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Recap written by Christine

At her office, Sally asked if Nick was really going to let her make a decision about whether to cover this story, or if he was sending her a message to look the other way. He assured her the decision was hers, but he wanted a head’s up so he and Victoria could be prepared. As far as Sally knew, no other news outlet knew Ashland showed up at Victoria’s house and had a confrontation with her and Nick. Sally wanted to inform the public, but she thought it might be a little premature.

It was important to Sally that what Newman Media put out to the public was rock-solid, and she didn’t have the whole story yet, so she wasn’t going to include anything about Ashland’s whereabouts before the crash in the article the company ran. But once she had the relevant details, she was going to do what she had to. Nick thought that was smart, and he really appreciated the way Sally was handling this, and he wouldn’t forget it.

Nikki found Victor in Victoria’s office staring up at he portrait. “I’m worried about her too,” she said. Victor wasn’t sorry that bastard was dead, but he was concerned about Victoria’s reaction to it. Nikki just talked to Victoria – she’d told Johnny and Katie about Ashland, and it went as well as could be expected. Nikki said Nick was upset and confused too, and he didn’t know what to make of Ashland’s death. Victor was sure Nick would be okay. After Nikki left, Nick went to Newman Enterprises and spoke to Victor, who relayed what Nikki had said about Victoria. Victor said Nikki was going to make the official statement about Ashland, on behalf of the company. Victor asked if Sally and Newman Media were on the same page. Nick brought Victor up to speed. Victor said Sally might not be the liability he’d thought she’d be.

Victor said that now that Sally wasn’t involved with Adam, she’d become a team player to keep her job. Nick wasn’t going to speculate on that, but he said there was more to Sally as an executive and a person than Victor thought. Nick shifted gears and said he couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t know what took place last night, when Ashland died, but he got the sense that Victor did know. Victor maintained that Nick had nothing to do with Ashland’s death. Nick countered that Ashland didn’t have a pulse, and even if it had been too weak to find, how did he have the strength to leave the house? Victor didn’t know, but he said Ashland had a history of surviving calamitous situations. Nick said there was no trail of blood, and the ring was left on the floor. There were too many things about last night that didn’t make sense to Nick. Victor said Nick always had a deep sense of morality, but there was nothing to worry about.

Nick said Victor couldn’t preach that they were a family unit then also freeze him out. Nick was finished with Victor’s games. Victor said he wasn’t playing a game – he was trying to help Nick. Nick yelled at Victor to stop trying to control reality. Victor asked Nick what the hell was wrong with him. Victor said the facts were that Ashland was dead, and Victoria was safe at home with her children, and Nick was alive and well and should be home with his son. Nick was sure Victor was hiding something, and he didn’t know how he was supposed to trust Victor. Victor came clean. Ashland died at Victoria’s house, and Victor’s security team took care of things.

Nick sank into a chair and asked for all the details. Victor said after Nick and Victoria left, his team went in and found Ashland dead on the floor. They removed the body, put him in his car and staged the accident at the ravine. Victor was adamant that Nick didn’t do anything wrong and that he’d saved Victoria’s life. Victor said it was an accident and Nick didn’t mean to kill him. Victor yelled that no one cared that Ashland was dead – he was a fraud who did so much damage to the family. He was adamant that the police weren’t going to find anything, and they were going to move on. He told Nick to forget this ever happened and to remember that Victor did this to protect Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Chance asked Sharon how she was handling all the news about Ashland’s car accident. She found it upsetting, not that she was fond of Ashland. It brought up memories of Rey’s death for her and how Ashland wasn’t able to save him, but somehow managed to save himself and Victoria. She spoke to Nick about it, and he’d been a great comfort, thought he was still trying to wrap his head around the whole situation. Chance assumed Nick told Sharon the whole story. Sharon only said that Nick told her Ashland was dead. She added that she wanted to be a support to Nick, the way he’d been for her after Rey’s death. Chance was curious about Sharon thinking Nick needed support. Covering, Sharon said all the Newmans needed support, then she made a hasty retreat to the back room, claiming that she’d left something in the oven.

