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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Enterprises, Adam was making the CEO’s office his own. Gone was Victoria’s portrait, and pictures of Adam with Victor and with Connor were on display. Victor walked in and noted that Adam had already added his own touches to the office. Adam saw no reason to waste time. He had a lot ot prove since his days might be numbered. Victor asked why Adam would think so, and Adam said they both knew why Victor appointed him CEO. “This has little to do with my abilities and it has everything to do with Victoria,” Adam said. Adam knew there was no way Victor would just let Victoria leave the family. He was aware that Victor gave him this job to send a message to Victoria. Adam said he was the last one Victoria would want to run the company, because she knew he’d have no problem dismantling her signature accomplishments if it didn’t align with his vision for the company. “I always knew you were a very smart boy,” Victor said. Adam didn’t care why he was hired as CEO. He said he’d play the part better than Victor imagined.

Adam thought it was a smart move using the black sheep as bait to bring Victoria home. He said most people in his shoes would be insulted, but he wasn’t, because this gave him a chance to prove he should be in charge of the company. He said the company would run more smoothly than it did with Victoria and the three ring circus constantly surrounding her. Victor suggested it was unfair to judge someone going through a rough patch. “She has no problem doing it to me,” Adam said. Adam knew that Victor thought of things from every angle, so he’d considered the possibility that this move wouldn’t work. Victor confirmed that he had. Adam planned to dazzle Victor so much that he’d keep him in this position even if Victoria returned. Victor said Adam was CEO before, and he didn’t do a good job.

Adam acknowledged that he was CEO, back when they thought Victor was dead. Adam had felt a huge responsibility to preserve Victor’s legacy. Adam had been determined to do it his way, and he was proud even if he didn’t want to admit it. Victor said Adam had been arrogant. Adam agreed. He confessed that he alienated people who tried to help him. Victor had been appalled by Adam’s methods. Adam was disgusted too, in retrospect, but he said got results. He said that wasn’t his time back then, but he and Victor were different now. Adam was sure he was the one to lead this company into the next decade. He was speaking about how ready and willing he was when Michael walked in. Adam grumbled about Michael not knocking. Adam wanted to know what this was all about, but Victor said it wasn’t Adam’s concern. Victor and Michael left.

Sally took the reins at Newman Media. She settled into the CEO’s seat and smiled. Adam arrived and said she looked at home here in this office. He liked her outfit. She’d taken inspiration from female CEOs to see how they used their wardrobe to convey power. She showed him her desk plate and thanked him for the gift. He said he delegated the task to someone else, which was something she’d have to do more of in her new role as CEO. She loved hearing him call her that. He said she’d risen from lowly assistant at Fenmore’s to top dog at Newman Media. He asked what she was going to do to make people take notice. She said content was still king, but they were going to focus on connectivity. She wanted to be the ones people turned to when they wanted news or a different perspective. She said she needed to find a good person to be COO. She asked if he knew anyone. He praised the work she did as COO. He hoped she’d be as fortunate to find as good of a second in command as he did. She asked how his first day on the job was going.

Adam said he’d been unable to stop himself from saying he knew Victor only hired him to force Victoria to come back and reclaim her throne. Adam said Victor wouldn’t confirm or deny it, but it was obvious. Sally thought Adam needed to make a splash to prove beyond a doubt that he deserved to be there. Adam said he’d told Victor that too. Adam said he was going to miss Sally’s mind. Nikki was his COO, and he was sure she wouldn’t support him. Sally promised she’d always support him. As she loosened his tie and they kissed, she promised they’d always be a team. He said they’d always play to win. She said they’d be busy in their new positions. She helped him out of his shirt. He said they’d better not waste their time together.

