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Kate, Roman, Steve, and Kayla are together at the Bistro to celebrate the New Year. They countdown to the New Year. Roman and Kate kiss. Steve and Kayla kiss. Steve assures that it’s him and not the Devil. Kayla says it’s kind of too soon to joke about as they continue kissing.

John and Marlena kiss on the couch at midnight. John declares this will be their best year ever. Marlena says thanks to him, they have this year and many more to come. Marlena adds that she wouldn’t be here without his love. John says that’s without the love of her entire family as he kisses her.

Sami and Lucas kiss in the Brady Pub at midnight. Sami asks what he’s thinking. Lucas responds that it’s going to be a really great year if she meant what she said. Sami assures she meant every word as she’s done with EJ for good and she wants to be with Lucas, if he will have her.

Allie and Tripp kiss in the living room of the DiMera Mansion while Chanel stands around alone with her sparkling wine. Allie and Tripp wish each other a Happy New Year. Tripp wishes Chanel one as well. Chanel says at least for them it’s happy. Allie thought Johnny would be down in time to toast with them. Chanel says that’s what he said, but obviously he’s not here so whatever is keeping him must be more important than his first New Year’s Eve kiss with his wife.

Johnny gets dressed in a red suit in his room. He looks in to the mirror with yellow eyes, revealing Johnny is now possessed by The Devil. The Devil wishes Salem a Happy New Year and says they didn’t really think they were getting rid of him that easy. The Devil says he can’t wait to see the look on Marlena’s face when she finds out that he hasn’t gone anywhere. The Devil promises that it’s going to be a Hell of a New Year.

Lucas asks Sami what she means by if he will have her. Lucas assures that he will have her because he loves her and she’s always known how much. Sami brings up how she kept pushing him away. Lucas says this time is different. Sami assures that she knows what she wants now. Lucas wants to make sure she’s not just frustrated with EJ and this is about them, not revenge or anything else. Sami kisses Lucas again. Lucas says he was 100 percent in when they reconnected but she was ashamed and humiliated and said she never wanted it to happen again. Sami insists that she’s all in now. Sami says she just felt so guilty for cheating on EJ that it just blinded her to the truth that she loves and respects Lucas. Sami adds that Lucas respects her which is so important to her. Sami calls Lucas her soulmate and says he will always has been. Lucas questions if she believes that or if she’s going to run back to EJ like she always does.

Kayla is glad Kate is celebrating New Year’s with them tonight. Kate says it’s nice to be included. Kayla acknowledges that they have had their differences, but she makes her brother happy, so she’s happy for both of them. Roman says that means a lot. Steve toasts to a better year for all of them. Kayla adds a toast for Philip to be found. Roman mentions having business for Black Patch and wants to hire Steve to find Philip.

Allie wonders if Johnny hadn’t forgiven her for being a jerk about their marriage. Chanel assures he said that was all good and she knows he’s really glad they came to make peace. Tripp wonders if he’s still not feeling well. Chanel decides to go check on him and heads upstairs.

Devil Johnny stares in the mirror and has flashbacks to Marlena’s exorcism. The Devil complains about Marlena’s family and says they may have driven him out of her, but her grandson is all his now and they will pick up right where Marlena left off. Chanel comes in to check on Johnny. Johnny hides his yellow eyes away and claims that he’s fine. Chanel points out that he missed the midnight toast and their kiss. Johnny guesses he lost track of time but says they can have their New Year’s moment now as they kiss.

Kate tells Roman that he doesn’t need to hire Steve to look for Philip. Steve reveals he’s actually already on the case. Kate asks if someone else hired Steve to look for Philip. Steve explains that he got a call from Brady earlier today as he wants him to track Kristen down. Roman asks what that has to do with Philip. Steve adds that Brady and Chloe believe that Kristen framed Brady for Philip’s murder, so if that’s true and he can track her down, then she might have the answers they are looking for.

Sami knows this is out of nowhere and she can be impulsive, but she promises Lucas that this time is different. Sami says she finally sees EJ for who he really is and it’s what Lucas had been saying to her all along. Sami says she can’t unsee that now since EJ kidnapped her and threw her in a locked room for months. Sami declares that she can’t love someone who would do that to her. Lucas thinks back to kidnapping Sami. Sami then asks him what’s wrong.

Steve explains how they think Kristen was so mad at Brady for ending things with her, that she staged the whole thing. Kate brings up how much blood there was. Roman says whatever Kristen was guilty of in the past, generally her motive was not to kill but more in to hiding people. Steve says that’s true and that’s why he thinks Kristen is holding Philip prisoner somewhere while this thing plays out. Steve confirms he believes Philip is still alive and tells Kate that he will do everything he can to bring him home to her. Roman asks if Kate is okay. Kate says it’s just a lot to absorb and asks if they can just call it a night. Kayla says it was great to see them and wishes a Happy New Year as she and Steve hug Roman. Steve repeats to Kate that if Philip is alive, he will deliver him to her personally. Steve and Kayla then exit. Roman encourages Kate that it’s great news because if anyone can find Philip, Steve can. Kate responds that Steve is not going to find Philip. Roman argues that she doesn’t know that for sure, but Kate then reveals that she knows exactly what happened to Philip and where he is.

