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Recap written by Christine

Victor treated Lauren and Michael to lunch at Society. He said it was the least he could do after Michael spent time in that Peruvian prison. Lauren said all the wine in the world wouldn’t erase the fact that Michael’s life had been in danger, and Victor was dishonest with her. Victor appreciated Michael’s continued loyalty. Lauren made it clear that Michael was quitting. Michael said Ashland had him locked up, not Victor. Michael was personally involved in this fight, and he wasn’t walking away. Lauren was concerned because Michael just said Ashland was still a threat. Victor promised his protection, and Lauren countered that he didn’t keep Michael safe before. Michael said it wasn’t the worst prison he’d ever been in. Lauren didn’t think that was funny. Victor said Michael’s next assignment would be local. Victor wanted Michael to look at the Newman Locke merger contract and find a loophole they could use to get Ashland out of the company. Michael asked where things stood with Victoria and Ashland. Victor said Victoria knew everything, and she had a plan that she wouldn’t disclose. Sadly, Victoria was still in love with Ashland, so Victor wasn’t going to leave this in her hands. Victor said Ashland needed to be dealt with swiftly and severely.

After Victor left, Michael kept ordering wine, and Lauren asked if he was trying to get her drunk. The thought had crossed her mind. She said she wasn’t going to change her mind about him working for Victor. He tried to charm her into being okay with it. She said he had no idea how hard it was for her, not knowing he was okay. She informed him that he’d be spending the rest of his life making it up to her. He agreed. He said he was fine and safe. She wanted him to stay that way. She reminded him he retired because he wanted to spend more time with her. He said he’d be so attentive that she’d be begging him for a restraining order. He felt he had to see this case through, for himself, not Victor. He was adamant that Ashland needed to be held accountable for keeping him and Lauren apart and making her worry. When Michael was locked up, he thought of three things – coming home to his gorgeous wife, celebrating with his family, and making sure Ashland reaped what he’d sown.

At Crimson Lights, Billy swore Lily to secrecy, then he told her everything Victoria confided in him about Ashland faking his illness. Lily was appalled Ashland pretended to have cancer. She saw it as an insult to cancer sufferers and their loved ones. Billy said that Victoria and Ashland’s conversation ended in hugs and kisses. Nikki and Nick came in, and Billy asked if they’d heard from Victoria. Lily shared that Billy filled her in. Nikki knew that Lily understood. Lily said she wouldn’t say a word, though she had choice ones for Locke. Billy didn’t want to butt in, he was just hoping Victoria ended things with Ashland.

Nick and Nikki said Victoria was being tight-lipped. Nikki thought Victoria needed time to come to terms with who Ashland really was. Nick said they had to get Ashland out of Victoria’s life immediately. Billy agreed and added that Victoria might not be thinking logically. Lily noted that Victoria made tough decisions every day. Nikki agreed and said this was in Victoria’s hands. Nikki had to leave.

Nick asked what Billy’s thoughts were. Billy had legal thoughts, and illegal ones. Nick said no one in the family had been able to get Victoria to see reason, so against his better judgment, he was turning to Billy. Nick thought Billy was the best one to try and get through to Victoria. Billy said Victor would love Billy saving the day. Nick said Billy could gloat all he wanted once Victoria was safe. If Billy did this, Nick would never forget it. Billy didn’t think he was the right guy for this. He’d talked to Victoria about Ashland, when Nick was there, and she’d walked away. Nick thought that the fact that Victoria confided in Billy earlier, when they were alone, was significant. She hadn’t opened up to anyone else in the family about her anger. Lily thought Nikki was right when she said Victoria should take the lead. Nick said time was of the essence, and he thought Billy was their best shot.

Lily and Billy were alone. He could see she didn’t like the idea of him getting involved. She didn’t want him making an enemy of Ashland. “He’s despised me for a long time, and I’m still standing,” Billy replied. He promised Lily that she’d be safe. He said that Ashland was more dangerous than they thought, and he didn’t want Ashland near Johnny and Katie. Billy was going to talk to Victoria one more time. Lily grudgingly agreed. He promised he’d fix this. He thanked her and said he loved her, then they kissed.

