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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis met Summer at Society. Summer had realized she recognized the journalist she saw Phyllis and Nikki with last night. Talia Morgan was based out of LA. Summer thought this was about Diane, not Ashland, as Phyllis and Nikki had claimed. Summer knew Talia was staying at the Grand Phoenix with no check out date on record. Summer said Phyllis had better not use this journalist to do a hatchet job on Diane. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to do that. She stated that she’d been a model employee at Marchetti, but Summer countered that Phyllis hadn’t even been there long enough to collect a paycheck. Phyllis insisted that she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her dream of working with Summer.

Summer was skeptical. It didn’t make sense to her that Talia would want to talk to Phyllis about Ashland’s death, when she barely knew him. Phyllis said she begged Nikki to let her go to the meeting with Talia. Summer asked why. “I did it for you,” Phyllis said. Phyllis lied and said she wanted to make sure Talia’s story on Ashland wasn’t going to throw Summer, Kyle and Harrison under the bus. Phyllis insisted she only cared about being a good mom to Summer and a good grandmother to Harrison.

Summer really hoped Phyllis was telling her the truth. Phyllis promised everything would be okay. Billy walked up and asked if Phyllis got the paperwork on the final sale of The Grand Phoenix. She had, and she’d looked it over already. It looked fine. He told her to sign in when she was ready. He walked away. Summer knew how much the hotel meant to Phyllis, and she asked if Phyllis was really ready to say goodbye to it. Phyllis looked at Chancellor Winters’ offer. She said all the hard work she’d done at the hotel boiled down to numbers on a screen. Summer encouraged Phyllis to take some time to think this through, but Phyllis signed the tablet and made the sale official.

Phyllis went to Billy and told him it was done. He was surprised she did it so soon. She saw no point prolonging the inevitable. He asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. He felt there was more to the story. She said it was her chance to prove to the naysayers, once again, that there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Chelsea was dismayed to run into Sally at the park. They shot barbs at each other. Sally said this meeting was fortuitous because she’d been concerned about Chelsea. She mentioned that she saw Chelsea and Adam having a heated discussion at the rooftop bar. Chelsea said it was none of Sally’s business, but she and Adam were fine. She said they didn’t see eye to eye over something Connor-related, but they worked it out. Sally was glad, because Connor didn’t need to get involved in his parents’ issues. Chelsea said she, Connor and Adam and had an unbreakable bond. Sally made a snide remark about Adam and Chelsea’s relationship Chelsea admitted her story with Adam had painful chapters, but they’d healed, and in a way they’d always be together, because of their incredible history and their child. She crowed that there was nothing stronger than the bond she and Adam shared.

Sally agreed that Chelsea and Adam had a history, keyword: history, since there was no going back. Chelsea said Sally was also history where Adam was concerned. Chelsea minimized Adam and Sally’s relationship, stating that it didn’t last long, and it wasn’t very deep. She said it was admirable that Sally and Adam had moved past it. Sally insisted that what she and Adam once had was passionate, real and incredibly strong. It was so strong that Adam put her best interests first. She said the only reason he broke up with her was to support her dreams, and there was only one word for that sacrifice – love; extraordinary love. Chelsea was in the process of making a snippy comment, but Sally interrupted. Sally said Adam still cared about her. While Sally conceded that Adam also still cared about Chelsea, she accused Chelsea of pretending there was more to her relationship with Adam than there still was. Billy summoned Chelsea to the recording studio. Chelsea said Sally might think she understood Adam and knew everything about Chelsea, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Chelsea met Billy at the recording studio, and she was hopeful that his message meant that he listened to what she said and decided not to quit the podcast after all. Billy hadn’t changed his mind. He wanted to support Lily and he made a commitment to Chancellor Winters. She decided to just accept it instead of trying to convince him to stay. He thought they could do one last podcast where he passed the torch to her. She wasn’t sure, because she was so new to podcasts. He said he didn’t know anything about podcasts when he started either. He said she turned this dour boring podcast into something that sparkled, just like she did, and he was grateful she came into the picture. Chelsea and Billy kicked around ideas for their final episode. He thought she’d do great at running the podcast solo, but she said it was because she had him to banter with. He agreed that they were good together, and he said their relationship was unlike any other he had in his life. She suddenly kissed him.

Diane came into Jack’s office to get his take on some work she’d done before she showed it to Mariah. Jack thought Diane needed to trust her own judgment. She valued his opinion, and she wanted to capitalize on his vast experience. He said if she was going to succeed, she had to own her decisions and rise or fall with them. Kyle was out in the hall and he saw Diane go around the desk and lean in close to Jack as he looked at her work. Kyle rushed into the office, and he told Diane there was a pressing matter they needed to discuss. Once he got her outside, he asked her what she was doing with his dad.

Diane said she was just getting Jack’s advice on her work. Kyle countered that she worked for Marchetti, not Jabot. She said it was easier for her to take advice from Jack. She wanted Kyle to be proud of her. She promised she’d go to Mariah next time. He didn’t believe that was the real reason she was in Jack’s office. He accused her of flirting with his father, and he demanded that she stop. She told him he was misreading the situation – she and Jack were just friends. He hoped so. She walked away.

