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Brady surprises Marlena in her office by bringing his daughter Rachel in to see her.

At Basic Black, Chloe and Kristen argue after Chloe gives Kristen her report on the Marina project but Kristen orders her to get it down to 20 pages. Kristen calls Chloe unqualified for the job. Kristen threatens to tell Gabi and the board that this important deal had to be delayed again because of Chloe’s incompetence.

Gabi sits outside in the park and calls Li. Li hopes there’s not another hold up in the Marina deal. Gabi responds that she’s expecting a proposal from Brady’s office today. Gabi invites Li to join her for lunch in the park but Li says he has a meeting. There’s a knock at the door which Gabi questions. Li says it’s probably just the maid, but it is actually Dr. Rolf.

Ava suggests EJ tell Rafe the truth that she and Gwen are just friends. EJ remarks that just friends don’t usually break each other out of prison. EJ adds that the fact that Ava did Gwen that favor on the night that Abigail was killed is vital information. Ava then offers her phone and says if EJ is so sure of what he heard, he can call the police right now.

Li answers the door and Dr. Rolf walks in. Li tells Gabi that he has to go to his meeting and tells Gabi to enjoy her lunch. Gabi says she’ll see him later as they hang up. Li questions Dr. Rolf showing up here when they agreed to meet in his lab. Dr. Rolf asks if he thinks he’s stupid and says he knows it was him. Li asks what he’s talking about. Dr. Rolf shouts that Li tried to kill Stefano’s son.

Johnny jogs through the park and stops when he comes across Gabi. Johnny tells Gabi that he’s been meaning to reach out because he thinks he owes her an apology.

EJ believes Ava is bluffing. Ava points out that EJ didn’t record the conversation between her and Gwen, so he knows that his statement about a conversation he eavesdropped on is hearsay. Ava tells EJ that Gwen didn’t kill anybody. EJ questions taking her word for that and argues that he heard Ava accusing Gwen just now. EJ states that Ava has no idea what Gwen did or didn’t do. Ava responds that he asked for one good reason not to call the cops, so she gave him one. EJ wanted Ava to sign Jake’s shares of DiMera over to him in exchange for his silence.

Rachel tells Marlena about her trip to California. Brady mentions wanting to talk to Marlena alone so Rachel goes to listen to music on her headphones. Marlena talks about Rachel growing since she saw her last. Brady thanks Marlena for letting him bring her as he wanted her to feel this was a comfortable place and a neutral territory. Marlena isn’t sure what he’s getting at. Brady reveals that he’s decided to give Kristen a chance to see Rachel.

Chloe complains that she did what Kristen asked and now she wants her to take it down to 20 pages. Kristen tells Chloe that if she doesn’t like her management style, she could just quit. Chloe refuses to give her the satisfaction of driving her out. Chloe questions if she really thinks she can come between her and Brady. Kristen remarks that Chloe is not the great love of Brady’s life. Chloe says that’s not what Brady said to her last night when they were making love. Kristen raises her hand at Chloe and calls her a slut. Kristen then grabs a knife and threatens to drive it through her heart.

Ava asks if EJ is blackmailing her. EJ sees it as giving her options, pointing out that he’s not ordering her to move out. Ava mocks getting to stay in the mansion if she signs over her shares and calls it bribery and blackmail. Ava argues that EJ has nothing on her and asks why she would break Gwen out of prison when she’s the one who ratted her out to the district attorney. EJ asks why he keeps walking in on them talking in the living room then. EJ says they both know what he heard and he thinks Rafe will be very interested to hear it. Ava argues that Rafe won’t believe a word EJ says since he hates him more than he hates her. Ava tells EJ to go ahead and make the call to waste Rafe’s time and make an enemy out of her, warning that he can see where that gets him.

Johnny explains to Gabi that he’s been filled in on some of the stuff he did while possessed by The Devil and it seems he did a number on her. Gabi asks if he means them almost having sex on her desk. Johnny jokes that he can’t believe that happened and he doesn’t remember it. Gabi assures it wasn’t memorable. Johnny feels worse about thinking that Gabi and Jake might still be together if not for The Devil. Gabi says that Jake is dead and Johnny had nothing to do with it. Johnny argues that the reason they broke up was because Gabi thought Jake sold her out to Victor when it was him and he’s truly sorry for that. Gabi appreciates him saying that, but says he did her a little favor because when Jake refused to believe her, she realized he would never trust her. Gabi adds that they built their relationship on her wanting Jake to be Stefan. Gabi says Jake dying so suddenly brought back the memories of Stefan dying so suddenly. Gabi tells Johnny not to feel bad and points out that Jake ended up with Ava and now she’s very happy with Li Shin. Johnny is glad and asks if that means they are okay. Gabi nods so Johnny wishes her and Li the best as he then walks away.

