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Kristen questions John telling her that he and Marlena got in a fight about her. John claims it was right in the middle of the town square in front of everybody. Kristen asks if he’s joking but John says that shoppers were stopping and staring because they got so loud. Kristen doesn’t understand why they were fighting about her.

Brady questions Eric saying that he’s quitting his job at Basic Black. Brady argues that Eric had one rough night. Eric says that’s not the reason he’s leaving. Brady asks if it’s the pay or the schedule and offers to fix it. Eric responds that it’s nothing he can fix as he just doesn’t want to work with Nicole. Brady doesn’t understand until Eric reveals that they broke up.

EJ says he can’t imagine where Johnny went since he knows his grandmother’s service is about to start. Marlena mentions seeing Johnny outside and that he said he was looking for a woman which EJ questions.

Johnny finds Ava outside the church and questions how this is possible since they said nobody could have survived that crash. Ava guesses she’s hard to kill. Johnny asks if she’s just been in Salem this whole time. Johnny brings up EJ saying he saw her and then thinking it was a hallucination but he guesses it was real. Johnny asks if this means Susan is alive too but Ava says she’s afraid not. Johnny questions how. Ava explains that she jumped out of the car but Susan did not. Johnny asks what’s going on, why Ava is here and in a disguise.

EJ questions why Johnny would be chasing down some woman. Sister Mary Moira mentions seeing Johnny earlier and says he ran off to go after this woman. EJ argues that whatever it was could have waited until after Susan’s service. EJ wonders where Johnny is and remarks that the clock is ticking, while he is unaware that Ava’s bomb under the table counts down from 53 minutes.

Stefan and Chloe work together at DiMera Enterprises. Stefan tells Chloe that she’s free to go and he will finish up but Chloe says she doesn’t mind staying. Stefan asks if there’s no where else she’d rather be. Chloe tells him about how she and Brady were supposed to be in New York today as he had gotten her tickets to one of her all time favorite operas and they were going to meet her mother for an early dinner, mentioning that she got a new dress and shoes for it. Chloe admits she was really looking forward to it until Brady dumped her for Kristen.

Brady questions Eric about his breakup with Nicole. Eric responds that he’s not sure they were ever back together. Brady remembers Eric being upset the other day when he came to talk to her but he just figured they were having a disagreement. Eric responds that there’s a lot more to it than that. Brady understands things are difficult for them with Jada being pregnant but talks about how Eric was confident that he could co-parent with Jada while being with Nicole, so he questions what the hell happened. Eric says that things changed. Brady gets that it’s complicated and Nicole will be insecure about Eric having a baby with his ex. Brady talks about how Jada will be the mother of Eric’s child but Nicole is the woman he loves. Eric then stops him and reveals that there is no more baby because Nicole talked Jada in to having an abortion.

Nicole guesses the woman Johnny went after must be pretty important. EJ asks if Johnny said anything else. Marlena says all he said to her was that he called out to her but she didn’t turn around, so he didn’t get a chance to talk to her. Sister Mary Moira mentions not seeing any woman. EJ remarks that if any of them were to hallucinate, they’re likely to see someone evil…

Ava claims to Johnny that she’s here to pay respects to Susan and she’s incognito because she didn’t think she’d be welcomed. Johnny is not sure he buys that as he can’t believe she has any interest in honoring Susan considering what she did to her. Ava says she’s truly sorry that Susan became collateral damage in the war between herself and EJ, but argues that it’s a war that EJ started when he tried to make her leave town. Ava says she’s sorry but she couldn’t stand for that and brings up that Johnny couldn’t either.

Sister Mary Moira complains about waiting and says they need to reunite Susan with their lord right away. EJ brings up Johnny. She argues that the kingdom of Heaven is waiting for Susan’s arrival, so she doesn’t want to wait another minute longer, while the bomb counts down from 48 minutes.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s sorry that Brady ruined her plans for the night. Chloe says it’s okay as he already ruined their entire future and this is just one opera. Stefan understands that Brady hurt her badly, so she’s allowed to be upset, but he was under the impression that she was getting over it. Chloe says she is and knows that Brady only ended things with her and moved Kristen in because it’s what best for Rachel. Chloe argues that Brady could co-parent without moving Kristen in so soon, so it just makes her think that Brady had feelings for Kristen this entire time. Stefan says he’s sorry and comments that it seems to be weighing heavily on her. Stefan promises that by New Year’s, she will have forgotten all about Brady when he takes her off to Miami. Chloe says that sounds pretty damn good as they kiss.

