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Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa’s wedding reception was underway at Top of the Tower, and most of the guests were on the dance floor. Nick complimented Sharon on pulling off the wedding for the ages in no time at all. She said the best thing about tonight was Mariah and Tessa. He asked her to dance. She noted that he and Chance both mentioned that Rey loved to dance. She wasn’t really interested, but she suggested he ask Summer. He was delighted about the opportunity to embarrass all his kids tonight, so he went over to talk to his daughter. Phyllis asked Jack to dance, and he said he normally would, but he wanted to ask Allie, because she was by herself. Phyllis supported that. Jack went over and asked his granddaughter to dance, and she said she didn’t usually dance at weddings, but she accepted.

Diane was still lurking in the shadows. Kyle came upon Summer and Nick dancing and asked to borrow her for a minute. Nick went to go dance with the brides. Kyle told Summer that Diane wanted to say hello. Summer was wary, but she went to meet Diane. Diane said she’d followed Summer’s career and was impressed by her. Diane said Summer clearly made Kyle very happy. Summer said Kyle made her extremely happy as well. Diane said that was wonderful, as love was hard to find and harder to keep. Diane was hoping she and Summer could slowly forge a relationship. She promised not to be the typical annoying mother in law. Summer said nothing about this was typical.

Summer wasn’t sure how much time they’d have to get to know Diane while they were in town. Diane explained that she’d worked really hard to become an honest person, and she and Kyle were dealing with things by being brutally honest. Diane wanted Summer to speak her mind without being overly polite. Summer thought that what Diane did to Kyle as a boy was awful, but since Diane wasn’t her mother, she was taking her husband’s lead on this. Summer cared about Kyle’s feelings first and foremost, and she was going to love and support him while he sorted through this. Diane admired that. She agreed that what she did was horrible, and she hoped Kyle would forgive her.

Jack was with Phyllis again, and they spotted Diane with Summer and Kyle. Phyllis wanted to stop Diane from insinuating herself into Summer’s life, but Jack reminded Phyllis that they didn’t want to escalate things on Tessa and Mariah’s day. Phyllis said she wouldn’t make a scene – she’d just quietly let Diane know she wasn’t welcome. Jack was skeptical. Phyllis said she owned a hotel, and she discreetly threw people out every day. Jack thought that if anyone should kick Diane out, it was him. He wondered if Phyllis thought he was giving Diane too much slack. Phyllis thought Jack was in a tough position – he didn’t want to upset Kyle or aggravate Diane. Unlike Jack, Phyllis said she didn’t have a big heart. She told him to go dance with Allie, while she handled this. He cautioned her again not to cause a scene. She said she was going to go prevent a scene.

Phyllis told Diane to leave. Diane said that she was having a private conversation with her son and his wife. Phyllis noted that Kyle’s wife was her daughter. Kyle said Diane promised to leave after she said hi to Summer. Diane admitted Phyllis was right – she should go. She told Summer it was a pleasure, then Kyle walked Diane out. Phyllis told Summer that that bitch was trying to worm her way into their lives, and who knew what damage she was thinking of causing. Summer had been wondering the same thing.

Crystal and Kevin complimented each other’s toasts while Mariah, Tessa and Chloe stood by. Crystal wanted to thank Kevin’s brother for everything he did to help get the charges against her dropped. Kevin was sure he could arrange for her to meet Michael. He asked how long she’d be here for. She didn’t know. Tessa wanted Crystal to stay forever. Mariah toasted to Crystal, welcoming her back. They talked about the amazing job Chelsea did on the wedding dresses. Mariah couldn’t believe the dream wedding went off without a hitch. Kevin said nothing would dare go wrong on Friday the 13th – it would be too on the nose. Mariah called out to the crowd and toasted to Friday the 13th.

Mariah asked Sharon for a mother/daughter dance. Sharon was just enjoying watching Tessa and Mariah. Sharon toasted and said she couldn’t be happier or more proud or more honored to witness their love. Mariah and Tessa called Sharon mom, and Sharon loved it. She kissed both brides.