In his suite, Adam was pleased that the thief who stole Kevin’s laptop was also technically savvy enough to hack into it. The guy said it was going to cost double. Kevin showed up and banged on the door. Once the laptop and messenger bag were out of sight, Adam opened the door. He acted like he didn’t have the computer and claimed he was in a business meeting. Kevin accused the thief of being a thief, and the guy took offense and stood up, showing he was much larger than Kevin. Kevin said there was nothing on his computer worth seeing, besides, his files were well-protected. In the course of the discussion, Kevin mentioned that Adam was trying to get something on Victor. Kevin said he wouldn’t press charges if Adam just gave him back his laptop.

Adam noted that Kevin had no evidence that he stole the computer. He asked if Kevin had a warrant. Kevin didn’t, so Adam showed him out. Adam asked the goon if he’d be able to get to the files. The man didn’t think it’d be an issue. However, now that he knew that the target was Victor Newman, he wanted more money. Adam balked about the constant fee increases, but he promised to make this worth the guy’s while.

Jack texted Adam and asked to meet. Just then, the guy accessed the files. Adam read the police report. He learned about the unidentified driver found in Ashland’s car. The man wanted his money, and he left after receiving a thick envelope from Adam. Adam concluded that Victor staged the crash and Chance looked the other way.

Kevin went downstairs and talked with Chloe on the phone. He brought her up to speed on the laptop situation and told her he was totally screwed.

Sally went to her office and told Chloe she ran into Chelsea. Chelsea assumed they got into it instead of walking away. Sally said she couldn’t help it because Chelsea rubbed the end of her relationship with Adam in her face. Chloe snapped that she was sick and tired of hearing Adam’s name every damn day. Sally said this wasn’t about Adam – it was about Chelsea and the way she treated Sally. Sally said it wasn’t her fault Chelsea couldn’t rekindle her failed relationship with Adam, and it wasn’t Sally’s fault that Chelsea left a lucrative career to babble into a microphone with Billy, Chloe thought it was a two way street. Sally admitted she gave as good as she got, but she pointed out that Chelsea didn’t like her. Chloe said Chelsea and Sally were both hurting, and they needed to chill out. Chloe said, thanks to Adam, she was dealing with a much bigger issue than Sally’s little squabble with Chelsea.

Chloe said she and Kevin thought Adam stole Kevin’s laptop. Sally learned this was about Ashland’s death, and she said Adam had been obsessed with Chance’s investigation. She was sorry Kevin got dragged into this. Sally said she wouldn’t ask what was on the computer that had Kevin so worried. She said if Adam found what he was looking for, what was he going to do with it?

Adam met with Jack at Jabot. Jack just wanted to know if Adam was interested in being his co-CEO. Adam appreciated Jack even making the offer, but he declined because he had another project he was working on. Jack was worried Adam’s project had something to do with his animosity toward his father. Jack urged Adam to use his energy to get the happiness and success he deserved. The support and friendship meant a lot to Adam. Jack said he’d leave the job open, in case Adam changed his mind. Kyle walked in and Adam left. Kyle was unhappy when he learned Jack had offered Adam the role of co-CEO, then he was relieved Adam declined. Kyle was sorry – he knew Jack was fond of Adam, but Jabot didn’t need him or his baggage. Jack said Adam might change his mind. Kyle hoped not – there were a lot of personalities to manage in this building. Jack was displeased with Kyle for the thing with Diane earlier.

Jack told Kyle to stop babysitting him. Kyle said he was just looking out for Jack. Jack said he could look out for himself. Kyle hoped Jack knew Diane was becoming attached to him. Jack didn’t know that for sure, and he said Kyle didn’t either. Jack acknowledged the there was a growing trust between him and Diane, but he had no intention of having a romantic relationship with her. Kyle was glad to hear that, but he’d noticed Jack and Diane spending more time together lately. Jack said they were acting as parents and grandparents. Jack said he was being polite, and at times friendly with Diane, but he was always on guard where she was concerned. He knew the damage Diane could do, and he wouldn’t let it happen again. He told Kyle to stop looking for trouble where there was none and focus on his beautiful wife, amazing son and tremendous new job. Kyle said Jack was right, as usual.

Later, in the hallway, Summer walked up to Kyle and asked why he was so preoccupied that he didn’t even see her. He said he saw his mom flirting with his dad, and when he confronted her, she denied it. Then he’d gotten scolded by Jack about it. Kyle said he realized his dad was right. He noted that Summer had been spending a lot of time worrying about their parents too. Summer said they had to protect the company. He said their parents were adults, even if they hated each other. He didn’t think they should spend their days keeping an eye on Diane, Jack and Phyllis. Summer wanted to believe her mother, but she got the feeling Phyllis wasn’t being honest with her. Kyle understood, because he sensed his mom wasn’t being honest with him. He said their moms hadn’t done anything wrong, that they knew of, and so they had to stop hovering. Summer agreed it was time for her and Kyle to step back and let go.

Adam went home and called Chance to set up a meeting.

Phyllis said goodbye to The Grand Phoenix, slowly walking around and taking it all in. she called Talia and asked if they could meet to talk about Diane.

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