Dr. Rolf confronts Li about turning off Stefan’s life support and says it would’ve been permanent had he not been caught. Dr. Rolf complains that Li assured he would not harm Stefan and that he only wanted to delay his recovery long enough to cement his relationship with Gabi. Li says he just had a moment of doubt. Dr. Rolf argues that his moment could’ve caused all those years of his work to go up in smoke. Li argues that Rolf doesn’t care any more about Stefan than he does and that he’s just a science project to him. Rolf calls Stefan an obstacle to Li. Li feels they are on the same page. Dr. Rolf says he assured Kristen that Li won’t have another opportunity to get near her brother again. Li mocks Kristen’s show of sisterly love for Stefan and Jake is really about shares and stock, so he proposed a slight change in the plan for Stefan and Kristen liked it. Dr. Rolf asks what the plan is. Li explains that once Stefan is miraculously brought back to life, he wants him to immediately become attracted to Chloe Lane. Dr. Rolf questions what that has to do with business. Li responds that every story is a business story. Li explains that Chloe is getting in Kristen’s way and he needs Kristen to be happy and on his side, so he asks if Dr. Rolf can make it happen.

Marlena asks Brady if he’s sure he wants to let Kristen see Rachel. Brady says he does, but he doesn’t. Brady mentions that Kristen has been asking for months but when she was in prison, he didn’t find it appropriate to bring Rachel there, but now that Kristen is out, he doesn’t have that excuse anymore. Brady adds that Rachel keeps asking why she can’t see her mom. Marlena understands that Kristen can be very unpredictable. Brady says not so much with Rachel, but he doesn’t want to tell Rachel who her mother really is and what she’s done until she’s older. Marlena praises Brady as a good dad. Brady knows he’s not being completely selfless as Kristen has been very noisy about wanting to revisit their custody agreement since she got out. Brady adds that Kristen also installed herself at Basic Black and has been lording her power over Chloe ever since. Marlena asks what he thinks Kristen is looking for in terms of custody. Brady notes that she says she wants joint custody but he wouldn’t put it past her to go for full custody. Brady declares that he can’t let that happen. Brady wonders if he plays nice then Kristen will play nice in return.

Chloe asks how it would work out for Kristen if she kills her in the office. Kristen reminds Chloe that she has a certain gift for getting out of jail. Kristen then gets a call from Brady which excites her so she puts down the knife. Kristen says that she and Chloe were just talking about him. Brady brings up Kristen saying she wanted to see Rachel when she got back, so he informs her that they are at Marlena’s office. Kristen excitedly says she’ll be there and hangs up.

Dr. Rolf is not sure he can do what Li is asking. Li argues that Rolf is a genius and that he kept a guy with no heart alive for four years. Li says all he wants is for him to make Stefan forget that he ever loved Gabi. Dr. Rolf argues that it’s not easy since the emotions of the brain are not his area of expertise. Li brings up Dr. Rolf putting a chip in Hope’s brain, making her think she was a dead European princess. Dr. Rolf laughs as he admits he did do that. Li has faith in Rolf and says if anyone can make Stefan fall back in love with Chloe, it has to be him.

Chloe goes to the DiMera Office and tells Gabi that they need to talk. Gabi says that was fast as she just told her secretary that she needed the Marina report. Chloe says not yet as she really needs to talk to her about something. Gabi asks what there is. Chloe informs Gabi that Kristen just tried to murder her with a letter opener because she wants Brady. Gabi asks if she went to the police. Chloe admits she didn’t. Gabi points out that Chloe isn’t dead. Chloe argues that she would be dead if Kristen didn’t get a phone call from Brady. Chloe complains that going to work now feels like she’s risking her life and she doesn’t want to live like this but she doesn’t think HR can handle this kind of problem. Gabi suggests she just resign. Chloe argues that she has a son to support. Gabi advises her to try not to escalate the situation. Chloe questions just doing nothing. Gabi suggests Kristen probably won’t be here long but Chloe assures that Kristen is not going anywhere as long as Brady and Rachel are here because Kristen is convinced she’s the only thing keeping them from being together. Gabi doesn’t think this is the hill to die on. Chloe asks not to talk about dying. Chloe asks Gabi to tell Kristen to leave her alone. Gabi worries that if she does that, Kristen will flip on her and side with EJ, then he will kick her out of the office so she can’t do that and her hands are tied.

