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Devil Johnny goes to the living room and talks to the portrait of Stefano. He says last night was what he calls a party with chaos and pain. The Devil tells Stefano that it was just the beginning and says to wait and see what he’s going to do next. EJ walks in and questions who he was talking to.

Belle goes to the DiMera Enterprises office where Chad gives her the papers that he signed. Belle asks if he’s going to EJ’s trial. Chad responds that he has to because he’s a witness for the prosecution.

Nicole runs in to Rafe and Ava outside the Brady Pub. Ava invites her to join them for breakfast. Nicole says she’d love to but she’s running late so she’s just going to grab something from the Sweet Bits bakery and maybe another time. Nicole walks away. Ava comments on that being odd because she could’ve sworn Nicole was going in to the Brady Pub. Ava wonders if Nicole is avoiding them.

Melinda Trask runs in to Tripp at Sweet Bits Bakery in the town square. Melinda tells Tripp that he wasted a trip because the bakery isn’t open. Tripp notes that as odd as they should’ve opened half an hour ago. Melinda complains about coming from halfway across town. Tripp says he’s sorry. Melinda says it’s not his fault. Melinda then starts posting a negative review on the bakery but Tripp argues that’s not fair because she has no idea why they are late. Tripp assures her that this morning, Chanel doesn’t need any more grief.

Allie wakes up in bed with Chanel after having sex and realizes that last night wasn’t a dream. Chanel guesses Allie is freaking out and asks her what’s going on. Chanel knows last night was her first time with another girl which Allie confirms. Chanel figures that Allie is weirded out. Allie says not really. Allie tells Chanel that being with her last night felt natural. Chanel says it did for her too but she wants her to know that what happened wasn’t planned as she did not intend for that to happen. Allie says she knows but they made love. Allie says in the moment, it was so wonderful but this morning she can’t help thinking. Allie then gets a call from Tripp.

Johnny tells EJ that sometimes he talks to Stefano. EJ guesses he was telling him about last night when he dumped his new bride in front of a room full of people. EJ calls it his mother in him to be melodramatic and says he was effective and calculated but it was still very cruel. Johnny says that would be his father in him. Johnny says that EJ should be relishing since he’s coming to him and admitting that he was wrong and should’ve listened to him the whole time. Johnny admits it was immature to not listen. EJ isn’t buying it. Johnny informs him that he’s about to do a complete 180. Johnny declares that EJ wasn’t just right about Chanel, but about him, as he’s been running from his legacy. Johnny tells EJ that his future and place in this world is not in Hollywood, but here at DiMera.

Belle knew Chad and EJ weren’t getting along but testifying against him is pretty harsh. Chad says he doesn’t really have a choice since he’s the one who found the payments. Belle says that EJ says those payments were planted to be found. Belle questions if Chad thinks EJ made those payments with corporate money and then recorded it. Chad says it wouldn’t be the first time that his arrogance trumped his common sense. Belle is sure that’s the case Melinda will make. Chad asks what kind of sentence that Belle thinks EJ would get if he’s convicted. Belle suggests 8-10 years since it’s a felony offense. Chad thought it would be less than that. Belle talks about Sami being kidnapped and held in isolation. Belle adds that if EJ did do it, he deserves that and a lot more.

Rafe and Ava sit together in the Pub. Ava insists that Nicole was heading in until she saw them. Ava questions how Nicole can be running late so early. Rafe suggests Nicole just didn’t have time for breakfast. Ava argues that it’s like Nicole can’t be in the same room as Rafe for her sake even though she’s told her it’s okay that they are friends. Rafe thinks she’s making too much of this. Ava asks if she is because sometimes she feels like Nicole sees her as an overly possessive nutjob. Rafe assures that’s not the case but Ava remains unsure. Ava feels they need to work harder on making Nicole feel more comfortable around them. Ava says they have gone above and beyond to make sure that she knows how much they care about her, so she doesn’t think either of them need to suffer any longer.

Nicole sits at Basic Black, reading an article about EJ’s kidnapping trial. Belle enters and says she got Chad’s signature so now she just needs Nicole’s. Belle notices that Nicole is reading about EJ’s trial. Nicole comments on not thinking EJ should represent himself. Belle thinks EJ is feeling the same since last night, he asked her to represent him but she turned him down since it would be a conflict of interest. Nicole understands Sami would lose her mind if she took his case. Nicole jokes that it’s a really good reason to do it.

