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Recap written by Christine

Victoria went over to Newman Media and crowed about Victor agreeing to sell the company. Adam was caught off guard, because he had no idea it was a done deal. Victoria was sure Victor would’ve told him eventually. Adam said that Victor called him earlier, and he ignored it. He said he’d been busy running the company – the staff heard rumors. Victoria said that Adam could tell the staff that most of them would be able to keep their job. She pulled out a tape measure and began to take measurements for the interior designer, and he testily asked her to do that another time. She said she was sure he was eager to hear the details of the deal that was worked out without him. She said she had a lot to offer him as a mentor, and she hoped he looked forward to this as much as she looked forward to being his boss.

Adam went to the ranch, and Victor assumed he’d heard the news. Adam said Victoria just came over to rub his face in it, and Victor didn’t think that was necessary. Adam confronted Victor about making this deal without even consulting with him. Victor said he didn’t need Adam’s approval, and he said business was business. Adam didn’t think this was a big business deal. Adam asked if Victor had another agenda, and he wanted a straight answer, because he was getting sick of the games. Victor thought the deal was good because it was contingent on Adam remaining the head of Newman Media, and ChancComm. Adam thought that it was even worse that Victor negotiated on his behalf without even checking with him. Victor said that the business Adam was building would be stronger, and he’d be running the remains of Billy’s dream. Adam wanted to be valued enough to be included in decisions that affected his life. Victor stated that Adam could keep his job or quit, but the sale was going through. Adam took a stiff drink and asked why Victor suddenly did a 180. Adam felt like he and Victor used to be partners, but now Adam was a lackey. Victor said it wasn’t like that. Adam felt like Victor lost faith in him, and he asked if this was about the nonsense with Billy. Victor stated that mistakes were made. Adam argued that no damage was done, and now Victor sold the company out from under him. “If I lost faith in you would I have stipulated to Victoria that you stay in charge of Newman Media?,” Victor asked. Adam assumed this was another mind game. He said Nick told him he should get off the Newman merry-go-round. Victor thought there were times when you made decisions that affected the rest of your life. He stated that said Adam could stay at Newman Media and expand his sphere of power, or he could walk. Victor needed an answer soon. Adam nodded, then he left.

Nate met Ashland at Crimson Lights on the patio. Nate was impressed with the experimental treatment Ashland was on, since he seemed to be thriving. Ashland said there was a mental component to it. He thought he made a mistake backing away from his business. Nate noted that Ashland didn’t have the energy for much back then, let alone running an international conglomerate. Ashland thought his work fueled him and helped him fight his illness. Now that he was back in the thick of it, he felt stronger than he had in a long time, and he wasn’t about to back away from the next fight.

Ashland asked how Nate enjoyed being chief of surgery. Nate enjoyed the patients, but he didn’t have much time for that, because there was so much office work. He saw ways to improve the hospital, but he wasn’t able to do what he wanted because of the bureaucracy. Nate had come to terms with the nerve damage that kept him from practicing surgery. He was grateful for his job and the chance to work with world class physicians. He got a kick out of watching Elena and how much she enjoyed clinical work. Ashland said Nate was a brilliant doctor who needed a new mountain to climb. He thought he had the perfect challenge for Nate.

AskMDNow would soon be owned by Newman/Locke, and Ashland wanted Nate to come on board. Nate said he had to leave that job because of time constraints, and Elena was doing a great job. Ashland agreed about Elena. Ashland wanted to take the company further, and he’d be happy to bring Nate on board. Nate was flattered, but he wasn’t a suit and tie kind of guy, and he hated the business aspects of his job. Ashland knew Nate took some business courses when he was studying abroad. Nate wasn’t sure how much he remembered. Ashland said Nate was young, passionate, brilliant and a good influence on Ashland. Ashland wanted to help Nate do good on a global scale – he could help millions at a time.

Victoria joined Ashland and Nate. She asked what was going on, and Nate brought her up to speed. As Nate was leaving, Ashland asked him to give the offer some serious consideration. Victoria shot Ashland a look. She thought Nate was great, but she wished she’d been consulted before Ashland made his offer. She wasn’t in the habit of making big offers on a whim, especially to a friend. He thought bringing Nate into the fold seemed like a no-brainer. He appreciated her opinion, but he said if he saw a smart move for the company, he was going to act on it. He couldn’t always run to her for permission, just like she hadn’t been coming to him with decisions she made lately. She said the last decision he disagreed on was about to pay off – big time. She said he didn’t think they should buy Newman Media if Adam was part of the deal. He stood by that. She just saw Adam, and he wasn’t happy. He’d been thrown off balance by the news, and it was clear to her that Victor had made all decisions about the deal without consulting Adam. She said she’d given Adam a little taste of what it would be like to work for her, and she thought he’d quit before he put up with that every day.

