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Sonny has a nightmare about walking in on Will in bed with Leo.

At the DiMera Mansion, Abigail finishes a call and tells Chad that she’s working on the Sami kidnapping case and might have got a real lead that will bring her closer to finding out who is behind the kidnapping.

Marlena is at home, leaving a message for Belle to call her because they have to talk about this. Marlena hangs up as Kate arrives at her door. Kate asks if Marlena knew that Will was going back to Arizona today. Marlena says that seems rather sudden. Kate mentions that her and Roman are throwing Will a going away breakfast and invites Marlena and John to join them. Marlena says that John is working but she can make it. Kate asks if Marlena is alright as she doesn’t seem herself. Marlena admits she’s worried about Belle. Kate says she heard Belle and Shawn are having problems and asks if Belle is still staying here. Marlena says she was until last night, then she got upset with her and stormed out and hasn’t come home.

EJ has a dream about being in bed with Belle.

Roman finds Lucas at the Brady Pub and sees the ice pack on his hand, so he asks what happened to him. Lucas responds that it was EJ DiMera.

Belle goes to EJ’s room and wakes him up from his dream. Belle apologizes for waking him up but EJ says he should’ve been up an hour ago and asks how she slept. Belle says she slept fine but notes that she didn’t go home last night so she asks if Abigail might have some clothes for her to wear. EJ offers to lend her a robe so she can go down for breakfast and then have Harold go to get her things. Belle worries about being an imposition but EJ assures she could never be.

Sonny wakes up from his nightmare and tells Will about it. Will encourages that it was just a dream and would never happen. Sonny points out he never thought it would happen to himself again either. Will understands that Leo really did a number on him and it will take time to get over. Will points out that it didn’t change things between them. Sonny worries that Leo is not done getting revenge. Will brings up that Leo said himself that he had other fish to fry and he has a long list of people he blames for Craig leaving. Will points out that Leo published pictures of Chad and Sonny, so he wonders who he is going after next.

Leo is in the DiMera Wine Cellar and gets a call from Gwen. Leo says thanks to Gwen’s direction, he was able to make his way through the DiMera tunnels. Leo declares that best of all, Abigail is right upstairs.

Abigail tells Chad that she was going to track down the other kidnapper that got away and he just got arrested in Wisconsin on unrelated charges. Chad questions how she found that out. Abigail says she just realized that Salem police stopped looking for him after EJ was released so she reached out to a contact, who gave her arrest reports. Abigail questions Chad not congratulating her. Chad says it’s great that she found him but asks if it was worth it. Chad questions if Abigail really thinks this guy is going to tell a different story than the guy who testified that EJ was the one who hired him. Abigail guesses she will find out when she goes to Milwaukee today, but Chad tells her that she’s not going.

Marlena explains to Kate that when Belle heard she agreed to treat Jan, she got furious and took off. Kate asks if you can blame her since Jan is pregnant and Belle’s husband is the father of the baby. Kate brings up that Jan has tried to kill Belle for years and recently kidnapped her daughter. Marlena says she knows all that but no matter what, Jan does deserve good mental health care. Kate doesn’t think Marlena has to provide it and suggests recommending someone else. Marlena feels she is uniquely qualified to treat Jan and maybe she can end this reign of terror that she has against Belle. Kate wishes her luck but doesn’t think it will be easy. Marlena then gets a text from Belle, informing her that she is with EJ. Kate knows it’s not her business but wonders if something is going on between them.

Belle tells EJ that she just texted Marlena so she won’t worry and hopefully they won’t come try to rescue her. EJ hopes they will respect her wishes but Belle feels she’s been a constant disappointment to them. EJ praises her. Belle talks about all the mistakes made along the way which EJ questions. EJ says he knows Belle as an honest, caring, and smart person who he greatly admires and he feels she is too hard on herself. Belle responds that from her parents perspective, they haven’t approved of all of her decisions like how she handled Claire’s mental illness. EJ points out that Claire is doing very well now. Belle says she was in denial for a long time and thinks that caused a lot of pain, so she thinks Marlena still holds that against her. EJ calls that a very terrible, difficult situation. Belle worries that Marlena doesn’t think she is capable of making good decisions and that’s why she is here looking sloppy. EJ says she’s beautiful as always. Belle doesn’t want to look like this when she goes crawling back to her parents. EJ agrees to ask Abigail to lend her something, but first asks if she really wants to go back to her parents.