Johnny asks if EJ is going to eat anything. EJ mocks him as sounding like his mother and says he’s not in the best mood this morning. Johnny understands since he’s about to stand trial for kidnapping and that’s the morning that he decides to tell him he’s a changed man and has seen the light. EJ advises Johnny not to admit he was acting like a jerk. Johnny says he learned from Stefano that an apology is an admission of guilt. EJ questions Johnny’s change of heart and what happened to his dream. Johnny responds that he just decided he didn’t want to make movies about other people and wanted to be the star of his own movie. Johnny adds that he also has a lot to learn from EJ. EJ says his timing is unfortunate since if Melinda has her way, he will be visiting him in prison. Johnny suggests it’d be nice to have someone looking out for his interests at DiMera. EJ questions his full devotion. Johnny adds that he’s also realized their interests are closely tied and jokes that he wants to be just like EJ when he grows up. EJ asks if that’s why he let Chanel go last night. Johnny says he does feel for Chanel and wonders how she will ever find someone to take his place.

Allie asks Chanel what she should do. Chanel tells her to answer the phone or else Tripp will worry, so she answers. Tripp tells Allie that he came to the bakery to see her but it’s closed. Allie explains that she knew Chanel wouldn’t feel like working today and she didn’t feel like running it by herself as it was a long night. Tripp remarks that it’s good that Chanel had Allie as it was pretty intense. Tripp asks where Allie is now. Allie claims that she’s home so Tripp offers to come over and see her before work. Allie then claims that she was just leaving to go check on Chanel. Tripp says that’s nice of her and asks her to tell Chanel how sorry he is about what Johnny did which Allie agrees to. Tripp guesses it must be hard not to say she told her so since she warned Chanel about Johnny. Allie says she has to go. Tripp decides he will stop by after her shift and says he loves her. Allie hesitates but says she loves him too and hangs up. Chanel asks if Tripp was suspicious. Allie says not at all and he was completely understanding which makes it clear that she is the worst person on the planet. Chanel argues that she’s being too hard on herself. Allie declares that she cheated on her boyfriend. Chanel adds that she cheated on her husband, not that he gives a damn. Allie worries that now she’s lying to Tripp and she feels sick. Chanel tells her that she’s sorry. Allie declares that she has to tell Tripp the truth.

Tripp runs in to Ava in the town square and they hug. Ava says she feels like she never gets to see him anymore because he’s always working. Tripp says he’s not busy now so Ava says she’s going to Sweet Bits to get him a coffee and muffin. Tripp informs her that the Bakery is closed today. Ava asks where Allie is. Tripp responds that she has her hands full with Chanel…

Johnny asks EJ how he thinks the trial is going to go. EJ responds that in his mind, they don’t have much of a case and he’s built up an enormous amount of good will with the citizens of Salem. Johnny mocks him being a pillar of the community and asks EJ to level with him. EJ admits it’s bad since Melinda hates Kristen and wants him to pay for his sister’s sins. Johnny knows Melinda would like to put away a DiMera. EJ adds that Chad will do anything to help her achieve that. Johnny brings up Stefano and chess strategy. EJ comments on him being so full of DiMera this morning. Johnny thinks that if EJ does go to prison, he’s the only one left to get him out, deal with Chad, and make sure DiMera has a triple A rating by the time he gets out and he hands him back the reins. EJ calls that quite an agenda and asks how he proposes doing all that. Johnny admits he hasn’t worked out all the details yet but he knows it starts with EJ signing over all of his shares to him.

Belle tells Nicole that she wouldn’t take EJ’s case just to spite Sami. Nicole suggests stopping an innocent man from being railroaded. Belle laughs at the idea of EJ being innocent. Nicole says she knows EJ is more than capable of kidnapping Sami, but if he had, he would’ve never let Sami escape and he wouldn’t have left the paper trail at DiMera Enterprises. Nicole says this is coming from a woman who hates EJ’s guts right now for dropping her for Sami and not having the guts to tell her so that she had to hear it from Sami. Nicole calls Sami insufferable and argues that EJ knew she would rub her nose in it. Nicole thinks EJ planned that, so she wants him to pay for what he did to her, but he didn’t kidnap Sami so he shouldn’t have to pay for that.

Kate goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and comments to Chad on EJ going to trial for something he didn’t do. Chad says they both know he’s the primary reason that EJ was charged. Kate suggests waiting to see if EJ is convicted. Chad assures that he will be since he’s representing himself like an idiot. Chad adds that Belle just told him that EJ could get 8-10 years. Kate questions Chad’s sudden attack of conscience as she thought he was totally fine with EJ taking the fall. Chad thought he was since EJ would do the same thing to him, but if he does what EJ would do then he’s just like him and he can’t let that happen. Kate asks what he’s saying. Chad suggests telling EJ that it was Lucas who really kidnapped Sami.