At Society, Victor told Michael to find Victoria and Ashland and figure out what they were up to. Michael said he wasn’t being paid to skulk around in the shadows – he was Victor’s legal counsel. Michael had some counseling to give. Michael hated Ashland almost as much as Victor, and he was shocked Victoria went with him. Victor said the heart was uncontrollable and unpredictable. Michael recalled Victor saying he thought this was more about Victoria wanting to cut ties and less about Ashland. As a father, Michael knew how hard it was to let go, but maybe it was time.

Victor said Victoria was an extremely capable businesswoman, but she kept gravitating toward extremely flawed men. He didn’t understand it. Michael thought it was easy to explain. “Look at her father. She adores you. You are a powerful deeply flawed man who has proven himself capable of changing,” Michael said. Victor was offended. “How can you conflate me with those two bastards who’ve caused [Victoria] nothing but pain?,” he asked. Victor said enough armchair psychology. He shifted the topic back to Victoria and Ashland. Michael asked why Victor didn’t put his PI team on this. Victor said that this could require the finesse only Michael had. Victor said Michael had a personal stake in this because he wanted to get even with Ashland as much as Victor did.

Victor wanted this done before Victoria was hurt again. Michael said it was Victoria’s choice. Victor thought it was obvious that Victoria was incapable of making up her mind and incapable of leaving Ashland. “I know that Victoria wants to be here. She made a mistake and she knows it. I’m certain she does. But she wants to be back here with her family. Back running the company,” Victor stated. Michael said Victoria would return in her own time. “I don’t give a damn about ‘her own time.’ I want it to happen now before [Ashland] does more damage,” Victor declared.

Nick and Nikki met at Crimson Lights. She was upset Victoria wasn’t returning her calls. Nick hadn’t heard from Victoria either, but last time they talked, she was determined to make the move without interference. Nikki lamented that Victoria had turned her back on them. She was sure Ashland loved it. Nick said Victoria couldn’t cut them out completely because, while the kids were away at boarding school right now, Genoa City would always be their home. Sounding hopeful, Nikki said that Victoria must have told Billy where she was going. Nick doubted Billy would be okay with this arrangement.

Nikki said Victoria was one of the smartest people she knew, but Nikki didn’t recognize her anymore. Nick didn’t think Victoria’s choice was going to work out. Nikki said Victor was counting on Ashland doing something to break Victoria’s heart again. Nick worried that Victoria would be so ashamed by her choice that she wouldn’t turn to people who loved her the most. Nick said Victor replacing Victoria with Adam might be more than Victoria could handle. Nikki knew, but she went along with it because she was desperate to snap Victoria out of the daze. She even decided to step down as co-CEO to give Adam full control. Nick was willing to do whatever it took too. Unlike Victor, Nikki wasn’t confident about Victoria’s response. She was afraid this move would drive Victoria away for good.

Nick said he cleared the air with Victoria before she left and told her he still had her back no matter what. He wanted her to know she had someone in her corner in case things didn’t work out like she wanted. He said Victoria was sure she and Ashland would have an amazing life away from her family, and the Newmans would have to let it play out. Nikki wasn’t ready for that just yet.

Billy was at the park. He called Victoria, who didn’t answer. He left a message saying that, the last time they spoke, she told him she was leaving town. Lily came up and overheard Billy on the call. He didn’t want to add to the difficulty of her move, and he didn’t want to stop her from living her life on her terms. He said he wasn’t going to fight her on the custody arrangement. He suggested they get together and come up with a plan to talk to the kids. He said he wanted her to be happy. He hung up. Lily revealed herself. She apologized for not letting him know she was listening in. He knew she wanted to hear what he was going to say. She admitted that was true. She was glad he’d reined in his urge to protect Victoria. He assured Lily he was committed to her. They hugged, and she thanked him for listening to him and for doing the right thing for them, his kids and Victoria. He thought he should thank her for getting the message through his thick skull. She was riding on a high from the launch last night.