Kevin was leaving Society when Adam approached and asked what the rush was – did he have some hacking to do? Kevin said he worked for the GCPD, so Adam would have to go elsewhere if he was looking for someone to blackmail into being his minion. Kevin stated that he had a great job, great relationship and great family, while Adam was striking out on all three fronts. Adam didn’t think gloating was a good look. Kevin accused Adam of putting him through hell, and Adam was unapologetic because Kevin was no innocent. Kevin said he did his best to change, while Adam was wallowing in his bad habits. Adam asked what Kevin knew about it. Kevin heard things from Chloe, the love of his life, and she’d shared some things Sally said about him. Adam asked what. Kevin said he had to go because Ashland died. Adam said it sounded like an open and shut case, yet Kevin was working on it after-hours, so what was really going on? Kevin said that Ashland’s case had drawn a lot of interest because he was a public figure, and there was pressure from up top to thoroughly investigate his death. Adam was skeptical. Kevin said that, as someone who’d been arrested so many times, Adam should understand how this worked.

After Kevin left, Sally showed up. Adam hoped Sally didn’t hunt him down. She said she came to get takeout. She didn’t want things to be weird every time they crossed paths. He said he didn’t either, but it was up to her. She said she realized he was right – they were better off apart. She said she couldn’t keep fighting for a relationship neither of them wanted. He was relieved. She revealed that she kept the job, because no man was worth giving up the opportunity of a lifetime for – not even him.

Adam told Sally that she made the right call keeping the job. She said she had a little help coming to her final decision. He guessed she got it from Chloe. Sally said Chloe spoke her mind, but Nick also made a strong argument for her to stay, and she was glad he did, because she could see they were going to have a strong work dynamic. He asked what brought her to that conclusion. She said she and Nick just had a meeting on how they were going to cover Ashland’s death. She knew it was complicated for Adam’s family, but she had a pretty good grip on how she was going to handle things.

Adam felt that the whole battle with Locke should’ve ended when he accepted his payout and agreed to annul his marriage to Victoria. Sally remembered how optimistic Adam was about his plan to pay Ashland off. He said unfortunately, Victoria wouldn’t settle for anything other than Ashland’s complete destruction. Sally thought it was hypocritical of Adam to criticize someone else for wanting revenge. Adam commented that, now that he and Sally were through, she was telling him what she really thought of him. She said she always did, but now she wasn’t taking pains to phrase it in a way that wouldn’t hurt his feelings, since he certainly didn’t spare hers. She knew he contemplated partnering with Ashland before he died. He said that was when he thought Ashland was going after Newman. He wanted no parts of it when he found out Victoria was Ashland’s target. Sally remarked that Adam still had a few boundaries. Adam was creeped out by his last encounter with Ashland, and he’d warned Victor and Victoria about him. He said he had a bad feeling things were about to spiral, and he didn’t want to see anyone get hurt. He never imagined Ashland would meet his end in a simple car crash. Sally said Adam didn’t know the half of it. She wouldn’t say more, and he tried to get details out of her. She said she wasn’t feeling magnanimous after he called her pathetic and broke her heart. He started to say something, but she wasn’t interested. She said whatever reason he had to want to end things, he hurt her in order to get it, and they had to live with the consequences of that. Her loyalty had to be to Newman Media, she said, and she left.

Kevin went to Crimson Lights to talk to Chance. He said that they got a tip that a car matching the description of Ashland’s was seen at a gas station on a road that ran behind Victoria’s property. Chance said they’d have to get security footage from the gas station and the surrounding area to find out how Ashland got from Victoria’s house to the ravine.

Jack saw Ashley leaving the house and asked if she was going out. She asked if he was checking up on her like he did when they were teens. He felt that they’d grown out of that now that they were old enough to be grandparents. He was reading the lab report she’d asked him to look over. She said they could discuss it when she got home. Diane showed up, and Ashley said maybe she should stay and keep tabs on Jack. She opened the door and demanded to know what Diane was doing here. Diane brought something for Harrison. Jack mentioned that Ashley was just leaving. Ashley pointedly said she’d be back really soon. She left. Diane had brought some age-appropriate books on loss and grief for Harrison to read, with Kyle and Summer’s approval.

