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Recap written by Christine

Sally ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights and asked if they could speak. Victoria invited Sally to sit. Sally shared some ideas she and Adam had for Newman Media. “Interesting,” Victoria replied. Sally noted that the word had a lot of meanings. She asked if Victoria thought she wouldn’t have any original or thoughtful ideas. Victoria thought Sally was making a lot of assumptions for someone who barely knew her. Sally felt that she had a firm grasp of the situation, and she believed Victoria expected her to fail. Victoria said she wasn’t sure what Sally would be bringing to the table, given her lack of background. Sally said she wasn’t new to running a business. Victoria made it known that, while didn’t think Sally was the obvious candidate for the position, she never questioned Adam on his choice. Sally suspected that was a calculated decision on Victoria’s part. She thought Victoria probably assumed Victor would fire Sally and punish Adam, but that wasn’t what happened. Sally wasn’t operating under any illusions, and in Victoria’s shoes, she’d be skeptical too. Victoria said Sally designed a beautiful wedding gown, but Victoria was uncertain of Sally’s skill set. Sally was used to being underappreciated, and she liked proving people wrong about her. Victoria thought it was clear that Sally won over Adam quickly at Newman Media and that Sally was confident about her abilities. Victoria said Sally had to do more than talk a good game. Sally said she could back it up, and she’d pour herself into making Newman Media a success. Sally was just as determined as Adam – they were a match made in heaven, professionally speaking. Victoria sensed that Adam and Sally might be personally involved.

Sally said any relationship she had with Adam was none of Victoria’s business. Sally said she and Adam were doing the best work they could, and if there was anything going on between them, it was no different than the dynamic between Victoria and Ashland. Victoria said that there was a difference – she and Ashland were married. Sally meant that she and Adam were equals, like Victoria and Ashland. Victoria didn’t agree. She said Adam had years of experience, and Sally was a neophyte. Sally said she and Adam’s dedication to the company was the same. Victoria asked if Adam considered Sally an equal partner or if that was just Sally’s perception. Sally asked what Victoria was implying. Victoria wasn’t concerned, just curious. Victoria had a meeting to go to, so she left.

At Newman Media, Adam told Victor that he wasn’t going to spy on Ashland for him. Victor noted that yesterday, Adam said he wouldn’t mind observing Ashland. Adam said he never actually agreed to spy on Ashland, though he admitted he gave Victor the impression that he would. Adam didn’t want to get wrapped up in a no-win situation with Victor, Victoria and Ashland. Adam wanted to focus on running the company Victor funded for him and sold to Newman Locke because Adam disappointed him. Victor said he had his reasons for that, but he wouldn’t have kept Adam at Newman Media if he didn’t trust his abilities. “My issue is that you will not let me do my job because you suddenly don’t trust Ashland,” Adam said. Victor had his reasons. Adam knew Victor had a theory that Ashland was faking his condition and treatment. Victor said Ashland couldn’t be trusted about the cancer, his marriage to Victoria or the merger. Adam thought Victor wanted him to feel honored that Victor wanted him to do this. Victor was insistent that Ashland was a threat to the Newman family. Adam noted that Locke was family. Victor countered that Ashland wasn’t a Newman, and the Newmans needed to protect their own. Victor asked if Adam was too arrogant to care.

Victor said he’d given Adam multiple opportunities and brought him into the family fold. However, Victor said that Adam had never taken a real step to be included in the family. Adam didn’t see how committing espionage against Victoria’s husband would make him part of the gang. Adam asked what his sister would think when she found out her relatives were digging into Ashland’s past again. Victor said Ashland was a danger to the Newman empire. Adam told Victor to find someone else to do his dirty work. Victor said Adam was the only one who could help, and if he gave a damn about Newman Media, he would. Adam understood why Victor wanted to pursue his questions about Ashland. However, Adam didn’t think Victor should’ve dragged him into it. Adam was working hard to prove he’d change his life and that he was worthy of respect. Just when Adam thought he succeeded, Victor put him through another test. Victor said this wasn’t a test. “It feels like if I don’t follow orders that I’m a failure. That I’m a traitor to the family. By family I mean you. So if that is the game, I’m not playing,” Adam said. “Maybe I made a mistake believing in you,” Victor said. Victor thought Adam was being arrogant and disrespectful. Adam said in that case, they were finished here. Adam left.