Noah apologized to Allie for the corny jokes he made when they first met at Crimson Lights. He promised not to joke about the Newman Abbott feud anymore. She said that was a relief, because she wasn’t good at pretending to laugh. She heard he was responsible for the theme of the wedding. She thought it was fanciful. He thought that was an interesting word choice. She felt like saying you loved something had become meaningless these days. He agreed. He said he’d take fanciful as a compliment, and she said it was meant to be one. She recalled Abby saying he was an artist. He said he was once – he did installations in London for a few years, but he got burnt out and came back home for a change. He asked what she thought of Genoa City.

Across the room, Abby noted to Chance that Allie and Noah seemed to be getting along better than they did at Crimson Light. Chance said Noah was a familiar face – it must be overwhelming to meet so many people. Abby felt bad for Jack – it must be hard to know that Keemo died and that he had a grown granddaughter he’d never known, then Diane came back from the dead.

Allie said Genoa City was different than LA. Noah asked if that was good or bad. Allie didn’t make quality judgments like that – things were what they were. He said she was analytical, not subjective, the opposite of artistic. She was offended he assumed she wasn’t artistic. Once he apologized, she revealed that she was only kidding. He noted that she did have a sense of humor. Jack came up and asked to steal Allie to introduce her to someone. “Oh God, there couldn’t be any more Abbotts could there?,” Allie gasped. The others were speechless until she told them it was a joke. Noah said the Newmans kept the Abbott population in check. Jack asked what was going on. Noah said, and Allie agreed, that they were making bad jokes. Jack and Allie walked off. Crystal came up behind Noah and put her arms around him. She wanted to dance again.

Abby brought Chance some champagne. He was deep in thought, thinking about all the stuff Mariah and Tessa went through this year. He said when he said his vows to Abby, he had no idea she’d end up rescuing him in Spain and bringing him home to their baby. She knew losing Rey had been a shock. He promised he’d get through it. He couldn’t imagine how Sharon felt. Abby could, because she’d felt it when she thought she lost Chance. Abby said Chance was the love of her life, and they kissed.

Sharon told Tessa and Mariah she was tired from her trip to Miami. She was apologetic, but Mariah and Tessa assured her it was fine to go. Nick came up and asked to dance with the brides, but when he found out Sharon was going home, he insisted on driving her home. Sharon said they’d talk once they were back from their honeymoon. Mariah said it was just a few days in a cabin in the woods. They were going to have a bigger better honeymoon once they came up with an idea. Tessa said she was trying to make it sound more mysterious and glamorous than it really was. Sharon realized Nick didn’t tell Mariah and Tessa. Nick said it was a surprise. Mariah was nervous because she didn’t like surprises. He said she’d like this one – he informed her that she and Tessa were going on a trip to Paris tomorrow. All expenses paid. Mariah and Tessa were shocked, but Mariah didn’t think they should leave Sharon now. Nick said it was Sharon’s idea. Sharon said that Nick had trouble figuring out a wedding gift, and Sharon knew the honeymoon of Tessa and Mariah’s dreams was in the city of lights. Tessa and Mariah hugged Sharon and Nick, and Nick and Tessa started dancing. Later, Mariah ran her hand up Tessa’s thigh as they sat together. Mariah said it was the best night ever. Tessa would remember it forever.

Noah chatted with Summer. He noted that it seemed like he only saw his sister at weddings these days. The last time they saw each other was in Tuscany. She complimented him on the wedding decorations, but she told him not to get used to that because he was still annoying. She said their dad couldn’t stop gushing about working with him. He teased that she was jealous, and she replied that she was miserable in Milan, with the high fashion, cafes, happy marriage and adorable stepson. “Way to rub it in the single guy’s face,” he replied. He asked where Kyle was. Summer explained that Diane crashed the wedding, and so he was putting her in a cab. Summer thought it was odd that Diane had wanted to see her.

Sharon and Nick told Faith they were leaving. Faith was going to go too, but Sharon told Faith to stay and have fun with her date. Nick said not to have too much fun, then he signaled that he had his eye on Moses. Nick and Sharon left. Moses hoped Nick was just joking. Faith thought so. Moses asked how Sharon was. Faith said she was still grieving, but she was talking honestly with Faith about it, and that made Faith happy. They talked about role models – he felt lucky to have Devon and Nate in his life. Most of all, he was happy to have Faith, and he was excited they were going to the same college.

Amanda grinned watching Faith and Moses kiss. She thought Devon seemed worried. He said he wasn’t worried, but he was going ot have a talk with Moses about young love in college. When you were in new environment, feelings could change unexpectedly. Laughing, Amanda said she had a feeling those warning would go in one ear and out the other, because you couldn’t tell young love a damn thing. Devon and Amanda kissed.

