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Jake and Ava sit in the town square together, talking about it being cold out in May. Jake gives Ava his jacket and notes Ava’s bad mood. Ava complains about Jake going back to work at DiMera as she thought he was done with them and especially Gabi. Ava guesses despite all the petty things she’s done, Gabi still has her hooks in Jake. Jake disagrees and says that Gabi presented a very good argument for him to go back to DiMera. Jake calls it his birthright to be a part of DiMera, just like Chad and EJ, so he never should’ve let them chase him out of the company in the first place. Jake adds that Gabi seems to think he can help her stabilize the company. Ava comments that it also helps Gabi keep him in her orbit. Ava says there will be business dinners and trips. Jake assures that he and Gabi are done. Ava questions if their relationship is just platonic then like theirs.

Steve joins Kayla at the hospital and says he was at the police station, asking about Allie, but nobody is talking. Steve asks about the baby. Kayla says he’s perfect which Steve says is finally some good news. Steve asks about Ciara. Kayla says she’s fine and that she and Ben are over the moon. Kayla reveals to Steve that Ben and Ciara named the baby Bo, which Steve calls perfect.

At the Brady Pub, Kate calls Lucas and leaves another message, reminding him that she gave him 24 hours and she’s heard nothing from him. Kate adds that everyone is looking for he and Sami, wondering where they are and Allie is in trouble and needs them. Kate knows she promised to keep what Lucas did to Sami a secret, but warns that she is going to have to tell Roman. Roman then appears and asks what she will have to tell him.

Ciara asks Ben if she’s seeing things as she envisions her dad, Bo. Ben responds that if she is, then he is too. Angel Bo speaks as Ciara asks if it’s really him and he came back. Bo says it’s him but he’s not really in the flesh. Ciara guesses he was the presence at the cemetery which Bo confirms. Ciara cries that he saved her son’s life. Ciara tells her baby that this is her granddad. Ciara tells Bo that she named her son Bo. Bo thanks her for that.

Eric asks if Tripp can hear him. The Devil responds that was surprisingly easy as Tripp didn’t even put up a fight, but it seems as if his sacrifice was for nothing because Allie is still going to die and by Tripp’s own hands. Devil Tripp goes to choke Allie on the ground. Marlena screams while Tripp’s voice inside says he won’t let the Devil hurt her. John tries to stop Devil Tripp and says to let him help. Tripp suddenly pulls back and says there is no help. Tripp then runs and dives through the second story window as Marlena screams. Eric and John rush to the window and look out to see Tripp lying bloody in a pile of glass on the ground outside. John says this is bad as he and Eric rush downstairs to get down there. Allie regains consciousness. Johnny tells her that everything is fine. Allie questions where they are and what’s going on. Marlena says they will explain and asks how she feels. Allie says she had awful dreams and there was a baby. Johnny tells her that was Ciara’s baby but he is fine now. Allie questions what she did. Johnny tells Marlena that Allie needs to know, like he did. Johnny then reveals to Allie that she was possessed. Allie says no that was Johnny. Johnny says he was but then The Devil went from him in to her and she fought him so hard. Allie mentions hearing Tripp’s voice just now so she knows he was there and asks where he is.

John and Eric rush to Tripp’s body outside. Eric asks if he can hear him. Tripp asks if Allie is okay. John confirms that she’s fine and he saved her. Tripp asks about the Devil. Eric says he’s gone thanks to him. Tripp brings up the Devil trying to hurt Allie. Tripp starts to pass out. John encourages Tripp to hang in there while Eric calls for an ambulance.

Eric goes back inside the church and informs Marlena that John is getting Tripp in to the ambulance. Allie questions what he’s talking about and where Tripp is because she knows he was there. Allie demands to know what happened to Tripp.

Ciara cries that she never thought she’d see her father again. Bo responds that he’s been watching over her, her mom, her brother, and now her son all along. Ciara worries that The Devil is still out there but Bo assures that the Devil is gone and not coming back so they are safe. Ciara asks how he can be sure. Bo states that it’s because one good man sacrificed everything to get rid of the Devil.

Steve tells Kayla that he sees a lot of Bo in Ciara. Kayla says she does as well all the time and now Ciara is so fierce about her baby just like her dad was. Steve asks Kayla to call their kids to inform them that they have a new cousin. John arrives and informs them that Tripp had an accident which Steve questions. John reveals that he took a fall and it’s not good as he’s in the ER. Kayla instructs Steve to call Ava while she rushes to the emergency room.

Jake jokes about Ava not liking Gabi. Jake brings up Ava mentioning their relationship is platonic and asks if she doesn’t like that very much. Ava suggests she’s in a bad mood because Gabi interrupted them. Jake admits they aren’t having much fun here so maybe they should head home. Ava agrees but then she gets a phone call from Steve. Steve informs Ava that Tripp is in the hospital after there’s been an accident, so she needs to get down there right away. Ava says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Jake asks if everything is okay. Ava informs him that she has to get to Tripp, so they rush off.