Diane knew that Jack was thinking what Phyllis had voiced today – that she could swoop in to help Harrison through his grief, but it wouldn’t make up for the pain she caused Kyle when he was young. She said she left Jack to guide Kyle through the most devastating experience of his life. She could imagine he didn’t feel she’d earned the right to be there for their grandson. Jack admitted that was how he would’ve reacted a few weeks ago, but when he heard about the books she got, his first reaction was to wonder why he didn’t think of that. Diane felt like this was a big step forward for them. Jack didn’t question Diane’s feelings for Harrison or how quickly she connected to him, because the same thing happened to Jack. Jack said the family needed to be there for Harrison right now. Diane was touched to be considered family again. She tearfully promised she’d never let Harrison down, the way she did Kyle. She vowed to always be there for her grandson and her son.

Diane felt guilty being happy about the progress she made when it had been such a sad day for so many others. Jack thought that the only person who’d grieve for Ashland was Harrison. Diane thought that to leave behind so little love was a terrible way to end a life. Jack asked if Diane was thinking about the legacy she left behind. She couldn’t help compare the situation to her own, but it was the past, and unlike Ashland, she’d been given a second chance. She didn’t take it for granted. She hoped he believed that.

Jack was impressed and touched with the amount of thought Diane put into choosing these books, and he thought that they would help Harrison. Jack was thankful, and he knew Summer and Kyle would be too. Diane thanked Jack for the way he shut Phyllis down at the park. He said there was no need to get into that. Diane said there was no reason to be uncomfortable. She wasn’t going to condemn Phyllis for what she said. She was used to Phyllis’s dynamic with her, and she admitted she probably deserved it sometimes. She appreciated the way he handled it. He said he was mostly looking out for Harrison. She knew, but if there was a tiny part of him that was looking out for her, she was grateful. She said it had been a long time since they were on the same side – it had been a long time since anyone was on her side. She left.

Phyllis and Nikki met at The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis gave Nikki points for being dedicated enough to come in light of Ashland’s death. Nikki said none of them were shedding tears over him. Phyllis said some people were better off dead, like Diane. Ashley showed up and agreed that they were all happy when they thought Diane was dead. Ashley was late because Diane had come to the house. Ashley complained that Diane was using Ashland and Harrison’s situation to insinuate herself into their lives. Ashley apologized to Nikki because she didn’t mean to minimize what happened to Harrison and how this was affecting the Newmans. Nikki wasn’t offended. They all vented about Diane, then Nikki and Phyllis revealed that they had a plan.

Ashley thought the three of them were supposed to be a team. Nikki said that Ashley couldn’t make the last meeting, and two out of the three of them agreed on this path. Ashley said they were a democracy. Phyllis said if it was a monarchy, they’d all want to be queen. They shared their plan to create a situation where it looked like Diane was sabotaging Marchetti for her own gain. Phyllis said she’d be the inside person at Marchetti to set Diane up. Ashley thought that was a horrible idea. She wouldn’t allow Marchetti to be jeopardized, especially when it was under the Jabot umbrella.

Nikki said they’d harm Diane, not Ashley’s family company, or Summer or Kyle. Ashley brought up the time Gloria tainted the Jabot face cream, and while she claimed she meant no harm, it was a huge blow to the company. “Please tell me you’re not comparing us to Gloria,” Nikki replied. Phyllis said it wasn’t like they were going to poison the resort-wear. Phyllis said their plan would be nuanced. Ashley thought people would be suspicious when Phyllis wanted to work at Marchetti. Phyllis already ran it by Summer. Summer had accused her of having ulterior motives when it came to Diane, but Phyllis handled it. Ashley wasn’t sold.

Now that tensions were high, Phyllis told Ashley she needed to work on her discretion, because Summer almost saw Ashley’s text about taking down Diane. Ashley thought Phyllis should work on where she put her phone. Ashley said they couldn’t afford for Phyllis to fail. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to fail and no one was going to get hurt except Diane. Phyllis likened Diane to a ticking time bomb. Phyllis was just going to slightly pull out the pin. “Ka-boom,” Nikki said, and they all toasted.

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