Victoria and Ashland were in her office. She had some loose ends to tie up at the office, and she asked him to go home and pack their bags and grab something from Society for the flight. He had a feeling she was trying to get rid of him, but she said she just had everything under control. He was hoping to hear her say she loved him and that they were okay. She said they were fantastic, but they might not be if they didn’t get on the jet. He didn’t think her response was the most enthusiastic. She wanted to make a pact to believe each other, and he accepted. He couldn’t wait to get her to Italy, all to himself. “Maybe we’ll just never come back,” he said. He went into the hall and closed the door, and he let out a big exhale.

Sally went to Adam’s office and told him to tell her what the fire was, and they’d figure it out together. She asked what the latest was on Victoria and the big bad wolf. Adam didn’t know, since he’d been out of the loop since Victoria’s ill-fated intervention. He said his family only wanted him around when he was useful, and when they didn’t need him anymore, he was out in the cold. Sally suggested there was nothing new to report. Adam was naturally suspicious of the Newmans, especially his dad. He said she’d pick up on the subtleties as she spent more time with them. She replied that there was nothing subtle about Adam and Victor’s dynamic.

Sally shifted gears and brought up Newman Locke. Adam said Newman Locke would face consequences from what Ashland did, especially if Victoria stood by him. He thought there would definitely be a change at the top. Sally said it could be Adam. He said she’d be right there with him. She said that if they were going to pull this off, they had to be proactive. He decided to reach out to his father, to find out what was going on, then he’d make a plan of his own. Victor showed up and wanted a moment alone with Adam. Adam said he’d already told Sally everything. Victor said this was about family, not business, but Adam said it was about both. Victor relented and let Sally stay.

Victor said Victoria claimed she had a plan, but she wouldn’t share what it was. “You don’t believe her, do you?,” Adam asked. “I mean, I didn’t realize that Billy was pretending to be a lush, and she wanted me fired, now she’s gonna put the whole future of the company at risk,” Adam said. He asked if they were supposed to sit by and let Victoria bury them deeper. Victor said the company was as important to Victoria as it was to the rest of them. Adam thought Victoria was going to try to protect her public image, and maybe even her marriage. Adam asked if Victor could really trust Victoria to do what was right for Newman. Victor wished Adam would stop vilifying his sister, who was the victim in all this. Adam said Victoria ignored the warning signs and made Ashland co-CEO. Victoria called Victor and asked him to come to her office and bring Adam.

Victoria gathered her parents and brothers at her office. She said she and Ashland were leaving for Tuscany. Victor wanted to know Victoria’s plan, since the fate of the company depended on it. Victoria didn’t want to say. Nikki had the utmost respect for Victoria, but this plan was ill advised. Victoria asked Nikki to trust her. Victoria said that while Victoria was gallivanting around Tuscany, he was appointing Adam the temporary CEO of Newman Enterprises. “No, I don’t need a replacement,” Victoria said. She apologized for the misunderstanding and clarified that she could handle running things from Italy. Victor said there was no misunderstanding – he wanted Adam running things while Victoria was gone.

Nate was shocked to run into Ashland at Society. he thought Ashland would’ve left town. Ashland said he’d been dealing with baseless rumors his entire life. “For God’s sake, give it up,” Nate replied. Ashland said there was nothing he could say or do to convince Nate of the truth. Nate had seen the evidence. Ashland was sorry he’d lost Nate’s trust and friendship. As someone who’d once considered Ashland a friend and defended him, Nate had advice. He told Ashland to stop lying and tell Victoria the truth and to do the right thing for once in his life.

