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Recap written by Christine

Victor was at Crimson Lights with Nick. He said Michael sent him proof that the doctor received a lot of money from a subsidiary of Locke Communications. Nick thought that was careless on Ashland’s part. Victor said it was obvious that Ashland didn’t think Victor would investigate him. Victor revealed that Michael was missing. Victor suspected Ashland had a hand in it. Nick asked how much Victoria knew. Victor said he told Victoria everything, but Ashland tried talking his way out of it. Nick asked what they’d do if Victoria refused to believe the information in front of her.

Nick was against the marriage from the beginning, because he saw how easily Victoria was manipulated by Ashland. Nick said that Victoria had been brainwashed into thinking Ashland was the victim. Victor said Ashland convinced Victoria to make him co-CEO. Nick stated that Victoria spent years fighting for sole control of the company, then she just gave it up. Nick asked Victor what he was going to do. Victor wanted Nick to talk to Victoria, since Victor and Nikki had already failed to get through to her. Nick pointed out that Victoria cut him out for trying to talk to her about Ashland at the wedding, and their relationship never recovered. Nick didn’t know what he could do when Victoria was siding with Ashland despite all the evidence and Michael going missing. “Son I’m asking you to do it for me. For the family,” Victor said.

Adam called Victor a couple of times to see if there had been any updates from Michael, but Victor didn’t answer. Adam told Sally that he wasn’t sure if his dad was busy or icing him out again. Sally thought Adam worried way too much about what Victor did. That wasn’t the first time Adam heard that. “Face it. You are barely even on his radar. He is all about the princess,” Sally said. Adam knew Sally meant Victoria. Sally said that it could be good that Victor wasn’t focused on Newman Media right now. She reminded him that he’d said the situation could work in his favor. Adam confided that Ashland may have done something that he would be able to take advantage of. But there were no guarantees. Sally said that if things went south between Ashland and Victoria, Newman Locke could suffer, and that could create an opening. Adam smiled and called Sally Lady Macbeth.

Sally told Adam not to be melodramatic – she wasn’t suggesting he seize any thrones. He teased that becoming COO made her become drunk with power. He wanted to hear her take. She didn’t know the details on the Ashland situation, so she was flying blind, but she said Victor made it clear he was going to look out for Victoria, Ashland was going to look out for himself, and Victoria was going to protect her pride and family, with the exception of Adam. To Sally, that meant Adam had to look out for himself, with Sally backing him the whole way, and if that meant he had to step up and fill a leadership void, so be it. At that moment, Victor walked in, and he wanted time alone with his son. Sally left the room and pressed her ear to the closed door. Adam was starting to feel Victor was ignoring him. Victor said he had a lot on his mind, and it had nothing to do with Adam. He said Victoria wouldn’t listen to him. Adam assumed Victor had a plan that Adam could help with. Victor said he asked Nick to talk to Victoria. “That’s it? You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Adam replied. Adam asked if Nick was going to wave his magic wand or invoke his special sibling bond to get Victoria to turn against her husband. He said Victoria was impervious to logic right now, and she’d put the company in the hands in a ruthless shark. Adam said they knew who Ashland was all along, and Victoria failed the family.

At Newman Locke, Victoria confronted Ashland with the evidence Victor gave her. Ashland claimed it was all part of Victor’s plan to paint him as a charlatan who faked a terminal illness. Victoria said there was proof that, while Ashland was CEO of Locke Communications, a substantial amount of money was transferred from a Locke division into the pocket of the doctor who was now accusing Ashland of fabricating cancer. “Kudos to Victor. He wanted to dig up dirt on me and he found someone who was willing to accommodate him,” Ashland groused. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the person trying to set him up. Ashland apologized for losing his temper. Victoria was as upset about this as Ashland was. She just thought they needed to redirect their energy and find a way to fix this.

Victoria said that if they found out who authorized the transfer of money from Locke Communications to the doctor in Peru, they could find out who was behind this. She said the radio division was low key, so Ashland must know who had access to it. Unless it was a hack job, this had to be someone on the inside. He blamed Victor, and Victoria ordered him not to go there. She was sure that her father would never hurt her in this way. Ashland said the Newmans had been trying to interfere in the relationship since he and Victoria met. Victoria said that was only Nicholas. Ashland suggested that Victor was doing this because he didn’t want Ashland to be co-CEO. Victoria said Victor wouldn’t go to these lengths because he disagreed with her on a business decision. Ashland kept arguing his side of things until Victoria asked him to stop fighting her on this. She asked why someone would want to frame Ashland. He said that someone wanted to hurt him in the worst way possible, by making Victoria and others think that he could do something like this. He didn’t care what everyone else thought, but he needed to know she believed him.

Victoria said she knew Ashland was innocent. He was relieved. She said they had to quickly find out who was setting him up. He refused to let this person rob him and Victoria of their happiness together. Nate texted Ashland wanting to meet. Ashland was sure Victor had turned Nate against him. Victoria suggested that Nate was going to say he was behind Ashland. Ashland felt more optimistic that Nate would be on his side. He was sure he’d get through this, with Victoria’s support. They hugged, and when he couldn’t see her face, she looked uncertain. He left. Later, Nick showed up, and Victoria asked why he had the nerve to show his face here.

