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Recap written by Christine

It was the day of the Chancellor Winters launch party. Lily toasted to her team, adding that they were all family now. Lily, Devon, Nate, Imani and Amanda were there. Abby walked up. She was planning the event. Nate said Elena got called into the hospital. Imani said she would’ve refused to miss an event this important, and Nate and Amanda told her that it didn’t work that way when you were a doctor. Abby promised them a great night. Billy arrived with Jill on his arm. She hugged Devon. Jill thought the merger was a bold and savvy business move, and it meant so much more because it was family. She marveled about Neil’s children coming together like this. She was so proud of all of them, and she couldn’t wait to see what the future held for Chancellor Winters. Lily said today was the culmination of something special that started when Devon created a business with their dad, when Jill entrusted her and Billy with Chancellor, and when Nate joined them. She was glad he had Elena’s support. She added that Imani and Amanda found each other as sisters and joined the team. Lily knew their mutual love and support would take them to new heights. She said they were part of each other’s history and intrinsic to each other’s futures. She hoped they’d handle business in a way that made their parents and children proud. Everyone toasted.

Chance kissed Abby when he arrived. Since the party was going smoothly, she figured they could have that date night he owed her starting right now.

Nate was nearby when Imani’s date, Giancarlo arrived. Giancarlo admitted he wasn’t sure Imani would agree to join him tonight. She told him he had to be fearless, but as she talked to him, she was keeping an eye on Nate.

Jack chatted with Lily and Billy. Lily remarked at how far she’d come. Devon came and pulled Lily aside to deal with a work issue. Billy was happy Jack came. He raised an eyebrow when he learned that Jack found out about Phyllis’s vacation through Summer instead of through Phyllis. Jack brushed it off, saying he and Phyllis were both adults who didn’t need to get lost in the minutiae of each other’s lives. Billy thought it would be nice for Jack and Phyllis to get lost in the minutiae of each other’s lives. Jack scoffed about getting relationship advice from Billy. Jack changed the subject and asked how Billy and Victoria were dealing with Locke’s decision to stay in town. Billy said he always wanted Victoria to break free from the family, and now she was doing it and going back to Locke. Jack was shocked.

Victor and Nikki arrived, and she quietly reminded him that they were just here to celebrate Chancellor Winters. He promised to be the perfect guest. However, he did need to get a hold of Adam before the evening was out, since he was about to become the CEO of Newman Enterprises. At that point, Lily, Devon and Jill walked up. Victor said Devon and Lily were close to his heart. He’d been thinking a lot about their dad. Victor was proud of Lily and Devon, and he was sure Neil and Katherine were looking down on them. He was sure they’d do well. He told them that their bond was more important than any failures or successes.

While Devon and Lily gave an interview, Jill was across the room with Chance and Abby. Jill tried to get Chance to join the family business. Chance was happy with his job, but he said Dominic might want to join when he was old enough. Chance added that Dom was a Newman and Abbott too, so he’d have options Jill wanted to spend time with Dom. Jill commented approvingly about how lovey-dovey Abby and Chance were. She thought her grandson was glowing. Chance gave credit to Abby. He got a call about a break in one of Rey’s cases, and both ladies were in support of him going to handle it. He promised to try and come back before the party was over. Jill saw an old business rival and went over to say hello.

Jack joined Abby and asked about Chance leaving. Abby said he was taking on an extra work load because he was finishing Rey’s cases. Abby said she was taking over for Phyllis tonight. Abby was surprised that Phyllis asked her to do anything for the hotel. Jack said it wasn’t like Phyllis to leave Devon and Lily in the lurch. Abby said they were in good hands with her, and she had a vested interest in upstaging Phyllis and making sure Lily and Devon had the best night ever. Abby said Phyllis, her team and the team at Chancellor Winters did a great job setting up the party, and it was practically running itself. Jack flashed back to his recent blow up with Phyllis, when he told her they were through because she’d fallen back into her old pattern.

Devon overheard Nate giving an interview. The reporter asked Nate why he pivoted into business from medicine. Without going into detail, Nate said he had an accident that ended his surgical career. Devon flashed back to punching Nate, which lead to the cut on his hand, preventing him from doing surgery anymore. Nate told the reporter that the accident changed everything. The reporter asked if he had regrets. He was nothing but grateful for the opportunity his cousins gave him. He said he was working with family, where everyone’s opinion was equal.

Amanda approached Imani and Giancarlo and commented that they looked like they were having a good time. Imani said they weren’t having too good of a time, as she knew how the company frowned on excitement. Amanda assured Giancarlo that Imani was kidding. Amanda told Giancarlo how happy she was that he was here, and then she exchanged a look with her sister.

