and she’ll come to him. Leo says it’s too late for that. Sloan warns that it looks bad but will look worse if he tries to run. Sloan insists that she is on his side.

Will remains with Sonny and talks about Arianna. Will says he’s sorry he wasn’t here. Will mentions Gabi taking Arianna shopping today. Will needs Sonny to wake up and remind him not to sweat the small stuff. Chad then joins Will in the room. Chad asks if Arianna knows. Will says no since Gabi wanted to keep it from her until Sonny gets better and he didn’t know what to do, so he just went along with it. Chad points out that it’s in the news. Will notes that Arianna isn’t in to the Spectator and Gabi will keep her off social media. Chad says he just wanted to get a look at Sonny but he will leave them alone. Chad goes to leave but Will stops him and asks him not to go yet. Will tells Chad that he can’t stop thinking that this is his fault because Sonny was obsessed with breaking up Leo and Craig and he had a lot of opportunities to get Sonny to back off. Chad argues that it wouldn’t have worked because there was no way Sonny was going to Leo scam Craig the way he scammed them. Will says he loves Sonny so much.

Stephanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and complains that she was at the hospital and hasn’t even gotten to see Sonny yet so this damn well better be important. Victor asks how Sonny is doing. Stephanie responds that the doctors told Justin that he’s not out of the woods yet but he’s stable which Alex says is great. Stephanie mentions that Will got there just before she left. Victor remarks on Will managing to tear himself away from Los Angeles. Stephanie questions what she is doing here. Victor responds that the doctors can take care of Sonny while Stephanie and Alex can see to it that Sonny doesn’t come back to a company that’s tanked in his absence. Stephanie asks what the problem is. Alex shows her the article in the Spectator. Stephanie notes that they didn’t waste any time. Victor argues that Stephanie is being paid a great deal of money to see to this sort of thing, but not alone as he wants a Kiriakis to supervise. Victor appoints Alex and says he wants them to put their heads together and work nonstop to salvage the reputation of his company. After Alex and Stephanie exchange looks, Victor questions if there’s a problem he’s not aware of. Stephanie responds that there is no problem at all and they are on it. Victor then orders them to get to Titan headquarters and get busy.

Maggie asks Jennifer how many painkillers she’s taken. Jennifer swears that she hasn’t taken any and that they give Doug 30 at a time. Maggie says that she believes her. Jennifer then admits that she was thinking about taking them. Jennifer is glad that Maggie didn’t see her going through Doug and Julie’s medicine cabinet. Jennifer admits that she had to lie to the pharmacist to get them to fill it. Maggie questions how long she’s been struggling with this. Jennifer reveals it’s been ever since she lost her mom. Maggie asks why she didn’t come to her. Jennifer thought she was handling it but then everything happened with Abigail. Maggie says she’s so sorry that she has been struggling with this and feels she should’ve figured out that something was wrong. Jennifer cries that she’s been trying to hide the fact that she could barely make it through the day. Jennifer adds that Jack doesn’t have a clue. Maggie points out that Jack isn’t an addict in recovery like she is, so she should’ve seen the signs. Maggie asks when Jennifer last went to a meeting. Jennifer admits it’s been too long, though she has thought about it but she didn’t want to go talk about Abigail and admit that it made her want to use as that made her feel like such a failure. Maggie says that’s the disease talking as it makes them feel bad about themselves for needing help. Maggie encourages that Jennifer found strength in admitting she has a weakness. Maggie points out that Jennifer being honest with her was the first step. Maggie mentions that there’s a meeting at the hospital every day at noon and if they leave now, they can make it. Maggie asks Jennifer what she’s going to do with the painkillers. Jennifer then gets up and says she knows it’s the right thing to do as she drops the bottle in to the trash can. Maggie hugs her and says she’s so proud of her. Maggie and Jennifer then leave for the meeting.

Sloan asks Leo to just tell her where he is and argues that he needs someone on his side that he can trust which is why he hired her. Leo tells her that Chad walked in on him looking at Sonny with a knife in his back so he’s in major trouble here. Sloan argues that he hasn’t given her a chance and says to tell her where he is so they can figure this out together. Leo guesses he doesn’t have a choice and gives her the address to his motel room. Sloan responds that she’s on her way and hangs up. Rafe stops her and asks where Leo is. Sloan responds that if he wants Leo Stark then he will have to give her something that she wants. Rafe argues that he’s not going to barter with her as they already had a deal in place. Sloan argues that she never made that deal. Rafe questions what she’s trying to pull. Sloan says that when she sees Leo, she will recommend that he come in and make a statement. Rafe questions believing that. Sloan refuses to sell out her client. Rafe argues that her client may have already committed one murder and attempted another. Sloan points out that he may have but he’s innocent until proven guilty. Rafe insists that he already has enough to bring Leo in on suspicion of murder and she knows it. Rafe warns Sloan to either tell him where Leo is or she’s going to spend the night in a holding cell. Sloan then gives in but says she’s coming with Rafe. Rafe tells her to forget it. Sloan argues that Leo has the right to have his attorney present while Rafe questions him. Rafe then reluctantly gives in. Sloan points out that if they show up in a cop car then Leo will be gone, so Rafe agrees to take her car but says he’s driving as they then exit the station.

Leo finishes packing his bag and says Sloan better make it fast because he doesn’t have all day.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Victor if there’s any news on Sonny. Victor informs her that he’s stable but they have to keep him in the ICU and that Will is with him now. Maggie is glad to hear there is hope. Victor asks where she’s been. Maggie apologizes for being go so long but she stopped by to check on Jennifer and she’s glad she did because she’s having a really hard time. Maggie thinks Jennifer is feeling a little bit better now. Victor comments that Maggie has that effect on people.

Jennifer returns home and retrieves the bottle of painkillers from the trash can.

At Titan, Alex informs Stephanie that he just got a text from Justin, who says that Sonny’s vital signs are holding steady which Stephanie says is great. Alex guesses Sonny’s condition improved after Will got there to be with him. Stephanie says they have something really special. Alex agrees and remarks that he hopes to have what they do someday. Stephanie tells Alex that she’s working on the press release announcing him as the new interim CEO. Alex reads over it and calls it pretty good then calls it absolutely amazing, just like her. Stephanie reminds him to watch his boundaries. Alex tells her that he’s quite impressed how she made his vast experience cultivating an atmosphere of corporate inclusivity and his adeptness and vertical integration sound almost sexy. Stephanie responds that she’s really good at what she does which Alex agrees with.

Sloan and Rafe show up at Leo’s motel room. Sloan knocks on the door, asking Leo to let her in but there’s no response and the door is locked. Rafe then tries pounding on the door and yells for Leo that they know he’s in there and to open up. Rafe then kicks the door open with his gun raised but they find the room empty. Rafe questions what the hell is going on. Sloan doesn’t know since Leo told her that he’d be there. Rafe says Leo obviously lied to her and questions if Sloan still thinks he’s innocent.

Leo sneaks into the ICU dressed as a nurse in a blonde wig. Sonny then wakes up looking confused.

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