Sally sent Adam a message to meet her at a hotel room, and he did. She said she ran into Victoria. Sally explained that she acknowledged Victoria wasn’t happy she was named COO, but Sally was determined to prove she belonged by making the company bigger and stronger than anyone ever imagined. He was impressed by the way she stood up for herself. He said she excelled at fighting for what she wanted. Sally let Adam know that Victoria asked if he and Sally were seeing each other. Sally thought Adam should be aware. He said he could handle Victoria. Adam said he couldn’t sleep last night because he was thinking about Sally saying he needed to stop playing games and look out for himself. Adam said he invited Victor to his office this morning to talk. He suddenly paused and said he thought he may have overplayed his hand with his father.

Adam said he refused to spy on Ashland, and he’d insisted that he get to do his job without any more hoops or loyalty tests. He’d threatened to leave the company for good. He shared that Victor called him selfish, disloyal and arrogant. Sally suggested that Victor was just lashing out, but Adam was sure Victor meant every word, or at least he did when he said it. Adam said Victor hated being challenged, especially by the family. Adam wasn’t sure what Victor would do next. Sally told Adam that he wasn’t acting like himself. He said that run ins with his father could have this effect on him. The Adam Sally knew was never nervous or filled with self doubt. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to compliment him or if she thought he was a robot. She had intimate knowledge of how human he was. She said he could turn any situation to his advantage, even those that involved Victor Newman. She said Victor was a titan, and he respected strength. She thought that Victor would come to his senses and admire Adam for standing up to him. Adam wasn’t sure about that, but he was glad Sally believed that and that she believed in him. They kissed.

Nate dropped by Lily’s to get advice on his career dilemma. He revealed he was thinking of stepping down as Chief of Surgery and going to work for Newman Locke. He didn’t have the same passion for being a doctor after his injury. Lily said life was too short, and you had to find your passion. She suggested that he come work with her at Chancellor instead. He asked what he’d do, and she said they could figure it out together. She didn’t mean to disparage Ashland’s offer, but things were complicated with the Newman family and the dynamics were constantly changing. He said he had a lot of experience navigating those waters. She asked why he’d want to waste energy doing that when he could come work with her, his cousin.

Billy ran into Ashland at Society. Billy thought Ashland looked like a villain in a movie plotting world domination, or maybe he was plotting the next move at Newman Locke. Billy heard Ashland’s medical situation was improving, and it made Billy think Ashland was itching to get more control at his wife’s company. Ashland would’ve thought Billy would be busy with work, assisting his girlfriend, instead of wasting time making baseless accusations. Billy said Ashland built an empire and ran it by himself, so Billy found it hard to believe Ashland was happy being an advisor to Victoria. Billy said Victoria waited her entire life waiting to get control of Newman, and Ashland threw a wrench in her plans by sticking around longer than she expected. Ashland laughed. He thought Billy was trying to shock him with macabre humor, but it didn’t work. He thought Billy had a bitter view of marriage because of his sordid history. Billy wasn’t against marriage, but he didn’t like Ashland’s marriage. Billy didn’t trust Ashland, and he didn’t like what Ashland would do with Victoria. Ashland thought it must be hard for Billy seeing Victoria happy with a man who was worthy of her and knowing Billy blew his chance. Billy said he and Victoria both moved on. Ashland thought Billy should stop trying to convince Victoria she knew what was best. However, Ashland knew Billy wouldn’t listen, so he told Billy to keep going and see how that worked out.

