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Chloe goes to see Brady at home. They kiss and Brady asks if she’s here to celebrate after giving Leo the pre-nup, which he calls brilliant. Brady asks how it went but Chloe reveals that Leo actually signed it which shocks Brady.

Leo tells Craig that he would do anything for him. Craig felt like he put him on the spot by insisting he sign the pre-nup. Leo hopes Craig knows that he only hesitated because he felt ambushed, not because of the money, and if he hadn’t signed it then it could’ve ruined their marriage because Chloe and everyone would continue to think he’s a gold digger, so he caved. Leo doesn’t like caving because he’s a very proud man. Craig calls him selfless when he thought he couldn’t love him more. Craig kisses Leo and thanks him, promising he won’t regret it as they hug.

Xander brings Jack home after driving him from the airport. Xander feels he owes him for being his best man. Jennifer comes in and praises Xander for looking after the garden. Jennifer says she’s so glad to be home, though she knows they missed so much while being away. Jack says they are here to celebrate the good news. Jack brings up Abigail being Gwen’s matron of honor, so he hopes this means they are finally patching things up.

Gwen arrives at the police station disguised in a hat and coat. She tries to sneak in to the interrogation room but is caught by Abigail. Gwen asks Abigail what she’s doing here. Abigail responds that she heard Ava had been arrested and she wanted to talk to her. Gwen questions what they could possibly have to talk about. Abigail thinks back to Ava telling her that Gwen attacked her. Abigail then tells Gwen that they had a lot to talk about. Abigail hoped Ava might finally give her the name of the person who knocked her out at the airstrip and got her kidnapped, as she might be able to use that to leverage a plea deal. Gwen asks if Ava told her what she wanted to know. Abigail claims that she did not and then asks Gwen what she’s doing at the police station on her wedding day.

Jack asks where Abigail and Gwen are. Xander says they are taking care of wedding business. Jennifer reminds Xander that he’s not supposed to see his bride on the wedding day. Xander brings up how Sarah insisted on that for their wedding and they know what happened to her. Jennifer mentions talking to Maggie. Xander feels like if he was with her that night, he could have protected her so he’s not fond of that superstition. Xander says he and Gwen feel they’ve already had enough bad luck and that finding each other is the beginning of a new life. Xander explains that the ceremony is tonight in the town square and that it’s a double wedding. Jennifer points out that is what she and Jack did, as she asks who the other bride and groom are. Xander reveals that Gwen is the only bride as a friend of hers is marrying his boyfriend so there will be three grooms.

Craig and Leo return to their room at the Salem Inn. Craig comments on Leo being quiet on the way over. Leo says that he was right that signing the pre-nup was the only way to get Chloe, Sonny, and everyone else to believe what they already know, that he’s marrying him not for his money but because he’s the love of his life, as they kiss.

Brady goes over the pre-nup and points out that Leo gets nothing if they break up. Chloe confirms that Leo read every word and still signed it because Craig convinced him to. Brady points out that at least Leo can’t screw Craig over. Chloe wonders if it’s possible that they were wrong and Leo wasn’t after Craig for his money, but is actually marrying him for love.

Craig suggests he and Leo get ready for their wedding. Leo mentions there is something he wants to talk to him about before the wedding. Leo informs him that he has a confession to make.

Gwen tells Abigail that she came to the police station to see her. Abigail points out that she seemed surprised to see her and questions her wearing a hat in April. Gwen claims she was trying to avoid frizzy hair on her wedding day. Gwen says she couldn’t find Abigail, so she called the Spectator and found out she was here covering a story. Gwen claims that she looked surprised because she didn’t know that Ava had been arrested. Abigail confirms that Ava has been charged with planting evidence against Rafe. Gwen asks if the charges have nothing to do with what happened to Abigail, which she confirms. Abigail continues to claim that Ava won’t give her the name of who knocked her out. Gwen suggests it was the pilot and that Ava is afraid of him. Gwen asks if they should go since Xander went to pick up Jack at the airport and she thinks he would love to see her and he’d be pleased that she’s standing up for her. Gwen asks if she’s ready. Abigail says the office is calling her so she’ll just meet her at the house. Gwen then exits the station while Abigail pretends to answer her phone. After Gwen leaves, Abigail goes back in to the interrogation room where Ava asks if she convinced Melinda to give her a deal because that’s the only way she is giving her the dirt on Gwen.