Roman asks Lucas about he and EJ getting in to it and guesses it was about Sami. Lucas complains that EJ still thinks he kidnapped her and he’s still pushing that big lie which is ludicrous since everybody knows he did it. Roman points out that the charges against EJ were dropped. Lucas says that’s because he’s a DiMera and they don’t ever pay for what they do. Lucas questions why EJ doesn’t let the matter drop since he got away with it. Roman responds that he’s not sure it was EJ as he still has a lot of unanswered questions about what actually happened.

Leo tells Gwen that he doesn’t know how long he’s going to be in the wine cellar as he’s still working out his plan, but when he’s through, Chad will know exactly how he felt when he lost the love of his life.

Abigail questions Chad telling her not to go. Chad apologizes for it coming out wrong and asks if they can talk about it because he’s worried about her. Chad says he just got her back from Kristen and now she wants to track down some guy who kidnaps women. Chad argues that the story is old news since EJ is out of jail and Sami is out of town, so nobody really cares and EJ wants to move on. Abigail asks if it ever occurred to him that Sami could still be in danger. Chad argues that Lucas rescued her and nothing has happened. Chad questions Abigail putting her life on the line. Abigail says it will be a supervised visitation at a police station. Abigail asks if Chad doesn’t want to clear EJ’s name. Abigail declares that she’s going to Milwaukee to find out the truth. Chad then stops Abigail and tells her that she doesn’t have to go anywhere to find out who really kidnapped Sami because he knows. Chad then reveals to Abigail that it was Lucas.

Will tells Sonny that they know Leo will go after Brady and Chloe but feels the more people he goes after, the more likely he is to get caught. Sonny doesn’t know since the drugs were out of his system by the time he took his blood test. Sonny hates how Leo keeps getting away with things and that’s why he went so crazy when he found out about Craig Wesley. Sonny couldn’t stand Leo doing what he did to him to someone else and just getting away with it. Will encourages that he didn’t get away with it because Sonny freed Craig. Sonny says he just has to free himself and get Leo out of his head. Will thinks he can help with that as they kiss.

Leo remains in the DiMera Wine Cellar and guesses he’ll have to get his own breakfast. Leo opens the door to leave but finds Chad and Abigail’s son Thomas standing there. Thomas asks who Leo is and what he’s doing in his house.

Kate asks Marlena if she thinks it’s telling that of all the people Belle knows in Salem, she went to EJ’s last night. Marlena points out that Belle and EJ work together. Kate mocks it being a business sleepover. Marlena insists that they are only friends. Kate remarks that EJ doesn’t have friends as predators seldom do. Marlena says that Belle is in no mood for advice from either of her parents. Kate comments that it would be easier if children just did what their parents said. Marlena can’t even imagine how Sami would react if she thought that EJ was going after her sister. Kate asks why Sami would care since she’s with Lucas now and they are very happy. Marlena feels it would still drive Sami over the edge if she thought that EJ was pursuing her sister, even though EJ kidnapped her and she was afraid for her life. Marlena will forever be grateful to Lucas for rescuing Sami from those kidnappers and for the friendship they have had all these years since they were teenagers. Kate suggests they get to the Pub so they exit together.

Belle tells EJ that she doesn’t want to go back to her parents, but she also doesn’t want to hurt them since they’ve been through a lot too. Belle thinks she just needs to take care of herself and preserve her sanity. EJ thinks that is the right way to go. Belle says she’ll just do what everyone else does in Salem when their life falls apart and get a room at the Salem Inn, joking that they have a very good rate for losers. EJ encourages that she’s a strong woman in an impossible position and she’s just regrouping. EJ sees her as dealing with an impossible situation with a great deal of dignity and character. EJ encourages that she’s a lot stronger than she thinks. Belle thanks him for seeing her that way. EJ says he always has. Belle remarks that he doesn’t need some random heartbroken woman showing up on his door step. EJ argues that she is his friend and he can’t change what has happened to her but he can offer her a guest bedroom, privacy, and as much time to think as she needs. Belle then agrees so EJ decides it’s settled and he will tell Harold to have her things brought here. Belle thanks him. EJ tells her to think nothing of it and if she ever questions the magnitude of what she’s dealing with, this is the first time that he thought this madhouse could be someone’s oasis of calm.

