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Eric goes to the Brady Pub and greets Roman. Roman calls it a big day as Sami is marrying Lucas. Eric suggests the second time is the charm. Roman says they can only hope. Eric is happy to help people celebrate their love. Roman points out that Eric never told him what he decided to do about his feelings for Nicole. Eric reveals that after their talk the other day, he realized Roman was right so he went to go see Nicole to tell her that he still loved her, but his timing was a bit lousy as she and Rafe had just gotten married.

Nicole finishes moving out and hands over the keys to the apartment to Allie. Allie talks about her excitement and mentions Chanel. Nicole asks if Chanel has made up her mind yet. Allie says she wishes but points out that Nicole found her forever person while living here, so maybe the same will happen for her. Nicole hopes so. Nicole notes Allie’s dress and asks if there’s a special occasion. Allie informs her that her parents are getting married today. Nicole responds that she’s sorry she asked.

Sami goes to John and Marlena’s to prepare for her wedding. Sami talks about no longer using her crutches and declares that she is going to dance with her husband on her wedding day.

Will goes to Lucas’s hotel room. Lucas asks Will to help him with his cuff links. Will comments on it being a long time since he’s seen Lucas this happy. Lucas points out that he never wanted to lose Sami as she’s the love of his life and today, he gets her back. As Will is helping Lucas with his cuff links, he questions the big bandage on Lucas’s hand and asks how he hurt his hand.

Chad sits outside in the park and talks out loud about he and Abigail bringing Thomas here for the first time. Kate approaches. Chad mentions that he was just talking to Abigail and he’s been doing a lot of that these days. Kate asks if there’s anything she can do. Chad explains that Jack and Jennifer brought the kids here to try to distract them but they knew he was having a hard time, so they took the kids to go swimming. Kate tells Chad that no one expects him to be okay and asks how he could be.

Sami still doesn’t understand why Belle can’t be at her wedding. Marlena brings up that Jan Spears put Belle through a real ordeal last night. Sami remarks that Jan is at the bottom of a river. Marlena says they don’t know that, so this is not over yet. Sami argues that Belle will just figure out a way to blame the whole thing on her anyway. Marlena asks Sami to cut Belle a little slack. Sami apologizes and says she’s really trying but it’s an important day for her and John’s already not going to be there. Marlena says Sami and Lucas came up with this in hours it seems while John has been planning to go see his son Paul for months. Sami didn’t know as she thought John was just getting back at her for screwing up their wedding. Marlena assures that John doesn’t hold a grudge and suggests Sami learn from that which she questions. Marlena advises Sami to count her blessings because she has everything she wants right now.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny tells EJ about Lucas and Sami getting married today. EJ says he knew they were getting married but he had no idea it was happening today. Johnny guesses he’s not happy about it but EJ says Sami is free to marry whoever she pleases even if he thinks it’s unwise for her to marry the man who kidnapped her.

Lucas tells Will that he just cut his hand a few days ago, but it’s almost healed so it’s no big deal. Will comments on the big bandage and questions how it happened. Lucas says he doesn’t remember which Will questions. Lucas then admits he has a confession to make.

Nicole tells Allie that she’s sorry since Sami is her mom and she has to watch what she says about her. Allie understands they hate each other. Nicole asks Allie how she feels about her parents getting married again. Allie responds that they both seem happy so she thinks they are good for each other. Nicole says she would hate to see Lucas get hurt. Allie assures that Sami has realized she really loves Lucas. Nicole wants that to be true but doesn’t know how long it will last since she still thinks Sami is in love with EJ. Allie says maybe so, but Sami knows EJ is bad for her. Nicole tells Allie that she thinks Sami is marrying another man to convince herself that she doesn’t belong with the love of her life. Allie then questions if that’s like how Nicole married Rafe to forget Eric.

Roman tells Eric that timing isn’t everything and encourages that he can still. Eric cuts him off and declares he’s through messing Nicole’s life up. Eric says he went to Africa and left Nicole alone for months, then found out she was unfaithful one time and he walked out, saying he wanted a divorce. Eric declares that if Nicole has found love with a man like Rafe then he’s not going to mess that up. Roman guesses he hears what he’s saying. Eric states that Nicole is married now and he does believe in the sanctity of marriage. Roman wants him to be happy. Eric says he wants that too, but it’s not going to be with Nicole as she has moved on, so he has to do the same thing. Roman questions if he really thinks he can do that.