EJ supposes he doesn’t need to involve the police yet. Ava calls that a good answer. EJ says that Leo is currently the suspect of the week. Ava comments that Leo looks good for Abigail’s murder. EJ argues that they all did until they had alibis and if Leo has one as well, then he’s making that call. Ava says they are right back where they started, except now everything is out in the open. Ava tells EJ that she knows the only reason he invited her to move in was to get his hands on her DiMera shares but now he’s completely shown his hand. Ava adds that if she was going to let go of the shares, the person she’d give them to would be Kristen because they actually get along.

Brady asks Marlena if she thinks Rachel could benefit from seeing a child psychiatrist. Kristen then walks in and declares that Rachel doesn’t need a therapist, she just needs her mom. Rachel runs up to hug Kristen. Kristen tells her that everything is going to be alright now as they embrace.

EJ tells Ava that she’d be foolish to pit Kristen against him right now because she will always be loyal to family. Ava points out that she’s family now too and Jake would be rolling in his grave if he knew how EJ was treating his widow. EJ remarks that he doesn’t know and he won’t. Ava says so much for the gracious host making her feel welcome. EJ tells her that she can always move out. Ava assures that she’s not going anywhere. EJ questions Ava thinking she can live here indefinitely without offering him something in return. Ava tells EJ to go to Hell. Johnny then walks in and questions what’s going on here. Ava tells him to ask his father and storms out.

Chloe asks if Gabi is saying she won’t care if Kristen murders her at the office. Gabi insists that Kristen doesn’t want to get sent back to prison. Gabi wishes she could help her. Chloe warns that Kristen could hurt Gabi too as she doesn’t give a damn about Basic Black or any proposals, just pushing her out of Brady’s life. Gabi says Kristen is still DiMera and she’s not, so she has no power over her. Chloe guesses she should’ve figured Gabi would do this. Gabi asks what that means. Chloe brings up her relationship with Stefan and how they were happy until Gabi slept with him and took him away from her.

Dr. Rolf asks Li how he knows that Chloe would return Stefan’s feelings if he could make him feel an attraction. Rolf argues that he’s a doctor, not a matchmaker. Li doesn’t care what Chloe feels as he just wants to keep Stefan from going after Gabi. Li adds that Kristen is the one who wants Stefan to break up Chloe and Brady, so if that doesn’t happen, it’s her problem and not his.

Kristen talks to Rachel about how much she has grown up since she last saw her. Rachel tells her that she missed her. Kristen shows her how she kept the Valentine she made for her. Kristen gives Rachel a present of a necklace with a locket that has a picture of them inside. Kristen says it’s from when the three of them were a family together.

Johnny asks EJ what’s going on with he and Ava. EJ claims they were just having a disagreement about the company. Johnny asks what Ava has to do with DiMera Enterprises. EJ responds that Ava could vote Jake’s shares with his to boot Gabi out but she doesn’t see it that way. Johnny calls it pretty obvious that EJ inviting Ava to live here wasn’t about taking care of his brother’s widow, but about controlling his shares. EJ reminds Johnny that Ava’s marriage to Jake is highly suspect as she married him shortly before he was shot to death. Johnny questions if he thinks Ava was responsible for Jake’s death. EJ says no, but the marriage is suspect because he was killed the same day she married him. Johnny feels Ava has to be shell shocked. EJ assures that Ava is always thinking clearly and never stops acting in her own best interests. Johnny suggests Ava is just trying to do what Jake would’ve wanted and maybe Jake wanted Gabi to stay while it sounds like EJ is asking Ava to say to hell with what Jake wanted. EJ doesn’t think Ava really cares about what Jake would’ve wanted. Johnny asks what that means. EJ responds that Ava isn’t as grief stricken as he seems to think.

Gabi tells Chloe that what happened between her and Stefan was not about hurting Chloe. Gabi admits that at first she wanted to get back at him because he was part of the reason she went to prison for something she didn’t do. Gabi says she didn’t expect to fall in love with him but it just happened. Gabi thought she had been in love before, but Stefan was the first and only man that ever really loved her back. Chloe apologizes for trying to make her feel guilty and now she feels guilty. Chloe asks Gabi not to cry as she was just very hurt and angry when Stefan dumped her for Gabi, but realistically they never would’ve lasted since Vivian would’ve been her mother in law. Chloe says that she and Brady are together now and Gabi and Stefan were obviously meant to be.

Dr. Rolf asks if Li has had a conversation with Kristen about her plan for Stefan and Chloe. Li says that Kristen is a smart woman and will figure out what to do. Li adds that Dr. Rolf said Kristen told him that she’s on board with his plan, so it seems he has his marching orders. Li tells Rolf to go back to his lab and start working on Stefan right away.