Lucas questions Roman having unanswered questions. Roman asks who framed EJ by placing those phony transactions on DiMera computers and why bother framing him if he was actually guilty since usually innocent people get framed. Lucas questions thinking EJ is innocent. Roman admits he’s not usually, but in this case, the cop part of him says it just doesn’t add up. Lucas brings up the guy who held Sami captive saying that EJ hired him, so that’s all the proof he needs. Lucas declares he’s going to make sure that EJ stays away from Sami for good. Roman agrees to help with that since he still believes EJ is a creep. Lucas wants to make sure he gets things right from the start with Sami this time. Lucas then asks Roman for his permission to marry Sami.

Abigail questions Chad telling her that it was Lucas who kidnapped Sami. Abigail argues that DiMeras kidnap people but not Hortons. Chad calls it the truth. Abigail asks how it can be and why Lucas would kidnap Sami. Chad explains that it was to keep her away from EJ. Abigail asks if he’s sure. Chad confirms that he caught Lucas planting fake financial reports on his computer to frame EJ. Chad says Lucas admitted to everything and then begged him to keep his mouth shut to let EJ take the fall. Abigail questions Chad just going along with it. Chad explains that he didn’t want Lucas to go to prison and EJ wasn’t exactly his favorite person at that time. Abigail points out that was months ago and questions Chad knowing all this time. Chad says so many times he wanted to tell her the truth as he knew EJ could go to prison for years for something he didn’t do. Chad adds that he was going to come clean about everything and testify at the trial but then he thought it was EJ kissing Abigail so he kept his mouth shut and watched as EJ was shipped off to prison. Chad says then he found out it wasn’t EJ, so he was going to come forward again but then Belle got the charges dropped and Kate convinced him that Lucas wasn’t a threat to Sami. Chad states that since EJ was released, telling the truth wouldn’t help anyone but it would screw up his relationship with EJ probably permanently. Abigail can’t believe this. Chad says he’s sorry as he knows he has no right to ask but he asks if she can keep this between them. EJ then walks in with Belle and questions keeping what between them.

Roman questions Lucas asking him for his daughter’s hand in marriage as if they’ve gone back a couple centuries and like Sami won’t do whatever she wants regardless of what he says. Lucas says it’s more about them than he and Sami. Lucas wondered if it was okay and if Roman thinks he’s good enough for his daughter, since his opinion matters to him. Lucas knows his history isn’t the best right now. Roman acknowledges that he screwed up a lot, but he’s also been a great dad to Will and Allie, and a really good friend to Sami. Roman loves Sami very much but Lucas is good for her. Roman thinks Lucas understands Sami in a way that nobody else does, so he gives him his blessing. Lucas thanks him. Roman orders him to just keep her safe and visit often. Lucas agrees to as Kate and Marlena arrive. Kate asks if they are interrupting something.

Sonny tells Will that he hates to leave but reminds him that Will’s family is expecting them at the Pub now. Will says that can wait but this can’t as he kisses him.

Leo questions what Thomas is doing in the wine cellar all by himself. Thomas responds that he and his sister are playing hide and seek. Leo guesses he’s been found now.

Chad asks what Belle is doing at the DiMera Mansion. EJ explains that he’s invited her to stay with them for awhile in the guest house. Chad calls that very hospitable of him. EJ responds that it’s the least he could do after she got him out of prison on the false kidnapping charges. EJ asks Chad what he was asking Abigail to keep between them. Chad calls it a private conversation but Abigail thinks they should tell him.

Roman tells Kate that she is not interrupting and they were just having guy talk. Roman tells Marlena that he’s glad she could make it. She thanks him for inviting her. Roman hoped she’d bring John and Belle along. Marlena responds that John’s at work while she and Belle aren’t getting along right now. Roman says he’s sorry to hear that. Marlena says she’s actually a bit worried that Belle and Shawn might not be able to get through all of this. Roman encourages that if Lucas and Sami could get through all that they have, then there’s hope for anybody. Kate steps aside with Lucas and says she knows he thinks he’s worked everything out with Sami. Lucas tells him not to start in on her. Kate says she’s starting in on him because she knows he thinks he will just walk off into the sunset with Sami, but if she finds out from anyone other than him that he kidnapped her, there’s no coming back from that. Lucas assures that he knows that. Kate encourages him to tell her himself that it was him. Lucas asks if she’s nuts since she would kill him and wouldn’t understand. Lucas argues that it doesn’t matter since Sami won’t find out because Kate and Chad won’t say anything and no one else knows. Kate hopes he’s right. Roman calls over to Kate and asks if she knows what is keeping Will.