Allie tells Tripp that this is the best New Year’s she has had in a really long time. Allie wonders what happened to Chanel and Johnny. Tripp wonders if he should check on Johnny if he’s sick. Allie suggests giving them privacy since he seemed fine before. Tripp notes that gives them more time to celebrate on their own as they kiss.

Johnny and Chanel kiss onto the bed until Chanel reminds him that he invited Tripp and Allie to stay for the midnight toast that he never showed up for. Johnny apologizes and says he must have forgot. Chanel asks if he’s sure he’s okay. Johnny claims he’s fine and suggests they go celebrate the New Year as they exit the room together.

Lucas tells Sami that nothing is wrong and asks if she has any idea how long he’s been waiting for this moment. Lucas kisses Sami and declares it will be the best year ever. Sami says she’s just so happy because she knows she can trust him and that he will be honest with her because he’s the best man she knows. Lucas says he’s not a saint. Sami calls him her rock for being there during the whole Allie situation with Charlie and then when they were locked together in the DiMera Dungeon. Sami talks about wasting so much time going back to EJ so she doesn’t want to waste another second. Sami then tells Lucas that she wants to leave Salem now.

Kate reveals to Roman that Philip framed Brady for his own murder and that she had been hiding Philip in her room. Kate adds that now she and Victor are doing everything they can to get Philip the help that he needs. Roman asks if she’s sure this is the way as there are a lot of people worried about Philip and mourning him. Roman questions if she’s really okay with letting those people think Philip is dead. Kate says she’s really sorry about it but Philip is her number one priority so it was a decision she had to make. Roman questions her not coming to him with it. Kate says she didn’t want to burden him or force him to lie. Roman argues that she could have told him because her well being is his priority. Kate points out that now he knows, along with Lucas and Victor. Roman questions if Kate would’ve told him if he hadn’t asked Steve to look for Philip or if that forced her hand. Kate feels guilty for not telling him, but says he knows now and she can’t tell him what a relief that is because now they can go in to the New Year with no secrets between them. Kate asks Roman not to tell anyone about this, because if he does, she and Philip could be in a world of trouble.

John holds Marlena on the couch as she says she’s never felt safer than she does right now. They tell each other how much they love one another until there’s a knock at the door. John answers to see Steve and Kayla, who decided to come wish them a Happy New Year. Kayla hugs Marlena, who says she’s glad they are there. Marlena says that John has been filling her in on some of the things that happened and she feels she owes them a huge apology. Kayla says she doesn’t owe them anything and adds that she’s already apologized so many times. Marlena feels it could never be enough. Marlena says some things she remembers but other things she never realized or forgot. Marlena adds that maybe it’s good that she’s forgotten those.

Allie asks Tripp if they should just head home but Johnny and Chanel then enter the living room. Tripp says they were starting to worry. Allie notes that Johnny seems to be feeling better. Johnny wants to get on with the celebrating and claims he totally spaced on the toast. Tripp is glad he made a speedy recovery. Johnny claims he just had jet lag and now wants to celebrate with his loved ones. Allie toasts to Johnny and Chanel as two of her favorite people in the world. Allie apologizes again for being a jerk and says she loves them both so much. Allie hopes they have a very long and happy marriage.

Lucas assures Sami that he wants to be with her and would do anything to be with her but questions why they have to move when their family is here. Sami says this is about them and they should be able to be together with no distractions. Lucas guesses she means EJ. Sami points out that EJ is out on bail and could come after him. Lucas assures that he can handle EJ. Sami says they don’t have to put up with him and they could go to Europe if they want or they could go to Phoenix to visit Sonny, Will, and Arianna. Sami suggests they could buy a place out West. Sami doesn’t care where they are as long as she’s with him. Lucas asks if she means as long as they are not in Salem. Sami says they can say goodbye to everyone first thing in the morning and be gone before EJ even realizes what happened. Sami asks what Lucas says to that.

Roman would never want to do anything to hurt Kate, but brings up if Brady goes to jail. Kate assures that won’t happen because rescinding the document that declared Philip dead, it dropped the charges against Brady so he is free while Philip is getting the help he needs. Kate adds that her, Victor, Lucas, and now Roman are the only ones that know that Philip is alive. Roman wishes that people who care about Philip could know the truth too for their own peace of mind. Kate says it’s too risky. Roman is just glad that Kate trusts him enough to open up to him like this. Roman understands she’s a mother just trying to protect her son and he definitely gets that, so he promises to keep her secret.