Sally had an unwelcome surprise when she checked Newman Fashion’s website on her phone from Society. Chelsea entered and Sally confronted her. All of Sally’s videos from NY had been edited. Chelsea thought they were much crisper and more focused now. Sally pointed out that she’d been edited out of the videos, and Chelsea didn’t see why that was a problem. Sally said the problem with her being cut out of the video was that she gave those conversations context – she asked questions the audience wanted to hear. Chelsea said the videos were supposed to be about the designers, it wasn’t The Sally Show. Sally said she was the face of the platform. Chelsea thought it was a bad idea to saddle a new brand with one person, especially a relative unknown. Sally said she was known, recently for designing Victoria’s dress. “Please. You designed one nice dress,” Chelsea groaned. “Our job is to create a successful business, not feed your ego,” she added.

At Crimson Lights, Faith showed Sharon a list of colleges she was interested in. Sharon noted that they were all over the country. Faith asked Sharon to take her to visit her top choices in a few weeks. Sharon loved Faith’s excitement, but she said it was short notice. Rey arrived, and Faith asked him to tell Sharon how important it was to visit colleges before she applied. Rey said he went to the police academy, and Lola went to culinary school, so he didn’t have a lot of experience in this area. Faith said everyone in her class was visiting campuses with their parents. Sharon agreed to take Faith, but she said that she wished Faith would consider GCU. Sharon had a good experience there when she got her therapy credentials. Rey thought Sharon wanted to keep Faith close to home. Faith thought college was the time that she finally spread her wings and figured out what to do with her life. Sharon thought Faith could do that while staying close.

Faith hoped Sharon wasn’t trying to talk her out of leaving Genoa City for college. Sharon said she’d never do that. Faith was sure Sharon wouldn’t be lonely, since she had Rey, and Noah was probably staying in town. When Sharon stepped away for a call, Faith said she knew some girls applying to school in Europe, and she thought it sounded cool. She figured she shouldn’t tell Sharon that. He thought she should wait until Sharon was used to the idea of Faith going out of state first. Faith said Rey always had the best advice. He told her that as exciting as moving away sounded, having family around could be a good thing. Sharon returned, and Faith left to tell Moses about her plans. Sharon couldn’t believe how fast her little girl was growing up.

Abby came downstairs after sleeping in and found Chance had put together a breakfast spread. She said she hadn’t slept that long since before Dominic was born. She thought that this was a healthy way of looking at the arrangement with Devon – it gave her and Chance time alone. She asked how he felt after getting the letter from the widow of his colleague. He said talking to Abby about it helped, and he got a few more hours of sleep. Abby had done some thinking last night, and she was wondering if he should talk to a therapist. Chance didn’t think he needed therapy, and he didn’t want to talk to a stranger. He said he had her. She thought there were things he didn’t want to tell her, as not to upset her. He said he’d been honest and open. She agreed, but she said he didn’t tell her he’d been reaching out to his team’s family members until she saw him reading the letter. He said he would’ve told her. She still thought he needed to talk to someone else so he could heal. He knew it wasn’t healthy to dwell on the past trauma. He thought he should go back to work to keep his mind busy. She reminded him that they just talked about him taking more time off. He knew. He was going to talk to Rey, and he said she could come with him. She said he should do this alone. She supported this idea if it was what he needed to find stability. They hugged, and she looked worried.

After Chance left, Abby called Sharon over. Abby could see Chance was struggling, bu he was resistant to therapy, and she wanted to know what her next step should be. Sharon asked why Abby thought Chance needed therapy. Abby said he was having nightmares, and he’d reached out to the families of the team. The nightmares were troubling to Sharon, but she didn’t think it was unhealthy for Chance to contact his team’s relatives. Abby said Chance felt like if he were a better dad, Devon wouldn’t have pushed for shared custody. Now Chance was talking about going back to work. Abby asked if Sharon thought Chance should be in therapy. Sharon thought Chance should be part of this conversation. Abby said she wasn’t going behind his back – she’d discussed the idea with him, and she thought he might get on board if Sharon agreed with her. Sharon wasn’t comfortable discussing Chance third hand. Abby didn’t think Chance would come to Sharon on his own. Abby said to keep being supportive and nurturing, and maybe that would encourage Chance to open up to Abby. Abby said that he’d been better about sharing his feelings with her, but she thought he needed professional help. Sharon said Chance had to be the one to decide he was ready for therapy.

Chance went to Society, and he was looking at his phone as he walked. He almost bumped into Chelsea, and she saw the picture of Dominic on his phone and admired it. She noted that a week ago, he didn’t have pictures of Dominic on his phone, and now he did. He offered to show her more, and she accepted. She also said she’d show him a couple hundred of Connor. She asked if Abby and Dominic were here. He said that Abby was with home, and Dominic was with his other dad. Chance opened up about the shared custody arrangement. Chelsea could relate, and she shared that she was the biological mother of Victoria and Billy’s son, Johnny. Chance forgot about that. She said that Billy and Victoria were the parents, but she would always have affection for Johnny. At the time, she realized that Johnny deserved all the love in the world, and she couldn’t give that to him. Chance said the situations were a little different – Chelsea stepped aside for the sake of the child, but Devon couldn’t do that.