Craig tells Leo to tell him whatever it is. Leo says it’s about the guy that Gwen is going to marry. Leo informs Craig that his name is Xander Cook and he kind of tried to get him to go to bed with him.

Jack and Jennifer are shocked to learn that Craig Wesley is getting married and that he left Nancy for a man. Jennifer recognizes Leo as the guy that caused so many problems for Will and Sonny. Jennifer calls it poor judgment. Xander says he’s never even seen Craig but it turns out Leo and Gwen are old friends. Jennifer talks about never being crazy about Craig after he stole her brother’s job, but Nancy worshipped him so she must be devastated.

Nancy is outside the Brady Pub, on the phone with Bonnie, worrying about meeting the guy she met on the dating app. Nancy tells Bonnie that she’s going in now to face the music. Nancy hangs up and enters the Pub. Nancy then starts to turn around and leave but Clyde calls out to her. Clyde and Nancy introduce themselves. Nancy admits she’s a bit nervous as Clyde invites her to sit down. Clyde tells Nancy that she’s prettier in person. Nancy thanks him and calls him very handsome. Clyde thinks they are off to a pretty good start. Nancy hopes so as it’s her first date in a really long time. Clyde says he’s recently back on the market too. Nancy informs him that she just got divorced while Clyde reveals that he just got out of prison.

Brady tells Chloe that he doesn’t want to sound cynical but he doesn’t buy that Leo is actually in love with Craig because he doesn’t believe a guy like Leo changes his spots. Chloe asks why Leo signed the pre-nup then unless he plans on staying married to Craig long enough to spend all of his money. Brady supposes it’s possible. Chloe feels they thought of everything but nothing worked as it seems like Leo is always one step ahead. Chloe guesses that Leo is going to be her stepdad and there’s nothing she can do about it. Brady responds that actually maybe there is.

Craig asks if Leo is saying he cheated on him. Leo assures he would never do that and thought he made that clear with Chad. Leo clarifies that this was years ago, long before he met Craig, as he was a bit of a player back then. Craig asks what happened. Leo says nothing because Xander is straight. Craig asks if he wanted something to happen. Leo assures that when he meets Xander, he will understand why he wanted to get under his kilt.

Jennifer asks if Xander and Jack will be wearing kilts tonight. Xander says he decided to spare Jack that and they will be going with tuxedos. Xander adds that they better get going. Gwen arrives, thrilled to see Jack is there as they hug. Jack assures he wouldn’t miss her wedding for the world. Gwen wonders if Jack would walk her down the aisle to give her away. Jack would be honored as they hug. Xander adds that when it’s all over, Jack will be his father in law. Gwen declares that everything is so perfect..

Abigail informs Ava that Gwen just showed up at the police station, but she told her that Ava wouldn’t tell her who helped her kidnap her. Ava guesses that Gwen was on her way in here to talk her in to keeping her mouth shut. Ava asks what kept Abigail from giving her up. Abigail responds that she’s not tipping her off until Ava gives her the whole story. Ava says that depends on what Melinda said. Abigail responds that she’s interested but she needs more information, so Ava tells her to tell Melinda to come talk to her. Abigail tells Ava to just tell her the story and she’ll go back to her. Ava asks what else she needs. Abigail says that Ava made it clear that Gwen did a lot worse than that, so she wants the details. Ava asks if she’s certain that Melinda is willing to make a deal. Abigail says absolutely. Ava tells Abigail that if she gets her the deal, she will give her whatever she needs to bury her sister.