Mariah and Tessa thanked everyone for making this a wonderful night. Tessa thanked Crystal for coming. Everyone “oohed” when Mariah thanked Crystal for spending the night at The Grand Phoenix so the newlyweds could have some privacy. Tessa and Mariah did the bouquet toss, and it fell in Chloe’s lap. Chuckling, she noted that it was too late for her, so she tossed it again. It went to Abby, who said this thing was like a homing device for married women. Mariah said they’d do it one more time, and this one would be the winner. Abby threw it again, and Jack caught it. “I think I’ve been married more than anyone in this room,” he commented. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this, but he decided that it meant his next marriage would be the charm. Everyone applauded.

Kyle and Summer held each other. He was so glad she was here. She couldn’t imagine what he was going through. It was so painful when she didn’t know who her dad was – she didn’t know her identity. She wondered if that might feel a bit like how he did. He didn’t know exactly how he felt, but he was glad she was here. He didn’t expect her to have an opinion. She said she did. He was surprised since she just met his mom – or re-met her. Summer saw everything she needed to when she caught the way Diane was looking at Phyllis earlier. Summer saw the pure anger and jealousy on Diane’s face. She didn’t think Diane could be trusted.

At the cottage, Sharon said she couldn’t wait to get out of these shoes and have tea. He said he’d make it, and she accepted. Sharon smiled about Nick’s enthusiastic dancing, then she said the girls were so happy. She hoped they’d be happy, healthy and in love for the rest of their lives, but life had taught her that wasn’t always possible. He knew life would be tough, but Mariah and Tessa knew they had a loving and supportive family they could count on. She thanked him for always being there when she needed him, especially in the last couple weeks. She wasn’t sure she could’ve gotten through it without him. He said he’d always be there for her.

Phyllis went to Diane’s suite, and they had it out over Diane crashing the wedding. Diane said that Phyllis wasn’t invited either – she’d gone as Jack’s plus-one. Diane was sure no one was sad to see Phyllis go. Phyllis said Diane wasn’t her, and nobody wanted Diane around. Diane said that Kyle defended her. Phyllis said Kyle didn’t know what he wanted, but she had confidence that, with Summer’s urging, he’d realize letting Diane in his life was a huge mistake. Diane found the conversation tedious and asked if Phyllis was done. Phyllis yelled that she wasn’t. “You are a cancer here. I want you out. I want you gone!,” Phyllis snapped.

Diane made a drink for herself and said she didn’t want to give one to Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t want a drink. Phyllis let Diane stay earlier because she wanted to talk to Kyle, and because Phyllis wanted to keep an eye on Diane. Phyllis felt it was time for Diane to go, and she told her to get the hell out of this hotel. Diane said Phyllis could kick her out of the hotel, but she couldn’t make her leave town. Diane decided to stay until Kyle made up his mind. Diane thought Kyle would forgive her, and maybe Jack too. Diane smirked and sipped her drink. Phyllis called Diane delusional.

At the Abbott house, Allie held the bouquet and asked Jack how many times he’d been married. He said it was a story for another day, and he offered her tea. Just then, Phyllis showed up, so Allie went to up to bed. Phyllis said Diane would be leaving town, because Phyllis kicked her out of the hotel and told her no one wanted her here. Phyllis had thought Jack would look more appreciative than this. Jack wanted Kyle to get closure, and that hadn’t happened yet, and if Phyllis forced Diane out, that could backfire. As much as Jack hated the idea, Kyle needed time with his mother. Phyllis apologized, but Jack said Phyllis was just being herself, and he liked that. She thanked him for asking her to be his date. He asked if that was what she was, and she said yes – she was his date. She assumed Allie caught the bouquet, and he explained that he did. He didn’t think he’d get married again, but she thought he would. She kissed him and smiled.

Diane was in her suite remembering the reception. She’d overheard Jack say he wanted one night without thinking about Diane. Diane bristled as she recalled watching Jack dance with Phyllis.

Mariah and Tessa got home and gasped. The living room was filled with flower arrangements and there were rose petals scattered about. Tessa wondered what was next. Mariah said the sky was the limit, starting now. They shared a passionate kiss.

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