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Recap written by Christine

Abby went to the Ranch looking for Victoria, and Nikki said she was still at work. Abby had reached out to Victoria several times since Ashland’s death, but she hadn’t gotten much of a response. Nikki said Victoria had been busy with Newman Enterprises, but she’d been very strong. Abby wasn’t surprised. Victoria was the toughest person she knew. Nikki said Ashland’s death was a shock, but she didn’t think many tears would be shed. Abby wished Chance wasn’t so determined to cross every T and dot every I. She was sure this investigation would end soon. Nikki asked if Chance said what he was investigating. Abby didn’t know specifics, but she guessed Chance was being thorough because of all Ashland’s lies. Nikki thought that the longer this went on, the more difficult it would be on Victoria. She thought it would be best for everyone if Chance backed off.

Devon was at work. He called Amanda just to check in. The call ended, and he saw that Elena was there. She had a personal question about Nate. Devon didn’t think he was the best person to discuss Nate with right now. Elena was trying to get a sense of the work dynamic here, because she could tell Nate was having a hard time, and she knew he would hate her broaching the subject with Devon. Devon thought that was all the more reason not to have this conversation. Elena was concerned though, and she guessed Nate felt touchy about discussing work things with her, due to her history with Devon. She knew it wasn’t her place to interfere, but she cared about the relationship between Devon and Nate, and she felt regret about the damage she caused his family. She asked if there was anything she could do to help fix things.

Devon said what was going on between him and Nate had nothing to do with Elena. She sighed in relief. He said work didn’t change the way he felt about Nate as family, but as a C-suite executive, Nate had created a few issues. Devon took some of the blame for not easing Nate into a high level position instead of just throwing him in the deep end. Elena knew Devon had business experience, and he’d been guided by Neil, but she said Nate wasn’t a recent college grad, just starting out in the world, and he probably shouldn’t be treated as one. She asked if Devon had put up defenses when it came to Nate. He said no, all he’d done was clearly lay out how he believed the hierarchy should work. Nate’s reluctance to embrace it made Devon wonder if it was a mistake to bring him on board.

Devon and Abby ran into each other at Society. she thanked him for the picture of Dominic. He was using it on his phone lock screen. Abby said Chance had made it his lock screen too. He asked if Chance would be coming here. She didn’t think so – he’d been working crazy hours tying up loose ends on the Locke car crash. She had a feeling Chance was keeping something from her, because her family was involved, and that couldn’t be good. Devon said Abby could trust Chance to do the right thing. She knew that, but she was worried about her sister.

Abby asked about Devon and Amanda. He told her about Naya’s coma. Amanda was in Virginia with her mother, and Devon wanted to go, but Amanda said it was fine. He said things had been tense at Chancellor Winters. Working with family had complications. That was why Abby was glad she had Society – her own special place without judgment or interference. She said the place was a big success thanks to Devon and all the advice he gave her. She said he’d been instrumental in two out of the three loves of her life – her work and Dominic. He said at least he’d done something right.

Imani saw Nate at Crimson Lights. He was surprised she wasn’t on her way to see her mom. Her flight wasn’t until tonight. She was an emotional mess. He offered some encouraging words, and she said he always knew how to make her feel better. She’d miss not being able to lean on him while she was gone. He said she’d have Amanda to lean on. She felt conflicted about leaving the job in the lurch. He said the company was built on family, and they were supposed to stick by each other. Imani didn’t think it sounded like Nate’s family was sticking by him.

Nate didn’t want to burden Imani with his troubles, but she said she could use the distraction. He said Devon was worried Nate was a liability at Chancellor Winters. Nate said there was a slight misunderstanding that he fixed as soon as he found out there was a problem, but now Devon wanted to give him a mentor. Imani scoffed that Devon didn’t even give Nate a chance to prove himself. Nate said Devon was determined to see him as a screw up. Imani suggested Devon felt threatened by Nate’s potential. Nate also felt that Devon was holding him back, but he admitted Devon could be right – maybe Nate overstepped a few times, but out of enthusiasm, not malice. Nate said maybe he needed to learn the game better. Imani didn’t agree with that strategy. It was clear to her that Devon wanted to be the only one in full control.

Imani understood Nate wanted to see the best in his cousin, but she didn’t think he was looking at the full picture. She said he should turn up the heat, not give in. He didn’t want to create more conflict. She said Devon didn’t value what Nate was bringing to the job, and slow and steady wasn’t going to convince him otherwise. She reminded him of how he took the bull by the horns at the launch and people responded positively. She thought he needed to do something like that, but bigger and bolder that would demand attention and respect.