Adam sent Victor a text saying that something came up, but he’d come soon. Jack walked over and complimented Nikki’s look. Victor told Jack to stop flirting with his wife. Jack said that they knew the giants whose shoulders this new company was built on – Katherine and Neil. Jack was surprised Victor and Nikki were here and not dealing with personal matters. Jack said Billy told him Victoria left town with Ashland. Jack wanted Ashland to leave, but not like this. Victor hoped and prayed Victoria soon realized she made an epic mistake. Victor also hoped Jack and Kyle didn’t entertain the thought of keeping Diane around. Jack said he had nothing to do with it, but Kyle decided he wanted his mother to stay around a little longer. Nikki groaned that offering Diane a second chance was like giving a cobra a second chance to strike. Jack said Diane was Kyle’s mother. Nikki was sure that Diane wouldn’t be able to keep up the innocent facade for long and then look out. At that moment, Diane came in, and Nikki went over and told her to leave, because this was a private event. Diane sipped champagne and claimed she had no idea, but Nikki was sure that Diane had seen the signs outside about the launch party. Jack came over and said he’d deal with this, and Nikki reluctantly left.

Diane thanked Jack for the rescue, but he said he did it for Lily and Devon. Diane said she thought she could use the spa tonight since Phyllis was out of town. Jack noted that there was a spa at the Athletic Club. Diane liked the masseuse at The Grand Phoenix. A skeptical Jack commented that Diane was dressed awfully nicely for a spa visit. She said she was going to dinner afterward, and she invited him along so they could talk about Kyle, but he declined. Billy came up. Diane said she accidentally crashed, so he didn’t have to threaten to kick her out. That wasn’t what he was going to say.

Abby told Lily that she wished Chance wasn’t called away on a case. Lily asked if Abby wished Chance joined the family business instead of being a cop. Abby supported Chance’s job. She thought he was born for the role.

Billy thought Diane deserved a second chance, so he wished he could ask her to stay. Diane understood that he couldn’t, because her presence could cause drama. Nikki came barreling back over to tell Diane to get out. She threatened to call security. Jill watched it all unfold from a distance. Billy told Nikki that wasn’t necessary. Diane headed to the spa. Nikki said that she felt bad for Kyle, but one way or another, Diane had to go. Jack went to talk to Jill. Billy told Nikki that that could’ve went worse. She broached the subject of Victoria leaving with Ashland. She wanted him to convince Victoria to stay. He said he tried. Lily came up and excused herself and Billy.

Diane ran into Victor on the way to the spa. He told her she was making a fool of herself, and he asked if she thought people forgot what she’d done. She said that she didn’t forget what had been done to her either, but forgiveness didn’t require forgetting, only compassion. She left. Victor couldn’t believe he used to be married to Diane. Victor flashed back to a confrontation they had years ago. She’d come to express her condolences over something. She said she wasn’t a bad person, and she didn’t believe in holding grudges. He said she was the last person he expected or wanted to see. However, he’d agreed that holding grudges wasn’t healthy.

Devon gave Nate a pep talk before his speech. After they parted ways, Abby commented on Nate going from doctor to COO. She said she thought being a doctor was his calling, like Chance was called to law enforcement. He said it used to be when he was a surgeon, but when he lost that, everything changed. He said he was nervous about his speech. She delivered a pep talk too. He appreciated it. He said that if Elena were here, he would’ve gone to her for one. He wanted some advice from her, as someone who used to work at Newman. He said the current plan was to make a speech that was light on the details. He thought they should go into specifics though. Abby thought that he should ask Devon and Lily. Nate said that Devon was stuck on the idea of doing a broad overview. Abby understood how Nate felt, but she thought he should follow Devon’s lead. She said Devon had been doing this for a long time, and he knew what worked.

Lily had taken Billy off to a secluded corner for a kiss. She said making time for him was important business. He was proud of her. She said it was a group effort, but he told her this was her vision, and she made it happen. He was one hundred percent convinced there was nothing she couldn’t accomplish. Devon cleared his throat. He’d found Lily to tell her that the publicist wanted to go over the speeches. Lily asked Billy if he wanted to say a few words. He said she was the one from Chancellor that people wanted to hear from.

Billy ran into Giancarlo and complimented him on what he’d been doing with the marketing department. Giancarlo said Billy’s podcast division had been kicking butt, and the numbers for the Grinning Soul were especially good. Billy pretended he didn’t know who the host of that podcast was.

Imani saw Nate frowning and said that could only mean he needed more Imani. He asked what the deal was with her and her date. She said she hadn’t decided if Giancarlo was worthy of her yet. Imani had been thinking about her talk with Nate earlier, when he said he thought they were missing out on an opportunity if they didn’t share specific plans in their speech. She thought that he should go with his gut. He pointed out that Lily and Devon disagreed. She said tonight was never supposed to be a big tease. She thought this was their only shot to dazzle the crowd. He decided she was right.

Chance was with another cop at Crimson Lights. They were waiting on a search warrant. The other cop said it was a damned shame Rosales wasn’t here. He thought Rey would be proud of Chance. Chance said he asked the captain to put the cop on this case, because Rey and Chance trusted this guy. They got the warrant and headed out.

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