Roman guesses whatever Kate has to tell him must be real bad if she’d rather set the table than talk to him. Kate says she’s just trying to figure out how to tell him. Kate knows Roman is worried about Sami and she is too. Lucas then surprisingly enters the Pub and asks if it’s because of him. Kate hugs him and questions where the hell he was and why he didn’t answer her phone calls. Lucas says before he gets to that, he wants to know how Allie is doing and where she is. Roman says they are sorry but they don’t know.

Allie questions if she hurt Tripp while possessed. Eric promises she did not. Johnny encourages that she fought The Devil. Eric notes that she’s in rough shape, so they need to get her home. Allie wants to see Tripp. Eric says the doctors are going to take care of Tripp while they take care of her and she needs to take care of her son, Henry. Allie asks about Ciara’s baby. Johnny says they didn’t know where Ciara was until Allie told them, so because of that, the baby is with his mom and dad now. Johnny, Marlena, and Eric then take Allie to get her home.

Ciara questions what Bo means by someone sacrificed everything. Bo says she will find out soon enough. Bo encourages that they have a whole lot of Bradys and Hortons watching over them and even a Weston or two. Bo acknowledges Ben’s worries about having a baby but encourages him to let it go because it’s all about redemption and Ben has redeemed himself. Bo calls Ben a good man and an okay husband, so if he works real hard, he’ll be a great dad. Ben thanks him. Bo tells Ciara that he loves her but he has to go as there is something he has to take care of. Bo says to tell Hope that he loves her and that he’s really proud of Ciara. Ciara tries to stop him but Bo disappears back in to the light. Ciara tells Ben that she always wanted him to meet her dad as they hug.

Ava and Jake arrive at the hospital. Ava goes to John to ask where Tripp is. John tells her that he was taken straight to the ER and Steve is down there with him so Ava rushes off. Jake asks John if Tripp is going to be okay. John responds that he doesn’t know.

Ava joins Steve in the emergency room as Kayla and the doctors are trying to revive Tripp. Ava asks what happened. Ava then questions why Kayla is stopping and tells her to do it again. Kayla turns and cries that she’s sorry. Steve breaks down crying as Ava continues questioning everything. Kayla announces it’s too late as Tripp is gone. Ava cries in shock that he can’t be gone.

Roman questions why Lucas is just now telling him that Sami is in the hospital. Lucas explains that they were skiing in Italy, Sami wiped out and broke her leg. Lucas says it’s bad and there’s no way Sami could fly right now. Kate questions why he didn’t call. Lucas says the reception was terrible but they did get Kate’s message about Allie, so as soon as they heard that, Sami told him to come home. Roman questions him just leaving Sami there. Lucas argues that she’ll be fine in the hands of trained professionals. Roman decides he needs to go let Marlena know and walks away. Kate questions Lucas as to what the real story is. Lucas says he just told her and asks why he would lie about that. Kate points out that Lucas lied about kidnapping Sami so why not this time.

Ben tells Ciara that now more than ever, he is so glad they named their baby after her dad. Ciara cries that it was Bo at the cemetery and he’s the reason that she was able to step in to the pentagram. Ben agrees that Bo is why they are with their son now. Jake enters and says he heard the good news, but he sees they are crying so he says he’ll come back. Ciara assures it’s fine and calls Jake over to meet Bo. Jake says he’s beautiful and makes sure they are all okay. Ciara calls it a crazy night. Jake looks away, so Ben asks what it is. Jake wishes he didn’t have to tell them this, but Ava got a call about half an hour ago that Tripp was in an accident, though John made it sound like it was more of a sacrifice. Ciara turns to Ben and mentions Bo saying something about a sacrifice. Ciara then asks Jake if Tripp is dead.

Ava pleads with Kayla to do something. Kayla says she’s sorry but there is nothing else that can be done. Ava argues that Kayla’s not sorry and asks if she’s happy now that she got everything she wanted. Ava accuses Kayla of hating that she and Steve had a son, so she killed him. Steve cries for Ava to stop it as their son is dead and Kayla did everything she could, but he’s gone, so she has to stop this out of respect for Tripp. Kayla decides they will leave them alone and exits with the doctors. Ava states that their son is dead and breaks down crying as Steve hugs her.

John sees Kayla come out from the ER and that she’s crying. Kayla reveals to John that she lost him after doing everything she could. John hugs Kayla as she cries.

Johnny and Marlena bring Allie home. Johnny asks if Marlena thinks Tripp is going to make it. Allie comes back in from checking on Henry and says she doesn’t remember the last time she saw him. Marlena assures that he’s been fine and they have all been looking after him. Allie thanks her but says now they need to tell her what she did. Marlena suggests she rest first but Allie insists that she needs to know. Allie asks how the Devil went from Johnny to her. Johnny reminds Allie that she came to the DiMera Mansion to tell him off for telling Tripp about her and Chanel, but that wasn’t him, it was The Devil. Johnny encourages that Allie figured it out and was helping him fight, but then he went in to her. Johnny says he was so worried about her and he missed her. Allie doesn’t remember much but says she missed him too and hugs him.