Marlena says that what she does know about the havoc she caused terrifies her. Marlena doesn’t know how to apologize for putting Tripp in a coma or what she did to Kayla. Steve and Kayla assure they are fine. Kayla then brings up that what really shocked her is when Marlena kissed her, which shocks Marlena.

Chanel says she’s so happy Allie came over. Allie wasn’t sure how they’d feel about them just showing up but she felt horrible for going off in the way she did, so she had to come over to make things right. Allie is just happy everything is cool between them again. Chanel asks if Johnny is sure he’s feeling okay as he seems off. Johnny claims he’s just tired. Tripp offers to check him out but Johnny assures that sleep is all he needs. Allie takes that as their cue to go. Allie hugs Johnny and tells him how lucky he is and jokes how brave Chanel is. Tripp congratulates them and says he can’t think of a better way for them to start the New Year. Tripp and Allie then exit. Johnny remarks that this is the first time all year he’s had his wife all to himself.

Lucas tells Sami that it sounds amazing so Sami wants to get ready to go, but Lucas says they need to think this through as he thinks she’s going too fast. Sami argues that they have known each other more than half of their lives and they love each other, so she questions what is stopping him. Sami says nobody knows him better than she does and she can tell something is bothering him, so she asks what it is. Lucas thinks back to Allie telling him that she would never forgive EJ for kidnapping Sami. Sami tells Lucas that she knows it’s hard but they can’t screw this up again, so if it’s going to work they have to be honest with each other. Sami assures they are doing this right so she asks Lucas again what is bothering him.

Marlena questions kissing Kayla and asks how that happened. Steve and Kayla explain that The Devil transformed in to Steve and as soon as the kiss was over, he transformed back in to Marlena. Kayla regrets bringing it up. Marlena says it’s fine and jokes that this is a first. Kayla says it is for her too. Steve jokes about them being just friends but understands Kayla thinks it’s too soon. Marlena is glad they can talk about it as adults and be open with each other. Marlena adds that if it’s awkward, they can even joke about it and assures they are just friends.

Allie and Tripp go home. Allie checks on Henry as he sleeps. Tripp hopes she’s not too sleepy as they kiss. Tripp suggests keeping the celebration going all day tomorrow but remembers he promised to watch the parade with Henry. Allie says he’s so good with Henry as they continue kissing.

Chanel wants Johnny to go straight to sleep but first she toasts to their first couple of weeks as a married couple as she’s never been happier. Johnny toasts to making her happy every single day for the rest of their lives. Johnny then gets a sudden pain, so Chanel asks if he’s okay.

Lucas tells Sami that he’s all for honesty as it’s very important. Lucas starts to say there’s something he’s been meaning to tell her but Roman and Kate enter the Pub. Roman wishes a Happy New Year while Kate questions if Sami and Lucas are celebrating New Year’s together. Roman asks what’s going on. Sami responds that she wanted to wish Lucas a Happy New Year because she thinks this is going to be the best New Year in a very long time for both of them. Sami says she hopes so and asks what Lucas says. Lucas responds that Roman and Kate are the lucky ones as they are the first to find out that he and Sami are back together and they are leaving Salem tomorrow. Roman questions when they got back together. Lucas admits it was just now. Kate questions them leaving town tomorrow which Sami confirms. Lucas acknowledges that it’s impulsive but says they have loved each other forever, so they are just making up for wasted time. Sami says it’s just like Roman and Kate. Roman guesses it runs in the family. Sami hopes Kate can be happy for them. Kate responds that if Lucas is happy. Roman is thrilled for both of them as Sami thanks him.

Tripp and Allie lay in bed together. Allie comments on the silence and peace and declares that everything is perfect right now. Allie says it’d be great if it was always like this. Tripp calls that his New Year’s Resolution, to make life as perfect as he can for her. Allie responds that he already does as they kiss.

Marlena states that for the first time in a very long time, she’s feeling relaxed, calm, and looking forward to the future. Kayla thinks they all want things to be less exciting around here. John thanks Steve and Kayla as there were times in the madness that he thought he lost Marlena forever and he didn’t know if they would survive, but their love and support pulled them through to the other side. Kayla is just grateful they are back. Steve thanks God that The Devil’s reign of terror is finally over…

Chanel asks if she should take Johnny to the emergency room but Johnny says he’s fine. Chanel thinks the sooner they get him in bed then, the better. Johnny tells her to go ahead and he’ll be right behind her. They say they love each other as they kiss. Chanel then heads upstairs. Johnny looks over to the portrait of Stefano on the wall as The Devil takes over Johnny again. The Devil promises that Johnny is going to make Stefano very proud this year.

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