Brady asks Rachel if she wants a snack but she declines. Marlena offers to take Rachel to the cafeteria. Rachel asks if Kristen can come with them. Kristen says she needs to stay and talk to Brady but promises to see her soon. Marlena then exits with Rachel. Brady asks Kristen what the hell she is doing with the locket. Kristen questions him being angry because she gave a present to her own child. Kristen complains that she’d been carrying it around for ages, waiting for a chance to see her. Kristen thanks Brady for giving her that chance. Brady responds that she’s making him wish that he hadn’t. Brady argues that the necklace is going to put ideas in Rachel’s idea which is exactly what she wanted. Kristen remarks that it’s just a picture of them. Brady complains that it will give Rachel hope that they are somehow going to be a family again. Kristen asks who says they won’t.

Gabi looks over Chloe’s report and notes that it’s pretty detailed, so she asks what Kristen’s problem with it was. Chloe says apparently her first draft was too vague and now this one was too long so nothing she does is going to please Kristen. Gabi agrees to do what she can but that Kristen will come up with some new way to torture her. Chloe responds that she’s not quitting because Kristen needs to know two can play her game and that Kristen’s not the only one who can play hard ball.

Brady can’t believe he has to tell Kristen again that they are never getting together again, ever. Brady says he let her see Rachel because that’s what Rachel wanted but warns her about if she tries to turn her against Chloe or makes ridiculous promises. Kristen claims she would never use her. Brady argues that Kristen hasn’t seen Rachel in months and the first thing she does is go on about how they used to be a family. Brady talks about how Rachel didn’t understand that they were on the run because her mother was convicted of stabbing her great grandfather in the heart. Kristen argues that he knows why she did that. Brady states that Rachel has been through enough, so he wants to keep stability in her life. Brady adds that just because Rachel wants Kristen in her life, doesn’t mean he’s going to do whatever Kristen wants. Kristen complains that keeping Rachel away from her would be heartless and cruel. Brady calls that hilarious coming from her since she tried to kidnap Rachel to keep her away from him. Kristen admits she was wrong and desperate. Brady shouts that she’s always desperate. Brady decides that this visit is over, so he’s going to pick up their daughter. Kristen stops him to ask when she gets to see her again. Brady says when she stops putting her needs in front of her daughter’s and when she is the mother she needs. Kristen asks how dare he speak to her that way. Brady says he’s just calling it as he sees it and walks out of the office.

Johnny goes to Ava’s room and finds her wiping tears so he asks if she’s alright. Ava says she’s okay. Johnny says he’s sorry about the way EJ is treating her. Ava says that EJ is pressuring her to give him Jake’s shares and when she said she wouldn’t, he said he would kick her out. Ava says she’s no pushover so she’s not going anywhere. Johnny says that ever since EJ screwed it up with Sami, he’s been really one track minded about getting the company back but that doesn’t give him an excuse to walk all over Ava after everything she’s been through. Johnny says he’s sorry that EJ did that. Ava says Johnny is sweet, but she grew up in a mob family so she’s not going to let EJ DiMera rattle her. Johnny sits next to her and asks if he’s the reason she was crying. Ava says no and that it’s just been a tough last few years from turning her back on her family and bouncing around, then her youngest son got himself murdered while her oldest son couldn’t take it here anymore, so he moved out West. Ava adds that then losing Jake too and it all just became a bit much, but she’s always okay. Johnny tells her that if she ever needs anyone to talk to, he’s there. Johnny and Ava hug as EJ walks by and sees them. Johnny says he just got back from a run, so he’s going to shower. Ava thanks him for being there for her. Johnny then exits the room. After Johnny walks away, EJ comes back by and approaches Ava’s room.

Brady brings Rachel to Chloe at Basic Black. Rachel shows Chloe her locket and picture, noting that Kristen said the picture was when they were a family. Brady calls that a long time ago. Rachel responds that she wants to be a family again.

Marlena returns to her office where Kristen remains. Marlena didn’t think she’d still be there. Kristen hoped Brady would bring Rachel back to say goodbye but Marlena says no and that Rachel was jet lagged and wanted to see Chloe. Kristen accuses Marlena of saying that to hurt her. Marlena tells her that she said that to help her face the reality that Brady and Chloe are together and they love each other, so nothing she can do could change that.

Dr. Rolf can’t promise to program Stefan’s feelings with Li and Kristen’s visions, but he can only promise to do his best work. Li says that’s all he can ask and says he has faith in him. Li asks Rolf to keep him updated on his progress which he agrees to do. Li opens the door for Rolf to leave but is shocked to see Gabi. Gabi questions why Li didn’t tell her that he was meeting with this creep and what they have to meet about.

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