Lucas asks if Kate thinks he kidnapped Sami. Kate remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time. Roman comes back and says he left a message for Marlena even though she has enough to worry about with Allie. Lucas questions what’s been going on with Allie since they just said she was in trouble. Kate reveals that Allie is possessed by The Devil, shocking Lucas. Eric arrives and announces that she’s not anymore as Tripp saved Allie’s life, but now he’s in the hospital. Eric explains that Allie’s life was at stake as the Devil had control of her, so Tripp called The Devil in to him and then when he had control of Tripp, he tried to kill Allie but Tripp threw himself out the church tower window. Lucas asks if Allie is at the hospital too. Eric informs him that Johnny and Marlena took her home to see Henry. Lucas decides he has to get to her and rushes out of the Pub.

Marlena suggests Allie get some rest. Johnny agrees. Allie says that she’s home and thanks them. Allie hugs them both and then goes to her room. Johnny tells Marlena that if Tripp doesn’t make it, he doesn’t know what that will do to Allie. Marlena then gets a call from John, informing her that it’s bad news.

Jake questions Ciara about her father being here. Ciara says he was at the cemetery and was here just now. Ben brings up John saying that Tripp was trying to save Allie. Jake confirms that Tripp got the Devil to leave Allie and go in to him, but then he jumped out the window. Jake adds that Allie is now fine. Ciara talks about it being terrifying at the cabin and the cemetery. Ben hopes the rest of their son’s life is calmer than the beginning as he’s so glad he is okay. Jake congratulates them and says he’s happy for them. Jake decides to go check on Tripp and exits the room.

John finishes his call and tells Kayla that Marlena sends her love. Jake comes out and guesses that it’s bad. John reveals that Tripp died a few minutes ago. Jake asks where Ava is. Kayla says she’s and Steve are with Tripp in the trauma room. Jake then walks away.

Steve and Ava cry over Tripp’s body. Ava laments not being allowed to know him until after so many lost years and wasted time. Steve encourages her to think of the time they did have with him and that Tripp loved her. Ava cries that she didn’t deserve a son like him and he didn’t deserve a mother like her. Steve says that won’t help. Ava feels maybe she doesn’t deserve to be helped. Ava lays next to Tripp’s body and kisses him goodbye as Steve cries. Jake then enters the room to comfort Ava as she cries that her baby is gone.

Marlena breaks the news to Johnny that Tripp died saving Allie and calls it no greater love. Johnny doesn’t know how they are going to tell her as Allie comes back out from her room and asks what it is. Lucas then shows up at the door. Allie excitedly rushes up to hug him.

Jake offers to take Ava home and hugs her as she cries. Jake tells Steve that he’s so sorry. Jake then walks Ava out of the room. Steve breaks down crying over Tripp, asking why. Kayla returns to the room and informs Steve that she called their kids, Stephanie and Joey, so they wouldn’t hear it from anyone else. Kayla hugs Steve as he cries that he wants his boy. Bo appears in the room as an angel and touches Tripp. Tripp then suddenly comes back to life, shocking Kayla and Steve. Kayla points out that he didn’t have a heartbeat or a pulse. Steve calls out to Tripp. Steve then looks up at the bright light and sees Bo, who smiles and nods, before disappearing again. Tripp then calls out to Steve as they rejoice.

John sees Jake and Ava leaving the hospital. John goes over and tells Ava that he’s sorry and to call if she needs anything. Jake thanks him and they go to get on the elevator but Steve appears and tells Ava to wait.

Steve brings Ava back to the emergency room where Kayla has Tripp sitting up in his hospital bed. Ava can’t believe it’s true. Kayla confirms that he’s alive as Tripp then greets Ava. Ava hugs Tripp as Steve and Kayla look on with smiles.

Ben comes back to the hospital room with Ciara and informs her that she’s not going to believe this but Kayla pronounced Tripp dead, but then he kept back to life. Ciara responds that she does believe it because Bo said he had something left to do. Ben says that if Tripp died, it would’ve killed Allie, Steve, and Ava. Ben just wants everybody to be as happy as they are now. Ciara doesn’t think anybody could be as happy as they are now as they kiss.

Roman finishes a call with Kayla and announces to Kate and Eric that it was close and Kayla thought they lost Tripp, but it looks like he’s going to be just fine.

Lucas apologizes to Allie for not being there for her. Allie says there is nothing he or anyone could have done, except Tripp. Allie asks if they heard about him. Johnny confirms that they did. Allie asks if Tripp died because of her. Lucas tells her not to do that. Allie cries that she never got to tell Tripp how she felt and that she loves him. There’s a knock at the door but Allie says she can’t see anyone. Marlena answers the door and it’s John. John comes in to announce that Tripp pulled through, he’s alive and Kayla thinks he’s going to be just fine. Allie is thrilled and hugs John as she cries.

Tripp asks about Allie. Kayla assures that she will be just fine, thanks to him. Steve calls Tripp a hero. Ava asks him to never scare them like that again. Tripp says he won’t and he loves them. Steve says they love him.

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