Nick said that Victor asked him to come make Victoria see reason. He didn’t know how she’d react. She asked why he was bothering. He said she was his sister, and he cared about her and her happiness. She asked why he was trying to destroy her marriage, then. He sympathized with the pressure she was under. He wanted to see if there was a chance she changed her mind about Ashland. He was there for her if she needed a sounding board. Victoria softened and she said she didn’t know what to believe anymore. “It can’t be true, can it?,” she asked.

Ashland met Nate at Society. Nate was icy toward Ashland. Ashland surmised that Victor had gotten to Nate. Ashland pointed out that Nate had seen his test results, so he knew the cancer was real. Nate said it occurred to him that those results were all he had to go on, and he’d gotten them from Ashland. Nate hated the thought that someone would use a horrible disease for financial gain, or worse to deceive Victoria and her family. Nate didn’t like being used, so he dug deeper. Nate recalled Ashland saying his cancer was discovered during a chest x-ray after his heart attack. Nate went through the hospital archives and pulled the scans performed after Ashland’s hear attack. He admitted he’d crossed a line, ethically speaking. There was no cancer on those chest x-rays. Ashland kept making up excuses – Nate looked at the wrong x ray, or someone manipulated the scan in his medical file. Nate figured Ashland was going to say that, so he’d delved further into the records. He’d learned that Ashland never got chemotherapy at Memorial Hospital, or any of its affiliated centers. “You don’t have cancer. It’s all been one big colossal lie,” Nate said. Ashland said he could make one phone call and get Nate’s medical license revoked. Nate didn’t care, since he’d been planning to leave medicine anyway – to come work for Ashland. Ashland asked what Nate was going to do with this illegally obtained information. Nate felt he had no choice but to tell Victoria and Victor.

Traci was at the Abbott house. She called Jack, who was still at Keemo’s in LA. Traci had heard from Phyllis that Jack found some letters Keemo wrote. Jack said he learned Keemo forgave him, but unfortunately, Keemo was never ready to let Jack back into his life. Traci’s heart broke for Jack. He picked up his granddaughter’s photo and looked at it. Phyllis came in with coffee. Traci was glad Jack wasn’t by himself. He said Phyllis had been a rock – the best support he could ask for. Jack had a lot of life-altering things to share, but he wanted to do it in person. The siblings ended their call.

Phyllis brought food too, but Jack wasn’t hungry. Allie texted. She was sorry for how she left before. She didn’t mean to be rude, this was just a lot to take in, and she wished him safe travels back to Genoa City. Jack said his decision had been made for him – it was time to go home. Phyllis asked if he was sure. He said he wasn’t going to force Allie into a situation she couldn’t embrace, at least for now. Phyllis found something interesting about the text – neither of them told Allie they were from Genoa City, so how did she know that? Jack could think of a number of ways Allie found out.

Phyllis could only think of one way for Allie to know this, since Keemo never told her about Jack. She thought it was clear that Allie searched Jack online, which meant Allie was curious about Jack and the Abbotts. He appreciated her optimism, but he had to put Allie’s feelings first. He wanted nothing more than to have a relationship with his son’s child, but he didn’t want to do to Allie what he did to Keemo and push too hard. Phyllis acknowledged that Jack was being respectful of Allie’s feelings. Jack was going to give Allie time and space. He said it was time to go home – there was nothing left to do here. Phyllis thought that Jack had to find out who convinced him to come to LA.

Jack had enough of investigations. He needed to call Kyle, then go home. Phyllis stepped outside to give Jack privacy. Jack video chatted Kyle. Kyle asked where Jack was. Jack said he was at Keemo’s house. Kyle hadn’t heard Jack mention that name in years. He asked if they were visiting. Jack confessed that he’d been estranged from Kyle’s older brother for many years now. Jack wasn’t going to get into details now, but he said Keemo died. Kyle was sorry to hear that. Jack said Keemo had a daughter – she was lovely, bright and full of spunk, like her father. Kyle was surprised to learn he had a niece, and Harrison had a new cousin. Allie didn’t know about the Abbotts. Her world had been turned upside down, on top of losing her father. Jack wasn’t pushing her. Kyle said he was there for Jack, always. Jack appreciated that. Kyle said that was what the Abbott family did, and he was sure that, in the brief time Allie spent with Jack, she realized that.

Phyllis was back with Jack after the call ended. Jack said that Kyle never got to meet his older brother, and now he never would. Phyllis told Jack not to go down that path. Jack said Kyle tried to reassure him. Phyllis said Kyle was a good kid and tough, like his dad. Jack was touched Phyllis put her life on hold and came halfway across the country with him. Jack grabbed the box of Keemo’s things, and they were headed out the door when Allie showed up. She had a little statue that used to belong to Keemo. It was created by one of her dad’s favorite artists. She thought Jack should have it. She said that the rift between Keemo and Jack ran deep, but it was obvious to her that Jack cared about his son. She said this was something for him to hold onto – a little piece of his son. It moved Jack to tears. He said that the fact that she brought this to him was a lovely, kind and brave thing to do, and he wouldn’t forget it. Allie hadn’t changed her mind about Jack, though. She had a lot to deal with – graduate school, learning to move forward without her dad. She knew that Jack was hoping for more, but this was all she could handle and all she wanted right now. He respected that.

Jack promised Allie he’d never force a relationship on her. He recently lost his mother, so he had some idea of what she was dealing with. He thanked her for the statue and wished her well. She returned the sentiment. She suggested that they could have coffee if he ever came back to LA. He said he’d take her to dinner if she ever came to the Midwest. He told her to call if she needed anything at all. She said bye. “Until we meet again,” he replied. She left.

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