Sonny and Will lay in bed. Sonny wishes Will didn’t have to go back to Arizona today. Will assures that he and Arianna will be back as soon as she’s done with school. Sonny says it was nice just to see him, even if it was because of Leo.

Leo remarks to himself that he could lock Thomas up down here for years and his parents wouldn’t notice for months or years, but he’s a good person so he couldn’t do that. Thomas questions Leo talking to himself and who he is anyway. Leo claims to be the tooth fairy. Thomas says he didn’t lose a tooth. Leo guesses he has the wrong house. Thomas argues that fairies are girls. Leo responds that he has a lot to learn, but says nobody is supposed to see the Tooth Fairy so he has to keep a big secret and not tell anybody about him. Leo asks if he can count on him or not.

Abigail announces to EJ and Belle that she and Chad have decided to try to have another baby. Abigail says Chad wanted to keep it between them but she wants to tell everybody as they will all find out anyway. EJ calls it wonderful and Belle says that’s baby news she can actually be happy about. Abigail brings up that Chad wasn’t able to be present with her other pregnancies from the very beginning so this will be different as these days they just share everything. EJ congratulates them and says he’s thrilled for them both as he hugs Chad.

EJ brings Belle to the guest house. Belle wonders how Harold got her stuff there so quickly. EJ calls him magical and figured she’d want to get unpacked so he asked Harold to bring up breakfast on a tray. Belle jokes that she could get used to this and calls it so different from how she grew up. EJ says sometimes he wishes he grew up like her in a normal home with two parents. Belle jokes about having a big sister who hated her. EJ points out that three months ago, he and Chad wanted to kill each other but now they are like brothers. Belle is glad to see they worked it out. EJ admits he was a real jerk when he came back to Salem. Belle jokes that Chad would be the first to agree. EJ says now that Chad has found some way to get over it, he’s going to make sure he doesn’t screw things up with him anymore…

Chad tells Abigail that he worried to her that she was going to tell EJ everything. Abigail says she just had to tell him something, otherwise he was going to think they were keeping secrets from him. Chad acknowledges that they were and apologizes for dragging her in to this. Abigail hates lying but thinks Chad is right as she doesn’t want to mess up his relationship with EJ or for Lucas to go to prison as Jennifer would be crushed. Chad says he should’ve known she would understand. Abigail assures that she’s on his side, she loves him, and they are a team as they kiss.

Leo warns Thomas that if he says anything, that means no more tooth fairy money for the rest of his life. Leo remarks that he comes from a family full of liars, creeps, and sneaks so he hopes he can keep his word. Thomas says he doesn’t want to lose his $50 for a tooth. Leo asks if he can count on him. Thomas says yes. Leo says he’ll be watching him which Thomas says sounds like Santa. Leo says if he wants the magic to continue, he will need to bring him breakfast. Thomas questions the tooth fairy eating people food as he then exits the cellar.

Will and Sonny arrive at the Brady Pub. Roman questions where they have been. Will says something came up. Marlena says as long as they are here now. Will apologizes for the hello and goodbye but says he’ll be back soon. Kate says she will hold him to that. Kate then gets a text and says she has to go. Lucas asks if everything is okay. Kate says she hopes so and exits. Roman wishes they had more time together. Will knows he blew in and out of town but promises to be back soon. Marlena mentions that Allie told her that she had a very helpful conversation with Will, so she thanks him for that. Will says he was just trying to be there for Allie like Marlena was for him when he was figuring things out. Will tells Marlena that he loves her as they hug. Sonny hates to cut the reunion short but they have to get going. Will repeats that he’ll be back soon and hugs Roman and Lucas. Will declares the whole family will be back together again. Roman suggests a big party which Lucas agrees with.

Kate meets Chad in the town square and asks what’s the important information that he needs to share with her. Chad thought she should know that he told Abigail that Lucas kidnapped Sami.

Abigail sees Thomas coming out of the tunnels and questions what he was doing down there. Thomas responds that he was playing hide and seek with Charlotte and she never found him. Abigail says that’s because he’s not supposed to go down there because it’s dangerous. Thomas asks why since no one was down there except… Abigail asks except who and if he saw somebody down there. Thomas responds that he promised not to tell. Abigail tells him it’s okay to tell her. Thomas then tells her it was the tooth fairy.

Leo has his breakfast in the wine cellar and says he has a big day ahead of him. Leo then looks over his list of enemies which includes Chad, Abigail, Brady, Chloe, and Sonny.

Belle goes to EJ’s room, where he is coming out of the shower in just a towel.

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