Jack says it’s good to see Xander and Gwen looking so happy. Xander reminds Jack that they have to get their tuxedos fitted so he’s not late for his own wedding. Xander kisses Gwen goodbye as he and Jack then exit. Gwen tells Jennifer that she’s very happy she’s going to be at the wedding tonight. Jennifer says she’s very happy that they have some time alone, because there is something she wants to say to her.

Clyde asks Nancy if him being an ex-con is a dealbreaker for her and says he would certainly understand if it is. Nancy says she was just taken back but it’s not a dealbreaker. Nancy says for over 30 years, she thought she was married to the perfect man but he cheated on her. Nancy talks about knowing something was wrong between them but he kept lying to her. Nancy points out that she just met Clyde and he’s been honest and open with her which she respects.

Brady reminds Chloe about how they overheard Leo talking to Jackie on the phone and explains that Sonny is pretty sure it was Jackie Cox, who might know if Leo is trying to scam Craig. Chloe asks how to find Jackie. Brady informs her that Sonny and Chad are on their way to New York right now to try to track her down. Chloe points out that the wedding is in a couple hours and this seems like a long shot. Brady says this may be the only shot they have.

Leo tells Craig that he doesn’t want any secrets between them, so he thought he better tell him that he’ll be sharing his wedding with a man he lusted after. Leo asks if Craig is mad. Craig says no and he appreciates him being honest with him as they hug. Leo says nobody has ever cared for him the way Craig does. Craig says he makes him happy and he loves him. Jack and Xander then show up at the door. Craig and Jack awkwardly greet one another. Leo questions Craig and Jack knowing each other. Craig asks what Jack is doing here. Xander explains that Jack is Gwen’s dad and also his best man. Craig admits he did not know that. Jack says that’s why he suggested they all share a drink together before the wedding. Craig informs Xander that he and Leo were just talking about him.

Gwen tells Jennifer that she knows she’s not her favorite person and for good reason. Gwen admits that when she came to Salem, she was terribly unhappy and took it all out on Jennifer and her family, especially Abigail. Gwen tells Jennifer that Abigail has managed to forgive her which means the world to her, because with her forgiveness and Xander’s love, she stopped becoming the person who did all those horrible things. Gwen adds that she was very angry and spiteful because she thought nobody was ever going to love her, but now she has Jack and Xander so for the first time, she feels like she has a family of her own. Gwen asks what Jennifer wanted to say. Jennifer says that Gwen has lived in the house, sees pictures of family everywhere, and probably figured family means everything to her and Jack. Jennifer tells Gwen that she wanted to say that Jack is really proud of the person she has become, and so is she. Jennifer then hugs Gwen as Abigail walks in and sees them. Gwen thanks Jennifer. Abigail then greets Jennifer, saying she didn’t know she was coming as they hug. Jennifer is relieved to see that she’s okay for herself. Jennifer brings up Abigail being Gwen’s matron of honor. Gwen can’t believe she’s getting married in a little while so she needs to get ready. Abigail offers to help. Gwen says she’ll let her know if she needs anything as she heads upstairs. Jennifer then asks Abigail what’s wrong. Abigail responds that she just learned some very interesting intel about Gwen.

Brady finishes a call with Chad and Sonny, informing them that Leo signed the pre-nup so it’s now all up to them. Brady tells Chloe that he hopes they find out soon if they find Jackie Cox. Chloe worries it won’t be soon enough to stop the wedding, so she has to go get ready for it. Brady reminds Chloe that she won’t be doing this alone. Chloe asks if he’s ready to go public. Brady wants the whole world to know that she is his girl as they kiss.