Billy said not to worry about him. Ashland wasn’t worried about Billy, he was worried about Lily. Billy said Lily was great. Ashland wondered if Lily wasn’t concerned about Billy’s continuing interest in Victoria’s marriage. Billy said his relationship with Lily wasn’t built on lies and secrets. Billy respected Lily as CEO, and he was happy to do whatever he could to make her dream at Chancellor become a reality. Victoria showed up, and Ashland told her that Billy thought she was more threatened by Ashland’s recovery and his role at Newman Locke than she was letting on. Exasperated, Victoria told Billy to back off. Billy pointed out that Ashland helped Victoria’s father and brother destroy Billy’s career. Ashland said Billy wrote a disparaging article about him. Victoria told Billy that he wasn’t accomplishing whatever he thought he was. Billy wished he’d blown Ashland out of the water in Italy. He hated that Victoria married someone who couldn’t be trusted, and he was glad their kids were at boarding school, away from the toxicity.

Victoria thought Billy said a horrible thing, but she wasn’t surprised. Billy said Victoria wasn’t paying attention, and she still thought he was the bad one. Victoria said that since the kids were at school, Billy didn’t need to be around her and Ashland. He thought that was a good idea. Billy said Ashland was going to let Victoria down in a way she couldn’t imagine, and it was going to be a long way to fall. Billy left.

Billy went home as Nate left. Lily brought Billy up to speed on Nate’s two job offers. The mention of Ashland’s offer lead to Billy telling Lily about his run in with Ashland earlier. He admitted it wasn’t his proudest moment. Billy brought Lily up to speed on what he’d said. He believed that the things he’d said to Ashland and Victoria needed to be said. However, he wasn’t happy with the way he’d conducted himself. Lily said everyone had their off moments. Billy said he’d spent weeks telling Lily he wasn’t that guy anymore, but clearly he had more work to do. Lily thought Billy was being too hard on himself. She didn’t think there was an issue, as long as he wasn’t concocting a scheme. He said she could rest easy. He decided she was right and that Ashland didn’t deserve another moment of his time. She knew he was a different man, and she thought it was time that he start believing that in his heart. Lily thought they should move forward with the podcast. Billy thought she was worried he wouldn’t have time for his COO abilities. She felt that it’d be good for him to share his experiences and she believed it’d help people. It was important to him that she trusted that he could do both the podcast and the COO job. She realized this would work as long as it didn’t take up too much of his time. He promised she could count on him. They kissed.

Back at Society, Victoria was sorry Ashland had to endure what Billy said. She said it was just Billy being Billy – he could evolve, but there were some people that stoked anger and hatred in him; Adam was one of them, and Ashland seemed to be added to the list. Ashland said he’d been despised by some of the most powerful people in the world, and he thrived on it because it told him he was doing the right thing. Billy was of no consequence to Ashland, but he was concerned about the toll it was taking on Victoria. She said not to worry about her.

Victoria said she thought Sally and Adam were a couple. Ashland laughed. He and Victoria were sure that was a recipe for disaster. Victoria thought Sally would be such a distraction that she’d make it impossible for Adam to do his job. And while Sally was talented, she was underqualified for this job. Ashland said Victor might soon regret supporting Adam and Sally as CEO and COO. Victoria didn’t want to go to war with her father. She said that instead of creating a way for Adam to fail so they could fire him, they could sit back and let it happen. Victor called and summoned Victoria to Newman Media.

While waiting for Victoria, Victor got a video call from Michael. Michael had paid off the doctor for the information on Ashland. The doctor had filmed a video, which was on its way to Victor’s inbox. According to Michael, the doctor said Ashland paid the clinic a substantial sum to falsify his medical records. Victor sat up straight and asked for details. Michael revealed that Ashland was in perfect health, but he’d paid the clinic to make it look like he had terminal cancer. Victor believed it, but he said he needed more evidence to convince everyone else. He said to send him the entire paper trail. Just then, Victoria walked in. Victor ended the call with Michael.

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