Chad tells Kate that JJ wanted him to help him figure out who killed Abigail but he didn’t have it in him then and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Chad adds that it does help to know that the sick animal that did it to her is locked up. Kate mentions reading this morning that Clyde was arrested, but admits she doesn’t understand what Clyde would get out of killing Abigail. Chad responds that he does so Kate asks him what it is. Chad explains that when EJ was in prison, he remembered that Clyde was the one responsible for having him shot and Clyde warned EJ that if he didn’t keep his mouth shut then bad things would happen to his family. Chad states that EJ said Clyde had no reason to hurt Abigail because he never told on him. Kate suggests maybe that’s true but Chad questions how to explain Clyde having Abigail’s bracelet then. Kate admits she doesn’t know. Chad declares that EJ was his brother and didn’t tell him that Clyde threatened his whole family because he thought he could handle it all by himself and now his wife is dead and his children have to grow up without a mother because EJ’s an arrogant bastard, who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone.

Will tells Lucas that he’s kind of scaring him and asks what he did. Lucas then admits to Will that he had a slip and got blackout drunk and when he came to, his hand was a mess. Will says he’s sorry and brings up Lucas being sober for so long. Will asks if he knows why this happened. Lucas thinks back to Kate telling him that Chad told Abigail that Lucas is the one who kidnapped Sami. Will asks Lucas again what happened.

Marlena asks Sami how Lucas is doing. Sami says he’s great and wanting to get this wedding done as soon as possible. Marlena mentions that Abigail’s funeral was yesterday. Sami says she told Lucas that they could postpone but he wouldn’t hear it. Marlena wonders if that had anything to do with EJ.

Johnny knows that EJ thinks Lucas had Sami kidnapped but he doesn’t have any evidence. EJ asks who Johnny thinks kidnapped Sami. Johnny says for all they know, it could’ve been himself while possessed. Johnny adds that it sucks to be blamed for things he did while out of control, but he knows he still did them so he still has to pay. EJ guesses he’s talking about Chanel. Johnny confirms that but decides he’s looking at it as a minor setback because Chanel knows he never stopped loving her, so it’s just a matter of time before she realizes she never stopped loving him either. EJ is glad that Johnny is willing to fight for the woman he loves. Johnny wishes he could say the same about him and declares that it’s obvious that EJ is still in love with Sami.

Chad hopes that the cops have enough to convict Clyde because if they don’t, he will make sure Clyde pays. Kate gets the need for vengeance but he has to leave it to Rafe because his kids need him now and he has to work through his grief. Chad says everyone keeps saying that but they don’t know how to do it. Kate encourages him to put his kids first because helping them through it will help himself. Kate tells Chad that anytime he needs to talk, he knows where to get in touch with her. Chad asks if she has somewhere to be. Kate reveals that Sami and Lucas are getting married today. Chad notes that Kate doesn’t seem very happy about that. Kate claims she’s fine with the marriage but Chad says he can tell when something is bothering her, so he asks if she’s planning to stop the wedding. Kate assures that she is done with trying to fix her children’s lives. Kate says if she seems unhappy about it, it’s because she’s worried about her own life. Chad asks what’s wrong. Kate responds that she’s plagued with guilt because she never told Roman that her son had his daughter kidnapped.

Roman tells Eric that he never gave up on Kate and she finally came around. Eric says he’s happy for them but Nicole and Rafe are happily married, so he has to accept that. Roman asks even if he never stopped loving her. Eric responds that loving someone means putting their happiness before your own, so he can only hope and pray that Rafe and Nicole have a lifetime of happiness together. Roman says if that’s the way he feels. Eric confirms that he does.

EJ tells Johnny that Sami has moved on and so has he. Johnny questions if EJ is trying to stick it to Sami by having a fling with her sister. EJ asks if he needs to remind him that his aunt Abigail was recently murdered in this house. Johnny apologizes. EJ tells him to show some respect and stop being so cocky. EJ assures Johnny that Sami is finally out of his system and he couldn’t be happier. Johnny still doesn’t believe him. Johnny brings up Aristotle saying that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Johnny insists that Sami is EJ’s soulmate, so he doesn’t believe that EJ can quit her that easily. EJ reminds him that Sami divorced him and cheated on him, so if anyone quit on the marriage, it was her. Johnny questions why he’s so mad that Sami is getting married then. EJ responds that he no longer wants to be married to Sami, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still want the best for her and Lucas hasn’t been the best at anything. EJ wonders if Lucas’s desperation is what made him do what he did. Johnny reminds EJ that the police couldn’t find any evidence that Lucas kidnapped Sami, so he bets Kristen did it. EJ argues that if Kristen did it, she’d be bragging about to anyone who would listen. Johnny points out that now Kristen is back in prison and not a threat to anyone. EJ says that remains to be seen. Johnny guesses he doesn’t want to send his best to the bride and groom. Johnny jokes that he’ll text him lots of pictures as he then exits the mansion.