Chanel and Allie get dressed. Chanel asks if Allie is sure that telling Tripp is a good idea. Allie calls it the right thing to do. Chanel disagrees since Allie will be really hurting a great guy and she could blow what they have out of the water. Allie worries about lying to him while Chanel feels he’s protecting him. Chanel calls what happened between them last night a one time thing. Chanel says it was special, but Allie still loves Tripp, which she agrees with. Chanel adds that she still loves Johnny as what he did last night was not the Johnny she knows. Chanel wants to focus on Allie and Tripp as she doesn’t want last night to mess that up. Allie suggests Tripp could forgive her while Chanel worries that he could kick her ass to the curb. Chanel asks Allie to keep her mouth shut for her and Tripp’s sake. Allie brings up how Sami wasn’t honest with EJ about cheating on him. Allie then declares she has no choice but to tell Tripp.

Tripp tells Ava about what happened between Johnny and Chanel. Tripp talks about Allie trying to get Chanel away from Johnny and says at least she was there last night to get Chanel home. Ava comments on Allie being a good friend and brings up their relationship. Ava says she’s not judging and just wants Tripp to be okay. Tripp assures her that the thing with Chanel is over as Allie chose him. Ava worries that feelings like that don’t just go away, so she’s looking out for him and really doesn’t want him to end up with a broken heart.

Melinda goes to the police station and tells Rafe that she needs to talk to him. Melinda warns that it’s not a good morning as a serious allegation has been made against Rafe that he planted evidence to get a conviction. Melinda asks what Rafe has to say for himself.

Belle tells Nicole that a jealous vendetta would not be out of character for EJ and the guard Jason said it was EJ. Nicole thinks Jason just said what he was paid to say. Nicole questions Chad being the one to crack the case and mocks that idea. Belle asks if she thinks Chad is setting EJ up. Nicole is not sure it was him, but she is sure that someone orchestrated things to frame EJ and if EJ isn’t careful, it’s going to work.

Kate reminds Chad that she had problems with this from the beginning but he convinced her to keep quiet. Chad says he was angry at EJ. Kate understands since EJ was trying to stab him in the back since day one. Chad says he had no problem getting EJ fired but letting him rot in prison for something he didn’t do is too much. Kate warns that if Chad tells the truth, Lucas will be in that prison. Chad remarks that the difference is that Lucas actually committed the crime, so maybe he’s the one that should pay for it.

Tripp assures Ava that Allie isn’t going to break his heart as she loves him and he loves her while she and Chanel are just friends. Ava remarks that she’s heard that one before. Ava says it could be a cover for them to be together right under Tripp’s nose and then suddenly they are stabbing him in the back. Tripp asks if they are still talking about Allie and Chanel. Ava says of course. Tripp notes that her little tirade sounded personal and asks if everything is okay with her and Rafe. Ava claims they are perfect but this is personal since Tripp is her son and she doesn’t want anyone hurting him. Tripp says she doesn’t have to worry since Chanel is not a threat while he and Allie are in a really good place.

Chanel tells Allie that Paulina is gone so the coast is clear. Allie asks if Chanel is okay. Chanel says no, but she will be, mostly thanks to her. Chanel reminds Allie that she’s worried about what happened last night might screw things up for her and Tripp, but she’s also worried about them because she’s already lost her husband and she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost her best friend too. Allie assures that she’s never going to lose her and hugs her. Allie says she will see her later as she then exits.

EJ questions Johnny wanting him to sign over his shares to him. Johnny explains that if EJ goes to prison, the second he goes in, Chad will go in to action, so he will need the power of his shares to fend him off. EJ argues that Johnny already has shares of his own and is old enough to vote on the board. Johnny feels it’s not enough to counteract any moves Chad might make and that Tony and Kate will angle for all they can get. EJ brings up how Sami used his power of attorney to screw him and take over DiMera. Johnny insists that he will look out for EJ and Sydney and he’ll make sure that EJ can pick up where he left off when he gets out. EJ acknowledges that he’s right about Chad and the others. Johnny knows he’s asking EJ to have faith in him when he hasn’t done much to inspire that faith, but he’s all he has. EJ gives in and agrees to sign over his shares temporarily and only if he actually goes to prison. Johnny hopes EJ will be cleared of all the charges but says they have to be prepared for the worst. EJ agrees to do it. Johnny promises he won’t regret this.