Who the hell are you,” Jack demanded of “Taylor.” He, Taylor and Allie were at Keemo’s old house in LA. “You know me, Jack. You know exactly who I am,” “Taylor” replied. Jack turned to Allie and asked if she was part of this. Allie had no idea what was going on. She asked Taylor if she knew Jack and if that was why she bought the house. “Her name isn’t Taylor. Her name is Diane Jenkins. And she shouldn’t be here. That woman died. That woman was buried, and believe it or not, she was mourned,” Jack replied. Diane was happy to see Jack again. She’d imagined this moment for a very long time. Allie wanted Jack to explain what he meant when he said Diane was dead. Diane stated that that a huge part of her died in Genoa City – she was lost and desperate, and so much hate and anger was directed toward her. Jack sarcastically said that Diane had been an innocent bystander. Diane admitted that she caused the trouble in her life. She’d had a vision of escaping and starting over, but it didn’t go as planned. Jack snarled that Diane left nothing but destruction, anger and upset, and she only thought about herself. Diane said she thought so much about Jack and Kyle. Allie was distraught about having been dragged into all this. Jack told Allie to forget she ever met Diane, a vengeful and vicious woman. “Her fight is with me!,” he yelled. Diane didn’t bring Jack here for a fight. She wanted to apologize. Allie confronted Diane about lying to her, coming into Keemo’s house with a fake name, acting like a guardian angel. “My father died, and you waited to exploit him and me,” Allie cried. Jack said everything Diane did was for Diane’s benefit. He said there was no forgiveness and no understanding.

Diane admitted she made mistakes, but she said she’d changed. Jack yelled that everything Diane did she did on purpose. At least when Diane was dead, he knew she couldn’t hurt anyone ever again. He said now she was dragging his granddaughter into this. Diane explained that she reached out to Allie for Jack and gave him back a piece of Keemo. Allie was disgusted Diane handed her over like some kind of prize. Diane saw it as a gift to Allie and to Jack. Allie thought Diane was evil, and she didn’t want to be involved in this. She was going to leave. Diane didn’t want Allie to take this out on Jack. Allie looked back at Jack, then she left. Jack called Diane poison, and he left too.

Allie and Jack went back to the outdoor cafe. He thanked her for agreeing to meet him. She swore she had no idea who Diane was, or what she wanted. Taylor – Diane had just seemed like this kind woman who bought Keemo’s house. Allie never thought of herself as dumb, or naive. Jack didn’t want Allie to let this shake her self confidence – Diane had conned people older and supposedly wiser than Allie. Allie asked what Jack meant when he said he thought Diane was dead. Jack said there was a memorial service, with her young son grieving in the front pew. People who knew the truth about Diane had tried to find something kind to say for her son’s sake. Allie thought that it was awful for Diane to turn her back on her own son and walk away. She asked how Jack knew Diane. “The child she walked away from was our son,” Jack revealed.

Allie was stunned Diane was Jack’s wife. Jack clarified that he and Diane were never married. He said the situation was complicated, but he considered Kyle one of the greatest gifts of his life. It had been hard on Jack to see Kyle grieving and struggling. Allie asked when this happened. Jack said Kyle was a child at the time, and now he was a man with a wife and son. Jack said a wound like that never went away, though. Allie understood. She digested the fact that Kyle spent all these years thinking his mother was dead. Jack said Kyle thought his mother had been the victim of a gruesome murder. Jack said all Diane’s lies had been exposed after her “death,” and people Kyle cared about were implicated, and it was all a lie. Jack continually told Kyle that Diane loved him more than anything. Jack wondered what kind of mother let her child suffer like that. Jack was so sorry Allie got dragged into all this. Allie didn’t understand what Diane thought would happen. She said Diane pretended to die and abandoned her son. Allie wondered why Diane decided to come back now. Jack guessed Diane thought she could manipulate her way into forgiveness. Jack was sure that no one in Genoa City would ever forgive or forget what happened. Jack told Allie that getting to know her was a blessing, and he didn’t want anything to get in the way.

Back at the house, Diane looked upset. She texted Jack and asked him to come back, because there was more to say.

Jack received the text and told Allie about it. She asked what he was going to do. He wanted to ignore the text and pretend Diane didn’t exist, but he guessed it was too late for that.

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