Xander, Jack, Leo, and Craig have a drink. Xander pours a second drink while Leo comments on Gwen being lucky. Craig guesses Jack has heard about he and Nancy. Jack confirms he has and asks how she’s holding up. Craig responds that Nancy is in a great deal of pain and he feels terrible about that, but he just couldn’t lie to her anymore or to himself. Craig calls Nancy an amazing lady, so he prays that she finds the right man to spend the next chapter of her life with…

Clyde tells Nancy that it’s hard enough to have her husband leave her but for another man. Nancy informs him that Craig is marrying the other man today and invited her to the wedding. Clyde remarks that he must have some nerve. Nancy reveals that she might go and that’s one of the reasons that she got on the dating app because she didn’t like the thought of going alone. Clyde then asks if she’s asking him to escort her to the wedding. Nancy asks if he feels used. Clyde says no but he doesn’t think she really wants him to take her to that. Clyde encourages that people aren’t going to look at her being alone and feel sorry for her. Clyde tells her to go to the wedding and hold her head up high, so people will see what he sees; a beautiful, strong woman who doesn’t need a man to make herself complete.

Chloe says she’d love for Brady to go with her to the wedding, but asks if he’s sure he’s ready for his daughter Rachel to find out about them. Brady says he hasn’t told her yet but she knows how Rachel feels about her. Chloe thinks Rachel just likes her as his friend. Brady assures that he’s talked to her about him and Kristen, so she knows they will never be a couple again. Brady calls it sad but Rachel said she didn’t want him to be lonely and she sees how happy Chloe makes him. Brady thinks Rachel will think it’s a good thing. Chloe asks if he’s sure. Brady says he is and they kiss.

Craig proposes a toast to Leo, the man who makes his heart sing and he will call his husband. Leo toasts to Craig as the bravest man he knows and his husband to be. Xander toasts to Gwen as being everything he loves in a woman. Jack toasts to Xander for standing up for Gwen and standing behind her, showing him how to see what he saw in her; a young woman who just wants to be loved and now she is by both of them. They all toast to love.

Abigail reveals to Jennifer that Gwen is the one who knocked her unconscious and is the reason she was kidnapped. Abigail adds that Gwen doesn’t know that she knows, so they have to keep it down. Jennifer complains that she just told Gwen how proud she is of her and worries about how devastated Jack will be by this. Jennifer asks why Gwen did this to Abigail. Abigail thinks she knows but doesn’t want to say until she knows for sure. Jennifer questions Abigail not confronting Gwen about this. Abigail tells her that Ava told her there is so much more to know about Gwen and she wants it all, so Ava is forcing her to broker a deal for her with the district attorney or she won’t talk. Jennifer asks if Gwen has any idea. Abigail explains that Gwen tracked her down at the police station because she didn’t want her talking to Ava, but she told her that Ava wouldn’t tell her anything. Abigail says she can’t have Gwen going to Ava and telling her not to talk. Jennifer asks if this whole change in character has been act this whole time. Abigail worries about if Gwen is planning something else. Jennifer urges her not to let Gwen do anything else to her. Abigail assures that she will protect herself but she can’t do this unless she knows the whole truth. Gwen comes back in and questions the whole truth about what. Abigail claims that she was just talking about a source for a story. Gwen apologizes for interrupting but says she can’t get the zipper on her dress, so Abigail agrees to go help her with it.

Nancy asks if Clyde is turning down going to the wedding because he’s just not interested and assures that he doesn’t have to let her down easy. Clyde says life is too short for fooling around so he wouldn’t waste their time if he wasn’t interested. Nancy says she already likes him. Clyde says he likes her too but that’s another reason to stay away from the wedding because he doesn’t want to deal with a bunch of other people on their first date, he will want her all to himself.

After Jack and Xander leave, Craig remarks to Leo that Xander is not all that and assures he only has eyes for him as they kiss. Xander then returns to the door in just a towel which takes Craig back. Xander explains that he was out of shampoo and asks if they had any extra. Leo goes and gets them as Craig small talks with Xander to avoid staring at him. Leo gives Xander the shampoo. Xander says he will see them at the wedding and walks away. Craig then agrees with Leo that Xander is all that as they both stare as he walks away.

Brady and Chloe kiss and decide they are going to the wedding together so they are officially a thing. Chloe says she has to go get ready. Brady invites her to his room since the wedding is hours away. They continue kissing until Brady gets a text from Sonny, saying he and Chad met with Jackie Cox, and they have something on Leo.

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