Sami tells Marlena that she’s not trying to argue with her but she doesn’t know what she’s getting at. Marlena says it’s been clear to her for years that Lucas is threatened by EJ. Sami disagrees. Marlena brings up Sami being married to EJ twice for long periods of time. Sami asks if she wants her to dump Lucas and go back to the man who kidnapped her.

Lucas tells Will that he’s worried about Sami since he feels so guilty for Sami’s ski accident where she broke her leg. Lucas talks about how he should’ve talked her out of it and feels Sami broke her leg because of him, so she couldn’t be there for Allie when Allie was possessed and she feels horrible. Will argues that’s on Sami, not him, and that it’s Sami’s own damn fault that she wasn’t here when Allie needed her as it wouldn’t be the first time.

Allie apologizes to Nicole and says she had no business saying that. Allie says she loves Rafe and he’s such a great guy and she loves Nicole, but she can’t help worrying that her marrying Rafe so quickly had something to do with Eric coming back to Salem. Nicole says no but Allie asks about Eric not being a priest anymore. Nicole admits she was shocked at the church for doing that to Eric. Nicole says she will always care about Eric and admire him, but the man she loves is the man she married. Nicole knows they made it legal on the spur of the moment but that’s because Rafe is consumed with finding Abigail’s killer and he’s going to bring the killer to justice which is one of the reasons she loves him so much.

Sami complains about Marlena questioning everything she does and asks what marrying Lucas has to do with EJ. Marlena asks if Sami is still convinced that EJ had something to do with her kidnapping, even though his conviction was overturned. Sami argues that EJ wasn’t found innocent. Marlena brings up EJ saying he didn’t do it. Sami asks if EJ never lies and questions when she talked to him. Marlena informs her that EJ came by this morning, looking for Chad, because Clyde had been arrested for Abigail’s killing. Sami hopes he fries but asks what that has to do with EJ. Sami explains that EJ feels that Clyde did it to send a message to him because he didn’t want EJ to talk. Sami asks about what. Marlena says she’s trying to find a way to break this to her. Sami tells her to just tell her what she’s talking about. Marlena reveals that EJ has recovered memories from the night he was shot and apparently Clyde was the person responsible for EJ’s shooting.

Eric runs in to Nicole outside of the Brady Pub, knocking a box out of her hands. Eric stops to pick the box up for her and finds a photo of Holly. Eric talks about remembering the day they took the picture and how much fun they had. Eric mentions not seeing Nicole around much lately and guesses he should expect that since she’s a newlywed now. Nicole states that she actually hasn’t seen Rafe much since he’s had his hands full investigating Abigail’s murder.

Kate tells Chad that in less than an hour, the man she feels so deeply about is about to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away to her kidnapper. Chad tells Kate that the other possibility is telling Roman the truth or have Lucas do it. Kate says she already suggested that but Lucas is so ashamed of what he did that he doesn’t want anyone to know. Kate then lets it slip that Lucas was absolutely appalled when he found out that Abigail knew. Chad thought Kate told him that Lucas didn’t know that Abigail knew.

Will tells Lucas that he’s learned a lot about the 12 steps over the years and they say it’s not a good idea to take a big step like marriage right after a slip. Lucas says he knows that but it was just one night and one mistake, so he assures it will never happen again ever and he’s been going to meetings. Lucas adds that Sami doesn’t know because he didn’t want to ruin today for her. Lucas says he’ll tell her later in the week. Will questions starting this new chapter in his life with a big secret. Lucas promises that he will tell Sami. Allie then arrives and questions what he will be telling Sami.

Sami can’t believe it was Clyde and complains that they thought EJ was dead. Sami cries that they went through years of Hell because of Clyde. Sami questions why and what Clyde had against EJ. Marlena doesn’t know and is sorry she had to find this out today. Sami cries about going through so much and fighting so hard to make EJ better, but then he turned on her. Marlena encourages that it will be okay. Sami says she’s fine and she’s really glad Marlena told her today because it’s really important she knows that she’s making the right choice in marrying a man who would never hurt her like that…

Eric tells Nicole that he’s sorry as he wishes he could stay longer and catch up, but he has to go pick Marlena up because he’s marrying Sami and Lucas today. Nicole mentions that she heard and says it was good to see him. Nicole brings up Eric coming to her place a few days ago, saying he had to tell her something. Nicole questions if he has time to tell her what that was.