Brady sits with Eric and says he’s sorry as he had no idea what he was dealing with. Brady says Nicole was wrong in talking to Jada, but it sounds like Jada made the decision that was best for her, so he thinks it’s unfair to blame Nicole. Eric argues that Nicole went behind his back and gave Jada this whole speech about how hard single motherhood would be but that doesn’t really matter anymore. Brady questions why they broke up. Eric says they are just different and not good for each other anymore. Eric says they got wrapped up in a forbidden love but came crashing back to Earth and remembered why it didn’t work out. Eric mentions that he and Nicole had another fight this morning after she trailed him to Sloan Peterson’s apartment and railed him for sleeping with Sloan, which Brady is shocked to hear. Eric explains that Sloan offered to take on his case and one thing led to another. Brady asks if he’s sure that’s the path he wants to go down. Eric says he can’t turn back now. Brady acknowledges that Sloan is attractive but brings up her reputation and what she did to Paulina, Chanel, and Abe. Brady questions if Eric really wants to get mixed up with a person like this. Eric calls that really classy coming from a guy who is shacking up with Kristen DiMera.

John tells Kristen that he shouldn’t say anything but Kristen argues that she deserves to know if they are fighting over her. Kristen says it’s obviously on his mind and encourages him to tell her. John then claims that Marlena wants to kick Kristen out of the house, but he’s not okay with that. Kristen questions that since he wasn’t exactly welcoming with open arms. John admits he had his suspicions when she first moved in, but claims he’s softened his stance a little. John explains that the whole idea that she was there to suck Brady back in is all that Marlena sees. John says Marlena gets blinded by her worries about Kristen manipulating Brady. John adds that Marlena doesn’t understand why Brady broke up with Chloe and moved Kristen in, so now Marlena worries that Brady is in danger of falling for Kristen all over again. Kristen asks what John thinks. John responds that he thinks she belongs with her daughter.

Johnny admits to Ava that he was pretty upset when EJ kicked her out, but now he’s starting to think he might have done the right thing. Ava questions what that means. Johnny argues that EJ didn’t start the war, Ava did when she faked her marriage to Jake. Ava thought he understood that. Johnny says he was wrong. Johnny argues that Ava tried to defraud his family while lying and stealing from them. Johnny declares that he was wrong to defend her. Ava questions where this is coming from and brings up how Johnny was as upset as she was when EJ kicked her out. Johnny screams that was before she killed his grandmother.

The priest asks if they should begin but EJ refuses to start the ceremony until Johnny arrives. Tripp then shows up and confronts EJ, calling him the son of a bitch who killed his mom.

Stefan and Chloe kiss until Stefan’s computer goes off with work alerts. Stefan decides he can make it to Susan’s memorial on time. Chloe offers to go with him. Stefan tells her that she doesn’t have to but Chloe says she wants to pay her respects to Susan since she was always kind to her. Stefan says he loves having her by his side so they exit together.

Nicole tells Tripp that EJ didn’t kill Ava as she drove off the road and it was an accident. Tripp argues that EJ was in hot pursuit because he hated Ava and wanted her gone, so he forced her to crash. EJ calls that insane and says he was trying to catch up to them to rescue Susan. Nicole tries to explain and defend EJ but Tripp tells her to save it, because the last person he wants to hear from is the tramp who slept with his mom’s boyfriend behind her back.

Ava tells Johnny that she didn’t kill Susan. Johnny points out that she did kidnap her and asks why she did it. Ava argues that she wasn’t going to let EJ push her around and just run away because he said to. Ava says she needed to hurt EJ as much as he hurt her. Johnny questions her using an innocent woman as a weapon. Ava argues that EJ disrespected her so he needed to pay. Johnny shouts that EJ wired her $30 million dollars, so she got what she wanted and asks why she couldn’t have just left instead of kidnapping Susan. Ava asks why EJ couldn’t have just paid her the money. Johnny says that he did but Ava reveals that first, EJ kidnapped Tripp.

Kristen questions John thinking she belongs with her daughter and asks if he thinks that means she belongs with Brady. John clarifies that he didn’t say that, just that he and Marlena have a fundamental difference of opinion about her. John states that Marlena thinks Kristen is a really bad person, while he does not.