Billy wanted to tell Lily about his conversation with Jill. He promised there was nothing to worry about. Jill was on board with Lily and Billy’s business plans, and she was a fan of his podcast – at least the one in his voice. Lily wasn’t surprised Jill liked the podcast, since Billy was being honest and brave, and people responded to that. Jill had warned Billy that he might be self sabotaging again, though. That made Lily concerned because Jill knew Billy better than anyone. Billy said it wasn’t self sabotage. He wasn’t able to explain just what was going on yet, but the podcast was deeply personal for him, especially The Grinning Soul because it was anonymous. This was something that felt very exciting for him and also very fragile, like he needed to protect it. He asked if that made sense. It didn’t to her, but she thought what mattered was that it made sense to him. He said this journey he was on was invigorating, and he was excited to see where it took him. She was glad about that, but she thought it sounded like he was on a separate path than the one they were planning together. She asked if he was pulling away from her or from Chancellor Winters.

Billy assured Lily that neither was the case. He was excited for her, and he was also excited for his journey. It wasn’t separate from her, it was just his. She was happy he found something he was passionate about. He said he was passionate about her. He thought this was a chance for them to discover new things about themselves and each other. Chelsea walked up and called Billy and Lily the town’s hottest power couple. She congratulated them on the merger and asked Billy how Katie and Johnny were. He said they were good. Lily had to go back to work. Billy followed her and gave her some extra reassurance. She said she loved him and she wanted this for him. They kissed and she left. He returned to Chelsea.

Chelsea was happy Billy and Lily were so in love. She thought they made a beautiful couple. He asked how she was. She said life was good, but he told her that she could be honest with him, since they’d known each other a long time. She asked if he’d ever become friends with the least likely person in the world – someone who had every right to despise you, but instead saw the good in you. That happened to her and Rey. Billy was surprised since Chelsea poisoned Rey. Chelsea said Rey listened to her when she had no one else to turn to, and Connor adored him. She had so much to be thankful for – Connor made her smile every day, and she and Chloe were working on a new line. Chelsea adored Chloe, but lately Chloe had been acting more like a babysitter than a collaborator. Chelsea knew Chloe had the best of intentions, but she wished Chloe wouldn’t worry about her so much. Billy got a text, and he had to go. Chelsea suggested that they could get Johnny and Connor together. Billy was noncommittal. He left.

Nick was walking in the park when he came upon Chelsea, who invited him to join her. He did, and he asked how Sharon was. He said she was doing better than expected. Chelsea assumed something must be happening with his kids then. She said he had this look on his face like there were 20 seconds left in a game and things could go either way. Nick said it was Victoria. Chelsea wasn’t up to date on the Newman gossip, since she and Adam only talked about Connor. She knew Ashland was sick. Nick said Ashland was sick alright, but he faked his cancer. He told her the whole story about Ashland and Victoria. Nick wanted to put Ashland’s head through a wall, but that wouldn’t bring his sister back. Chelsea said that after what Ashland had done to Victoria and Nick’s family, he had every right to want Ashland destroyed.

The text Billy got was from Nikki. He met her at Crimson Lights. Nikki assumed Billy knew where Victoria was, and she wanted him to tell her. Billy said he didn’t know where Victoria was going. Nikki asked how Billy felt about this. He said he hated it, and he was worried about Victoria, the children and anyone who cared about her, including Victor. Billy said he didn’t handle himself very well when Victoria told him she was leaving town. He threatened not to allow the kids to visit Victoria out of state, to protect them. “Oh Billy,” Nikki sighed. Billy realized he was wrong. He said that they both knew Victoria would never endanger the kids. Nikki agreed. Billy said he told Victoria she was an adult capable of living the life she wanted to lead, so he was going to let it go.

Lily was at work with her PR manager, Lori. Lori said there were requests for interviews and speaking engagements with Billy. Lily assumed they wanted to hear from him because he didn’t speak at the launch, but Lori said it because of his podcast. Lori was a big fan. She asked how PR should respond. Lily said it would be fine for Billy to do the interview. When Lori left, Lily looked troubled.

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