At Crimson Lights, Diane approached Summer. She was surprised about Phyllis’s gigantic career move, but it wasn’t going to be a problem, at least for Diane. Summer was glad to hear that, because she and Kyle didn’t intend to tolerate any turmoil at Marchetti. “Don’t you suspect that your mother’s sudden and massive career move is directly tied to her hatred of me?,” Diane asked. Summer said of course she did, and she gave Phyllis the same warning Diane received from Kyle. Phyllis had assured Diane there wouldn’t be any problems. Summer hoped Phyllis meant it, because this would be an amazing opportunity for her and her mom to work together, just as it was for Diane and Kyle. Diane said she wanted this to work out, and she’d love it if Phyllis forgave her.

Diane said she and Phyllis might be able to bond. Summer thought Diane was laying it on a little thick. Diane said Kyle forgave her, and Jack seemed to be on the verge of doing that. Summer thought that was a tall order for Jack to forgive Diane. Summer thought Diane was wonderful with Harrison, but it didn’t erase her history. Diane realized that, and she realized she had a lot more work to do in that regard. Summer echoed that Diane had a lot more work to do. Summer said Jack was working to keep the peace for Kyle and Harrison. She stated that she’d give Diane the same warning she gave Phyllis – don’t attempt to manipulate Jack the way she had in the past. Summer warned that she was just as protective of Jack as she was of Kyle, and if Diane pulled anything, she’d have to contend with her.

Kyle spent time with Mariah and Tessa at Dive Bar. Tessa was having to use a computer automated voice to communicate, because she had to rest her voice after surgery. Mariah said the voice was starting to sound sexy. Kyle complimented her on keeping her sense of humor, and she said if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. Mariah asked about Harrison. Kyle said he was handling Ashland’s death well, but he didn’t seem to understand what happened. Mariah asked how Kyle was, and he started talking about the Marchetti relaunch. Tessa told Kyle not to change the subject. Kyle admitted he had a lot on his plate. He was trying to help Harrison through the loss of his father, and now his mom and Summer’s mom were going to work together, which could start world war III. Mariah asked if she could help. He thought he had to handle it on his own.

Mariah sent Tessa to grab the drinks, then she told Kyle she had to ask him for a really big favor. He asked what she needed. Mariah was worried about Tessa, who was really bummed about missing her tour. She’d been trying to think of a way to boost Tessa’s spirits. She thought Tessa might love a job at Marchetti. Tessa was a huge fan of Marchetti, and she was passionate about fashion. Mariah was sure Marchetti would need models, and who better to team up with than than a singing star, like Tessa.

Kyle was intrigued. He recalled Summer mentioning they needed a fresh face for the new fashion line. He’d have to talk to Summer before he committed to anything. Mariah was just happy Kyle didn’t dismiss the idea out of hand. She asked him not to say anything to Tessa before it was a done deal, so they didn’t get her hopes up. Tessa returned. Tessa could tell something was going on with Kyle and Mariah. They pretended they were just chatting. Summer walked up, and Mariah said hi, then she announced that she and Tessa had to go.

Summer and Kyle were now alone. She told him about his mother’s fantasy of bonding with Phyllis. He said that would never happen. She wondered if they were asking for trouble expecting their mothers to peacefully work together. He said if they rescinded a job offer from either one of them, it could spawn an all out war.

At Society, Billy told Jack that it was a bad idea to hire Adam at Jabot. Billy thought other Abbotts would agree. Jack believed in Adam. He was also going to be watching Adam’s every move. Jack said Adam turned Newman Media into a profitable enterprise, and his tenure was devoid of scandal. Jack said Adam would still be there if Victor didn’t jerk him around. Billy said Adam had an ax to grind. Jack thought Adam wanted a fresh start somewhere that he wouldn’t have to compete with Victoria. Billy asked how Ashley would feel. Jack said she’d eventually be fine with it – she spent most of her time in Paris, and when she was here, she was in the lab, which was out of Adam’s purview. Billy said that Adam would take the company. Jack said he’d offered Billy similar lifelines in the past. “And how many of those have worked out? And I’m your brother,” Billy replied. Jack said Billy felt fine giving Diane another chance. Billy felt that some people deserved another chance, while others didn’t. They looked up and saw Phyllis come in.