Brady tells Eric that he’s not shacking up with Kristen. Eric points out that he is living with her. Brady argues that he moved her in because it’s best for Rachel and there’s nothing romantic going on as they aren’t even sleeping in the same room. Eric reminds him that it’s exactly how it started last time when Kristen was pregnant and moved in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Eric says that Kristen manipulated him then and wormed her way in to his house and his bed. Brady assures that there is zero chance of Kristen ending up in his bed. Eric asks if he’s still attracted to Kristen. Brady responds that he’s attracted to vodka too but he manages to control himself because he knows the road leads to disaster. Eric argues that it’s only a matter of time before Brady can’t fight it anymore. Brady says he may always be attracted to Kristen but swears he’s not going to go anywhere near her after what she did. Eric questions what he’s talking about and asks what she did to him.

EJ yells at Tripp not to speak to Nicole like that. EJ understands Tripp is dealing with a great deal of pain. Tripp argues that EJ is to blame for all of this and says none of this would have happened if he didn’t order Ava to leave town. EJ argues that if Ava left town, she’d be alive and well, but Ava escalated the situation by kidnapping his mother. Tripp argues that EJ escalated it by kidnapping him, which surprises the rest of the room.

Johnny questions EJ kidnapping Tripp. Ava guesses EJ left that part out and says he was held hostage in Seattle. Johnny asks if he’s alright. Ava confirms that Steve and Kayla rescued him but says who knows what would’ve happened if they hadn’t. Ava argues that she’s not the only one who dragged an innocent person in to this since EJ tried to one up her. Johnny points out that Tripp was freed but Ava still had Susan and EJ would’ve done anything to get her back. Johnny questions why Ava instead drove her off a cliff.

Tripp tells everyone at the church that EJ had him kidnapped. Tripp assumes it’s because he just didn’t want to pay his own mother’s ransom. Nicole thinks back to EJ telling her that he thought he could outsmart Ava and get Susan back without paying the ransom. Tripp points out that EJ isn’t denying it. Tripp calls EJ scum and says he cheaped out on his own mother and bullied his mother, so now they are both dead. Sister Mary Moira says that’s enough and argues that her sister’s soul is hanging in the balance, so she will not listen to another word.

Kristen questions John not thinking she’s a bad person. John says he doesn’t think Marlena does either but her view is colored by their romantic past. John admits he may be biased, but he remembers who Kristen was when he first met her as a social worker. They reminisce about how they did Little League with the kids. John says Kristen made a difference on a lot of people’s lives and that’s not a bad person. Kristen points out that was a long time ago. John says when Kristen first moved in, he didn’t know what his motives were but the longer she’s been here, his concerns have started to fade because he sees the good Kristen that he fell in love with.

Eric asks Brady what Kristen did. Chloe and Stefan walk through the town square and see them. Eric asks Brady again what Kristen did. Chloe tells Stefan they can just go but Stefan confronts Brady and asks him for the tickets to the opera that he was supposed to take Chloe to, so that they can exchange them for another performance and suggests on Valentine’s Day. Eric argues that they were in the middle of something. Stefan accuses Brady of bailing on Chloe and not even remembering, asking if he has any idea how much this night meant to her. Stefan asks if that’s how much Brady cares about Chloe. Brady says he cares about her more than he knows. Stefan says so much that he tossed her aside for Kristen. Brady tells him that’s not what happened. Stefan declares that at least now Chloe is with someone who truly cares about her and treats her like she deserves to be instead of making her feel disposable. Chloe tries to get Stefan to go but Stefan wants to make sure he makes it to the opera. Brady remarks that Stefan can take the DiMera jet and fly the whole company in for a private show. Stefan tells Brady that he really blew it as he had the most wonderful woman on the planet and he threw her aside like garbage while at least now she’s with a real man. Brady then punches Stefan in the face. Chloe asks what the hell is wrong with Brady. Stefan calls Brady out of control just like Eric and says they are both raging jerks who think nothing about assaulting people. Stefan remarks that Eric seems to have calmed down a bit since his stint in jail. Stefan suggests he should call the cops, so they can teach Brady the same lesson. Chloe asks if he really thinks that’s necessary. Brady tells Stefan to go for it and offers him his phone to call the cops.

John talks about the Kristen he knew having a real calling for serving other people including Marlena when she was possessed. John recalls Kristen getting him to see the truth and how they helped Marlena. John calls it ironic that Marlena is so convinced that Kristen has these evil intentions when she is the one who saved Marlena from being possessed. John comments that Kristen was a real friend to Marlena. John says he can’t understand why Marlena can’t find it in her heart to be a friend to Kristen now.