Kate tells Chad that she knows what Lucas did was misguided but Chad can’t say anything. Chad argues that Lucas locked Sami up for three months and now she’s traveling the world with her kidnapper, so he thinks that’s a little stronger than misguided. Chad calls it criminal or sociopathic. Kate stops him and reminds him that he said Lucas wasn’t dangerous as he loves Sami and is trying to protect her, so he would never hurt her, but if EJ finds out, he will kill Lucas and then he’ll go to jail anyways. Chad calls that twisted logic. Kate asks Chad to hear her out as he knows what EJ will do if he finds out. Kate brings up Philip missing and probably dead so if she loses Lucas too, that will be on Chad’s head. Chad calls that not fair. Kate says she’s fighting for her son’s life here. Chad decides he’ll say that he planted the evidence so he’ll keep Lucas out of it. Kate warns that he will lose his job if he does that. Chad declares maybe he should as it’s the only way he can keep himself from turning in to EJ and Stefano. Chad states that he has to do what’s right. Kate asks even if that means he loses everything.

Rafe tells Melinda that this is insane as he didn’t plant evidence on this guy and that this guy would say or do anything to get out. Rafe adds that it’s not a new story and has been done time and time again. Melinda reveals he’s not the only one making this particular complaint against Rafe as another guy says the same thing. Melinda warns that these are very serious allegations so she had no choice but to investigate and she already forwarded to internal affairs. Melinda hopes for Rafe’s sake that he’s telling the truth as she then walks out of the station.

Ava goes to Basic Black and says she found out the bakery was closed so she figured Nicole might be hungry and brought her food. Ava admits she did have ulterior motives and says it’s time they have an honest conversation about what’s going on with Nicole and Rafe.

Johnny tells EJ that he’ll make sure the papers get drawn up. EJ says he has to get going and asks if Johnny will be at court, but understands it could upset his mother if he is there. Johnny assures that he will see him in court. Johnny wishes EJ luck as he exits. Johnny laughs at his promises to EJ and says that was almost too easy. Johnny says everything is going exactly according to his plan as Chanel walks in and questions what plan that is.

Allie goes to the hospital to see Tripp. Tripp didn’t expect to see her until after work. Allie wanted to know if he had a few minutes to talk. Tripp asks her what’s up as he thought she was going to see Chanel. Allie responds that she was but after what happened last night, she had to come see him right away.

Nicole tells Ava that she told her a million times that she and Rafe are just friends. Ava says that’s exactly her point that they are friends and staying away from each other which is not right. Nicole says they are just trying to be sensitive to her feelings. Ava calls it unnecessary and says she was silly to be so insecure as she really does trust both of them. Ava tells her that she doesn’t want her to stay away from Rafe on her account. Nicole claims she’s not staying away from him, she’s just busy. Ava questions her being too busy for old friends. Ava asks if they are still friends. Nicole assures they are so Ava decides Nicole is coming for dinner. Ava notes it may just be them since Rafe never knows what may come up next at his job…

Rafe goes over the files that Melinda gave him and says it doesn’t make any sense as he wonders what the hell is going on here.

Tripp notes that Allie seems pretty upset. Allie confirms that she is. Allie starts to tell Tripp about last night but then says that she and Chanel just had a really long talk which made her realize how lucky she is to have Tripp. Tripp questions that making her upset. Allie says she feels like she doesn’t tell him enough or sometimes takes him for granted. Tripp says when it’s the real deal, you just know with no words necessary as he hugs her.

Johnny wishes Chanel would’ve warned him that she was coming by. Chanel mocks displeasing him. Johnny tells her that he’s busy and that they have nothing left to talk about. Chanel agrees and throws her ring back at Johnny. Johnny tells her to leave the keys to the house too which she does. Chanel tells Johnny to go to Hell as she storms out of the mansion. Johnny jokes to himself that he’s been there, done that.

Chad tells Kate that he’ll spin it to Mr. Shin that he thought EJ was guilty and didn’t want him to get away with it so he was serving the course of justice. Kate argues that Mr. Shin doesn’t care about serving the course of justice, only market share and when one co-CEO is trying to send the other co-CEO up the river, it looks really bad for the corporate image. Chad feels he has to take his chances. Chad acknowledges that EJ’s been a real son of a bitch since coming back to town, but he’s his brother and he welcomed him in to the family when he didn’t have to. Chad declares that he’s sorry but he has to tell them that EJ didn’t do it. Chad decides he must go to court to tell them the truth. Chad then exits the office.

Melinda enters the court and notes that EJ is there early, so she asks if he’s nervous. EJ says he wanted to avoid the media and insists he did not have his wife kidnapped. Melinda is glad he decided to represent himself because she’s looking forward to going toe to toe with the infamous EJ DiMera. Belle then arrives and says perhaps she can do that some other time, but today, she will be dealing with her.

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