Billy knew there was nothing he could say to talk Jack out of this. He just warned him that Adam’s fangs were sharp and poisonous. Phyllis walked over and Jack said he was leaving. She said she came to discuss Lily’s offer to buy the hotel with Billy. Jack left. Billy noticed that things had gone south between Jack and Phyllis again. Billy was glad that it wasn’t his fault this time. Phyllis said she’d moved past that. She added that she was going to work with Summer at Marchetti. Billy was surprised Phyllis would be working with Diane.

Phyllis said she and Diane weren’t in the same department. Billy didn’t think Marchetti was big enough for the two of them. She said he underestimated her. He hoped that this would work out, for Jack’s sake. She said she wouldn’t let her daughter down. He thought she could only suppress her feelings for so long until she exploded. She asked why it was that he got to turn his life around and be an upstanding executive, and she couldn’t. He said he liked his colleagues. She said it was unfortunate that he was just working with his buddies and girlfriend. She stated that the Grand Phoenix was a huge moneymaking endeavor; it wasn’t like some podcast. He said his podcast was popular, and he should have her on. She replied that she was all booked up. She didn’t think she could handle Marchetti and running the hotel, and that was why she wanted to talk to Lily. Billy said he’d been confident that Phyllis wouldn’t sell. “That’s how little you know me, Billy,” Phyllis replied. Billy said either Phyllis was a fool, selling her hotel to work with Summer, or she had a plan for Diane. He’d never known Phyllis to be a fool. She said he was right about that. He said she’d made some spectacular mistakes, but she was as savvy as they come. He bet she had a plan to hurt Diane in some way.

Phyllis thought it was annoying that everyone in the town thought she had a nefarious intention. Billy said Phyllis was selling her prized possession out of the blue to go work with her sworn enemy. She said she was going to work with her daughter and helping her attain her vision. He said she was casting herself in a supporting role, but that wasn’t her – she was the queen bee. She said she loved a challenge, and she’d be overseeing the home design division at Marchetti – it was a huge position. He conceded that this sounded like a cool gig. She said she’d risen above her hatred for Diane, a hatred that cost her her relationship with Jack. The sort of happiness she was afraid she’d never get again. “You are definitely up to something,” Billy said.

Phyllis asked why Billy couldn’t believe her heart was in the right place. He asked her to stop the phony denials. He was speaking to her as an ex-lover and semi friend. He asked her to let go of whatever she had planned for Diane. Even if she won, and he thought she would, she’d still lose in the end. She asked what made him think she’d lose. He said there was always collateral damage in the war, and the damage would be Summer. “Summer won’t be near the line of fire Billy… if there was a line of fire, which there is not,” she said. He informed her that Jack offered Adam a job at Jabot, as co-CEO.

Phyllis was alarmed that Adam would be placed in a position of power. She said Adam got an umpteenth chance to redeem himself in Jack’s eyes, just like Diane, but he wasn’t giving Phyllis the same opportunity. Billy said throwing Adam into any mix was a recipe for disaster. Phyllis asked if Billy thought Jack would involve Adam in Marchetti. He didn’t know, but if Adam got involved, he’d take Diane’s side. Phyllis agreed that Adam would side with Diane, and she predicted that Jack would just follow along and give Diane the benefit of the doubt. Billy asked if Phyllis wanted to be the one responsible for throwing oil on the fire. Nikki called Phyllis wanting to meet.

Phyllis went to the ranch. Ashley wasn’t there, because she was out of town on business. Phyllis complained that Ashley was useless. Nikki said Ashley was committed to the plan, but she was concerned about Phyllis’s sabotage idea. Nikki called Phyllis here to get the details on her next move. Phyllis asked if Nikki didn’t trust her. “In a word, no,” Nikki said. Phyllis said she didn’t trust Nikki and Ashley either. Nikki said that the reason she didn’t trust Phyllis was somewhat of a compliment. Nikki was concerned Phyllis might back down, to protect Summer. Nikki was also protective of her kids, but the best way to protect Summer and her family was to get Diane out of town for good. Phyllis agreed. She didn’t appreciate Nikki’s backhanded compliment, especially since she was the only one in this triumvirate that was really doing something. “You have worries, you have concerns. I get it, but until you really contribute, keep your opinions to yourself,” Phyllis said.

Diane’s face lit up when she saw Jack come into Crimson Lights. He was glad he ran into her. He said that he’d been reading the books she bought Harrison about loss, and he could tell they were helpful. He thanked her for the thoughtful gift.

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