Johnny asks Ava what happened on the road that night, if she lost control of the car or if she crashed it on purpose? Johnny asks if she was going to hurt EJ by killing Susan. Sister Mary Moira comes out from the church and tells Johnny that they were wondering where he went. Johnny apologizes and says he just ran in to an old friend. Sister Mary Moira mocks that getting in the way of the fate of Susan’s soul. Johnny apologizes and hopes he didn’t miss the service. She tells him that EJ refused to start without him and then Tripp stormed in and started yelling at EJ about kidnapping him.

EJ tells Tripp that he’s sorry he’s upset but says they have tolerated this interruption enough. Tripp questions if wanting an explanation for his mother’s death is an annoyance to him. EJ suggests Marlena might be better suited to deal with this. Tripp tells him not to try to pawn him off on Marlena or pacify him with fake sympathy. Tripp declares that they are going to hash this out right here and now. EJ responds that they are going to pay respects to his mother and Tripp is going to get the hell out of here. Tripp then sits down and declares that he’s not going anywhere. The bomb under the table counts down from 13 minutes.

John tells Kristen that he loves Marlena with all of his heart but her lack of care can be frustrating to him. Kristen points out that there was a time when Marlena was willing to try. John remembers when Kristen was pregnant with Rachel and Marlena called it a new beginning for all of them, but clearly it wasn’t. Kristen guesses Marlena still can’t see past her mistakes. John urges that she needs to see how much Kristen loves her daughter and that’s why Brady moved her in. John talks about he and Brady seeing that Kristen is a really good mother and person. Kristen gets emotional and responds that she’s not a good person.

Brady tells Stefan to go ahead and call the cops. Chloe suggests they just go. Stefan brings up that EJ declined to press charges against Eric, so he guesses he can do the same for Brady. Stefan remarks that a jail sentence is temporary compared to the time that Brady will spend regretting letting Chloe go because that’s forever. Stefan and Chloe then walk away. Eric asks Brady if he’s okay. Brady responds that just seeing Chloe with Stefan makes him a little crazy. Eric says he gets it but questions why he gave Chloe up if he loves her so much.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s sorry about that. Chloe says Brady is the one who should be sorry. Stefan says he shouldn’t have let Brady provoke him like that and that he just hates the way he treated her. Stefan assures that Chloe will make it to the opera with the best seats in the house. Chloe says she can’t wait and notes that Stefan’s bleeding has stopped but he got a little bit of blood on his shirt. Stefan guesses he can’t go to the memorial like that. Chloe thinks it’s probably over by now anyway. Stefan then invites Chloe to join him at the reception at the DiMera Mansion.

After Sister Mary Moira informs Johnny and Ava that Tripp is in the church, Ava begins to panic and decides she has to get in there, so she runs back in to the church.

Marlena tells Tripp that she would like to hear what he’s feeling but this is not the time or place. Tripp knows she means well but says he’s not going anywhere. Tripp questions why he should let EJ grieve for his mother when EJ took his mother from him. EJ then grabs Tripp but Tripp repeats that he’s not leaving. Ava then rushes in and tells Tripp that he needs to come with her right now, shocking both EJ and Tripp.

John asks Kristen what she means by saying she’s not a good person. John says he’s not being judgmental and asks what she did.

Eric reminds Brady that he said Kristen did something and asks what that was. Brady asks him to forget it but Eric refuses since she is living in his mother’s house. Eric demands to know why Kristen is living there since they both know it’s not what is best for Rachel. Eric asks Brady again why he would move that psycho in. Brady then responds that he didn’t have a choice and reveals that Kristen blackmailed him to force him to move her in and to break up with Chloe.

Stefan and Chloe go back to the DiMera Mansion. Stefan wonders what is keeping everyone and says they should’ve been back by now. Chloe says the events can be emotional. Stefan mentions that EJ was adamant about keeping it short since he was the only one scheduled to speak. Chloe suggests maybe they had an unexpected guest…

Tripp rushes up to hug Ava and says he’s so glad to see her. Ava repeats that they have to get out of here. EJ tells Nicole to call the police. Johnny rushes in to the church. EJ assumes this is the mystery woman he was talking about. Johnny confirms that he found her in disguise. EJ guesses she came back to admire her handy work. EJ declares that Ava is going to pay for what he did to his mother and grabs her arm. Tripp tells EJ to get his hands off of her. Ava tells Tripp that she can handle EJ and orders Tripp to just go. Tripp refuses to leave her but she says he has to. Tripp questions what she is talking about. Ava then announces that there is a bomb, shocking everyone in the room. Ava uncovers the bomb underneath the table which is counting down from 6 seconds. Ava screams for Tripp to run and then the bomb explodes.

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