Kate tells Chad that she had to tell Lucas that Abigail knew he kidnapped Sami. Chad questions why Kate lied to him about telling him. Kate responds that she was protecting her son. Chad argues that Lucas is desperately trying to keep Sami from finding out what he did to her, so he had every reason to make sure Abigail would stay quiet. Chad questions when she told him. Kate admits that it was right after Chad told her, which Chad points out was the day Abigail was murdered. Kate argues that he can’t go there and reminds him that it’s Clyde. Kate admits Lucas wasn’t thrilled that Abigail knew, but she reminded him that Abigail was his niece, she loved him, and would never betray him, so Lucas knew she was right. Chad asks if she’s going to tell Roman. Kate says no, because if she does that then Lucas will go to prison for kidnapping the woman he loves. Chad asks what she’s going to do then. Kate declares that she’s going to learn to live with it and walks away. Chad wishes her luck with that.

Will tells Allie that Lucas was just telling him his vows and that they are great. Will says he has best man stuff to do so he will see them later and exits the room. Allie tells Lucas that he looks very handsome. Allie says she’s so happy they are back together like she used to pray for when she was a little kid. Lucas says he’s happy too. Allie brings up that Lucas said he would do anything to get her back and now he has…

Sami gets dressed in her wedding dress. Marlena tells her that she looks glorious. Sami asks if it’s not too much. Johnny arrives and says Lucas is a lucky guy as he hugs Sami. Sami jokes about Johnny’s red suit and asks Marlena for help but Marlena says she’s on her own and steps out of the room. Johnny tells Sami that he’s so happy to be here today. Johnny notes that he saw EJ before leaving and he didn’t even know she was getting married today until he told him. Sami asks how EJ took the news. Johnny jokes that he was thrilled but then admits that EJ thinks Sami is making the biggest mistake of her life.

Eric starts to tell Nicole what he had to tell her but EJ arrives, interrupting them. Eric then claims to Nicole that he just wanted to talk to her about if he could see Holly. Nicole assures that it’s okay with her since Holly adores him. Eric says he will plan on taking her to the zoo then and walks away. EJ asks Nicole if she cares to talk about the elephant in the room. Nicole claims to have no idea what he means. EJ says he’s referring to the energy between her and Eric in spite of the fact that she married another man. EJ asks if she’s up to her old tricks already. Nicole tells EJ that she and Eric are good friends now and that he would tell him the same. Nicole mentions Eric marrying Sami and Lucas. EJ says he heard. Nicole thinks EJ is unhappy about the wedding.

Sami asks Johnny if EJ admitted he was jealous. Johnny admits he didn’t but he could tell that EJ was hurting. Sami responds that EJ hurt her a lot too and she really truly believes that it’s for the best that they go their separate ways. Johnny tells Sami that it’s whatever she says.

Lucas tells Allie that things are finally looking up for him in his life as he’s going to marry Sami and their kids couldn’t be happier about it. Lucas says he’s just so relieved that the bastard who killed Abigail has been put behind bars. Allie brings up that Clyde said he’s innocent. Lucas argues that he’s lying about that and that the cops said Clyde did it to get back at EJ for threatening his family since apparently EJ forgot to mention that or even tell Chad. Lucas remarks that Abigail had to pay the price.

Will finds Chad outside in the park and asks what he’s doing there. Chad guesses he’s just thinking. Chad mentions that Kate told him that Lucas is marrying Sami today. Chad asks if something is bothering Will. Will doesn’t want to bother him about it since he has enough on his mind. Chad points out that he asked, so Will tells Chad that Lucas told him something that has him worried. Chad asks what he told him. Will doesn’t want to tell Chad about his problems. Chad argues that Will and Sonny have always been there for him, so he wants to return the favor and this would help him do that. Will then reveals to Chad that Lucas fell off the wagon big time. Chad asks when that happened.

Kate goes to Lucas’s room and says it’s a big day for him today, so she asks how he’s feeling. Lucas responds that he’s relieved because he knows he didn’t kill Abigail.

EJ tells Nicole that he has all sorts of reasons not to enjoy Sami’s marriage. Nicole says EJ can tell her all about it over a drink or maybe he’d like to drown his sorrows with Sami’s sister in hopes of finally getting her in to bed. EJ responds that she underestimates him. Nicole realizes and asks if EJ finally slept with Belle right as Sami then approaches them.

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