Chelsea understood it was hard to watch someone else raise your kid, but she said it was important to embrace the fact that Devon would love Dom, just like Victoria loved Johnny. Chance said that was why they made the decision. Chelsea noted that, earlier, Chance said Devon was another dad to Dom, but she was never a mom to Johnny. He wondered if she was saying they were making things complicated for Dominic. She said they were putting their child first, and that was always the right choice. She told him that sometimes the hardest decision was one that was painful for the parent, but best for the child.

After Chelsea left, Rey arrived. He heard about the custody arrangement. Chance said it wasn’t easy, but he and Abby felt it was best. Chance was ready to come back to the force. Rey noted that Chance just said he wanted an indefinite break. He wondered if this had something to do with the custody arrangement. Chance admitted it probably did. He said he had to get things back to normal for his family’s sake, and his normal included working. Rey said it was a dangerous job and it involved trauma, and that could do more harm to Chance than good. Chance said if he could save one life, maybe it could make up for the ones he lost.

Rey and Sharon met up at Crimson Lights. Rey was worried it was too soon for Chance to return to work. He thought that Chance was avoiding his feelings about Spain and the custody agreement instead of dealing with them. Sharon got a similar feeling from Abby. Sharon said Abby was trying to heal her family. Sharon couldn’t go into detail because Abby was seeking her professional advice. Rey said being a cop took an emotional and psychological toll, and you had to be at the top of your game. He wasn’t sure Chance was quite there yet.

Chance went home. Abby had been about to call him because Louise was on her way back with Dominic. He said he wouldn’t miss that. Chance said Rey had his concerns, but Chance still thought this was what he was supposed to do. Louise brought Dominic home. Abby noted that he had two homes now. She held the baby close and said her family was back together again.

Chelsea went to Adam’s office and found Sally waiting outside. Chelsea assumed Sally was there to complain to him about the editing. Sally said she wasn’t there for that. As soon as Adam showed up, Chelsea and Sally tried to monopolize his attention, but he ordered them to stop. He said he had news that would make their complaints about each other irrelevant. He told them about the sale. Chelsea asked what about Newman Fashion. Adam didn’t know what that meant for any of them, including him. Chelsea couldn’t believe Victor did this, but Adam thought it was actually the most Victor-like thing to do. “We had a good run but he is back to his old ways,” Adam said. Chelsea told Adam to fight this instead of rolling over. He snapped that he’d just found out. “Can you give me a second to figure out what my next move is?,” he added. Chelsea noticed that Sally didn’t seem that surprised, and she added that Adam didn’t seem as upset as he should be if this really was a bombshell. Sally said she was just stunned into silence. Chelsea said she’d call Chloe and tell her the bad news. She left.

Sally said Adam must be furious with Victor, but she didn’t think this had to be a complete disaster. He said Victor didn’t think so – he’d tried to appease Adam by stipulating that Adam could keep his job after the sale. Sally thought that sounded good. “I’d be working for my sister,” Adam said, through gritted teeth. Sally suggested that wouldn’t be so bad. Adam said Victoria came here and gloated to show him what it’d be like to work for her. Sally thought Adam should stay on and run Newman Media his way, but he wasn’t sure that was possible. He said Victoria had been trying to drive a wedge between him and Victor for awhile, and it seemed she’d succeeded. Sally didn’t think Adam should let that happen. She asked if he’d be willing to walk away from all he’d accomplished. He thought walking away might be the smartest thing. He said he could start fresh and succeed somewhere else. She pointed out that he’d have nearly infinite resources at Newman/Locke, plus he’d be running ChancComm too. He seemed intrigued by the idea of being the head of a newly combined media powerhouse. Sally said this was a promotion, not a demotion. She suggested it was Victor’s way of giving him more power in the family. He thought she clearly had a lot to learn about how Victor’s mind worked. She reasoned that, as an outsider, she could see things clearly, and she thought that his position was just as strong as Victoria’s. Sally said Victoria would never be able to control Adam, and maybe Adam would be able to find a way to control Victoria.

Adam wanted to know why Sally held her point of view. He asked if she thought he’d protect her job at Newman Fashion. She said she didn’t have an ulterior motive – he asked for her advice, and she was giving it. He clarified that he never asked for her advice. She said that she thought his hurt and anger might blind him to seeing the whole picture. She said that Victoria might be too distracted by rest of her empire to see the advantage Adam had at Newman Media. “You could turn your role into something much bigger,” she said. He told her she was good at pep talks. She asked if he was going to stay.

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